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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #30 on: November 21, 2022, 04:07:34 PM »
Barney hope you're reading this.

- Music was nice as I like Gojira!
- Edit was nice expect some cuts, some distant cams from the bike, a cam looking through an object and the bad finisher choice.
- Spots were nice (had some really similar to some of them) but there was no diversity (only pcj stunts) and I don't trust you at all for some stunts. Not telling you modded your whole videos but I have my reasons to think that you helped yourself here and there and I'm not going to explain anything further about it.

We don't know each other but from what I saw here on the forums you gave me a bad impression over the years and this combined with the things I wrote upwards means that I give you no respect. Some people may say that I'm not the right person to talk but hey it's my own opinion and we're free to express it here right?.

Oh and you're overrated like always, this was hyped too much and is no better than AllBeast's solo!


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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #31 on: November 21, 2022, 06:48:19 PM »
My God, I can't imagine that there are people who are dedicated to this ancient game. It's perfect. It's a great performance  ;D  我斑愿称你为最强

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #32 on: November 21, 2022, 07:54:13 PM »
Barney - Cenotaph | Full Review by VaNilla


Dam Ramp to Water Gap to Double Grind (0:29 - 0:40): Well done! This doesn't seem difficult (I haven't tried it), but it's certainly a looker! I don't think it was right to start the video with this stunt though, it didn't blow me away like an opener should. Despite that, the sly spins at the conclusion topped it off nicely :mellow:. 4/5

Biggitty McBiggles Wallbump to Courthouse (0:40 - 0:46): The judge dons his gown and delivers his sentence. "Dis tight." 4/5

Curb Bump to Twisty Ledge Grind (0:46 - 0:57): Super smooth handsome spot, but I was hoping you would grind the whole ledge - using a Freeway or Angel might have helped whilst improving vehicle variety too :P. I'm sure it's tough to land, but I have to mark this down slightly as a result. 4/5

Building Drop to Bump to Wallride to Grind (0:57 - 1:04): Lovely find, yeaaaaah boooooooooy :cc_detective:. 4/5

Prawn Island Curb Bump to Bridge Double Grind (1:04 - 1:14): Delightful to see this landed uphill, it was badass with the 180 in the middle :euro:. 4/5

Mega P2B to Apartment Block (1:14 - 1:23): Superb stunt! I loved how Haywire's establishing shot followed the riverside's leading lines whilst twinkling through the light poles, heightening the intensity and suspense :wub:. 4.5/5

Hill Tankbump Backwards to Apartment Block (1:23 - 1:32): The winding runup makes way for a stunning reveal, excellent spot. 4.5/5

Airport Rampbump to Billboard Grind to 180 to Grind (1:32 - 1:43): Just wonderful, everything happens so fast it smacks you senseless, and with the 180, it's amazing. 4.5/5

Building Drop to Quadruple Billboard Grind (1:43 - 1:53): Must have been bitchy, fucking dope! 4.5/5

Building Drop to Bounce to Cherry Grind to Billboard Grind to Block Landing (1:53 - 2:05): This looked great on the strength of the grinds alone, but when you landed the block, everything fell into place, and the jigsaw was complete :ninja:. 4.5/5

Building Drop to Snaky Stoppie to Grind (2:05 - 2:19): I like the supple nature of this stunt, most spots don't demand that you push against a slope - this magnifies the tension during the stoppie, and elevates the sensation of bliss when you land the grind :happy:. 4/5

Building Drop to Cherry Grind to Ledge Grind to Box Precision (2:19 - 2:33): Lots of building drops so far, four in a row now too :D. Just messing, this stunt is god level! Fucking insanity. Possibly my favourite stunt in the video! 5/5

Portland SSM to Bigass Building (2:33 - 2:55): I don't love SSM's honestly, there's nothing objectively wrong with them but they look very bulky in my opinion. However, you know how to use them delicately, and this stunt is brilliant, sick job! 5/5

Hyman Condo PSM to Top Precision (2:55 - 3:03): Legendary stunt! I sort of like it equally to the Monolith version, which is kind of cool, since that was landed with a krail and is obviously more difficult to precision, whereas this feels more substantial overall :jajaja:. 5/5

Stairs Tankbump Backwards to Building (3:03 - 3:13): Dank tankbump, muchas gracias :ninja:. 4.5/5

Coastal SSM to Building (3:13 - 3:24): Holy fuck, she's a beauty Barney! I love how the sloped wall leads into that massive curve towards the building, it's wondrous. Haywire's shots were bang on, he highlighted everything that makes this stunt tick! The splendour is glorious ;D. 5/5

Ocean Beach Stairs CSM to Precision (3:24 - 3:33): I keep repeating myself... did anyone ever tell you that you're good at this stunting malarkey? 4.5/5

Stairs PSM to MAG to Building (3:33 - 3:43): Beastly shit. Balls of steel man. 5/5

