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VC Chat & Support / Another normal-game way to get 'Remembered' vehicles
« on: November 28, 2020, 06:06:11 PM »
(Apologies if this is old news, it was new to me and I found it interesting)

From my recollection the main concept behind using 'remembered'/'spooshed' vehicles in stunts (thus being able to have a 3rd vehicle involved, for example) came from the fact that certain mission-specific vehicles were set to never despawn, right?

I was watching a Vice City speedrun the other day and noticed the use of a different way to 'remember' vehicles. It seems that if you shoot a car so the driver gets scared and hops out (hoping they aren't the ped type to stay in and just drive away instead), then you press F1 right as they are in the middle of that get-out animation, the game gets confused and never despawns the vehicle.

There are some quirks however - you cannot get in (or out!) of the vehicle via the door the ped used to get out from, so the best approach seems to be pulling up in your vehicle right up against their driver-side door before drive-by shooting at it, so they will be forced to get out their passenger side, and thus the car remains accessible to the player. You can even keep doing it and have quite a few remembered at once (I tested it out and had 4 going, in addition to my 2 normal vehicles), and it seems speedrunners may even make use of this to help clog up memory so there's less traffic on the roads.

I'm not entirely sure why I am posting this, I guess it's just cool to see another normal-game-behaviour way of achieving remembered cars as justification for using them via scms/mods. Plus this way is potentially even more flexible than the mission-specific vehicles approach, as it is pretty much open to any car (sadly it needs to have doors, so bikes are out for this) that peds can drive.

ATS Video Releases / What Kind Of Day Has It Been [Dannye Best-of]
« on: December 25, 2012, 01:22:36 AM »
Hi folks!

Been wanting to do this for quite a while now, and have finally got around to doing it.
Picked all my favourite stunts I've done over the years and collected them together into one video.

No other links at the moment alas (I've got no idea where's good for uploading anymore), and quality of the stream may not be perfect (my first time uploading to youtube). I've still got the originals, so one or both of these issues may be solved at some point.

(Updated) Download links here:

I had some good fun with Freeplay while recording stunts for this, I even added another feature, so look out for an update to that in a little bit. I was also pondering releasing the source for both the USCM and Freeplay at the same time as this, if anyone's interested, so perhaps stay tuned for that too.

(Updated) VC Freeplay Source Code:

Big thanks to the GTAStunting community & members, and everyone involved in keeping it running.
Also big thanks to everyone in ATS past and present, for being a fantastic source of fun and inspiration since my very beginning - I wont forget that some of you actually reviewed my very first released video 'Vertigo'. Good times!


Update #1: New Freeplay is now available. See post for more information.
Update #2: Download link posted (alternate mirrors appreciated)
Update #3: Alternate download link posted (thanks MtS)
Update #4: Source Code for VC Freeplay released!

VC Chat & Support / Phone Booth In The Sky
« on: March 20, 2012, 05:06:13 AM »
Pointless question: Is there a phone box in the sky somewhere in VC?

I seem to (very) vaguely recall seeing a picture, or something, of this, many years ago. Somewhere high up, above one of the beaches... perhaps around the North East of the map.

Honestly I don't remember if it was actually there, or just some random mocked-up screenshot someone was pointing out, a mod, a Doctor Who easter egg, or if I just simply imagined it. (Failed Google searches certainly lead towards the latter!)

Anyways, it's not like I need-to-know, it's just always bugged me that I can't quite remember, so I thought I'd ask and see if you guys knew anything.

GTA Modding / Freeplay
« on: August 08, 2008, 06:36:15 PM »
Freeplay, By Dannye:
The main purpose of this tool is to complement the USCM: rather than aiding the stunters of stunt videos, it has been made to aid the editors of stunt videos. This is done through providing the user with a greater level of freedom, flexibility and customisation when it comes to viewing replays. Enjoy!

Supported Games:
  • Vice City
  • San Andreas
It is unlikely that Freeplay will work on any patched/Steam/etc versions of these games - I can only confirm support for the original v1.0 of each game. Map-mods for these games should be supported, but the only ones I have tested and confirmed are the Liberty City and SAiVC mods for VC.

