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« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2022, 11:59:36 PM »
I like the humor in the intro, with the newspaper page. Especially the part with the non-retard units lol.

an ode to Chyrosran22 to make fun of TWICE Chaeyoung's height

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« Reply #16 on: August 29, 2022, 03:39:49 AM »
1:14 Sheeptea VC bump 2 ramp 2 bump 2 krail 2 grind: great idea, great execution, my favorite combo of this video!

4:20 Sheeptea SAIVC skimmerbump 2 roof: how high was that? that's the first time that roof is landed, right?

5:19 Sheeptea LC ramp 2 csm 2 roof bonk 2 roof landing: that landing hahahaha good job on getting that one landed, I bet you fell off that roof more times than I imagine

6:16 Sheeptea LC trash bin double bump 2 glass roof: my favorite stunt of the video, you can take my comments on the opener for this one too about vertical stunts and shit. Plus, that was straight from the ground!
Overall, this was a good watch. Everyone had a least a good stunt, and Sheeptea, Skuller and MaCi were the highlights!

Skimmerbump is 200ft on the dot. I got some 203ft bails where I overshot the roof, but didn't quite get angle for the highest part.

My fails of Skuller's saivc regina wall stuck to chimney stunt

How to setup regina

My saivc side p2b was 166ft

Hmm what else... I don't actually know if my first part finisher is trash bin what I bumped. It's a curbbump 2 tree bump, but whatever :cc_detective:

Keep commenting or doing live reviews guys! :wub:

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« Reply #17 on: August 29, 2022, 04:32:10 AM »
Sick video. All beast is beast again! Finisher dope. Faiz crazy head, MaCi grind on firestation. Really everybody spent alot time on this. I enjoyed. Smuts hotring prec - really dope stunt, but i saw second helicopter in the end :hmm:. Was he scripted? I did stunts like this and here is most hard part in stunt - catch this helicopter. Anyway i really enjoyed. Editing: in 2022 I think, editing should be more about "showing stunts" and less about "beatiful camangels". Some stuns from front view i prefer see in back. Hope you understand me! Sorry for my opinion!

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« Reply #18 on: August 29, 2022, 07:19:07 AM »
I'm finally home now, here's the newspaper seen in the intro

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« Reply #19 on: August 29, 2022, 03:06:47 PM »

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« Reply #20 on: August 29, 2022, 04:54:29 PM »
Wow great video !
WTF Skuller and Sheeptea... What a awesome level

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« Reply #21 on: August 29, 2022, 07:21:31 PM »
Brilliant video with everyone had standing-out stuff, especially Skuller, Sheeptea and Smut. Great job once again, DSS.

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« Reply #22 on: August 30, 2022, 01:34:28 AM »
yay, Mnemic  :a-cheer:

Great video guys, like always, pleasure to watch, like always

Opener and finisher were huge, also loved Sheeps bump2ramp2ramp2bump2grind it was a so simple spot yet so perfectly executed stunt, same with MaCis grind2stoppie2ledge, but great job everyone, no fillers  :P

Sorry Skuller for going offline, I remember we've been negotiating, life kicked in, had to put stunting away again, maybe someday

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« Reply #23 on: August 30, 2022, 07:35:43 AM »
Hello guys! I did a review as promised.

0:00 Intro: Boring honestly, this type of TV news report has been overused throughout the last few years in stunting videos and I don't find it interesting anymore unless you fill it with easter eggs and a clever script to say.

