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VC Throwback 2
« on: February 26, 2022, 12:30:14 AM »
Yep, it's finally here!
A sequel to the first VC Throwback project - a collaboration video with a focus on celebrating some of our favourite stunts of the past*.

Youtube Streaming:
Temporary Direct Downloads: 720p (470mb), 1080p (840mb)

With big thanks to Skuller for organising and getting me involved, and also to Lex & Ezraph for their work on the first video and getting this sequel project up and running. It has been a long editing process for me - the most time I've spent on an edit by far (thanks again to Skuller for putting up with me, haha, and my progress updates that were few and far between) - and so I am very excited to now have it completed and available to watch.

Stunters involved: alieNboy, AllBeast, ARS, Dannye, Ezraph, Faiz, Gavran, Hedgehog, jooker, Kaneda, Khaimyk, Kingjad, Lhvin, Max, MaXpoWer, Nem, Ruiner, Sheeptea, SkilZ, Skuller, Smut, Sorcery, Sport, and ZeRo.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and those who provided me with assistance during the project.

(*If a couple stunts snuck through that don't fit the bill perfectly, my apologies, hopefully it won't distract too much from the whole. Ditto for a few submitted stunts that I chose to keep in the video despite them ending up featuring in other projects released during my edit process, as they remained great fits for the video and I was quite fond of the captures I had already made of them that I couldn't bring myself to swap them out)

If anyone is keen to get their hands on the latest version of Freeplay which made this edit possible, it is now out and can be found here.

Update 2:
Added some direct-download links and a new companion video - a behind-the-scenes/making-of Commentary, available on youtube.
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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2022, 12:57:18 AM »

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2022, 01:11:15 AM »
hi dannye

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2022, 01:40:51 AM »
Well what more is there to say than - it's a Dannye edited video.

Everyone's stuff were really great recreations...? Relandings...? Rectums...? Whatever - everyone landed these classic stunts fantastically. What was really nice about this vid was seeing all these great stunters doing the stuff that inspired them - it's not often you get to see that on display. This has been going on so long now that its easy to forget that at some point something made you want to push yourself harder, and this vid basically feels like a homage to that. Excellent work to everyone who contributed. It showed a true sense of history, community and love of this thing we (inexplicably) do.

The editing implemented some new techniques that I'd really love to see evolve further. We're soooo close to having a single take stunt video that I'm all a-tingle with excitement to see how far these techniques can be pushed. I will, naturally, be bothering you Dannye to find out how you pulled off a few of those shots, but most I could kinda see the inner workings at play. That fantastic intro is the kind of stuff I WISH I came up with. When a vid can hand you a laugh and keep you entertained - that's the good stuff right there.

Finally the music choices were solid and fit the mood of the vid perfectly. That laid back, Mimosa in one and your other turning a pig on a spit kinda vibe.

I really dug the whole production man. You did everyone that contributed the project (I had completely forgotten that I was on of those - go figure) proud. And everyone that contributed did the community proud, in my opinion.

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2022, 03:20:40 AM »
Oustanding effort, and an extremely enjoyable video to watch. Stunts were a great variety of older and newer stuff, great creativity involved, this is a video I can re-watch again and again and enjoy each time.

Such a fun video.

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2022, 03:41:01 AM »
This was an absolute joy to watch. Everything came together so beautifully, it just made me want to fire up vice city and do some stunts.

Hats off to everyone involved.

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #6 on: February 26, 2022, 05:26:51 AM »
Nice! many old stunts is not cool

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #7 on: February 26, 2022, 06:34:54 AM »
I think clip this is "solo Skuller and guests" 🤣

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #8 on: February 26, 2022, 08:20:02 AM »
Hat's off to you Dannye, it was really nice to watch how you combine all the features of Freeplay, great work! Scripted intro was really fun, btw, liked much! I have mixed feelings about some camera angles, because it ruins a bit the view of the stunt imo, but still, i really loved the whole work in general.
Stunting-wise was cool. Lots of nice relands, everyone did a good job.

Nice! many old stunts is not cool
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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #9 on: February 26, 2022, 08:28:42 AM »
spectacular work dannye

this is the coolest thing ever

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #10 on: February 26, 2022, 09:53:38 AM »
Oh man you wo'nt believe how long i've been looking forward to this video!
Crossed my mind on a daily basis. And it did'nt disapoint! What a great job Dannye did on the editing, and the capturing of the videos blew my mind.
Also loved the intro, I am absolutley clueless about how ypu guys make intros like this, but i think it consumes lots of ypur time. Thank you for this.
Loved the stunts! I myself hgave some kind of weakness for old stunts, so seeing so many relanded is just awsome and it makes my day. Great work everyone!

Thank you Lex, Skuller and Dannye!
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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #11 on: February 26, 2022, 04:24:48 PM »
super funny and cool intro you are always one of the best in this
the music is calm and reminiscent of the old days, it somehow reminded me of Yeah Baby, well, the editing is very unusual and memorable, in general, I enjoyed it

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #12 on: February 26, 2022, 09:32:52 PM »

The creativity level on the camera is through the roof. I applaud. Must take a lot of effort (or a secret tool) to pull that off holy shit. That intro tho
Good job :)

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #13 on: February 27, 2022, 12:47:06 PM »
OMG the feel of this video was absolutely fantastic. Compiled with the cool stunts and the just incredible camera movements that I have "some" idea as to how they were done just blew me away in terms of how smooth and cool it turned out. I absolutely loved it.  Everyone that submitted stunts did an amazing job at performing those particular stunts excellently.  That was so impressive to see I found it as a breath of fresh air.

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Re: VC Throwback 2
« Reply #14 on: February 28, 2022, 12:52:39 AM »
Thanks for all the feedback everyone, its been lovely to read and watch!

An updated Freeplay was indeed used for this video - both it and the video were developed side-by-side throughout. Either one would've been completed faster without me doing the other, but neither would be as good without the other. I had hoped to have the new Freeplay ready-to-go in time with the video's release, but I have been making some last minute changes to try and smooth off some of the rough edges (as any issues I found that didn't impact my progress with the video were often ignored) and finish converting my changelog into a decent bit of documentation on the changes (it will just be a plaintext file for now, as it would take much longer to properly incorporate everything into the html file I normally use). My aim now is to get it finalised and uploaded within the next few days.



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