Silky PSM to Train Station Gap Grind to Grind (3:43 - 3:53): I like how this isn't a super obvious location to double grind from the outside edge, well considered spot man! 4.5/5

P2B to Airport Ledge Grind (3:53 - 4:04): Most stunters wouldn't even bother trying this, but you nailed it :o. 5/5

Moist Palms SSM to Top (4:04 - 4:15): Marvellous stunt! This spot is comparatively obvious versus your previous two SSM's though, which gives it that bulky vibe I mentioned earlier. 4.5/5

Tunnel PSM to MAG to Grind (4:15 - 4:26): Sensational job, you madman! Sadly I feel the shots harmed the presentation of this stunt, the second angle is so constricted that you don't get a good sense of the height or distance - the video has mostly been excellent with regards to shots though, no disrespect :euro:. 5/5

Wooden PSM to Supabiggles Building (4:26 - 4:37): Dazzling display of skill, this deserved to be landed. 5/5

Trashmaster CSM to Radio Precision (4:37 - 4:47): Monumental display of holiness, doubtlessly my favourite big-air stunt in the video :cheernutz:! 5/5

Ship PSM to Radio Precision (4:47 - 5:24): Striking stunt, landed by someone who can be described in the same way :happy:. I think the Trashmaster CSM should have been the finisher though, this isn't as visually impressive nor as difficult in my opinion. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

Barney is my favourite VC stunter, and Cenotaph is the best display of skill in the game to date. I don't think there's any stunter besides you who still makes me feel like a student, you truly are the master of VC stunting. Haywire's editing was spectacular, you have great sensibilities and a keen eye for detail, I loved the way you switched up the skins and weather in harmony too, I don't think I've seen something similar since PlethZorb's Suspension solo by Tackleberry. I have to hand it to Dannye and Darkstar as well, this video wouldn't have been possible without them - the same goes for Barney, Turtle Boy, Mellon, and Sorcery, whose editing of Barney's previous solos doubtlessly forged the path for Haywire to follow. I have to say though, I honestly think you should change the title on YouTube - right now it just says "Barney - Cenotaph", which means that people who don't visit GTAStunting probably won't stumble upon it. Making a small change like "Barney - Cenotaph | GTA Vice City Stunts" or "Barney - Cenotaph | GTA VC Stunt Montage" would potentially help this video reach a wider audience! :cheernutz:

I don't know if you're going to keep stunting, knowing your legacy is set in stone. But if you do, here's a handful of things I think you should do to take your stunting to the next level (blasphemy :ninja:). Every stunt in this video was landed with a PCJ, I'd love to see more vehicle variety if you keep stunting going forwards. Most of your big-air stunts were landed with secondary vehicles, I wonder what you could do by limiting yourself to natural stunts. All of your stunts here were great, but not many of your stunts were surprising - I think you should get a little wackier with your ideas, there are still a handful of VC stunters with superior levels of creativity. Finally as long as you still love stunting, and time is permitting, keep going, you are loved by the grand majority ;D. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in my post, I spent ages trying to write it on a 10 year old iPad :D.


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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #33 on: November 21, 2022, 10:05:40 PM »

I will be watching this many times... THANKS FOR THIS EXPERIENCE GUYS!!! :wacko:

So is the replay tool also available for SA? I wonder how it works...

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #34 on: November 22, 2022, 03:13:02 AM »
The editing was sick, so many awesome camera angles and I really dig the skin and atmopshere changes according to the song.

The stunts were unbelievable, typical barney stuff. That p2b 2 ledge grind on the vice city escobar international roof, the psm 2 mag 2 grind + those double grinds and precisions are all incredible.


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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #35 on: November 22, 2022, 03:34:35 AM »
Fucking sick video, definitely did not disappoint!

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #36 on: November 22, 2022, 05:02:01 AM »
One of the best videos ever released for sure. It will take sometime to completely absorb everything. I like how the stunts were shown in a certain way, starting with the most technical/grinding stuff and moving on to the brutal big airs by the middle of the video. Meanwhile, the editing also shifted to something more epic and sinister, with all the beatiful colors that were perfectly chosen. That red sky was definitely remarkable.

The camera work was so well done. It's amazing to see so much hard work and dedication put on a stunting video. Loved everything about it. A truly revolutionary vision that will influence GTAStunting videos from now on, i'm sure.

Stuntingwise it was banger after banger. That airport rooftop grind was one of the best things i've ever seen done on the VC engine. The execution was perfect. I didn't expected to see Barney coming back in 2022 but i'm glad he did. Thanks for this.

This video is a gem and i will comeback to it many times.

I hope it isn't the last. We will wait patiently for more.