0:31 Skuller VC huge natbump 2 roof: This is probably your all time best stunt man, I remember when Daffy showed me a close attempt years ago I got really motivated to try it but it didn't take long before I quit because it's just such a tedious spot. You don't get many bumps there. Big props!
0:40 MaCi LC psm backbump: you recently showed me this stunt, neat spot and smooth execution, great to see a new way to land this awkwardly situated building
0:56 Nem VC hotring vice point area:  nice one, collab material I must say
1:04 Skuller SAIVC csm 2 green prec: very well executed! I love these spots that have an awkward runup to start with, adds to the difficulity
1:14 Sheeptea VC bump 2 ramp 2 bump 2 krail 2 grind: best grind in this video, amazing find my man! Happy to see you in the crew, you are a remarkable stunter
1:27 Skuller VC airport huge ramp 2 silo: nice stunt, wasn't it landed already? Not a big fan of the stunts that include these ramps though
1:41 Nem VC viceport hotring 2 ship: again collab material but still a very good one!
1:53 Faiz VC doublebump: this is SICK! Great landing my friend! Someone from WH did it with the longer runup from the other side so this is an improvement for sure! Again: I adore awkward runups
2:08 MaCi VC grind 2 stoppie 2 ledge grind: double grinds nurture my very soul, thank you
2:17 Nem VC sanchez bump 2 airgrab 2 roof:  a very bad stunt, sorry man
2:25 AllBeast VC ramp 2 grind 2 csm 2 420 2 bump 2 grind: I honestly didn't like it, you did a regular grind and then basically drove the bike to the second bump
2:37 Sheeptea LC boost 2 watergap 2 docks: an ok stunt
2:57 Faiz VC psm 2 prec: hell yeah man! Epic preci.. are these structures hollow or I'm bad with the memory here?
3:11 Smut LC cheetah barracks bump: now this is the car stunt I was looking for! Outstanding.
3:20 Skilz VC downtown boost 2 prec: with an extra grind and weird execution to get that extra adrenaline pumping in your veins! Good one bro!
3:31 Skuller LC bump 2 cork 2 grind: I've tried this long ago, the bump is absolutely terrible so congratulations once more for your unshakeable patience man!
3:41 Nem VC doublebump: same opinion as before, mediocre. You should try for some variety as well man. These popped wheels car stunts seem to be your favorite
3:48 The Big V LC tank bush 2 blown skimmer bump 2 roof: luv ya Vanko, your tanko performance is top notch as per usual <3
4:03 Skuller VC tankbump 2 construction ramp: good one! I believe it's a spot of bg hitman, correct me if I'm wrong   :D
4:11 Faiz VC police bump 2 roof: nothing special to me here, personally not a big fan of this method unless you do something creative with it
4:20 Sheeptea SAIVC skimmerbump 2 roof: I'm a bit envious for this spot man, a thing of beauty! I've tried it from further back but it was hard to stuck a skimmer there and you need to cover more distance which is a bummer. This is a very clever find!
4:28 Smut LC dodo pharmacy area upside down under the train tracks 2 flip 2 chimney prec: eh.... I don't have the mental capacity to understand this  :D
4:43 Sheeptea SAIVC p2b 2 roof: what a bigair... and the distance... can I have an autograph sir?
4:54 Ezraph VC stoppie 2 ledge grind cooper style: boring
5:07 Skuller LC csm 2 red container: awkward runup, precision... couldn't have been better!
5:19 Sheeptea LC ramp 2 csm 2 roof bonk 2 roof landing: landing the top is the perfect improvement on this classic! Congrats.
5:34 MaCi VC downtown boost 2 bump big air 2 prec: epic spot! Question:  there are like 3 or 4 precision possibilities there, were you aiming for this one specifically or it was random?
5:47 Nem VC hotring double bump 2 mall: I'm not going to repeat myself
5:57 Streem LC packer 2 bump 2 roof: wasn't this old by Taz? Correct me if I'm wrong PS: I'm dead wrong. Just checked TaxXx Airplay and Taz does it with a psm there so you definitely did much better, great stunt! Was it a nasty angle though?
6:09 Smut VC squalo flatbed bump 2 prec: you killed it with that flatbed bump man! A squalo precision will always make my day
6:16 Sheeptea LC bump 2 tree 2 glass roof: the best stunt in this whole video and top 10 all time natural bigair bump for me, WHERE'S MY GODDAMN AUTOGRAPH !!? Can you tell me more about this one? (How much did it take to land? Was this a nasty bump ? Did you get lots of bails and close calls or it was one of those lucky finds that get done in like 1-3 attempts? )

