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SA Un-Modded Video Releases / Mamkatage - [SA]ANOMALY
« on: August 09, 2017, 10:44:59 PM »

KIFFLOM stranger, you are about to witness Mamka Gaming's official 2k17 pwnet debut teamtage (Mamkatage).

Artifex, Bart, Burn, fckR, Gryzlek, jeff, JustCaus3, Kai, Ktulu, Mewka, MtS,
Nikedj, PrzemOO, Reynolds, Rusch69, Sheikah16, toty, VaNilla & Viper


MEGA - UWQHD (3440x1440); 25 FPS, HEVC - 36 Mb/s; FLAC - lossless & 44,1 kHz (thanks toty)
Dropbox - UWQHD (3440x1440); 25 FPS, HEVC - 36 Mb/s; FLAC - lossless & 44,1 kHz
MEGA - UWHD (1720x720); 25 FPS, H264 - 9 Mb/s; MP3 - 320 kb/s & 44,1 kHz

YouTube XQ
YouTube HQ (thanks Ktulu)

Review Template:


© Mamka Gaming 2k17 - remember the name, fool!

SA Stunting Challenges / prestigious aids challenge (SA)
« on: October 04, 2016, 07:37:09 PM »
Use the hill to reach the other side, then bump that ledge and land on the cow using an NRG500.

The stunt is NOT about looks, it's about technique & difficulty. It's time to prove your pseudo skilled balls kids :euro:
I'm assuring you it is possible.

Share your experience (replays, live recordings with speedometer, tips, ideas, etc.) & have fun! May the Moo be with you

SA Chat & Support / SA Insane Stunt Bonus gone?!
« on: August 13, 2016, 04:07:53 PM »
As the title suggests, the Insane Stunt Bonuses don't show up for me in SA anymore. I have no idea what causes it and it's been like this for me since a while already. It pisses me off more and more since it used to provid valuable information.
I've tried removing the gta_sa.set file & reinstalling the game, but neither fixed it. Oddly enough the wheelie & stoppie stunt bonuses rarely still show up. They also don't appear in the Brief section of the pause menu.

Advice/help is much appreciated! Cheers

V Chat & Support / White Rose - Organization
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:47:29 PM »
White Rose

Hoi everyone, I'm going to put a little GTA V collaboration together. It's meant to be done within this month, so really nothing big.
I'll restrict this to PC stunts only (sorry peasants). Simply because that leaves more options for editing and allows greater video quality.

Everyone's invited to send whatever kind of stunt you want - as long as they're new and not released yet.
Since I barely know what's new/old in GTA V, it'd be great if someone with more experience could help me sorting stunts out a little.
Around ~25 stunts in total should be enough for the length I am aiming for.
If that limit exceeds, I'll start leaving old/weaker stunts out. However, I'll make sure everyone's present in the video.

Just compress your XXX.clip file(s), re-name the archieve to your alias and upload it somewhere.
You can send me the link via Steam (ID: TEXAS RANGER), Skype (ID: Rusch691) or PM here on GTAStunting.

There's no deadline for submitting stuff, but I'm planning to start editing soon. So please don't wait for too long.

15th Dec 2015


Rusch69: 4
Artifex: 4
Orange: 3
Nikedj: 1
Thundermash: n/a
Iivou Khalep: n/a
xBlack: n/a

I'm going to update this post every now and then.

Fun fact: Over 6 years have gone by since I last organized a collaboration all by myself. Spread the word and let's get it on! :Disgusted:

Gaming Discussion / VC to V
« on: June 08, 2015, 04:03:51 PM »
Dunno if this was posted before, but I'm sure some of you will like this:

! No longer available

Source + Download:

Gaming Discussion / NFS 2015/UG3 (?)
« on: May 21, 2015, 09:51:44 AM »

To me the series died years ago, but I'm a bit curious nonetheless. Hopefully the development time of 2 years and the cooperation with Speedhunters does good for the game. More stuff to come at E3 next month.

Video Editing Tutorials / Tutorial: H265/VP9 + FLAC encoding
« on: April 27, 2015, 09:12:50 PM »
H265/VP9 + FLAC encoding


Currently there‘s two high efficiency codecs, namely H265 & VP9, competing on the market. Here‘s a brief comparison between the two:

+ Much faster encoding
+ Marginally better efficiency
- Not supported by YouTube (due to licensing costs)

+ Supported by YouTube
- Marginally worse efficiency
- Much slower encoding

To make it short: H265 is best used for downloadable videos, while VP9 is the choice for streaming platforms such as YouTube.

Video guide

In the following guide I‘ll showcase how to maintain high quality throughout the workflow and how to use the two aforementioned codecs in a convenient way using Handbrake.
To generate a real world GTAS alike video scenario, I recorded SA at Full HD at 25 FPS and cut/rendered the footage in Vegas. For Vice City you should be using 30 FPS instead.
In order to maintain a higher video bitrate on YouTube, I've included upscaling & frame doubling additionally.



I highly recommend using Google Chrome for YouTube streamings. YouTube locks 4K & 8K with 50/60 FPS for other browsers completely.

