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Title: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: burn on May 09, 2020, 03:22:53 PM

Welcome gtastunting ! I'm proud to present you my new San Andreas solo, edited by Artifex and guested by Prog and Raekwon !

A big thank to them for the incredible work they did, as guests and editor !

I hope you are about to enjoy as much as we enjoyed it.

Youtube Link (

Download Link (

Thanks for watching !
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Skuller on May 09, 2020, 03:48:49 PM
Ehh private?

Nice variety through the whole video, chimney pl was my favourite! Sweet editing too. Overall it was a great watch!
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: FELIX on May 09, 2020, 04:18:45 PM
hyped, ill wait till tomorrow
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Lex on May 09, 2020, 04:50:30 PM
Shit, I piss before I watch this! Super excited :wub:
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: ARS on May 09, 2020, 05:00:00 PM
Opener: The first who landed top on infy, but from the ground - 10/10
Bump2palmbump2top: same situation, i'm sure some guys lost this spot since Ktulu(?) landed lower part, so gj on landing top 10/10
Grab2grind: well executed
Curb2doublegrind: classic spot, but nobody landed before, gj
P2b2walltap2roof: Baseline modded it in Premontion? if yes then 10/10
Sandking bump2doublegrind: the spot that probably no one could ever think about, nice find
Car bump2bb: it makes this stunt cooler when you know it wasn't made randomly, also respect for landing top
Airport doublebump: crazy, had no wow effect, wondering if it was planned or not, but still great stunt for collection
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: very creative idea 10/10
Hotring barrackbump: cool
P2b2grind: idk why, but this stunt associates with the Sonic X game for me lol, nice find, probably one of not many p2b2grinds which i liked
Infy barrackbump2prec: 10/10
Prog's top landing: 10/10 +execution
Infy dropbump2prec:  well executed, great stunt
Raek's p2b2b2prec: the spin make it more cooler, well done
3x grind: not really tripple grind, but still crazy idea and execution 9/10
Threesixty2wallride2grind: lost this idea, good job on landing this one 10/10
SF bump with grab: looks random, but still nobody landed like that, hah
Infy barrackbump2prec: Looks epic 10/10
Prog's naval base landing: 9/10 because i want to believe it is possible to land naturally, since this high bump is weird
Finisher: finally it is landed on top 10/10
(all the 10/10 means that stunt is unique and landed perfectly, with no way to reland it on top or in different way, this is how the real stunts should be landed)
Edit was just good and enjoyable, i'm always rate the camera angles and they were good, i enjoyed watching it.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: burn on May 09, 2020, 05:05:12 PM
Ok we are back !

Thanks for the review ARS, always a pleasure to read  ;D
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: LeoDeNonysaints on May 09, 2020, 05:07:42 PM
You are way too fucking good at this game. I enjoyed the whole video. The music was really nice too, One way mirror is a great choice
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Gh0stX on May 09, 2020, 05:26:29 PM
Awesome stunts really.
3:18 and 3:46 were my fav and the grind combo was epic.

Edit : I copied ARS's text sorry man

Opener: 10/10 completely my type of stunt I loved it
Bump2palmbump2top: 8/10 cool double bump
Grab2grind: 8/10 I dont really like grabs but the grind made it look good
Curb2doublegrind: 8/10 good find here, clean execution
P2b2walltap2roof: 9/10 I liked it
Sandking bump2doublegrind: 9/10 unpredictable and well executed
Car bump2bb: 7/10 nice stunt even tho I dont really like this type of stunts
Airport doublebump: 10/10 awesome, that stunt needed a lot of skill to be landed
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: 8/10 nice little combo
Hotring Barackbump2roof: 9/10 I love stunts like this
P2b2grind: 9/10 pretty good find here, I'm sure you had fun landing it
Infy barrackbump2prec: 10/10 for the same reasons (I love this type of stunt)
Prog's top landing: 10/10 always wondered how no one went for the top of that roof, I knew it was possible with a double bump, anyway awesome stunt
Infy dropbump2prec:  10/10 everything with infy is 10/10 for me
Raek's p2b2b2prec: 9/10 great execution
3x grind: 9/10 awesome combo but too sad first two grinds werent cleaner
Threesixty2wallride2grind: 10/10 I'm in love with it and I was trying it on samp few years ago
SF bump with grab: 7/10 cool stunt (I dont really like grabs sorry lol)
Infy barrackbump2prec: 10/10 masterpiece of this video
Prog's naval base landing: 9/10 is it really possible ? Good execution tho
Finisher: 10/10 finally someone landed the top

