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« Reply #120 on: March 19, 2015, 07:29:01 PM »
Promised to do this and promises must be kept.


0:13 - 0:57 Smut: the longest grind on VC engine ever, epic. Great choice for prologue.
0:58 - 1:09 TrYp: well, that looked weird and the spot is overwhored. For me such stunts arenít very appealing.
1:10 - 1:16 MaCi: decent ledgy. Itís always good to see small stunts in WH vid, brings variety.
1:17 - 1:30 OCZ: packerbumps with wallride are always epic and reaching the roof had to be a pain in the arse.
1:31 - 1:40 Daffy: every bit of the stunt is delicious, perfectly executed and filmed
1:41 - 1:48 Nem: my regular stuff now lel, nice job
1:49 - 2:02 Daffy: mindboggling run up leading to 5 ft grind, not too lucky execution
2:03 - 2:11 Brainkiller: lovely freeway bsm, also contributes to variety
2:12 - 2:20 TrYp: thatís better, I enjoy backwards p2bs
2:21 - 2:27 Demon: one of most impressive stunts in the video, great use of the pole
2:28 - 2:40 Ltab: havenít seen a flatbet bump to grind for a long time, cool spot and smooth execution, too bad there wasnít enough speed for a double
2:41 - 2:48 PtRvY: holy hell, huge distance, that was so fresh, magnificent stunt
2:49 - 3:06 Demon: that monument didnít look too boost-friendly, decent prec
3:07 - 3:12 Stevex: probably it was annoying to approach the stuck bike, but the stunt doesnít impress much
3:13 - 3:19 Ltab: I see you barely had speed to reach the roof, I always enjoy landings on the edge
3:20 - 3:25 Demon: kudos for fresh taxi spot in VC, sweet prec
3:26 - 3:35 Demon: original use of bsm
3:36 - 3:48 Davve: old as mentioned earlier, nevertheless itís a hard stunt to land, to even reach the roof so good job.
3:51 - 4:04 Luky: bloody awesome combo, yay
4:05 - 4:11 TrYp: heavy artillery is put into action, cool bigair
4:12 - 4:24 Eddeman: fantastic bemp, really impressive
4:25 - 4:42 OCZ: third salvo, massive destruction
4:43 - 4:51 burn: not a fan of SAVC psms
4:52 - 5:05 Daffy: amazing idea and neat execution
5:06 - 5:11 TrYp: damn, never thought about that, natural stuff in VC is my favorite, great idea
5:12 - 5:18 OCZ: not my taste
5:19 - 5:24 TrYp: barely could see the stunt, seems like a nice p2b. Really bad decision was to add these effects.
5:25 - 5:32 Demon: tough prec I guess, good job. Thereís a lack of natural SAVC bumps oddly enough.
5:40 - 5:47 Daffy: and final impact; classic WH one. I think this marvelous bump was a lot of pain. Congrats on landing it.

Editing: well, mostly it was good and fitting, smooth transitions, variety of cam angles, synchronization and all though those effects at the end got out of control
Music: One of the best songs Iíve ever heard in stunt video. The melodies are amazing; there is so much emotion in it. Definitely gets my vote for best soundtrack of the year.

Sorry, I donít have nice goodbye words to say apart from good luck irl, not into that weeping shit.
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« Reply #121 on: March 20, 2015, 07:19:47 PM »
Thanks for the review man, better late than never! :happy:


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« Reply #122 on: April 07, 2015, 03:24:50 AM »
Dunno if i ever made a full review...but:

Editing: Clean and nice and typical a Daffy editing. GJ.


