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^^ Yes thank you too everybody who took the time to comment and watch the video! The response has been great, I'm proud to have been involved :) Also thanks to everyone who participated in the video!! We made one for the books.

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Thank you Fugitive :wub: I appreciate it a lot my dude! About the Neo's missing poster, I've checked Neo's last activity on GTAS and I'm too lazy to look it up now, but it must've been like 10years ago now or something close to that number. At that point I remembered a similar poster from some SSU video saying ''Franco's missing'', so that's where I got inspirated from :D

Anyways I'm glad you enjoyed the video, hopefully more people who were involved will find the time to watch it and comment eventualy.

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Well that turned out pretty darn moist, sorry I lost seemingly half my reps and had to send in a throwaway from like 2008ish.still like combos and stoppies so I like it for a throwaway.

Cheers Nem for all the work you do around here including pestering me until I found the old HDD lol.

Intro was very ATS like which took me back immediately but it stayed that way throughout.

Vice ninja, did not expect something of that quality from someone of that era who only reappeared somewhat recently, I fucking love those natural double bumps.

Krypton, I tried that naturally for a long while and.. Fuck that spot.

Max, I'm sure you shit yourself when you saw the real wheel almost land first.

Daffy, that's one of the spots that got me into stunting back in like 05, I don't remember what was done there or by who but that spot.. Every time I drove past it in game I'd always think about it.

Puzzle, you probably shit yourself when you hit the wall a little low but the wally to extension looks so much fucking better, up to this point this was my favourite stunt by far and it remained top 2 by the end.

ARS, this is the best stunt by far for 2 reasons, one because obviously and 2 because when it was done using a packer rather than the natural bump (which I tried and figured it would take a million years), it was one of the stunts that properly got me into stunting by.. I believe turtle dick? Or the other T guy with the weird long name. 
Awesome stunt, one of the best I've seen since 05.

Blaze, that looks almost impossible to get perfectly clean which is a shame with smaller more technical stunts but either way it looked dope, wally-360-grind? Fuck yeah.

Sorcerery, love properly done grabs and combos, I think I barely beat out a grab to grind someone did in a grab competition back in like 2011 and would've been happy to lose to it, sick stunt.

Nagual, love spots like that right amongst it but never or rarely get hit and anything with a cork into a nice long grind is always a good time.

Blade, didn't expect the second boost and it's been a while since I've seen more technical taxi stuff so that was moist.

Maci and allbeast, I dunno if these were so obvious that people missed them or they're spots from over a decade ago but I like the spots and the stunts.

Sheeptea, always loved those slap to straight precision.

Ruiner, I tried that from the ledge across the road not the light bulb when saivc first came out and fuck me I hate that spot.. You also put a different spin on it compared to the SA version from back when so hell yeah.

Ralleee, going unnecessarily hard after all these years.. Who do you think you are? Daffy?!


I know I missed some stunts, Cooper did a stoppie to grind I really liked, skilz did that p2b - bump which I liked as well because air to bumps are damn hard.
I genuinely liked every stunt and while I recognised some old stunts, I still liked them so they didn't have any negative impact on the video at all.
Also sorry for the formatting, I'm on mobile because broken computers at the moment

TLDR: hell yeah brothers, sorry for my throwaway and hell yeah brothers

EDIT: forgot to mention the editing and intro, intro was very ATS like and took me back, also makes sense I was motionless in the back corner, you know me too well!

Editing was reminiscent of 09 ish? Didn't make any stunts hard to see but it didn't feel like watching rep after rep after rep
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