Edit: 8/10 classic
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: SyperDimon on May 09, 2020, 08:23:10 PM
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Lex on May 09, 2020, 09:34:13 PM
awesome stunts! i lost the nrg airport wallride
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Lex on May 09, 2020, 09:50:43 PM
Opener: holy shit I never notice the spot anyway, I tried it nrg few years ago for fun its 10/10 for me
Bump2palmbump2top: kitz and nck been trying this spot and landed in PSA but lower only as we thought its imposs for the top, awesome shit burn always! love you man!  :wub:
Grab2grind: the best slam grind ive ever seen! i dont know how much hours you spent to it, but the result is more than what I know impressive 10/10 I keep replaying that stunt!
Curb2doublegrind: awesome spot! double grind by burn is weel executed! awesome I want to try it too  :a-cheer:
P2b2walltap2roof: Baseline landed it with mod i think ars is right? im not sure! the short run up is pain! aesome burn 10/10
Sandking bump2doublegrind: WHAT THE FUCK! the best sandking stunt ever?
Car bump2bb: when I saw this the first person that comes to my mind is herr dav i dont know why? thats a hard stunt right there!  :wub:
Airport doublebump: lucky or not the best airport stunt ever! I dont know how many tries to reached the second bump! I tried it before with joep in samp and yea i luckily bump to it but never gotten to land! this is hell job! 10/10
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: awesome creative bstoppie burn <3
Hotring barrackbump: holy that height! 11/10
P2b2grind: awesome wallride toi grind the distance to the gring is too far awesome execution!
Infy barrackbump2prec: 10/10
Prog's top landing: awesome double bump thats hard 10/10
Infy dropbump2prec:  awesome prec i always think grescha maybe tried it before? 10/10
Raek's p2b2b2prec: this man alive shit spin to top is well executed awesome stunt!
3x grind: angle angle angle holy shit burn! 10/10
Threesixty2wallride2grind:I lost this oh my god!  :wub: im sad 10/10
SF bump with grab: not a fan of the stunt but awesome grab i miss JL 10/10
Infy barrackbump2prec: you fucking son of god burn 10/10 awesome! youre the besT!
Prog's naval base landing: ok thats awesome! 10/10 for bump!
Finisher: i only got lower roof awesome finisher! best stunt in the  video!  :wub:

awesome video burn the best stunter of the year!  :wub:

