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« Reply #45 on: January 02, 2021, 02:27:20 PM »
why Mistakeys' stunt was in the outro, but some crappy ones were in the main video.
His stunt is old by me from stunt league and some anonymous french guy from Parangon.

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« Reply #46 on: January 02, 2021, 05:54:16 PM »
It's a great pleasure to see so many VC and SA, old and new stunters and most importantly, players from all over the world rocking at the same time. All credits to Nem for organizing this and PM for finishing the production fast yet subtly.

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« Reply #47 on: January 02, 2021, 06:32:40 PM »
A Grand Occasion - San Andreas community video review by: Erney
Daksad wallride to grind: Probably my favourite stunt right here, Amazing find and execution. n1
SkilZ naturalbump stoopie to grind: Great find aswell, smooth execution, good job on that.
Plani faggio double grind: Cool to see some faggio for varienty. Cool little spot
SALYN double grind: I think I remember that you did it when you were in AR. not bad.
Ktulu natbump to palm: Classic palm precision.
dirtybird natbump to prec: Same as in Salyn stunt. Liked triple bump, cool landing too.
Tracker grab to grind: Grabs to grinds are always pleasure for me to watch. Good one
Joep natbump to palm: Tryied it for fun, good distance man.
Streem infernus double bump: Old by fart, hope this one is clean. Good stunt anyway.
Flat Face bump to prec: not so great and not so bad, fitting the vid.
Kacknase infernus drop bump: Good one kack. Liked the pole bump.
B1LLy nat bump: Good job landing it with nrg, I guess it wasn't that easy because of angle and small roof.
Krypton nat bump to prec: Old stunt, but I know you're VC stuntter so I won't cry about it. Fine one
Viper hydra tunel: Classic viper's hydra action.
JustCaus3 infernus promegik house: Cool one, I always been a fun of such infernus stunts. Loved the camera set up in the window and masking.
YourKing freeway tripple grind: Cool little one, I guess it's new with freeway?
Kruth mtb natbump to grind: Cool idea to reland it from the otherside with mtb. I remember that you and pm did something like that with nrg too. n1
Sheeptea mtb bump to grind: Smotth grind with nice bump and krail.
GDL P2B lamp: Seems like high p2b. Cool to see another way to land this kind of lamp
Balsam infernus double grind: Would be cool to see first grind being landed fully too. Good idea anyway, liked that you did perfect flip and grinded it smoothly.
chiler natbump to boat inside: I remember that.
Raekwon skatepark to grind: Massive one. You nailed that bb perfectly. I hoped to see second grind too but I guess that it could take ages to land. Really nice one.
Reynolds natbump to bb prec: Like it.
VacalBH natbump to grind: Good looking big air to grind, didn't expect it at all.
Avi infernus dropbump: Angle looks hard, good job nailing that building finally I guess.
Promagic fcr double grind: Cool idea, shame that wall was too "fat" to perfomr better secondary grind. Still good one.
Nem p2b tree prec: Some of us including me been trying it naturally in AR. Good landing on the tree.
Scavenger natprec: Something tells me it's old but I'm not sure at all. Cool one anyways
Electric mtbbump: Classic mtb bump2 roof. Cool
Determined mtb granade bump: Sick idea, love it.
Jeff sanchez grab: Another sick idea, great.