Features Include:
  • Changing the amount of idle mouse time before unique camera kicks in
  • Switching between different Camera options on-demand (Free Camera and Unique Camera - and the latter's preset in-car views and its Cinematic mode)
  • Removing the limits on tilt and zoom for Free Camera
  • Changing the Free Camera 'zoom' level with the keyboard
  • Toggling Free Camera 'obstruction checking' and 'mouse X/Y-axis' movement processing
  • Weather/Time of day customising (and speed-up, for the latter)
  • Controlling the Cinematic Camera: force change, force hold, initiate at custom position
  • Changing vehicle colours, and toggling headlights/sirens and hydra components
  • Freezing the camera position, replay-playback processing, and/or the entire game processing
  • Saving and loading camera positions
  • Keyboard-based zoom control and movement of frozen/cinematic cameras
  • Disabling the camera shake effect from Tank firing
  • Locking the camera to your current vehicle
  • Hiding any player-held weapons, ground rubbish/leaves, and/or post-rain steam effect
  • Fast-forwarding through parts of a replay
  • And more...
Note some features may be restricted/differ between the VC and SA versions of Freeplay.

Additional Features:
Updated versions of the base Freeplay releases have been kindly provided by MtS, adding additional functionality and control. The improvements include:
  • A slider to allow full customisation over the camera movement speed (for the 'Move Frozen Camera' and 'Free Camera keyboard-based Zoom control' features) (more info here)
  • Change the FOV (Field of View), with a slider to customise how fast it changes when incrementing/decrementing the value (more info here)

Other Information:
  • All the features are described in much more detail in the included Documentation file, as are installation/usage instructions, background information, compatibility information, FAQs and helpful hints. So be sure to check this out if you have any questions.
  • The program is nowhere near perfect, there's lots of stuff I still wanna add/change/fix.
  • If you still have any questions, feel free to ask.

Downloads: (source code included)

  • Everyone I mentioned in the readme, and also the participants of the stunt video Lagoon, for their feedback and support throughout the development and testing. In addition to Tackleberry and MtS for their insight and additions to the project.

Happy recording!


Community Videos / Yeah Baby - VC Comm Video
« on: August 05, 2008, 11:59:26 PM »

The latest GTAStunting VC Community Stunt Video is now here. A heap of stunts were submitted, by a heap of talented stunters, and its been my job to bring them all together into this video.

Its been a crazy four months doing just that (as you would probably be aware, prior to this, the largest stunt video I had edited contained two people), but its been a fun four months too. From collating a bunch of crazy ideas into an intro, to watching all the stunts for the first time, all the way to editing the stunts to a rocking soundtrack.

I'd like to thank everyone who provided assistance, resources, support and words of encouragement to me throughout the project. Thanks as well to all the guys who contributed stunts to the video.

Alrighty, enough of that... Here ya go guys, I hope you enjoy!

Download Links
(Thanks VERY much to Daffy for the Rapidshare alternate links
and ofthemountain for his Megaupload XQ mirror)

Yeah Baby - 1024*768, x264 .mp4, 330mb
Good quality @ 1024*768
Less compatibility (need VLC or something)
May need decent computer (I dunno, that's just what I've heard)
* Filefront:;11366049;/fileinfo.html
* RS Direct:
* Megaupload:

Yeah Baby - 800*600, Xvid .avi, 440mb
Good quality @ 800*600
* Filefront (.rar file in 3 parts): Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


Yeah Baby - 640*480, Xvid .avi, 300mb
Good quality @ 640*480
* Filefront:;11368211;/fileinfo.html
* RS Direct:


Yeah Baby - 640*480, Xvid .avi, 120mb
Lower quality @ 640*480
Quality loss compared to above is noticeable
But still looks okay considering file size
* Filefront:;11369502;/fileinfo.html
* RS Direct:


Yeah Baby - Streaming
* Youtube:
* FF: Any of the above FF links have streams too, if ya wanna use them.

  • I am willing to admit my lack of knowledge when it comes to rendering - hopefully the above options will be suffice, but I've kept all source files so I can do more renders if absolutely necessary.
  • Also, I noticed some occasional lag when watching the mp4 on my comp, which lead to some un-synch-ing at certain points, I am hoping that's just because my comp isn't good enough - if it really does exist, let me know, and I can have another go at rendering it (takes me 12 hours).
  • If anyone wants to upload to more places for me, feel free, let me know the link and I can add it here to the first post.

