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Re: Ultimate Stunters Main SCM
« Reply #1200 on: October 31, 2020, 07:07:34 PM »
Thanks for the feedback everyone! :wub:

Re San Andreas: I have started dipping my toes into the SA USCM, looking at the old SA code just to get my head around it again, and trying to focus on what the primary differences are between how the VC and SA USCMs operate. I still can't say for sure if/when I'll get properly stuck into it though. One of my next steps would be to actually install SA on my computer again, if I can. That's a great suggestion you made DeathCobra about uploading the current SA USCM to the better hosting environment in the meantime, I will try to do that soon (and the same for Freeplay too).

I'm surprised the new version of SAiVC's USCM has ISB unlike old ones, now I don't have to roam around and look for the old version with the ISB anymore :D Awesome new features, would do a review FeelsGoodMan <3
Also, I was playing LC to try the new spawns, and 2 of the new ones crashes the game... (spawners 3a and 4b i think)
EDIT: I just realized that I have been using the GTA 3 XBOX wheels all the time, that might be the #1 culprit of the crashes. All works now. This is some cool new shit. Good job Dannye :D
EDIT 2: and speaking of the xbox wheels, somebody should make it so it's compatible with the new .scm and fixes the crashing issue (unless you have a workaround...)
Glad to hear you are happy with having the ISB in there! I noticed that many of the previous SAiVC USCMs floating around excluded it, and while some stunters may prefer it that way, for myself, having always stunting with them, I couldn't help but ensure I included them again in this USCM.
I am also very relieved to hear the problems you were having with the USCM have been somewhat resolved! I am not familiar with the 'xbox wheels' mod - I guess for some reason it is not compatible with certain vehicles? (Though I'm not sure why that would be, certainly not to the degree that the game then crashes on spawning them). It is possible that the only way to make the USCM work with that mod (if desired) would be to make an additional USCM version which excludes the problematic vehicles, which isn't exactly ideal, but I don't know what else, at least without taking a proper look at that other mod myself.


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