Lex bandito bump2prec: Good job landing it. I've lost it as unlanded spot
Must_Die fcr fencebump to grind: Another classic old stunt.
Biel naturalbump: I remember that, so I won't reapet myself again. :P Crazy one.
Herrarge infernus doublebump: Spot itself is good.
Mewka boost2prec: Good preci, that roof is annoying to land.
alieNboy p2b to prec: Amazing one, you finally got the chance to realise it. ;)
burn car bump: Good distance.
OzZarik dumper boost:Really clever one, good thinking on that spot. One of my favs here.
BlackTear 360 to grind: Lovly spot, love that landing.
Diaz mtb wallride: Cool one
MaCi mount chilliad drop to window: I think grescha landed it with bullet if I'm not mistaken. Good stunt for collab
Maxpower combo to grind: Amazing combo, good usage of that ball.
krs infernus bump to island: Classic stunt with infy by you, cool to see you again.
Bart barrackbump: Cool barracks bump
ARS forklift bump: As a forklift driver I always love to see this vehicle being used as bump. Good one :P
PrzemOO natbump2helicopter2tower: Sick usage of the heli at the end, crazy stunt.
Kai tractor grab: Haha, great one.
FTO doublebump to bb grind: Finally that bitchy spot is landed. Liked the way you hitted that tiny bump.
DeatchCobra bb grind: Classic :)
legend double bump to stadium: Cool one but I guess it's old with single bump
Godamit cabbie boost: I can't believe that I can see this cabbie method in 2020. Oldschool :P
morbidxxx natbump2bbgrind: Good find, that bb colision... Like it ;)
Jomra natbump2hospital: Cool one.
SyperDimon doublebump2prec: Nice! Kewl preci.
Afterlife packer2doublegrind: I already review it to you on ar discord. :P
RAD bikebump2hotel: Oldschool, kewl.
Erney wallride2doublegrind: Shame on me on the second grind. Wanted to reland it right on time but I failed.
UndeadX doublebump: Cool one, I think you have landed it while trying makavelik :P
Joako barrackbump: woah, amazing curb2baaracks.
Sorly infernus natbump: Never seen you before, but it was fine infy stunt. Good that you stayed on the 'higher' roof.
Raekwon wallride to electric tower: Perferct landing.
Tim359 PSM to tower: Kewl one!
Gaz mtb grind 2 stoppie 2 grind: Remember it aswell, I still love that idea. n1
Minq bump2grind: Finally grinded fully. ;)
Max backflip to palm: Kewl one. Good to see you in SA engine :)
Erwin grind2wheelie2grind: Had it in my mind but I wanteed to do it with front stoppie. :P Good stunt overall.
Biel mtb tripple grind: Second best stunt in my opinion. I know how hard this shit is to land so props from me.
Fugitive faggio p2b: Nice little stunt
puzzLe grind: Pretty good one, liked "palm kick"
Gesior7 mtb doublebump: I remember that. You have landed it long time ago :P
mehmet electric tower top: Sick one
Metaphor infernus tankbump to top: Classic spot, don't remember if old. Good job anyway
ObscureDeath bump2wallride2grind: Fine to see fl off stunt (I guess?)
Leo double grind: Like it
Prog packer2bump: Good one
Ktulu magnet to precision: Perfect landing, good presyżyn.
Sport squalo boat2boat top: Killer stunt, thay geight was super massive for a boat stunt. n1
Florin bump2palm: Rest in peace. Wonderful gesture of orgzaniators.
IceD p2b: old one but fitted outro.
Mistakeys wallride2grind: Same as above
NumeRo natbump: Nothing crazy, suits outro.
Sorcery natbump2sign: Good to see you here aswell.
Damster RC stunt: Cool for outro.
Clean and smooth with some awesome ideas all around. Scripting along with voice acting were well made too.