IV Tutorials / Swing Glitch
« on: May 27, 2008, 05:30:05 AM »
Just saw a topic about a so-called 'Swing Glitch' over at GTAF, found it a funny viewing, so figured I'd link it here:

(Clip Of It)


VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Tandem - Brulla and Dannye
« on: July 04, 2007, 06:02:55 AM »
Time to present Tandem.

HQ Download: Clickable Link
HQ Alternate Download: Clickable Link (provided by Spoof)
LQ Stream: Clickable Link (provided by boxXx)
LQ Stream Alternate: Clickable Link (provided by GTAS Youtube Account Team)
LQ Download: Clickable Link (provided by boxXx)

A collab stunt video by myself and Brulla (or as I liked to call it, a Brullab )

Info: Stunts by Brulla and Dannye, Editing by Dannye, Music by the Gunners, the AAR, and the Killers, and it's about 6 and a half minutes long

We decided to have a little fun with this one, try something a little different. So we have left our bikes in the garage this time, and decided to stunt with our 0, 4, 6 and 8 wheeled friends.

I must once again thank the B man for inviting me to be in this video, its been great working with ya dude. And I guess I should also thank whatever software you used to recover your rep's after that hard drive crash

I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Oh, and apologies to the TGA guys for not asking for permission prior to the upload, sorry guys. If ya have any problems let me know and I can remove it and re-up somewhere else.


EDIT: A review template for those who are that way inclined (but by all means, any feedback is fine, only do a full review if you are crazy enough to bother  ) from the B man follows:

Code: [Select]
[center][color=#FFA500][b][size=5]Tandem - Full Review By [/size][/b]

[color=#FFA500][b]Editing: [/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Music: [/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Intro : [/b][/color]

[color=#FFA500][b]Outro : [/b][/color]


[b]00:55 - Brulla - Roof Combo:[/b]
[b]01:03 - Dannye - Gap Bump:[/b]
[b]01:10 - Dannye - Boat Heli Hit:[/b]
[b]01:14 - Brulla - Boat Roof Landing:[/b]
[b]01:20 - Brulla - Caddy Grind:[/b]
[b]01:30 - Dannye - Skimmer Caddy Hit:[/b]
[b]01:36 - Brulla - Hotring Roofing:[/b]
[b]01:40 - Dannye - Cop Car Grind:[/b]
[b]01:47 - Brulla - Ambulance Roofing:[/b]
[b]01:53 - Dannye - Infernus CSM:[/b]
[b]01:58 - Brulla - BB Landing:[/b]
[b]02:02 - Dannye - Coach Gap:[/b]
[b]02:06 - Brulla - Hotring Grind:[/b]
[b]02:13 - Brulla - Caddy Grind:[/b]
[b]02:22 - Dannye - Infernus Grind:[/b]
[b]02:29 - Brulla - Hotring Roofing:[/b]
[b]02:36 - Dannye - Limo Grind:[/b]
[b]02:46 - Brulla - Ambulance Roofing:[/b]
[b]02:50 - Dannye - Infernus Boat Landing:[/b]
[b]03:00 - Dannye - Tank Bump:[/b]
[b]03:07 - Brulla - Hotring Grind:[/b]
[b]03:10 - Brulla - Hotring Combo:[/b]
[b]03:15 - Dannye - Skimmer Precision:[/b]
[b]03:33 - Dannye - Hotring Grind:[/b]
[b]03:40 - Brulla - Infernus Wallride:[/b]
[b]03:46 - Dannye - Hotring Grind:[/b]
[b]03:52 - Brulla - Hotring Doublebump:[/b]
[b]03:57 - Brulla  - Hotring Doublebump:[/b]
[b]04:00 - Dannye  - Voodoo Car Bump:[/b]
[b]04:08 - Brulla - Infernus Nose Bump:[/b]
[b]04:11 - Dannye - Infernus Grind:[/b]
[b]04:15 - Dannye  - Infernus BSM:[/b]
[b]04:22 - Brulla - Infernus Grind Combo:[/b]
[b]04:30 - Brulla - Hotring Wallride:[/b]

