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Re: Impossible is nothing
« Reply #135 on: June 25, 2021, 02:45:39 AM »
Top tier thread
Laughed hard on this one, it's so true, felt like old days  :lol:

Anyway sorry for the late comment, I just watched the video now.
Overall a very high level video, I appreciated the great variety in stunts AND the well executed, fully finished grinds as well. Some of my favs are:
- zebra double boost (totally did not expect that second boost + you still managed to land a precision, good job)
- 1:38 double grind (I have seen this fence being grinded like 1000 times and always thought, why nobody tries somehow to reach the second fence, that would be so dope. Never expected to see this solution to connect the two fences, brilliant idea and it was so stylish)
- 2:30 rhino stunt (cannot see where this one was going, but the way you to got 'stuck' to that roof is just amazing; upside down, using the ability of the vehicle to go a full circle - you maxed out this place I believe)
- 2:50 stylish grindcombo, I did not find it random, props for doing the whole grind
- 3:25 totally unexpected boost, I was aware of that hidden place but never seen this one coming. It was also unique that you left the car mid-air and actually 'landed' something interesting
- 4:05 wallride2bbprec (very smoothly landed, this reminded me of a SA stunt which is always a big plus for me)
- 4:15 amazing double grind combo, the connection between the two fences were so stylish
- 4:50 prec at the end of the park (hard to say why but I really liked this one, this stunt doesn't require much height but the distance you covered was remarkable, you crossed the whole park to land that precision so stylishly, probably that's why I liked it so much at the end)
- 5:05 jump2bump2roof (amazing runup and great use of the terrain, you reached great height with such a short place to work within)
- finisher, classic spot that even I'm very aware of, good to see it's finally landed

Editing was okay and fitting for these stunts, all in all one of the best solos of recent times in my opinion.


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