0:13 - 0:57 Smut:    clean and smooth longass grind, Good job.
0:58 - 1:09 TrYp:    It got finally landed. Your setup is great so i need to reland it for fun =D
1:10 - 1:16 MaCi:    Typical Maci ledge grind :D gj!
1:17 - 1:30 OCZ:   Amazing P2B, never thought about this one...
1:31 - 1:40 Daffy:   Creativity at max here. Daffy style. Amazing one!
1:41 - 1:48 Nem:   Nice one. looks easier then it actually is i guess.
1:49 - 2:02 Daffy:   Another typical Daffy stunt :D great one!
2:03 - 2:11 Brainkiller: Never thought about landing that with a freeway, Good job!, stucking that pcj seems like a pain in the ass..
2:12 - 2:20 TrYp:   Great P2B. never though about it!
2:21 - 2:27 Demon:   Amazing car stunt, loved it!
2:28 - 2:40 Ltab:   old by TBV, Sons, 0:34
2:41 - 2:48 PtRvY:   okish stunt...
2:49 - 3:06 Demon:   Nice boost.
3:07 - 3:12 Stevex:   Great bsm, thought about it and tried it a bit, but never got a bemplike that! GJ
3:13 - 3:19 Ltab:   Not to be  a dick, No comment.
3:20 - 3:25 Demon:   Great boost, loved it!
3:26 - 3:35 Demon:   fking great. love freeway grinds! GJ
3:36 - 3:48 Davve:   Nice boost, seems like a bitch :D
3:51 - 4:04 Luky:   Luky style, natbumps at max! Great!
4:05 - 4:11 TrYp:   Nice PSM, never got really the psm stuck. Good to see it landed!
4:12 - 4:24 Eddeman:   Legendary natbump, finally! , Great job!
4:25 - 4:42 OCZ:   Natural? Still nice grind though!
4:43 - 4:51 burn:   WH vid - VC Engine - Burn = PSM. Great PSM, love those!
4:52 - 5:05 Daffy:   Again: Creativity at max here. Daffy style. Amazing one!
5:06 - 5:11 TrYp:   Nice natbump, lost it.
5:12 - 5:18 OCZ:   Thought about it, although never tried it. Seems like a fun spot, but nice landing!
5:19 - 5:24 TrYp:   At first sight, cant believe it, Need to try it, Amazing P2B though!
5:25 - 5:32 Demon:   Fking amazing stunt, seems like a freaking frustrating spot.
5:40 - 5:47 Daffy:   You showed us boosts, bsms, csms, grinds and P2B's through the years, although natbumps are you favorite thing. Great finisher and very well deserved. Hope to see more natbumps from ya!

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« Reply #123 on: April 07, 2015, 06:52:25 AM »
Thanks for the full review man, highly appreciated! :wub:

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« Reply #124 on: April 07, 2015, 07:52:54 AM »
2:28 - 2:40 Ltab:   old by TBV, Sons, 0:34
3:13 - 3:19 Ltab:   Not to be  a dick, No comment.

Really? Damn, can you link the video please?
Btw do elaborate the "not to be a dick, no comment" sentence please, I can take it without a problem. :P

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« Reply #125 on: April 07, 2015, 08:09:45 AM »

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« Reply #126 on: April 07, 2015, 02:17:41 PM »
Thanks man, I do remember that video now. But imo my execution was a bit cooler with the rotation. :P

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« Reply #127 on: May 25, 2015, 12:09:22 PM »
I had that weird feeling lije watching a last episode a of a great series while watching it.
Eddeman, Luky, Daffy and Tyrp had the sickest stuff I think.
Great stunts, great editing, nice video!
Glad you could make a last VC video guys! Have one with whatever you do in the future!

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« Reply #128 on: November 17, 2015, 07:22:13 PM »
Old topic but hey I was inactive while this was released so I may aswell spend 20 minutes of my time with a few words and a review since it's the least I could do in exchange for the 10 years WH have put out videos.

One of the first videos I watched was Doperide II and that shit rocked my little ten year old mind. I mean I'd been playing VC for a while at that point and had done some stunts in LCS but seeing that opened my eyes to a whole other side of it and I feel WH has always been at the forefront of evolving stunting not just stuntwise; obviously the stunts are a key part of it and WH has been the home for some of GTAS top stunters over the years but even the other components such as Daffy's dedication towards editing, Haywire/Feron's work on skinning and generally every WH members participation have helped further or progress stunting in some way. Some of those videos put me onto music and bands that I still enjoy to this day and I'm sure I'm not the only member who had their music taste changed by stunt vids.

Like sony said, it kind of feels like when you're attached to a TV show and it ends and you know you can rewatch it but nothing will beat a new episode although all good things come to an end and 10 years for such a niche hobby is astounding. Plenty of crews have came and gone over the years and WH are one of the only ones to remain consistent while still being at the top of their game and a massive thanks is due to all past and present WH members for inspiring 10 years worth of GTA fans to stunt and continuing to hopefully do so well into the future with whatever solo projects you guys pursue.