It's always nice to see so many old names again mixed with some new in one huge video. Glad to see so many vice city stunters who took part here. Shout out to Biel, Nem and PM for putting it all together so niecly and not giving up on this project. Good effort everybody from all over the globe.


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« Reply #48 on: January 03, 2021, 02:16:20 AM »
Thank you again for the awesome comments and the full review Erney :wub: I'm glad some of you liked my stunt as that was something I thought I'd never land but somehow managed to land it the same day Promagic landed his double grind :lol:

I was just wondering how you wanted to land that tree from there naturally Erney? :hmm:


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« Reply #49 on: January 03, 2021, 03:25:54 AM »
A Grand Occasion - San Andreas community video review by:[/u]
Daksad wallride to grind: outstanding one
SkilZ naturalbump stoopie to grind: pretty simple yet great nice that one managet to stay on the prec
Plani faggio double grind: creative to the bone
SALYN double grind: amazing I love those  grinds
Ktulu natbump to palm: sicko
dirtybird natbump to prec: WOAH that prec looks so shitty to make
Tracker grab to grind: creative one
Joep natbump to palm: big air prec like this are always bitchy to land, good job
Streem infernus double bump: I always thought that this is impossible, good job man.
Flat Face bump to prec: little sweet one
Kacknase infernus drop bump: sick one I love it
B1LLy nat bump: Looks very hard, good job.
Krypton nat bump to prec: sweet one
Viper hydra tunel: not a big fan of hydra stunts but this one amazed me gj.
JustCaus3 infernus promegik house: I LOVE IT.
YourKing freeway tripple grind: Old spot, new ideas good job.
Kruth mtb natbump to grind: very creative.
Sheeptea mtb bump to grind: sweety one mate
GDL P2B lamp: not a fan of this landings but still impressive one
Balsam infernus double grind: love it
chiler natbump to boat inside: good to see it landed

Raekwon skatepark to grind: amazing one for sure
Reynolds natbump to bb prec: damn this one looks very bitchy, amazing gj.
VacalBH natbump to grind: creative idea for a grind, good job man.
Avi infernus dropbump: shiiiit I love those infernus stunts :wub:
Promagic fcr double grind: amazing very creative bro good job.
Nem p2b tree prec: shitty man I love it
Scavenger natprec: amazing one, those kind of stunts - easy to get hard to land
Electric mtbbump: pretty simple one. still nice find
Determined mtb granade bump: pff I don't want to know how much time it took you. outstanding
Jeff sanchez grab: jeff always with the very creative ideas.
Lex bandito bump2prec: this one stood out alot for me. I love it
Must_Die fcr fencebump to grind: simple one good usage of the fence.
Biel naturalbump: another one I thought it's impossible in SA. Good job bro you are killing it lately
Herrarge infernus doublebump: I love it, great job.
Mewka boost2prec: simple one yet this prec is shitty for cabbie to be landed, good job.
alieNboy p2b to prec: lame as fuck gtfo noob
burn car bump: great one
OzZarik dumper boost: very very creative man, I love it.
BlackTear 360 to grind: another sweet one
Diaz mtb wallride: good one bro
MaCi mount chilliad drop to window: I love it man
Maxpower combo to grind: pretty nice
krs infernus bump to island: krs owns this little island, I love it for real
Bart barrackbump: good job I always get annoyed when I try this kind of stunts
ARS forklift bump: I want to know how you stuck these forklifts. amazing one man.
PrzemOO natbump2helicopter2tower: impressive one didn't expected that in the end

Kai tractor grab: i think you were trying to land the roof but come up with this little baby instead
FTO doublebump to bb grind: yeah good one for sure
DeatchCobra bb grind: simple one yet very sweet
legend double bump to stadium: how you guys still finds a way to land that building, amazing gj.
Godamit cabbie boost: holyshit amazing
morbidxxx natbump2bbgrind: damn very creative
Jomra natbump2hospital: damn what a find once again
SyperDimon doublebump2prec: very sweet one
Afterlife packer2doublegrind: very creative gj bro
RAD bikebump2hotel: chill one, I haven't see somebody to use that method
Erney wallride2doublegrind: very creative mordo gj
UndeadX doublebump: woah impressive forreal
Joako barrackbump: holyshiiiit man that was more that impressive. one of my favs in the video  :wub:
Sorly infernus natbump: sweetie pie
Raekwon wallride to electric tower: I think I know that spot from Diaz and he said "guys like Raekwon will land it in no time" not suprised that exactly you landed it ahaha, I love it gj
Tim359 PSM to tower: not a fan of this method but good job for landing that tower.
Gaz mtb grind 2 stoppie 2 grind: very creative as always from gaz, I love it
Minq bump2grind: Lovely one for sure
Max backflip to palm: backflip to palm ? I don't see backflip but okey. lovely spot anyway
Erwin grind2wheelie2grind: I think that is possible with stoppie. anyway very lovely spot forsure
Biel mtb tripple grind: woaaahhh man killing it
Fugitive faggio p2b: ahaaha lovely man
puzzLe grind: impressive for sure
Gesior7 mtb doublebump: another good spot man
mehmet electric tower top: woah outstanding one
Metaphor infernus tankbump to top: impressive
ObscureDeath bump2wallride2grind: is this with fl on ? anyway good one for sure
Leo double grind: impressive
Prog packer2bump: holyshit amazing one
Ktulu magnet to precision: amazing one I love this method
Sport squalo boat2boat top: deserves the finisher for sure, amazing job dude.

