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Nice video. It was so old school and had many old stunters in it. Good job.

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Really cool stuff all round with enjoyable edit. My favourites were Skilz's p2b, Flat Face's stoppie combo, Gavran's csm, Demon's p2b, Blaze's grind, Blade's prec, Prefinisher and Finisher.

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I'm excited to see the power of these predecessors. Great people!

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Wow, it was unexpected!
Great video, I loved this lineup so good job Nem for gathering all these people together one more time.
The intro was amazing, so reminiscing and you can literally feel those guys having some good time together in that bar. Also once again I could hear a VC song being used in some form and it still remains true that you cannot do wrong with such a song. The outro was a nice touch as well, very fitting song choice. I just realized these funny and entertaining intros and outros add so much to the video. They make it feel a whole, a finished project, maybe that's one reason why older (crew)videos look so much better - at least for me.
Stuntingwise it was everything I can ask for, good idea to use 1 stunt per person, and the video was long enough this way, too. (now I just can't imagine how long the SA comvid will be considering the amount of stunters and that some guy have more than 1 stunt in it) Everyone did great but a few standouts that I can think of now: Vice Ninja's super doublebump2roof, Ars' cool bbgrind combo, Tryp's huge (how many ft?) watergap - finally someone landing that naturally, Nagual's simple yet amazing grindcombo, and the last two stunts of course.
Editingwise it was okay as well, good job Krypton! The whole video looked very clean and detailed, especially loved those shots before the first part, it's amazing how beautiful VC is  :P Also good job Dev, Blaze and everyone involved in the making of this beyond stunting.
All in all thanks for the experience guys, I loved it!

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I really liked TrYp's, Demon's and ZeRo's stunts, amazing stuff.
ARS' stunt was really stylish.
I also really liked Isak's grind.

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Great video. Lots of cool stuff involved, such as Nem's grind, Demon's p2b, Ruiner's p2b and Ralleee's finisher.  :P

Sorry for not having submitted anything before the deadline again tho.

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Great watch guys! Good job for making the video happen and sorry for not sending anything.

Ralleee, Ruiner, Ars and Tryp stood out imo

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Thanks for having me in the video NEM, sorry my stunt was eh, but it was just a pleasure to see myself in a video surrounded by great stunters and friends again.

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Great video ! It's one of my favorite 😁

I'm really happy to be in a video with old stunters  ;D

Everybody did a really good job my fav stunts was ViCe Ninja double bump, Krypton BSM to prec, ARS bb grind,
 Max prec in LV, Feron BSM, Haywire CSM, Demon p2b, Puzzle p2b, TrYp Natural, Nagual grind, Blade double boost to prec, MaCi wallride to grind, Ruiner p2b ( i tried that one for zenith and Morgoth good job on that prec ) and of course the finisher 😁

Krypton did a really good job on the editing i really love this style !

Thanks to Dev & Blaze for this intro  😁

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It was a great pleasure to edit this video. Thanks to Nem for the hard work putting this all together! He was hounding me for a while to send something so I can only imagine how many others he was trying to get involved. It definitely turned out to be a lot bigger than I expected, but in a good way! Was incredible seeing some of the names send stuff in, old or not. Everyone did a great job, but my favorite stunts were from ARS, Puzzle, and of course Ralleees incredible p2b. Nice land man.

Thanks for all the kind words everybody! especially Diaz, Blaze, Xtramus, Puzz, and Mario for the lengthy comment. I hope everybody enjoys the video!

sooo first of all I have to say I was supposed to edit this video and therefore publicly apologize to Nem for delaying the process for 3 months and after all not finishing shit, even though he was spamming me everyday, due to my busy life (and lack of passion to stunting/editing)...
Thanks for the kind words PM! I hope you dont feel like I stole your edit from you or anything aha
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Thanks for having me and my meh stunt in the video Zmrdíček  :lol:

As already mentioned, video had a bit of that golden era feel to it, and good to see a few other familiar faces still pumping out some great stunts a decade and a half later.

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« Reply #42 on: January 24, 2020, 05:12:46 AM »
man great to see so many stunters in this ! thank you Nem!!

and krypton sick job with the edit and a kickass stunt!

fav stunts were daffys wallie haywires combo puzzles p2b Naguals grind and ofc rallees finnisher (holy shit!)

love the intro and outro was really nice as well

overall really enjoyable video and great to see this kind of video still in 2020  :wub:

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« Reply #43 on: January 24, 2020, 07:56:07 AM »
Streem p2b 2 billboard - No idea if this is old or new, but looks really powerful for an opener. Very cool!
mehmet csm 2 wallkick 2 prec - Clever idea. Good job finding a new spot in this area.
SkilZ p2b 2 roof - Angle looks really hard to nail. Well done.
Fugitive polebump 2 roof - I almost forgot these kind of bumps are a thing. Looks fun and nice to see you in a vid.
The Big V - Dropbump 2 grind - Looks simple. Shame you didn't land anything with rhino this time :cc_detective:
Skuller psm 2 roof - Looks easy and is probably old, but nice clean bump.
SyperDimon policebump 2 roof - Nice height you got there, even with a "runup" or speed like that.
Vice Ninja doublebump 2 roof - One of my favorites in this video. You always land some serious natbumps!
Krypton bsm 2 prec - Wow this is amazing. Looks painful to land on that thing.
ODR csm 2 prec - Old idea, but I don't recall seeing this with sanchez. Nice.
Cooper ramp 2 stoppie 2 grind - Classic Cooper combo. That bounce of the rail looks funny too.
Max grassbump 2 prec - One of my favorites as well. Well done nailing this.
ObscureDeath fbibump 2 roof - This one is old, but seeing you in a video gives me joy.
Ktulu double grind - Nice little combo.
Flat Face pizza 2 stoppie combo - Looks like a filler stunt, but if it comes from you I respect that.
Gavran csm 2 roof - Pretty sure this is old, but given that you quit stunting you didn't have time to land anything fresh.
Feron bsm 2 roof - Looks really old school and seeing your nametag on it makes it even better.
Daffy ramp 2 wallride combo - Well executed combo.
Haywire ramp 2 csm 2 roof - Pretty sure I've seen something like this, but maybe in SA engine. Still a cool stunt.
Nem bump 2 rooftap 2 grind - Classic Nem grind!
Demon p2b 2 roof - Runup looks really short, so it must be hard to get height like this. Deserved pre-finisher.
Puzzle p2b 2 roof - And this is the actual deserved finisher. Angle looks like a bitch and it's LC and not SAiVC. 10/10