I don't know how much you hate me as fellow stunter! but remember I will keep following you!
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Srcry on May 09, 2020, 10:40:32 PM
very epic. bump to airgrab on the bridge in SF was unexpected and cool.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Avi on May 09, 2020, 10:51:03 PM
this movie just goes through everything, just everything. the stunt level is unbelievably high, when I saw a stunt with an infernus 3:44 I said 'O FUCK', this is probably the best stunt you ever did (infernus2barrack), which doesn't mean that the rest of the stunts were worse, even the guests sent awesome stunts, I have no words, this is the best solo I've ever seen, and I'll come back to watch it from time to time. 10/10  ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Scavenger on May 10, 2020, 12:20:48 AM
Like i told you at twitch i fucking love the outcome. Stunts were another level. My fav is the barracks chimney prec. Editing was so good and the music choice on point. I saw many stunts landed on twitch and i know how much effort you put in stunting. Good job bro.  :a-cheer:
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Omma! on May 10, 2020, 01:46:59 AM
Opener: Great land! probably one of the last great spot left to land this roof
Bump2palmbump2top: Feel really good to see this one landed gj!
Grab2grind: Not a big fan of grinds but hammer grab is always a pleasure to watch
Curb2doublegrind: Fillerish but nice land ;)
P2b2walltap2roof: Gj landing this unmodded, now is time to land this nat from the other side!
Sandking bump2doublegrind: Nice spot, I think Jeff did something similar with cabbie iirc
Car bump2bb: Good landing, car bumps have a big potential but noone do them (expect you ofc NEGRO)
Airport doublebump: Great spot here too, too bad the landing is overwhored. If you landed this some years ago it would probably have more wow factor, still great!
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: Exactly the kind of spot that doesnt appeal to me, backstoppie are not my thing sorry ahah even tho I recognise the fact it is probably damn hard to nail, so props! (I wouldn't have the patience myself to even land the wallride there)
Hotring barrackbump: Plain barackbump, still is always nice to see this roof landed and using a hotring give it some extra points ;)
P2b2grind: Nice one must have been hard, angle seems annoying
Infy barrackbump2prec: Fantastic use of the barack method, it is a pleasure to see this precision landed with a veichle that is not a cabbie! (Time to go for the chemney on the right?)
Prog's top landing: Another roof that has been overwhored, I always associated every stunt to this stadium as boring but drop bump to the top made it for me, gj! (Maybe only Daksad did the same with nrg? cant remember)
Infy dropbump2prec:  Great execution there ;)
Raek's p2b2b2prec: This p2b is annoying af, good job landing the top. Spin made it even better.
3x grind: This is the kind of grind spot I like, the 360 before the last grind made this a 10/10 for me
Threesixty2wallride2grind: Also this combo is one of the best I saw in last years, really well executed, props
SF bump with grab: Like the LS crane spot this one have been 100x time more overwhored. but I actually liked this one more, the way you grabbed looked cool
Infy barrackbump2prec: Just epic land <3 probably the only way to nail this building with infy
Prog's naval base landing: Even tho I have the feelin this one is possible naturally I cant explain how satisfyin was tho see this spot finally landed!
Finisher: Fantastic land and great way to finish the video!

Gotta say the editing was fantastic (so was the song), really liked that you mostly used simple effect but at the right time and in the right quantity, made the video a pleasure to watch ;)
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: The Big V on May 10, 2020, 03:10:27 AM
Holy moly that was spectacular  :blink: Pushed the limits even more with those infy stunts - especially that chimney landing that hasnt been landed from the ground with anything but taxi boost. Guests stunts were amazing too - Raekwon's p2b with that spin bonk was really unexpected.
If this stunt video was a rap song, you'd have punch lines from top to bottom! Best SA solo this year.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Krypton on May 10, 2020, 03:51:21 AM
I've watched it probably 3-4 more times since I watched it on stream with you, gets better every time. This is such an entertaining and kick ass video. Great job on the edit Artifex, an exiting edit but not an over edited seizure trigger, loved it. Stunt wise Burn you always seem to push the limits, and this is no exception.

Both of Progs stunts were kickass, so satisfying to see the top of that stadium nailed. Standouts for me were the airport double bump I was not expecting that fucking awesome, apparently the p2b at 0:59 had been modded before but whatever i loved this execution, the p2b wallride 2 grind at 2:09, the wallride stoppie grind combo was nuts,  the infy prec at 3:46 was epic and of course the finisher was huge. But the whole video its pure awesomness. Awesome job Burnito :)
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Plani on May 10, 2020, 05:05:31 AM
The variety in this is amazing. You surely mastered the art of stunting in every way possible. Thank you for keeping pushing the limits of this game and making videos like this. Now excuse me, i will watch it again and again! :) Love u, Burnito.

oh, editing was amazing. Good job Arti.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Jason on May 10, 2020, 05:16:02 AM
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Blaze on May 10, 2020, 06:58:36 AM
People often use "jaw dropping" as a hyperbole when describing something but this is one of the few videos I've literally said "what the fuck" to myself whilst watching. I'd try and write a more cohesive post of my thoughts on what I've just watched but it wouldn't do it justice.