Florin bump2palm: Stunt In Peace man :( :(
IceD p2b: isn't this old from WH - Megaton ? or I am trippin
Mistakeys wallride2grind: very nice one for sure
NumeRo natbump: good one
Sorcery natbump2sign: creative
Damster RC stunt: the first stunt I see with RC :D good job

 sweet and clean I love it
 Glad to be part of it, good job Nem and Bromagic for making this happen :a-cheer: :a-cheer: :a-cheer:

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« Reply #50 on: January 03, 2021, 03:51:55 AM »
Sunset gang. Nice colors.

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« Reply #51 on: January 03, 2021, 08:57:11 AM »
Great stuff guys and amazing to see so many veterans in the same vid, feeling a bit nostalgic for sure! Cudos to Promagic and Nem for pushing for this to happen, and wished I had more free time to actually land something myself. All the best mates  :happy:

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« Reply #52 on: January 03, 2021, 04:01:26 PM »
Grand video in every possible way. Thank you Nem and PM for the organization and editing, you have made another huge project happen. It was really cool to see so many names in such a big video. Stuntingwise I expected more to be honest, but I fully understand and also agree that this video is more about the community and the large amount of stunters.

Stunting: so many stunts to pick from, but some of my favourites are:
- Daksad opener
- Kacknase huge infy dropbump to parking lot
- Reynolds natbump2bbprec, simple yet great one
- Avi infy dropbump to bad-angle roof, I know it's an old spot, good to see it landed
- Nem packer runup 2 bump 2 treeprec, another old spot, that runup is worse than it looks, good job landing this
- Scavenger precision at the countryside, never seen that prec landed, good find
- Lex bandito madness, looks sexy as hell
- Ozzarnik dumper action, very creative
- krs infy curbbump2island, classic krs stunt
- Przemoo watergap with the heli bonk, totally unexpected, liked it a lot
- Maxpower grindcombo at the SF construction site, adding that grind to the otherwise old stunt was a nice find
- morbidxxx jump2bump2bbgrind, amazing use of the terrain, one of my fav stunts in the video
- Raekwon jump on the hill to the pylon; had the spot for years, came relatively close, I should've kept trying that one.. it's good to see this landed, good job
- Erwin grind2wheelie2grind, nice combo
- Biel mtb triplegrind, however the whole combo felt a bit slow for me. Perhaps it's not possible to do it faster - still, a great find
- Gesior7 mtb stunt, I just love stunts that contain a kind of recoil
- Mehmet LV desert pylon landing - this has to be my fav stunt from the video, the stunt looks so vertical and tight and you even managed to land the upper precision. I didn't like the editing on this one, would love to this trick from different angles. Also, you showed once again why you are one of my fav stunters  :cc_detective:
- Sport squalo finisher, that was crazy high for a boat stunt

Editing: very very enjoyable, those transitions were so great to watch. I also liked the idea of the 3 different times of the day (morning - day - night), the same idea was used in Jackob's NIHIL with 3 different editors as well. Both videos turned out great  :P Also, merging the opener stunts with the story was brilliant, too!