0:13 - 0:57 Smut: That rail has been done to death, credit for finding a new way to hit it and also managing to keep that grind going for that long!
0:58 - 1:09 TrYp: Another one of those spots that has been done for years but again congrats for landing that roof and also the stylish execution; the rotation like that always looks rad.
1:10 - 1:16 MaCi: First 3 stunts have already been new takes on old spots; not the hardest stunt per say (personally I cannot do those ledgegrinds) but it's nice to see you in the video!
1:17 - 1:30 OCZ: Very stylish with the wallride up, pretty much any of those big air roof stunts are fucking crazy to me.
1:31 - 1:40 Daffy: I kinda feel bad for godson since he'd landed that for the last USS crew video although your execution was far superior  :cc_detective:
1:41 - 1:48 Nem: This made me want to go and pop the tires on a Hotring and land something which is exactly what I'm gonna do after writing this, gg man.
1:49 - 2:02 Daffy: Probably one of my favourite stunts from the video; fucking sick use of using the roofs as runups to hit a classic spot and executed with that classic Daffy style.
2:03 - 2:11 Brainkiller: Fucking rad to see BK blasting up onto those roofs and with a Freeway too!
2:12 - 2:20 TrYp: Your sparks are trYpping me out. Bad puns aside, fucking rad stunt; I cant put too much detail on big air stunts since I honestly don't know much about them but the bounce back off the wall looks sick.
2:21 - 2:27 Demon: Very funky and creative, and with the precision too which makes this another one of my favourites from the video too.
2:28 - 2:40 Ltab: Old stunt or not, very sleek execution from everyones favourite Argentinian  :wub:
2:41 - 2:48 PtRvY: Execution on that one was sick as fuck; I hate doing reviews since my stunt related vocabulary is limited and I end up repeating alot of the same stuff but the rotation was so sick and the way it just caught the rail into the grind, perfecto.
2:49 - 3:06 Demon: Nice boost with a solid landing, some people would have just balanced it and cut the replay but fuck it you took the risk to land it 100% and it paid off.
3:07 - 3:12 Stevex: Solid spot, I always love seeing those SA roofs landed in the VC engine.
3:13 - 3:19 Ltab: Nice thinking on that spot, worked out great.
3:20 - 3:25 Demon: Fucking dope spot, execution and again landed with the prec aswell.
3:26 - 3:35 Demon: Nice freeway grind to smashing the lampost.
3:36 - 3:48 Davve: Old or not thats a fucking hard roof to reach and stay on where you land, gg.
3:51 - 4:04 Luky: Sick combo man, was not expecting the stunt to go that way at all!
4:05 - 4:11 TrYp: Another sick ass big air, no words needed.
4:12 - 4:24 Eddeman: Rad to have Eddeman in the final vid smashing it with a long ass bump and still looking stylish in that damn suit.
4:25 - 4:42 OCZ: Fucking gg man, solid distance to grind and executed perfectly.
4:43 - 4:51 burn: Again, another one of those no words needed bigairs where the stunt speaks for itself.
4:52 - 5:05 Daffy: Looking at it I dunno how that hasn't been landed earlier since it seems so blindingly obvious! Props for the land.
5:06 - 5:11 TrYp: Nice funky little double bump to spice things up abit and showing that WH aren't always just about getting higher than Snoop Dogg (or Lion, whatever he calls himself).
5:12 - 5:18 OCZ: I always love seeing that roof get landed no matter what the vehicle or method, gg.
5:19 - 5:24 TrYp: Refer to previous stunt review  :P
5:25 - 5:32 Demon: Landing a precision on that sign is fucking bullshit, good job.
5:40 - 5:47 Daffy: Daffmeister putting the video to an end with one of the sickest natbumps to be done. Flashed me back to when that natbump to the roof around the corner further up the road first got done. Excellent, truly fucking excellent.


Honestly I really have no qualms with that editing. Done with that classic Daffy style which is always enjoyable, well edited and composed and the song worked really well with the stunts. Gave a very melodramatic feel or maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me since it's the last WH VC video. Only real problem was the light effects on OCZ/TrYp's last two stunts, kinda made it hard to see what was going on but apart from that the editing was solid and super enjoyable.

I feel like I can easily give this video a solid 10/10 not just for the stunts themselves but the fact that 10 years of progression/evolution from WH have culminated in one ultimate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas esque mind bending finale from probably the best crew to have existed on GTAStunting. This whole post probably sounds like alot of ass licking but fuck it without WH I doubt a majority of us would even be stunting today. Again, thank you guys for 10 years of kickass videos, inspiration and all around good times and good luck in your future endeavours.

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« Reply #129 on: November 18, 2015, 03:24:43 PM »
Thanks for taking your time to write a review brotha, really appreciated! ;D :wub:


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