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Re: Pak Me Dan
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2024, 11:00:20 AM »
I wanted to land that LC construction side prec with MAG. :cheersad:

Few of the stunts seems possible without grav mods.
3:45 no idea why you modded it.
5:25 maybe possible? I didn't even know that part of the building is bumpable, or it isn't and this is col fix.
5:48 I tried this many times to the roof ahead (kinda like Daffy style) or wallride that roof and land behind.
During my attempts, my bike flew many times towards this building Destrag landed, but I doubt it's possible clean.

Overall sad to see spots lost, but some cool stuff landed none the less.
Lol I'm just seeing this now, good job on landing the second precision on the construction! And about the MAG - that's seems like too much time loss at least I wouldn't try it (not a fan of grabs too). About the other stunts they are all imposs otherwise they'd be an oldies already imo.


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