Scripting/story: first of all good job Biel, I think the scripting was fine and it made the video even better. Using JC's infernus stunt to wake up Promagic was funny and clever. I'm glad he managed to wake up in time for this community meeting! The idea of showing little parts of this story between the stunting parts was cool and it made the video enjoyable. It also created the community video feeling for me, the video became a whole with these scenes (plus voice acting). The story itself was entertaining and symbolic; a lot of us got together in a stunting-themed park to celebrate and have fun, I wish we could hold stunter gatherings like this in real life. It was especially touching knowing we couldn't even get together like this in real life now in the time of this pandemic. So these scenes really made me feel that I'm part of this community, which is the main goal of this video in my opinion, so I really appreciate this part of the video, because a community video is really not about the stunting only.

All in all a great project, good job everyone involved, and I hope it's not the last one.

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« Reply #53 on: January 08, 2021, 12:09:17 AM »
I'll drop my review later

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« Reply #54 on: January 08, 2021, 03:42:45 AM »
Alright really a fantastic video and probably the best community one imo along with Hachiro & Friends video.
I'm sorry but i cant be arsed to do a full review so I will just point out what I liked in the vid while watching it :cc_detective:
1.46: Daksad wallride to grind: Really nice and good looking :D
2.17 Plani faggio double grind: This one doesnt seems to hard but it looks really good imo, unusual to see people stunting with faggio, props for that!
2.26 Salyin double grind: The velocity of the whole combo make it look really good :D
3.08 Really good looking transition there
3.34 Another good transition, must have been annyoing to get it correctly :D
4.17 Good looking transition aswell on this one!
4.26-4.43: Really good to see GDL and Balsam in a video once again. Pretty stunts!
Interlude: Well done on the interlude, im not into scripting but it seems like there have been alot of work on this one and on the whole video actually. Always loved this Jurassic 5 song, actually tought you would edit to it  :D
7.04: Raekwon Skatepark ramp to bb grind: Would have been sick to double grind, still a great stunt!
7.49: PM double grind: Good looking combo, judging by your YT video shouldnt have been to hard :D
7.58: Nem packer to tree: Great new way of nailing that tree, would've been good to see this from another angle.
8.04: Scavenger preci: The stunt itself is probably not too hard but I really liked this one as it look fresh and pretty much oldschoolish
8.19: Classical Jeff stunt, great looking combo.
8.25: Lex: This is one of the stunt i got more impressed in the whole video, really nice find and land, gj mate!
9.13: OzZarnik: I dont know, this one looked so good for me, nice idea having dumper to give you speed. Landing the top would make for sure this stunt look better.
10.08: Bart barrack bump: I love you, one of the best in the video imo. I tried this myself and always wanted to see this roof landed with barrack.
11.30: Kai grab: Totally didn't expect this one. Good looking one, giving also credit to PM for the great transition from the interlude to this
11.43: FTO BB grind: Dunno if this one is actually old but it appeal to me alot, good execution!
11.49: Nice transition
12.07: Nice FX along the "the stars" from the song!
12.24: The transition here is fantastic, best of the vid imo.
12.25: SyperDimon: Nice!
13.13: Raekwon Eletricpole landing: Just sick bro, nice colors on the editing aswell!
14.01: Erwin double grind: Smooth and good looking combo
14.06: Biel MTB triple grind: Never noticed those 3 balconys, great find and execution!
14.33: Mehmet Eletricpole landing: Totally unexpected, really nice land!
15.27: Sport squalo stunt: Fantastic one mate, really great find and land, never noticed you could get more speed on this wall. Nice way to finish the video!

