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« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2024, 03:48:24 AM »
Sorry for a late comment on this one, but I just couldn't get myself to comment on anything lately.

First of all, thank you balsam for inviting me for this collab, I probably didn't land the best stunts, but at the time I landed those I hadn't opened the game for a year or something. Really liked Kruth's double grind, if I recall correctly, most people fell off from the grass fence, so it's really nice to see it finished. Minq's monster grind was also a bit unexpected, I guess it would be next level if you landed on the prec down as SS did in Memento, but awesome nonetheless! Kruth's tree landing was very good. It was sweet to see Daksad once again in a video. UndeadX tank double grind was neat! Jeff's infy stunt was pretty creative. Airbursh's stunt was definitely in some spot video long time ago, so GJ on it being landed. Gesior7's stunt was something I always wanted to find a way to land in SA, so good job for finding a way! Leo's double grind was absolutely insane, I never thought I'd see it landed, awesome dude!.

Editing was pretty simple, but enjoyable. It sort of brought an oldschool feeling for the video and I really like it that way. I bet you had more fun editing this than my best of MqtH haha.

Thank you everyone involved for making this video happen, never thought I'd see a collab in 2024 considering how active this forum is! :)

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« Reply #16 on: May 14, 2024, 03:31:18 AM »
This turned out great! It felt like a community video tbh. Really great to see so many good stunters gathered again in a collab.
My thoughts exactly and this is the most important part! It was good to see names like Jeff, Chiler and Daksad in action again. Balsam, I have to say you have some exceptional skill to gather people together for videos.
Anyway, some of my fav stunts are:
drop bump to precision at police station by Airbrush
bump2roof at 1:45 by Scanvenger - I tried it a few times so it was great to see it landed. It might not be visible but that place is extra tight, most of the time if you bump the stairs you end up bailing into the roof above you instantly
infy doublebump2roof at LV airport by Jomra - I had a feeling it's old, but if it's not then great job
tank combo by UDX - great to see you too still going
infy gap2bump2roof by Jeff
sandking combo by Sport

Overall a strong community project, hope that the shit series continues in the future!


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