Insane, utterly fucking insane.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: VacaLBH_ on May 10, 2020, 08:18:30 AM
Awesome video!, very good job
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Erney on May 10, 2020, 11:43:25 AM
I have seen some these before, on your twich live streams, so I wasn't so shocked to see them in final realise. The last two stunts were totally killers of the game in my modest opinion. For those which I haven't seen till today I was completly amazed. Guests did very good aswell.

Top notch stunting,
highest note from me.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: FTO on May 11, 2020, 05:36:24 AM
EPIC :P Definitely the best SA solo ever made.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: krs on May 11, 2020, 09:16:03 AM
Man, your passion for this game is truly admirable. Loved the stunts, hope I'll see more from you and I wish you all the best. Sick vid
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Amaluna on May 11, 2020, 12:13:34 PM
Man, your passion for this game is truly admirable.

This. So much this. I truly do not understand where you find the motivation to grind this game so much. Your patience is out of this world. You have invested a crazy amount of time into stunting as a whole and you kept joy throughout. I can't do anything but respect that.

Great video. Most stunts I have seen you either attempt or land live, so the wow factor missed for many. But that triple ground on the outskirts of LS, looks phenomenal. I knew you were trying that spot, but it's better to see it landed. Keep up the amazing work, Burn.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Diaz on May 11, 2020, 01:13:24 PM
Oustanding dedication dude, thank you for always pushing the boundaries of the game. Every stunt looks perfect and maxed out, all stunts landed to top with the best execution, you don't release a single stunt that could be developed, I believe. My favs were the grindcombos, especially that never-ending one coming to LS from the hills. Also the chimney landing with barrack and the finisher. Prog's infy stunt put a smile on my face, finally someone landing the very top of that building, it's like the first time..? The naval base was superb, too, I'm just a bit sad as I still hope it could be landed naturally. It was nice to see Raek, too, that spin made the stunt 2x better.
Editing was energic but not over the top, it fitted well to these brutal stunts, good job Arti.

Onto the next one!
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: DeathCobra on May 11, 2020, 01:53:08 PM
Nutty  :ajaja:
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: KillaMarci on May 12, 2020, 04:20:27 AM
Sick stuff my man. Truly awe inspiring how you keep dedicated to this game for so long, I just couldn't do it after a few years  :cc_detective: Truly pushing the limits in every aspect possible, from everything I see I know you know a lot about the game, probably every single mechanic by heart and you still study the game a lot. Some of your stunts like the Barrack Bumps probably required some research to find the right moment to activate the police etc.

Stunting is almost science in a way, and you're like the Einstein of stunting  ;D
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Erwin on May 12, 2020, 10:52:43 AM
Truly exceptional work dude, you worked hard for that stuff, congratz. I know most of the stunts from your stream, 3:07 was so stylish, editing was great. Love to see you smashing every spot again  :cheernutz:
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: SkilZ on May 15, 2020, 03:43:13 AM
It's one of the best solo I've seen on SA

Well done you finally landed your opener :D

My favorite stunts are the airport natural, the double grind in Sandking, the P2b to wallride backbump to grind, the barrack bump to prec in SF, finally someone who landed the top of the stadium of SF gg Prog, The LS chimmey prec was just awesome !, Prog SF p2b was amazing and of course the finisher are great too !

it's nice to see more activity from Prog and also to see Raekwon :)

I loved the Artifex edit everything fits perfectly

Amazing job guys !
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: krs on May 15, 2020, 06:46:59 AM
I watched it again today and decided to comment on each stunt(credit to ARS I think(?) for the template)