Good job Barney & Jason. My hats off to you guys.
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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #37 on: November 22, 2022, 05:46:18 AM »
One of the best VC video ever of for sure, everything is just perfect

It's nice to see Barney release something so heavy after so long

The vibe of the video is huge ! Haywire really did a great job on the edit, as many have already said cam angles are insane everything fits perfectly

What to say for the music, it's Gojira <3 the music is as heavy as the stunts of the video

I'm not going to name which stunt I prefer in the video because there are too many

Great job and thank you for this masterpiece

Put the topic on the home page !
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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #38 on: November 22, 2022, 11:48:32 AM »
0:30 - Dam double grind: Nice fast paced double

0:40 - Wallbonk to court house: This one doesn't look all that spectacular and I believe it's been done before

0:47 - Curb bump to ledge grind: Sick approach, getting around the corner at that speed must've been insanely hard, it's understandable that staying on the ledge past the dip was too much to ask for

0:58 - Drop wallride to grind: Very cool find

1:05 - Bridge double grind: Classic double grind spot done better than ever before. Perfect execution too with that 180 between the rails

1:14 - P2B to apartment block: Big and the angle looks tough, it's always satisfying to see new "obvious" finds like this

1:24 - Back tankbump to apartment block: Simply insane, I wouldn't have ever considered that to be possible with that angle and limited runup

1:32 - Airport wallride to grind: Slick double although I've seen a slightly better variation of that spot :ninja:

1:44 - Drop to quad BB grind: Well done, about time someone nailed all 4, one could only wish the map offered a better way of getting onto these billboards but what can you do

1:54 - Cherry double grind on BB: One of those perfect "meant to be" spots. Landing on that block made it look even more complete

2:05 - Drop stoppie to grind: Doesn't look very difficult but nice idea doing a stoppie up a slope, don't think I've seen that before

2:22 - Grind to ledge to box prec: This one smacked me in the face. Seeing you drop onto the first rail got me questioning what else could one possibly do with that spot and I came up blank. Utterly ridiculous combo

2:42 - Skimmer bump to high ledge: Those stucks are not pretty but when it comes to landing a huge, long sought after roof like this, anything goes. Nutty

2:56 - PSM to Hyman stairwell: This spot might've lost its oomph over the years but one upping it like this surely brings it back

3:05 - Oversized back tankbump: A well known spot that i reckon most have scratched off their to-try list due to the angle and overall difficulty. Great job and badass execution

3:14 - Skimmer bump by the water: Not as huge as the other one but seeing new roofs conquered is always nice

3:25 - Icecream bump to prec: This has been done with a PSM not too long ago, funky setup though

3:34 - PSM MAG: The PSM itself wouldn't have been that interesting but that MAG with a little forward momentum made it look great

3:43 - PSM grind bonk grind: Very clever, i didn't see the second grind coming at all

3:53 - P2B airport ledge grind: Amazing unique grind and looks super difficult

4:05 - Skimmer bump Moist Palms: Probably my least favorite stunt in the video, the stuckie looks very on the nose as someone has said, still nice to see this part of the roof finally landed with a pcj

4:15 - PSM MAG to grind: Simply a 10/10 stunt, couldn't ask for anything more here

4:27 - PSM hotel prec: Truly pushing the limits and making the most out of runup techniques with this one. Amazing job and landing the little block was the icing on the cake

4:38 - Trashmaster bump to radio prec: Utterly fucking absurd, nothing else to say

4:47 - PSM to ship antenna prec: ^, just a ridiculous prec to go for in VC engine. Great finisher

Top notch stuff once again, goes without saying. Once again catching everyone off guard with stupidly difficult stunts and finding spots in areas where everyone else has poked around. If there's anything one could get picky about it's the amount of secondary vehicle assisted stunts, I can't help but notice that every stunt starting from the bright skin part was a vehicle bump, but that's completely understandable as natural spots that are worth going for and reasonable to try are hard to come by these days.

Editing: I gotta say I disliked some of the cinematic shots at first but they've grown on me after a rewatch or two, in fact I always liked the "this one camera angle is all you get" approach in Barney's videos so I think the less clear-cut shots are totally in place and add to the experience, good use of the new tools.

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #39 on: November 22, 2022, 11:49:45 AM »

First time making a reaction video, so a little cringey. Thank you for this treat!

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #40 on: November 22, 2022, 12:36:05 PM »
Amazing video, both stunting and editing are top notch. Really made me want to stunt

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #41 on: November 22, 2022, 01:24:20 PM »
Gonna do live review. For now brutal video stunting&editing wise ;D

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #42 on: November 22, 2022, 05:05:53 PM »
am ready.
edit: insane!
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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #43 on: November 22, 2022, 05:20:25 PM »

First time making a reaction video, so a little cringey. Thank you for this treat!

What are the odds of you wearing that shirt  :lol:

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Re: Barney - Cenotaph
« Reply #44 on: November 22, 2022, 11:04:20 PM »
First post updated with the GTASDB link, thanks MaCi!


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