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Gaming Discussion / American McGee's Alice 1 & 2
« on: June 27, 2011, 01:02:10 PM »

Everybody knows the story about Alice in Wonderland, behold! Two games about it! The first one is from 2000 but is really good and still very playable. I played that when I was 9 years old or something like that. I was scared shitless back then. It's so creepy and surreal.

I haven't come around to play the second installment, because I'm finishing the first one again. But it looks quite promising. Also it's like a Tim Burton film but much better and eerier .

Does anybody else play or has played any of these games?

Movies/TV / Documentary films
« on: June 26, 2011, 02:15:20 AM »

A site full of documentary films! Knowledge knowledge knowledge :a-cheer:
Some films might be down though.

Music / 22tracks
« on: May 24, 2011, 08:38:40 AM »

This is what I listen to when I'm doing stuff at school :P It's a cool way to encounter some new songs/bands.

GTA Modding / Vice City Sparkgenerator v3
« on: April 23, 2011, 12:27:00 PM »
Hiya some may still know I once made a sparkgenerator in pascal and then in VB6. I've updated the VB6 one and now you can change your sparks while you are in-game!

With this program you can change the appearance of your sparks without loading and unloading your game all the time. When you've found your desired spark you can generate the line and paste it into the particles.cfg.


Have fun!

Movies/TV / Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:59:57 AM »
The new film from the Zeitgeist series has been released. Many of you may have seen the first two; Zeitgeist: The movie and Addendum. This part is easier to understand than Addendum and thought through better than both of the films. The film even gives a solution to the problem. It's 2 hours and 45 minutes short and is separated in 4 parts. I recommend watching it part for part as it's a pretty long run in one go :P I also recommend watching the first two films before this one.

The gateway to the films can be found on

DV Video Releases / Genyus - Fallen Empire
« on: December 31, 2010, 10:16:15 AM »
Posting this for Genyus.

I know that you have noticed how the empire is falling
Time to replace it, time to quit stalling
Let the flood come to wash it away
No looking back, here comes a new day now
You all noticed how the empire is falling
Time to replace it, time to quit stalling
Let the flood come and wash it away


Hey guys, Genyus here. Presenting you my Best of all time: Fallen Empire

Before you go ahead and enjoy the video edited by the best editor of '10, Pmarci, I'd like to share a few words with you.

The reason I named this video Fallen Empire is because I do believe our empire (GTAS) is falling. There's a few reasons:

1. People caring too much about the wrong things. So what if someone goes off topic for a bit? It's not like that is a crime. I sometimes see posts from BeaT saying: anyone who ges offtopic now gets a x day ban. I'm sorry but do you want every fucking post to have to do something with the first post? Enjoy your dull forums man, but do realise what a forum actually is.

2. But it's not only those people. People like for example Godson, who go to every SA topic to tell us how it not looks any different. If you are not interested in SA just fuck off will ya? Also people batteling over what's better, VC or SA, who the fuck cares? Just play what you enjoy, both games have their own pro's and con's but jesus fucking christ what does it matter which is best?

3. Stunting is becoming more and more like cycle racing, nearly everyone does doping and we know it, but for some reason nobody speaks out loud, people find new ways to evade the checks or get support from the crowd. Stunting needs a big refresh.

4. The staff, I'm sorry guys but you are ridiculous, all of you. AJ Collins (and Flat), I appreciate the fact you wanted to get the forums back up and managed to do so, but learn2fuckingmoderate.

This video is a message, to all of you. The way things are going now, we are running ourselves into even deeper shit. We really need to take a break from things and calm down. That's why I present you this video, with a song from Bonobo called Recurring.

re·curred, re·cur·ring, re·curs
1. To happen, come up, or show up again or repeatedly.
2. To return to one's attention or memory.
3. To return in thought or discourse.

This video is a trip back in to time, at least for me it is. I start out with the first stunt which made me gain just a minor bit of fame and I end with the stunt I worked the hardest on. I hope you enjoy the recurring of the great time I had in here.

Download: (Good quality ripped using YouTube Downloader HD, because pmarci has lost the file)

Fallen Empire

Happy new year guys, may 2011 be a year of change. :)

Special thanks to:
Anoobis - for being my best buddy since the start of things. We didn't talk much in the end but I still have some of the best memories with you

Puzzle - for always being someone to have fun with. hou je sterk jonge, we spreken xx

Killerstunter - who won't special thank him? He is the biggest cuddlebear of GTAS, everyone loves him. Thanks for the great times and help man.

MeetMyMeat - always had great talks with you, fun and "mature" ones

Ptrvy - nice talks and very helpfull and honest when it comes to it

vmx - for inviting me in DV and thus giving me a little bit of encouragement in stunting. Thanks for believing in me.

Pmarci - I present you the best editor of 2010. You presented something new which in my eyes brought something special to GTAS. Thanks for editing this for me, I appreciate it man.

Herrarge - for making a bike which in the end I didn't use, still thanks for doing it man. This reminds me, I should thank StuntKing for my NRG, thanks man!