Tryp natbump 2 watergap 2 ship - Damn, I never thought of using the grassy part as runup. Tried this from every other angle. Well done nailing this and I don't have to try it anymore. :cc_detective:
Bixel tankbump 2 bb - Kinda old'ish looking, but still deserves to be in this video. :)
ARS bump 2 wallride 2 bb grind - Damn this is my favorite combo of the video. Gives old school vibe, cuz I remember seeing something like this but with a secondary vehicle or something. Props landing it naturally!
Aries bsm 2 roof - Nice height! I remember you landing some dope ass bsm's back in the day. Nice to see you again!
JustCaus3 bump 2 grind - Fits perfectly with the edit and grinding back down is a nice touch too.
ZeRo tank doublebump 2 roof - Well at least someone delivers with a kick ass tank stunt. Nicely done!
Savatage psm 2 roof - I think I just saw this landed by Skuller or someone. Too bad you are just a tiny bit late from releasing it but no biggie it's still cool.
Blaze roof 2 grind - I see you have a passion doing weird spins that ends with a grind. Good to see you find your own style :)
Sorcery grab 2 grind - Another classic Joe grabs 2 grind combo. Lovely as always :wub:
Nagual cork 2 grind - This is sooo smooth I love it! Nice to see you in a video again!
Must_Die csm 2 roof - Hey it's you! No huge natbumps this time? It's alright this is far better than those.  :cc_detective:
AroX p2b 2 roof - Sadly this is old, but you gain some serious distance here. Almost bonked over it!
bLADE taxi double boost 2 prec - Love it. Just love this combo. Taxi stunts are my favorites of all time!
MaCi wallride 2 grind - That bonk at the end was sweet. Nice little grind :wub:
AllBeast ramp 2 grind - Long ass grind and it fits perfectly. Good job!
Danger taxi 2 ramp 2 helibump 2 roof - I never tried helibumps so I have no idea how frustrating these are. Well done!
Sheeptea bsm 2 roof -
RAD bsm 2 roof - Gives me old school vibes again. Glad you could make it to the video!
Ruiner p2b 2 prec - Again massive height from weird runup but good job nailing this hard precision.
Ralleee p2b 2 ledge - Amazing! I've been trying to find ways to land this but never really had patience. Huge bump and the target is small so it must've been bitch to nail! 10/10

Clean review template:
(If I missed something please let me know :ninja:)
Code: [Select]
Streem p2b 2 billboard -
mehmet csm 2 wallkick 2 prec -
SkilZ p2b 2 roof -
Fugitive polebump 2 roof -
The Big V - Dropbump 2 grind -
Skuller psm 2 roof -
SyperDimon policebump 2 roof -
Vice Ninja doublebump 2 roof -
Krypton bsm 2 prec -
ODR csm 2 prec -
Cooper ramp 2 stoppie 2 grind -
Max grassbump 2 prec -
ObscureDeath fbibump 2 roof -
Ktulu double grind -
Flat Face pizza 2 stoppie combo -
Gavran csm 2 roof -
Feron bsm 2 roof -
Daffy ramp 2 wallride combo -
Haywire ramp 2 csm 2 roof -
Nem bump 2 rooftap 2 grind -
Demon p2b 2 roof -
Puzzle p2b 2 roof -

Tryp natbump 2 watergap 2 ship -
Bixel tankbump 2 bb -
ARS bump 2 wallride 2 bb grind -
Aries bsm 2 roof -
JustCaus3 bump 2 grind -
ZeRo tank doublebump 2 roof -
Savatage psm 2 roof -
Blaze roof 2 grind -
Sorcery grab 2 grind -
Nagual cork 2 grind -
Must_Die csm 2 roof -
AroX p2b 2 roof -
bLADE taxi double boost 2 prec -
MaCi wallride 2 grind -
AllBeast ramp 2 grind -
Danger taxi 2 ramp 2 helibump 2 roof -
Sheeptea bsm 2 roof -
RAD bsm 2 roof -
Ruiner p2b 2 prec -
Ralleee p2b 2 ledge -

And Krypton, like I said to Nem I had no idea that you are an editor and Nem told me you never were, so massive props to you making this video with such a classic feel to it.

Nem I already told you how awesome you are for organizing this, but I say it again! Thanks for bringing all of us together once again!

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^ Opener is new to the bb, my stunt is also new and Gavran's stunt is old but with pcj which isn't really the same counting the short runup there. Oh and ODR's is old in USS - Splinter + some other oldies here and there but that didn't brought the vid down.
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