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Hello, i found this pretty sick infy hut, i really tried to land it grinding 8-13 hours per day for 7 days and couldnt land it, f here is my 2 closest tries tho :), if someone plays in sfse i hope they will land it  ;D

something pretty similar happened to me in VC once, but in SP
Understood man, thanks a lot i will try to play around with this more

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas / New launching method on ferris wheel ???
« on: October 18, 2020, 02:32:19 PM »
Idk if this is new or not, i found this weird launching thing at ferris wheel 1-2 years ago,(i call it ferris wheel launch cause its the best object you can land on from there, but not gonna lie i never did because its really really challenging) im pretty sure i am just dumb and there is simple explanation to this weird launch thing, anyway here is a video of me explaining how i do it (btw i tried it anywhere but it only works for me at this exact place ? my point of posting this is maybe someone know and wouldnt mind me explain why this happens ? and how to do it more consistant, thanks!
here is the vid:

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