Daffy - You are the only sane admin, and one of the few sane persons here on GTAS. Thanks for being that.


SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Sedative - Haq
« on: December 30, 2010, 11:24:36 AM »

I present to you sedative's new solo Haq, after having an editor give up on this project, because of some problems. He decided to let me edit. So I hope you enjoy Haq

Sedative - Haq

Stunt Video Database / Reynolds
« on: November 03, 2010, 09:02:37 AM »


[VC]Plectracation - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Disproportionate - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Mesmerized - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Hammertime - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[VC]Hammers for life - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Differentiation - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[VC]Derive - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Virtuous - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]First last chance (best of 1st year of stunting) - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[VC]Primal - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]<--Recommended
[SA]Inertia - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]<--Recommended


[XSC][SA]FTW - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[XSC][SA]Deathrow - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[XSC][VC]Acceptance - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SS][SA]Crossroad - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SS][SA]Aqcuainted - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SS][VC]Power Cut - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SS][SA]Let Us Tell You Something - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SS][SA]Presentiment - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[DV][SA]Lighthouse - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]<--Recommended
[DV][SA]Mantra - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[DSS][SA]Renewal 2 - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]


[SA]PHG{8h} - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]<--Recommended
[SA]Desolated - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]SMBU - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Red Alert - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Worst 30 mins of my life{0.5h} - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Christmas 2008 - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Louder than words - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Sweet lemonade{2h} - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[VC]Revotfel - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Full Moon - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]My Community - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Achromatic - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[VC]Fast Collab - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]The Emergency - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]CLARITY - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Angel Shit - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Mobile Shit - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Klap - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Memento - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Industriekaufmann - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Rolls on Rolls - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Clemency - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]<--Recommended

[SA][themed]Bowling - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Taking Out The Trash(bail's and stuff) - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]gfd(WH-audition) - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]<--Recommended

Guest appearances
[SA]PtRvY - ULTRAnumb - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Artifex - Exegesis - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Sedative - Haq - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Stunta - Imagine - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Worldtime- Starlight - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Ktulu&Flathead - Armistice - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[VC]PtRvY - Adolescence 2 - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Christunter - HighTide - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]
[SA]Art - Exmilitary - [noembed]Youtube[/noembed]

Check out my Youtube channel:

SS Video Releases / Reynolds - Inertia
« on: December 24, 2009, 08:10:22 AM »
hi, so I had all these replays of stunts I landed in GTA:San Andreas and even some replays which I landed in the United modification! so what I did was load op freeplay and Fraps and put everything in HQ settings and I recorded every single stunt I had one by one, this took me about half an day. That day i also had some breaks from recording because I had ordered Team Fortress 2 and it came that very day so I played that for like 3 hours and got 1 achievement and some gun for the pyromaniac guy. but back on business, serious business that is ;). I had al these stunts and I wanted to make a solo out of them, but I needed to edit. Here I had two options Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas. I wanted my video to come out looking good so I chose Vegas ofcourse :D!. So i opened Vegas and I had an empty project first I got myself a song which is I wear my skin from One minute silence. so I put all my stunts in order and put all sorts of effects and transitions and media generators and text things and flashes and panning and cropping and masking and then I put on a colour corrector whit not to much fancy stuff around it! well and then I put the credits, this is something I dislike doing so I made them really short, also I fucked up everybodys name in the THANKS section hope you find it funny if you don't I don't know oh and if i forgot you oh oh oh ho ho ho merry christmas don't blow your hand of with illegal fireworks! and then I rendered the HQ and then I rendered the LQ and then I didn't render a MQ. so and then i had these videos all ready to go so I uploaded them to megaupload
and here we are in the topic I hope you enjoy my solo yay merry christmas and a happy new year
felis navidad prospero anjo felicidad or something cojones pendejo
if you bothered to read this I hope you live happily ever after



Reynolds - Inertia


SA Un-Modded Video Releases / XSC - FTW
« on: October 21, 2008, 02:40:46 PM »
A new SA vid from the Xtreme Stunting Crew! this time me up for the editing, think i did that job very well
well anyway:

YOUTUBE (Stream):

FILEFRONT (Download):;...;/fileinfo.html


VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Hammers for life
« on: October 11, 2008, 06:50:54 AM »

VC Stunting Challenges / p2b long distanced
« on: October 10, 2008, 11:57:41 AM »

to the billboard
360  ft distance +-

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Hammertime
« on: September 05, 2008, 09:51:36 AM »
my new solo in gta san andreas with VC2SA mod and SA:LC mod

DL link:;...;/fileinfo.html

SA Chat & Support / san andreas control center
« on: July 23, 2008, 01:29:43 PM »
iv'e searched the whole internet for a solution
my san andreas control center won't start and i wanna stunt in gta united
has anyone got a solution?

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Mesmerized
« on: July 22, 2008, 11:53:23 AM »
new solo from me  got a new pc <3 so i finally could record with a steady 25 fps


FF MQ & stream!:;/fileinfo.html

enjoy! andplease comment !

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