Opener: I've seen you trying this on stream, It's a really good opener, I'd rate it - 7,5/10
Bump2palmbump2top: I don't know why but for some reason I find this stunt really cool, the only thing that could've made this stunt look better would be directly landing the top part, but I guess that's not possible - 8,5/10
Grab2grind: Not a fan of these type of stunts but it looks alright, good filler - 6,5/10
Curb2doublegrind: nicely done, dropping from the second grind a little too early makes it look imperfect though, so for me it's a - 7,5/10
P2b2walltap2roof: Cool stunt, but it has been modded before so the spot itself is not that surprising, great execution though - 8/10
Sandking bump2doublegrind: I can appreciate the variety of vehicles you use in your solos, it looks funky - 7,5/10
Car bump2bb: I like the idea and the precision was clean - 8/10
Airport doublebump: okay so now we're getting to the better, nutty part of the vid, loved this one - 8,5/10
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: craaazy, wallride, that stoppie looking fucking clean and grinding that thick wall, one of my favs - 9,5/10
Hotring barrackbump: Good stunt, but the real shockers with the use of barracks are coming later in the vid! 7/10
P2b2grind: Again, I don't know why but I love this one, a very fresh idea I have to admit(maybe it's been landed before without grinding the fence but I haven't seen it) - 9/10
Infy barrackbump2prec: Absolutely nuts! 9,5/10
Prog's top landing: good job landing the top - 8/10
Infy dropbump2prec:  finally, I think it was posted here on forums a few years ago as a challenge by mxz or someone, must've been crazy hard to stay on that landing - 8,5/10
Raek's p2b2b2prec: okay, looks cool - 7/10
3x grind: the last part of that stunt makes it look very cool, had to rewatch it a couple of times so congratz - 9/10
Threesixty2wallride2grind: what the fuck? How do you even come up with stuff like that haha, awesome - 9,5/10
SF bump with grab: Looks kinda cool, but I don't know, a bit fillerish compared to the rest, it's that type of a stunt "meh I'm not gonna land what I intend to land in this attempt, let's try to salvage it somehow", don't know if that was the case here though:D  - 6.5/10
Infy barrackbump2prec: My favourite stunt of the whole video, best barrackbump stunt ever, shocking and simply perfect - 10/10
Prog's naval base landing: well shit, gj on landing the base even though the method looks kinda unorthodox - 8/10
Finisher: Epic stunt, great execution - 9/10

So my top 5 fav stunts list from this video would look like this: 1. Barrack2chimney 2. Wallride2stoppie2grind 3. Barrack2blue/turquoise(?) dome 4. Lamppostbump2wallride2grind 5. P2b2walltap2grind in LS

Fantastic effort from you burn, once again, congratz
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Ferσή on May 15, 2020, 02:23:21 PM
Said holy shit a few times. Great job.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: burn on May 16, 2020, 03:22:16 AM
Thank you so much guys for the feedbacks and reviews  ;D
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Turok on May 17, 2020, 02:43:09 PM
It's amazing everytime I see new content from you. I loved the double bumps, drop bumps and precisions especially that infernus landing on the chimney which should've been the finisher imho. Simply the best infy stunt on SA I've seen in a while. Loved that creative wallride to grind at los santos' airport too. That just shows that your vision for the game is the same as that of Taz and MMM. Also the p2b to wallride to rail grind near los santos beach rocked so hard dude. You must've been so patient to land all of those beauties. The song and the edit were very fitting and likeable. 10/10 man. Keep up the good work!  :cheernutz:

