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Title: BarracksPop and Co | Fl On/OFF
Post by: Prog on February 02, 2020, 12:38:38 AM
Hi, Hoy, Hey,

- To start here is a small script to Activate or Deactivate the FRAME LIMITER without having to go to the menu. Just to press "Secondary Fire" in Car.

- Then, here is what will surely not please many. BarracksPop, MaverickPop and CarPop.

[spoiler_block]Barraks :!Ui41mKwT!M36v7JsRaap7W6jpe2WBeSlB8oTZqFR9prlYPtdGmXU
Car :!Qq51SAyL!ezPPDavcwPz1F6jlkx1xSLKohfGALng8eWxXtKCOSs4

Obviously do not use them at the same time[/spoiler_block]

How to use it:
By vehicle, go to the desired location at the right angle. Save position with Brake + Handbrake + Horn. (Target created on the map and display "SAVE")
Do your run up and press "next radio" to spawn a vehicle (ON).
Repress next radio for despawn car. (OFF)
To change the position save press "Brake + Handbrake + Submission" ((delete the target and display "ERASE")(vehicle MUST be spawned))

In my opinion, everyone has already dreamed of making a maverick bump.
Like many we dream of making big barracks bump like Burn.
This makes it more accessible.

####It Is Easy To Recognize A Stunt Which Will Use One Of These Sripts####
#######Mod or Not , It Is ONLY Your Judgment. Use , Dont Abuse#######

Goodbye Again for 3 years.
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