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Introduce Yourself / AntiGTAS is here (im sorry if this nick is taken)
« on: October 07, 2020, 03:18:14 PM »
Hey ya'll, I am new out here.
Even if it's 2020 doesn't matter to me, gta 5 didn't gave me a good vibe so I thought I will give a try in here.
I am not sure but probably AntiGTAS nick is taken, if its not call me AntiGTAS, if its taken then I will figure something out.
I am not new in sa stuntage, but I am new here :), just made my very first youtube video, I am sorry its nothing special but still... it's scrapped project btw, hated the lagspikes in the server because map makers fault.
I am 17 kinda school taking over my all time, might drop something on the weekend, if you want to add me somewhere than why not! Im always down to meet new people :)
My irl name Mantas btw.
If the nick this nick is taken by someone just tell me asap, i will change it :) much love

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