Overall like a said a fantastic video, I really think everyone did a good job, I just pointed out my favorite stunts but that doesnt mean the other one weren't good.
I find it fantastic that this community after more than 15 years is still active on finding new way for nailing all those stunts in the SA engine.
Kudos to PM for the fast and clean editing. I expecially liked the third part because of the song and expecially for the colors (they looked kinda fresh compared to your other SA videos). Overall you did an epic job!
Also big props to Nem for organizing once again a great collab in a GTA video :D

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« Reply #55 on: January 08, 2021, 06:45:06 AM »
A Grand Occasion - San Andreas community video review by:[/u]
Daksad wallride to grind: great & smooth
SkilZ naturalbump stoopie to grind: long ass stoppie mate
Plani faggio double grind: someone stunting with a faggio, sweet :D
SALYN double grind: you are really sliding across, nice
Ktulu natbump to palm: typical omma stunt
dirtybird natbump to prec: cant wait for someone to land to pwner
Tracker grab to grind: clean, wouldve loved to see a faster movement off the roff
Joep natbump to palm: clean + clean transition to the next stunt
Streem infernus double bump:  :unsure:
Flat Face bump to prec: i've landed this but never released it but its nice to you in a sa video
Kacknase infernus drop bump: looks hella clean
B1LLy nat bump: decent
Krypton nat bump to prec: idk how so many vc stunters got in this video but nice to see ya here  :mellow:
Viper hydra tunel:typical viper
JustCaus3 infernus promegik house: typical isak with these 2 wheel stunts
YourKing freeway tripple grind: old with an nrg? nonetheless a nice stunt
Kruth mtb natbump to grind: the angle on ths was questionable but a nice way to get on that grind
Sheeptea mtb bump to grind: love mtb jumps like this
GDL P2B lamp: nice cliffhanger  :cc_detective:
Balsam infernus double grind: decent
chiler natbump to boat inside: decent
Raekwon skatepark to grind: as a youtube comment said, double grind would be sick. Still a great one and a lovely way to go from the interlude back to the video @Promagic
Reynolds natbump to bb prec: grebn
VacalBH natbump to grind: i expected him to land on the roof somehow, this is bettr
Avi infernus dropbump: nice solid dropbump
Promagic fcr double grind: seen the double landing on this, looks fun to try
Nem p2b tree prec: very good
Scavenger natprec: solid
Electric mtbbump: didnt expect to see electric in here but a nice addition
Determined mtb granade bump: clean
Jeff sanchez grab: typical jeff
Lex bandito bump2prec: sad to see this in here as you sent this to my collab too, loved it anyhow
Must_Die fcr fencebump to grind: decent
Biel naturalbump: huge
Herrarge infernus doublebump: solid
Mewka boost2prec: solid
alieNboy p2b to prec: nice p2b and clean landing
burn car bump: solid car bump there, Burn
OzZarik dumper boost: that was creative
BlackTear 360 to grind: alright stunt
Diaz mtb wallride: alright stunt v2
MaCi mount chilliad drop to window: decent
Maxpower combo to grind: good usage of the ball there
krs infernus bump to island: i know 2 people who also landed this, nice
Bart barrackbump: nice, landed this in SA-MP myself.
ARS forklift bump: good way to land the tower with your method
PrzemOO natbump2helicopter2tower: didnt expect that helicopter there, well done
Kai tractor grab: another fun way to get back into the video, well done!
FTO doublebump to bb grind: did someone else land this already? otherwise clean execution
DeatchCobra bb grind: also nice to see you here DC
legend double bump to stadium: very clean
Godamit cabbie boost: havent seen one of these stunts in ages nice
morbidxxx natbump2bbgrind: very clean, sadly the grind there wasnt that long.
Jomra natbump2hospital: nice exec of an old stunt
SyperDimon doublebump2prec: ^
Afterlife packer2doublegrind: loved the spin in there, makes it look very sweet
RAD bikebump2hotel: nice to see everyone make a comeback for this
Erney wallride2doublegrind: well done
UndeadX doublebump: did you land this while trying the thing for the AR vid?
Joako barrackbump: huge one there, nice.
Sorly infernus natbump: nice spin in the air
Raekwon wallride to electric tower: huge, sick one there
Tim359 PSM to tower: also looks huge from this angle
Gaz mtb grind 2 stoppie 2 grind: typical Gaz stunt, nicely done.
Minq bump2grind: expected you to land the building, nice grind!
Max backflip to palm: decent
Erwin grind2wheelie2grind: very nice double
Biel mtb tripple grind: you've shown me this, looks very nice :-D
Fugitive faggio p2b: classic
puzzLe grind: lekker allard
Gesior7 mtb doublebump: decent
mehmet electric tower top: very very nice
Metaphor infernus tankbump to top: nice to see new people in here too
ObscureDeath bump2wallride2grind: I somehow love the shakyness of all of OD's stunts.
Leo double grind: smooth stunt there
Prog packer2bump: expected you to land the top,  still it's a good stunt
Ktulu magnet to precision: Not a big fan of these magnet stunts but very clean execution
Sport squalo boat2boat top: solid finisher, great squalo stunt !