Download: 1920x1080, 25 FPS, H265 (19 MBit/s), FLAC, 44.1 kHz, 16 bits

Streaming #1: 3840x2160, 50 FPS, VP9 (71 MBit/s), FLAC, 44.1 kHz, 16 bits
YouTube (upscaled with frame doubling)

Streaming #2: 3840x2160, 50 FPS, VP9 (61 MBit/s), no audio
YouTube (native 4K with frame doubling)


Q: What software should I record with?
A: Any lossless capturing software will be fine. I'd recommend Fraps or Dxtory.

Q: What about Shadowplay, ReLive, OBS, XSplit, etc.?
A: Do yourself a favor and don't use them. Their recordings are lossy.

Q: What's a lossy recording?
A: A recording that lost quality due to compression and doesn't equal the original 1:1.

Q: What resolution should I record at?
A: Always go for the highest your hardware can handle.

Q: Can I use/record resolutions higher than my monitor's native?
A: Yes, with so called downsampling.

Q: What aspect ratio should I record at?
A: That's a personal preference, but 16:9 is the standard.

Q: What framerate (FPS) should I record at?
A: 25 for San Andreas, 30 for Vice City.

Q: How to read out media properties?
A: I highly recommend MediaInfo.

Q: What software should I edit in?
A: Use whatever you're most comfortable with.

Q: What should my project settings in the editing software be like?
A: Use your footage's resolution & FPS. Always use a sample rate of 44,1 kHz. Don't stretch pixels and don't use interlacing.

Q: Why are you upscaling the video for the lossless render? Does it increase video quality?
A: It doesn't increase video quality. However, upscaling allows for higher bitrates after YouTube's recompression.

Q: Why is an audio sample rate of 44,1 kHz so important?
A: Anything higher is a waste of disc space. This sample rate will suffer the least from YouTube's recompression.

Q: Why are you doubling the FPS for the YouTube render? Does it increase video quality?
A: It doesn't increase video quality. Frame doubling allows for higher bitrates after YouTube's recompression.

Q: Why aren't you upscaling the downloadable video?
A: There's no quality benefit. Just use the resolution you initially recorded at.

Q: I uploaded my 4K 50/60 FPS video to YouTube. Why doesn't the 4K 50/60 FPS quality option show up?
A: Google Chrome is the only browser allowing YouTube streams at 4K with 50/60 FPS.

If you're having problems or questions, don't hesitate asking!

SSU Video Releases / Shitfuckton
« on: July 21, 2014, 08:46:34 AM »
<blabla long ass drama here>

I'll now release my last unused stuff as I'm leaving SSU, drop SA & moderating GTAS now.
Whenever V is out for PC, I might be starting from scratch. Time will tell I guess.

I can't be arsed to embed everything, so all I do is linking my YouTube channel. Just check out the recent 8343657 uploads if you want. Unfortunately YouTube is not listing the releases as recent ones. Ya gotta make your way through all uploads manually then.

I do have more stuff on my desktop computer, which I do not have access to until October. I'll probably clip/upload more from then on. I did land some of the bails/fails. Feel free to ask me what I've done (and not clipped) to prevent multiple landings.

Thanks for the great time in SSU & take care men.



I took the time to dig out the ones I'd recommend:

01. (I landed this one)
08. (early Ultima beta)
19. Removed on request. (I landed this one)
21. (I landed this one)

I'm sure I did land a couple more tho. Can't tell which ones currently.

« on: July 15, 2014, 05:20:04 AM »

Blaze & PM are currently reviving it. If you're interested, go ahead and check out the organization topic by clicking the picture above.
Happy skinning. :euro:

Blog / Petrichor - MtS's Best of - 2014
« on: June 07, 2014, 01:14:26 PM »

Petrichor - MtS's Best of - 2014

Click the picture above to visit the initial topic. :jajaja:



SSU Video Releases / Gryzlek & Rusch69 - Pain & Grain
« on: April 19, 2014, 05:36:44 AM »
Pain & Grain

Hellow people, hereby I'm presenting you a duo video by Gryzlek & me in the SA engine. This video was initially supposed to be Endlessity 5, but I realized I don't have enough stunts, so I asked around to gather some guests. It turned out Gryzlek was also having quite some unused stunts, so we ended up making a duo. Herb is also contributing with one guest stunt. The overall level of stunts is decent, even though we decided to save the best stuff for the actual crew video.

The editing is a little experimental and I've used some slight grain on the edges all over the video. The soundtrack is a little oppressive, hence the video title.

Since the video is grainy, I decided to go with a ridiculously high video bitrate on the XQ, which approximately equals ~60 Mbps in regular h264 proportions. That version can only be decoded by fairly strong CPUs (my i5 3570K at 4,2 Ghz has ~50% usage when playing it lol). In case you're downloading the XQ version, make sure you're having a h265 supporting player installed. If not, just get the latest VLC or MPC version and you're good to go.

The other versions won't come that soon, so you're probably better off by just getting that XQ. I don't wanna waste all my bandwidth for uploading only today. Enjoy and leave a comment!

