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Introduce Yourself / Blasting from the past
« on: February 07, 2019, 11:53:42 AM »
Hey guys, what's up?

probably most of you won't remember me (and if you do massive props). My name used to be Varial.

Just remembered GTAS and was like, "eh, let's see what they're up to in GTA V" and HOLY SHIT those mechanics are crazy.

Apparently there was some kind of reset since I can't activate my old account, doesn't really matter but okay.

Let's start off with the following for the people that do remember me:
SORRY! for being this immature wanker which thought he was this awesome guy when really I was not. Hell, I was probably the most annoying guy on GTAS and didn't even notice it in that era. I didn't know at that time but I found out I basically was really depressed at that time and my only go to place was GTAS.

But we all grow up and we see our mistakes in the past. So for those people, my sincere apologies for that.
I was never a good stunter and never will be but who cares? (Atleast nowadays I don't care lol, GTAS was my life at that time) If you want to see some footage of me I actually found some really old footage from me on this forum which in my eyes is really awesome it still exists. If you'd like to see it:

Also, could someone hit me up with a SA ISO/ SAMP and a server?
And, some must watch videos of the past decade would be cool aswell :)

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