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« on: February 06, 2011, 05:08:03 AM »
Stunt Video Database Rules

In this section you can post a list of videos you have been in. But before posting your thread, please read these rules.

  • You must list atleast 5 Videos from you.
  • The Thread-Name must be your Stunting-Name.
  • You can only post one Thread in this section.
  • You must have been on the Forums for a while now, no extremely new members.
  • You are not allowed to post a single Video Thread, This is not the Video-Release section!

Every Thread that doesn´t follow these 5 rules will be deleted without hesitation.

This is an example for the lazy ones
Code: [Select]
[CENTER][size=11pt][B]XXX's Database[/B]  [/size][/CENTER]
[CENTER][size=10pt][i][B]Video Count: 5 [/B][/i]  [/size][/CENTER]


[li]Example 1[/li]
[li]Example 2[/li]

[B][COLOR=orange]Crew Videos[/COLOR][/B](3)

[li]Ex - Example 1[/li]
[li]Ex - Example 2[/li]
[li]Ex - Example 3[/li]
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