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« on: December 23, 2015, 08:15:20 AM »
Hopefully, I won't get heat for these questions.

I just started playing GTA V online (ps3).  Mostly because I don't like online gaming (sin, right?). 

So, I got enough $$$ to buy my first bike, Bati 801.  I have not modded it in any way.  I've been watching stunting videos online and have been trying to get at least a bump, but seriously can't.  If I go at extremely slow speeds, I can usually get a small bump, but if I get speed, and try, I end up either dying, or watching my bike super launch through the air.  Once in maybe 100 tries (give or take) I might get a nice bump, but can't glide worth crap.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.  Like I said, if I drive slow, then I get a bump, but at decent speed, I crash and die or lose a lot of health.  I have started my wheelie early and last minute, and nothing helps. 

I realize that I'm not going to be great at stunting the first time I try, but it gets frustrating when you can't even begin stunting.  I play for about 30-40 minutes, and because I can't bump, I usually turn the game off. 

Do I need to mod my bike?  And I heard you need to gain strength.  Is this true. 

Sorry for asking this question.  Please don't hate on me.  Just trying to learn something cool. 



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Re: Stunting
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2015, 10:25:46 AM »
You don't need to gain strength, it makes no difference. All you need to max out for motorbike stunting is the driving skill, if you haven't maxed it out you won't get anywhere near the wheelie to do bumps at high speeds. You should customise your motorbike to the maximum settings, but it's not necessary. If you've tried all of this and it still doesn't work, your controller might not be allowing you to lean all the way back, or you may simply need more time for improvement :).

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Re: Stunting
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2015, 10:28:03 AM »
No idea about the strength thing honestly. Upgrading your bike at LSC improves stunting ability so yes, do it if you want to do stunts faster/easier. Also some video footage of you trying stuff would be nice unless you can't record it ofcourse. In terms of bumping this game is the easiest in the GTA series so far in my opinion. If you do a high wheelie into a small ledge (half of your wheel height) you cannot possibly bail. If you consistently bail then there are two options.

1) You don't wheelie high enough for a ledge every single try.
2) You are trying stunts that have a certain technique to them and are not easy get right by people that are starting out.

For example try the first stunt of this:
! No longer available
Get some speed (the straight road to the bump is enough, especially if you wheelie), analyze where he pulls the wheel up(!) and do the same. Just copy that exact attempt when playing. You don't even need gliding, just do a backflip (gliding was unknown back then).

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Re: Stunting
« Reply #3 on: December 23, 2015, 03:30:57 PM »
^Solid advice from these two.
Just in case though:
I crash and die or lose a lot of health.
What most of us do is create a race through the creator in the game, so if you aren't doing that it will help A LOT with the tediousness of trying a stunt. Make a (land)race with two checkpoints, one where you want to start your runup and one somewhere after the landing. Save it and go back online and play it as a job. This lets you try a stunt faster without all the hazzle of dying/losing health. Everytime you bail you can just reload to the last checkpoint (start of runup) and you will have max health and your bike will be fixed.

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Re: Stunting
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2016, 04:29:24 AM »
We all crashed when we started out, and we all still crash now, no matter how long we've been doing it.  Your technique will get better over time so if you're enjoying it anyway then just keep going and you'll get better naturally.

Here's some races that might help...


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