Edit: Is the title inspired by Lord of the rings Lore?
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Rusch69 on May 21, 2020, 07:44:33 AM
Opener: Well MMM "landed" it before so it was no surprise and the execution isn't that great honestly. Nonetheless, it's a pretty difficult and all natural stunt, so props for the effort it must have taken.
Bump2palmbump2top: Nothing too crazy, but I like it. Straight forward and natural too.
Grab2grind: IIRC you've pretty much done the same in your duo video one building aheady. This does feel like a filler honestly, which could've used a twist.
Curb2doublegrind: This seems to be a filler too and the execution wasn't too great. I'm sure it's real fun to try.
P2b2walltap2roof: That's unfortunately just another reland of a previously modded stunt.
Sandking bump2doublegrind: I think these ledges didn't work too well for a double grind. The first was a lil short and the second one unfinished. I like your unusual thinking and willingness for something fresh regardless.
Car bump2bb: There's been too many car bumps to BB tops on the LV highway already to make this one stand out from the bunch. I like the fact that you didn't lame it by using the "peds drive sports cars only" cheat for easier car bumps tho.
Airport doublebump: No idea how hard it is to get the stats it takes, but it looks not too easy. Would've been crazy if you hit the crane more to the right and just straight up drove to the top.
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: Very nice technical combo. Sliding into a backwards stoppie was probably a first and nice to see.
Hotring barrackbump: I am not much a fan of barrack bumps - especially when the landing is something that's in reach from the ground. Seeing a hotring put to use in SA is nice to see tho.
P2b2grind: This is a spot I have tried time ago too, but I was always too stupid to get the required recoil from the hill. The execution looks really slick. Well done, certainly one of the best stunts of the video.
Infy barrackbump2prec: Now this is good use of baracks bumping! Very nice to see someone properly land on one of those domes.
Prog's top landing: Another spot I've tried tiiiiime ago too with Infernus & NRG without success. It bugged me for years that Makrame didn't bonk the edge to the rooftop in one of his solos. The execution was cool with the front flip inbetween.
Infy dropbump2prec: That's more of a filler too. grescha simply rocked that ship before. It does look fun to try nonetheless.
Raek's p2b2b2prec: Yet another stunt I've tried myself. Unfortunately this got modded years ago with FCR900 already (by Herrarge IIRC). The execution with the 360 looks really sweet! Props for the effort, I found the 1st P2B to be tedious.
3x grind: The stunt does flow due to the velocity, but the first two grinds are rather just sloppy slides. An all new and well executed triple grind really could've been something. It feels like the spot had way more potential to offer.
Threesixty2wallride2grind: This is another technical stunt I really like. The approach is sweet and the stunt was well executed with that lil bump at the bridge.
SF bump with grab: Were you aiming for this or was it just a fluke? Nonetheless, kinda cool to see a proper airgrab in SA, even though the landing was nothing special to aim for.
Infy barrackbump2prec: Probably the best one can make out of a baracks bump. Unfortunately you got a lil unlucky with the car sliding slightly over the edge at first, but that's fine, since you were able to correct it immidiately.
Prog's naval base landing: This is another spot I gave a few shots long ago. I don't really know what to think of it tho. Considering how closely you managed to land it, this is probably the most we're ever gonna get out of this spot. I have a hard time beliving someone's ever gonna get it naturally.
Finisher: Well deserved finisher in my opinion. Straight up natural stunt with big stats and a clean landing.

Editing: I think you've done a fine job considering the invested time Anton. Nonetheless I feel like there was a lot of potential left unused. That's probably because I always had a completely different vision in mind of how this song would work out in a video.

Overall: It's a pleaseure to see you still releasing stuff after such a long time. I gotta say the stunts in this video were either hit or miss to me kinda tho. The ones that hit, hit hard, while others were bummers. Anyways, big ups for the effort and for keeping it alive & real.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Sheep on May 22, 2020, 04:10:29 AM
Awesome. Liked those infernus stunts the most. Prog finally nailed top part of that roof!
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Amaluna on May 29, 2020, 06:51:23 PM
Kinda wanted to post a full review.. so here goes

