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VC Stunting Challenges / "The End Complete",for me as well.
« on: December 07, 2019, 02:05:11 AM »
Prior to becoming a stunter I was and still am a part of the kreedz counter-strike community.It's the closest thing to stunting you will see.Accusations there happen on a daily basis too.However once a "demo" (the replay) has been submitted we can always tell if its legitimate or not.Here however just because we don't like someone,albeit for the nickname he chose,somebody else's make believe stories about him,or just the fact that we can't accept.Maybe he is just better in this video game than I am :hmm:
The examples I will give today are from luli,a very skilled stunter with some of the best behind the scenes camera trickery this place has ever seen.
The first example is his proven to be clean as a whistle solo "The End Complete" I haven't seen it in years.And I hope studios stop fighting about who holds the rights to it and just re-release it again.
The challenge is very simple,using this -> its a speedometer used to measure your speed.Keep it to mph and you must have all the original folders from Vice City for it to work.anim,Audio,data,Icons,models,movies,mp3,mss,skins,text,txd.The ones you are missing you can just create.
With that said you must record your try using it in game.
Start your runup from here and finish of with this I'm not looking for it to be landed.Hitting the precision or falling from it would be plenty.
The second one,and I challenge the people who showed it to me to come forward and give other examples of him,of me,of anybody that has landed something you think is impossible.
Here this time we'll be using a tank.
I can't prove that it was him landing it,because I don't think he ever released it.But again try it just like the previous one.
As for me...the public demands I get banned.There really is no need for such unimaginable punishment.I'll gladly step down and stop visiting what's left from the forums.
Take care guys and "girl"  :mellow:

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