Sheikah16 (guest)


XQ: 1920x1080, 25 FPS, h265 (30 Mbps), AC3 (640 kbps)!b5ZWxbhB!pk9gr-NdX7X7ZiviJ9qggKEDAljr9LJZisECU0A2lXU

HQ: 1920x1080, 25 FPS, h264 (16 Mbps), MP3 (320 kbps)!7koFhIIZ!5YNcd7zk7Ou-rG0i9kmru99acmFkXK-eVSkxfWaAmDA

YouTube: (only bustas watch on YouTube)

SSU Video Releases / Rusch69 - GILF 2
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:38:16 AM »


I know it ain't mother's day yet, so this release is a little early. Yesterday I spontaneously clipped all my replays of the "old stunts" folder and put it together in an hour or two. The video contains stunts I either gave away and let others release, lost to others or simply re-landed for fun. Currently I'm stuck with the slow ass Internet connection again, so there's only a streaming, but I am willing to upload it to a file hosting site in case anyone wants it. Another upload would take me like 4-5 hours though.

Rusch69 - GILF 2 720p

Edit: Here's the download links. Download both files first, place them in the same directory and then unpack.

Single file download (thanks Streem):!L4g2kRTK!6GoKuOtujg_eLcB0--LxdXoZNmRRMn0nYJOYLIE2whk

Blog / [SSU]Ultima
« on: November 24, 2013, 03:51:13 AM »
SSU's 15th crew video

Visit the inital topic right here.

1,60 GB; MKV; 1920x1080; 25 FPS, h264 (27 Mbps); FLAC:!ydoDlLqa!ZRzsgHUyA_TzuyFE64WBBm96-HJXz_-S_OC5j9fidJ0

* 650 MB; MKV; 1920x1080; 25 FPS; h265 (11 Mbps); FLAC:[SSU]Ultima%201080p%20h265%20FLAC.mkv

* 355 MB; MKV; 1280x720; 25 FPS; h265 (6 Mbps); FLAC:[SSU]Ultima%20720p%20h265%20FLAC.mkv

* The h265 renders require a supportive media player. I suggest you to either get the latest ( ! ) DIVX or VLC player. You'll also need at least an i3 or eqivalent CPU to properly decode.


SSU Video Releases / [SSU]Ultima
« on: November 24, 2013, 03:49:54 AM »
0st post. :ajaja:


zemoo was here

Okay, there is. Scroll down!

SSU General Discussion / [SSU] The Story
« on: November 19, 2013, 10:17:47 AM »
[SSU] The Story

This topic tells it with the correct order of videos, including untold background information. The videos originally were not released in this order.
Lacrima, ONE, Sensus & RIDE don’t have any relation to this story and it is SA related only.

It'll eventually get updated.


The government kidnapped a civilian subject for scientific purposes in order to create a new special forces team. After a cloning process, that the professor led, Special Stunting Unit was born.

Further human experiments, including a dark substance, brought varying results. Lizardman is the perfect example of a failed experiment. Deterred by that, the strain on the professor’s sanity made him quit.


Therefore he decided to preserve humanity from the dark substance and threw it into the ocean.

Unfortunately, he threw away the wrong case. The dark substance remains inside his laboratory.


Another civilian subject was picked for the new experiments. The dark substance accidently gets applied to a new subject (Mister Testa).

Lizardman the dumfuck was unable to close the door of the laboratory space properly. Due to the wrong substance being used, the system blew up. Knowing the hazard, the professor and Lizardman quickly escape the laboratory. Mister Testa remained there.

While the president got informed, the infested haze spread all over San Andreas. The SSU forces can withstand the haze for a while and collected samples of it.

With help of the samples, antibodies were made by the professor. After taking them in, SSU was able to purge San Andreas of the haze.

part 1

Due to the black subject overdose, Mister Testa became a cruel and braindead zombie. His attacks on civilians spread the virus. A State of emergency was declared.

By helicopter the president was brought to safety to the desert base. Once they arrived, it was already infested. The president’s lifeguards fought the approaching zombies while he took cover in an air duct to call SSU, who was on a homosexual trip in the woods.

After a random immediate attack of zombies, SSU escapes and meets up with the doctor and Lizardman. With a bus they now head to the desert base in order to rescue the president.

Anoobis, Rainbow, Nauthiluz, MtS & TurBo were not on that SSU trip and saved the president already. Right in time the bus arrives to pick up those 5 guys alongside the president. Now they’re on their way to the San Fierro Easter Basin base.


On their way, the professor stops by at the big satellite dish in the desert to send a beam of light to space.

part 2

SSU, the president, the professor and Lizardman safely arrive at the Easter Basin military base, where a military ship awaits them to be off to the sea. Nemesis, a big ass zombie, hid on board.


The beam of light from Orion damaged the ozone layer, which leads to cosmic radiation. All beings on the planet are going to suffer to death. Lizardman brings back the correct substance, which the professor accidentally threw away in Aqua. He's now making use of it to set up a temporary protective shield against the radiation.

To be continued...

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