Opener: A spot I've seen you try before and from day 1, this was a sick stunt in my eyes. The mechanics behind the pole despawn radius and such is something I really wish I could master, but this stunt is simply fantastic.
Bump2palmbump2top: Honestly, kind of surprised that's not old yet. Really cool spot. I'm a big sucker for combo spots and I guess this kind of is a combo.
Grab2grind: Not really my style. I think I've seen this released before as well. Looks good, but that's where it ends for me.
Curb2doublegrind: Probably the least impressive one out of all stunts, but I really like these "elevation" double grinds. Probably why I really like that Airport Double Grind finisher from some XSA or TMS video as well.
P2b2walltap2roof: Very known spot and allegedly modded a few times. I am sure you didn't mod it, so well done on this. Tried it myself but never got impressive attempts. Maybe the popped tire opened a whole lot of possibilities for stuff like this.
Sandking bump2doublegrind: Really nice looking stunt. I really appreciate the fact you implement so much creativity in your "tryhard stunts" if you want to call it that. Looked phenomenal.
Car bump2bb: Also not really my style. I get a very 2008 vibe from stuff like this. But hey, at least you landed the top.
Airport doublebump: I don't know if this was intentional, but this looks super good. I think Daffy performed this double bump the best to the top using the last pole, but this looked super good as well.
Wallride2backstoppie2grind: I think I've seen this before as well. I really like wallride and using the slanted roof to get a back stoppie out of it is the mindset I appreciate very much.
Hotring barrackbump: Pretty obvious spot, but I appreciate the switching of vehicles.
P2b2grind: I lost this spot, but was never really actively trying it. Very nice execution on it as well.
Infy barrackbump2prec: Would never be able to bring myself to such stunts as the landing is just obnoxious. Obviously patience is not an issue for you, and I'm glad to see this landed. Looks really nice to the prec.
Infy bump2stadium: Crazy stunt, looks superb and I don't think that top has ever been landed with Infernus before.
Infy Dropbump2prec: Really nicely executed. The way you land perfectly on one of the "blocks" is just super satisfying to me.
Raek's p2b2b2prec: Finally someone landed that to the top prec.
3x grind: Like I said in an earlier comment here, it looks phenomenal. I knew you were trying that spot, but it's better to see it landed.
Threesixty2wallride2grind: Had this idea, never got a wallride, never tried again. Nice seeing it landed.
SF bump with grab: Grabs aren't really my thing and I doubt this was the intention of the stunt. But it looks pretty good.
Infy barrackbump2prec: Old by Playboyz, albeit on SAMP. Still the same spot.
Prog's naval base landing: Honestly, I love this. Very cool way to make an old 'spot' interesting by doing something out of the ordinary. I am pretty sure it's possible natural, but I doubt we'll see that landed ever.
Finisher: I don't know if it's my brain or if everyone has this... I feel like all buildings or objects that are unique, so they stand out from the rest (and are generally more detailed) make a more interesting landing. This roof is one of the most iconic roofs in the game as it refers to older games. This is a crazy stunt finally landed to top and I think you were always the right person to land this type of craziness.

Overall, fantastic video. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I can not help but admire your true dedication to this game. Whereas I would get bored in like 30 minutes, you can try a stunt for literal hours.

Editing was very relaxing and easy on the eyes. Yet it fit the video perfectly.

Really well done to all people involved in this video. Masterpiece from 2020.
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Arnax on July 06, 2020, 11:29:50 AM
Valar Modulis
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: JustAdam on July 07, 2020, 09:41:19 AM
good job  :cheernutz:
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Lex on July 27, 2020, 05:00:05 AM
very underrated solo! deserves some attention!  :wub: :a-cheer:
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: DeathMazhine on July 30, 2020, 10:01:15 AM
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: Ltab- on July 30, 2020, 02:13:18 PM
holy shit even deathmazhine came back to life for this video
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: DeathMazhine on July 30, 2020, 04:33:11 PM
holy shit even deathmazhine came back to life for this video
I will return as soon as possible to create new projects
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: PM on August 02, 2020, 02:56:43 AM
3:07 was nice.
burn, you are really dedicated. prog showed his classic style - flying somewhere and dropbumping even further.
the editing was good as always, but I don't like the black sky.
good job all!
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: JustAdam on August 02, 2020, 05:24:49 AM
holy shit even deathmazhine came back to life for this video

Naah, i think he came back, because of the current world situation, but good joke!
Title: Re: Burn - Valar Morghulis
Post by: grescha on August 07, 2020, 03:35:33 AM
Amazing work as always burn! It's funny, the only times I do log in for the last couple of years is to comment on your vids  :lol:

Classic burn video, great quality of stunts with good mixture of technical/air and nrg/inf. My favourite is the inf prec at 4:00 but there are many stunts I would consider monsters here.

Still hard to believe that you keep managing to find and land stunts of this caliber, but after all you are the no 1 all time stunter!
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