IV Chat & Support / More New Info
« on: June 20, 2007, 04:44:16 PM »
(Taken straight from CVG, link: )
  • Apparently, missions will be more thoroughly tied-in with the events of the world. For example - and hypothetically speaking - if you're tasked with catching a train and miss it, you won't be able to do that particular mission.
  • Explosions are also said to make an erm, explosive return, with one mission based entirely around chain-detonating cars. Vehicles, however, only explode now when your bullseye them with a rocket launcher, rather than blowing-up via a simple car crash.
  • There's a slight vibration with every footstep when you run
  • The HUD has been removed. If you have armour, you actually have a bulletproof vest which visually deteriorates
  • Flame thrower and rocket launcher are still in the game
  • Niko doesn't get tired. You can run forever, it just wont be as fast as previously.
  • Gore is back and better. Bullet wounds show, blood appears where you shoot people. Enemies limp if you shoot them in the leg and hold their arm if you shoot their arm. Apparently when you run someone over it's quite disturbing.
  • No eating, girlfriends or keeping fit- but your skills do improve over time (driving etc)
I am very happy about that last bit, as I found it one of the most annoying things of San Andreas.

IV Chat & Support / New Rumours
« on: April 20, 2007, 07:57:00 AM »
It appears that there are rumours abound of new "leaked" info on GTA IV.

Its quite possibly utter crap, but who knows.

More info here:

But be aware, the article does mention (that is, if the so-called 'leaked' info isnt all false) some SPOILER-type information regarding the storyline.

Anyways, here's a nice snippet:

Details that six motorcycles vehicles and three helicopters would make the final cut, though there will be no planes, were also hinted at.

Nothing suprising really, as most of us were probably thinking that was gonna be the case.

GTASL 3 / Losers Round 3 - Turtle Dick vs Shogun
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:34:39 AM »
Challenge: Perform the best stunt at any construction site.

I have made the matches for this week only be 5 days long seeing as people may have other commitments due to easter. Also, sorry for not getting around to posting these earlier, I too had easter commitments.

Good luck guys.

GTASL 3 / Losers Round 3 - ColdDeath vs SoRu
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:33:49 AM »
Challenge: Perform the best drop bump in Staunton Island.

I have made the matches for this week only be 5 days long seeing as people may have other commitments due to easter. Also, sorry for not getting around to posting these earlier, I too had easter commitments.

Good luck guys.

GTASL 3 / Losers Round 3 - NuclearDeath vs Mr Magic
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:32:52 AM »
Challenge: Perform the best stunt that involves a boat (any kind of boat) in VC.

I have made the matches for this week only be 5 days long seeing as people may have other commitments due to easter. Also, sorry for not getting around to posting these earlier, I too had easter commitments.

Good luck guys.

GTASL 3 / Losers Round 3 - Xtramus vs Spoof REMATCH
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:31:58 AM »
Challenge: Perform the best stunt involving a helicopter.

Please post your reps and optional vids in this topic before the deadline.

The deadline is based on when I editted the post, so check that for your deadline.

GTASL 3 / Main Round 4 - SabotagE vs Tackleberry
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:30:47 AM »
Challenge: Perform the best bike stunt which has some sort of "precision" element to it.

I have made the matches for this week only be 5 days long seeing as people may have other commitments due to easter. Also, sorry for not getting around to posting these earlier, I too had easter commitments.

Good luck guys.

GTASL 3 / Main Round 4 - Daffy vs Bloodyhook12
« on: April 07, 2007, 06:29:43 AM »
Challenge: Perform the best stunt which involves a BSM in Staunton Island.

Due to an agreement made between Daffy, BH, and I, this challenge extends over a period of two standard match lengths. This way they are both able to have a chance at being able to nail stunts for it.

Thus the challenge will go for 7 days (first match length + days unitl next set is posted) + 5 days (second match length) = 12 days. Yes, this will go for 12 days starting from the posting of the challenge, that is, 288 hours.

For the exact date of the posting of this challenge (the one you want to add 288 hours to), look BELOW at the date of my 2nd post in this thread (the thirst post of the thread).

Good luck guys.

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