6:38 Skuller SAIVC csm 2 chimney prec: I told you in PM that you're a far better stunter now, right? Well it's safe to say that you're amongs the top best active stunters now. Landing these chimneys with a pcj is absolutely mental
6:48 Smut LC barracks bump 2 construction prec: loved the C shaped (ish) runup. So many precisions in this crew video! I'm definitely rewatching it like a hundred more times heh
6:56 Skuller SAIVC angel 3x grind: these grinds aren't a big deal for me honestly even if it's a multiple grind, a bit disappointed here
7:06 Sheeptea SAIVC polebump 2 red roof: totally my cup of tea.. Sheeptea ! Kek... a very creative natural bump, with a runup that uses roofs only instead of the ground. 10/10 how high is this btw? Wish I could see it from another angle
7:13 Sheeptea SAIVC freeway ramp 2 tree bump 2 grind:  isn't this possible without the second tree bump? Collab material imho
7:28 Skuller LC angel 6x grind: you already know my opinion here , getting to that wall grind where you bumped in the end would be very very sweet but it's probably super hard to nail it
7:43 AllBeast LC ramp 2 wall 2 krail 2 bonk 2 3x grind: that krail to bonk killed it man, sweet stunt
7:54 Sheeptea LC boost 2 bridge wire stuck: what on earth is this ? Haha. Looks amazing. Was it intentional to land it like this and were you aiming for this place in particular?
8:02 Smut VC hotring ramp 2 heli bump 2 prec: a worthy prefinisher and the best car stunt in the video, hats off dude!
8:12 AllBeast VC huge bump 2 prec: looks nice and clean but ever since I found out about that frame skipping thing you use I just can't fully enjoy and appreciate your stuff man, especially the bigairs. Sorry. It's still a form of cheating for me and kinda unfair to the other stunters that would otherwise spend much more time in landing these spots

8:28 Credits: not reviewing credits, fuck off you sick cunts hahahah

Soundtrack: reminiscent of the good old times say 2008-2011 stunting and the musical tendencies back then. Not super thrilling song choices but nostalgic nevertheless
Editing: the same thing as the soundtrack choices, nothing too special but still nostalgic especially with that CC
Overall Performance: 8/10  it's still one of my favourite DSS videos of all time. Probably like somewhere in top 5 for me. The leftoverish stuff and the underwhelming and forgetful mood the songs created are the reason I took out 2 points. Still a very strong crew performance. I might check on y'all in discord these days. Kinda miss you guys. Hope I can contribute to a future CV and spend more time with crewmates when the opportunity comes for me (life's been quite busy lately).

Cheers from Turok!  :happy: :a-cheer:
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« Reply #24 on: August 30, 2022, 07:36:38 AM »
4:54 Ezraph VC stoppie 2 ledge grind cooper style: boring
This is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
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« Reply #25 on: August 30, 2022, 10:02:39 AM »
I mean I respect your opinion but those hotring stunts arent easy at all, that ship one took me weeks :lol:

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« Reply #26 on: August 30, 2022, 10:06:56 AM »
Good video guys, here are my favorite stunts:

Skuller's opener - finally the top has been landed
MaCi's grind combo - just beautiful
Smut's car stunts - really sick, especially the helicopter bump
Streem's p2b - the angle and spins make it look very impressive, good job
Sheeptea's first part finisher - that's really nuts, must have been very difficult

Hope to see another video from you next year! I missed Krypton in here though :(

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« Reply #27 on: August 30, 2022, 10:19:42 AM »
Skuller is a sick man.
Also Streem for that p2b.
Overall amazing video.

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« Reply #28 on: August 30, 2022, 01:20:26 PM »
nice solo skuller :D haha just kidding! awesome video guys, it was a nice surprise to see a new video pop up, i've been recently catching up to your latest crew vids over the last 2-3 years i've been off :)

great editing as always from ezraph, i really dig your style
fav stunts were from maci, smut, skuller and sheeptea

nice job DSS!

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« Reply #29 on: August 30, 2022, 04:32:15 PM »
I have just released the behind the scenes commentary for Leviathan so click the picture to get to the video or check the first post because it's there lmao

This was put together so well LMFAO, good shit


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