 I felt happy watching this thanks to the music selection and interludes, well done Promagic and team. The transitions in the video were nice with all the masking and all, can't imagine how much work a 19 minute video is.

Fantastic community video, sick that people are still stunting in this game and that you made some old dogs land stunts for this. Kudos to you guys for organising this hope you will guys continue doing it to keep this place alive  :cc_detective:
 edit: bit lazy review on the stunts that didn't really blow me away, sorry guys  :unsure:

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« Reply #56 on: January 08, 2021, 08:45:28 AM »
A Grand Occasion - San Andreas community video review by:[/u]
I felt happy watching this thanks to the music selection and interludes, well done Promagic and team. The transitions in the video were nice with all the masking and all, can't imagine how much work a 19 minute video is.

Thanks so much everyone! I love reading comments! :a-cheer:
Just for the record, the community video folder (including the footage, renders, etc.) had around 500GB, but I think that many editors out here are used to such sizes. If I hadn't used Lagarith codec with Dxtory, it would've been much bigger.

Sometimes, I spent the whole day only making one transition or fixing SA, which kept crashing when trying out various graphic mods (in the end, half of them didn't work anyway :lol:). Not even talking about my PC freezing every few minutes, because it's ancient.

The worst though, was my demotivation. In the last few years, whenever I started editing a stunt video, it almost always ended up in trash, because I just said fuck it. I didn't feel it anymore. But this time, Nem was a 'powerhouse' for me, who kept cheering me up when I felt like shit and gave me ideas when I ran out of them. Of course, we also argued a lot, because we were calling all the time and when I recorded a stunt from certain angle, he wanted a different one, but we always found a common way. :D

On 31st, I woke up looking at the final render (which was supposed to take 7 hours), it was 99%, I was really happy, because the only task left was to upload it and I still had plenty of time. When it reached 100%, the render went again from 0%. I didn't realize it's two-pass, so I had to wait 7 more hours, but luckily I made it in time. :lol:

P.S. This process taught me the most so far since I've been a part of this community and I'll try to make a few more videos. :happy:
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Bit late but Nem bugged me to make one lol

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Thank you a bunch Jason! I really missed a reaction from you on this one and despite the fact SA isn't really your domain, I'm glad you finally watched it! even though there's some SA videos with you :ninja:. All I can say is - I hope you had a good time at the toilet!

Also huge thanks goes to Artifex & Ktulu for the reviews, I love how specific you were even somehow about the stunts that didnt really stand out, thank you for that I really had fun reading through it :wub:

can't imagine how much work a 19 minute video is.

I think it took us about 2 weeks, we called on discord throughout the whole thing and discussed everything together, but if you take organizing, texting people, searching for people into account, it'd probably be so much that I don't even wanna start counting lol


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