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GTA Modding / RC Baron Main SCM (VC)
« on: December 06, 2014, 10:11:57 PM »
Download Links:
- Dropbox
- Mediafire

Readme file:

RC Baron Main SCM

How to install:
- Put the american.gxt file at the folder "...\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City\text"
- Put the main.scm file at the folder "...\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City\data"
- Install Nitzkit's Load Screen Remover Mod as specified on it's readme file

Important notes:
- Make sure to install the Load Screen Remover Mod, otherwise you'll have find some issues after you fly far away from where the top fun vehicle is
- Make sure to install the american.gxt file, otherwise you'll see some random mission texts from the game since they were replaced
- After everything is installed, you must start a new game

Keys for commands:
- Help mode: Handbrake + Enter/exit vehicle to enable it, Enter/exit vehicle to disable it
- Save position: Sub-mission
- Load position: Horn
- Enable/disable bomb mode: Handbrake + Look Right (press the Fire button to throw the bomb)
- Enable/disable jetpack mode: Camera
- To move on jetpack mode you use the same keys while driving, use Look Right/Look Left to change the height

Shout-outs to: Neo, Dannye, Nitzkit, Samurai and Max.

VC Stunting Challenges / An old spot video
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:16:31 PM »

Modus Operandi Public Section / Learn About MO
« on: January 14, 2014, 07:43:32 AM »


No information available.

No information available.

Name: Caio
Birth Date: 11/04/1991
Location: Brazil
Occupation: Engineering student looking for a job
Something About Yourself: Football, music and working out at the gym. I also started taking some guitar lesson, lets see what happens.
Stunting Since: January/2007
Favorite Videos: TMS - Bamboocha, WH - Doperide III and Kert - Peace of Mind
Favorite Stunters: Daffy, MtS, Kaneda, BK
Favorite Stunting Methods: Natural bumps and combos
Why You Like MO?: The awesome line-up, great guys and great stunters. And seeing MtS posting one landed stunt every two days!
Past Crews: Chaos Theory, Volatile Reticent

Name: Lisandro Cooper
Birth Date: 25/6/1995
Location: Argentina
Occupation: metalhead
Something About Yourself: i like stunting and playing the guitar and drugs and chicks
Stunting Since: 2009
Favorite Videos: i dont know, i have lots
Favorite Stunters: same
Favorite Stunting Methods: all kinds of grinds and natural bumps
Why You Like MO?: well i think i fit here, and everybody is great at stunting
Past Crews: SFH, DP

Name: Edga
Birth Date: 1989.10.06
Location: Lithuania, Druskininkai
Occupation: Hotel receptionist
Something About Yourself: Still finding my life path
Stunting Since: First half of 2006
Favorite Videos: Magnum it is
Favorite Stunters: Either MtS or Simon
Favorite Stunting Methods: Natural stuff, grinds, p2bs
Why You Like MO?: Because I do. Everything about it is great.
Past Crews: LDK, VR, SSU

Name: Marcel
Birth Date: 17-09-1991
Location: The Netherlands
Occupation: student
Stunting Since: 2005-2006.
Favorite Videos: BBB, Unorthodox, Spiengraph.
Favorite Stunters: Bloodyhook, Barney, Haywire, Daffy, Werewolf, The Big V & Kukiel.
Favorite Stunting Methods: P2B, Grinds.
Why You Like MO?: The guys, the variety of stunters. and the nice atmosphere
Past Crews: USS & DSS

No information available.

No information available.

No information available.

No information available.

Name: Maxiem
Birth Date: 12.11
Location: The Netherlands.
Occupation: Student.
Something About Yourself: I really enjoy bouldering I suppose.
Stunting Since: 2007 (SA:MP) and VC since 2008.
Favorite Videos: Monolith, TMS, Skyward 3, Flash, Scavengers, Tandem, Indoctrination, Absurd, Kindergarten.
Favorite Stunters: Barney, Crazy, Daffy, Kaneda and MtS.
Favorite Stunting Methods: Taxi boosts and natural stunts.
Why You Like MO?: Nice folks and everyone has a stunting style I enjoy.
Past Crews: HR, DSS, SSU

Name: Roy
Birth Date: 6.2
Location: Finland
Occupation: Student
Something About Yourself: Totally hooked on music.
Stunting Since: 2007
Favorite Videos: Trial By Fire, Interlocked & Recollection
Favorite Stunters: Kr3mlin, Kaneda, Tackleberry, Redx
Favorite Stunting Methods: Natural. PCJ, that's all you need!
Why You Like MO?: Great (team)spirit and constant encouraging to each other to push the limits!
Past Crews: Apci Stunt Team

Name: Herb
Location: New Jersey, USA
Occupation: Amazon Fulfillment Receiver
Something About Yourself: I have a sweet beard.
Stunting Since: December 2006
Favorite Videos: VC-Lagoon, SA-Braindead
Favorite Stunters: Brulla, Dannye, Barney, Kert, Sorcery, MTS, Maxxx.
Favorite Stunting Methods: Car stunting in general.
Why You Like MO?: Fun and chill people.
Past Crews: GSS, HSS, SS, SSU.

Name: eoj
Birth Date: 4/20/69
Something About Yourself: I've already landed all of my stunts years ago, in my mind..
Stunting Since: 3010
What's your greatest fear?: Loosing the ability to laugh.
Favorite Stunters: BoBO
Favorite Stunting Methods: Midairgrabs & ledgegrinds <3
Why You Like MO?: They put up with me.
Past Crews: FMS, DP, WH(bleh), DP again, ARS(short lived)

Name: Lior
Birth Date: 13.8.94
Location: Israel
Occupation: Soldier
Stunting Since: 2007
Favorite Videos: Too many to mention
Favorite Stunting Methods: Taxi boosting, grinding, combo stunting, natural stunts
Why You Like MO?: It's a fresh new crew, with people I admire that are also great stunters, having the chance to be with veteran stunters I look up to
Past Crews: Alot of small crews from 2007-2010, most notably: SC and SU, Then SSU

ViCe NiNjA
Name: Alexey
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Occupation: Teacher of English
Something About Yourself: I am the great Cornholio
Stunting Since: September 2003
Favorite Videos: Digging Up The Corpses
Favorite Stunters: Barney, Kert, Juan, Mehmet, MtS, Red, SyperDimon, kaneda, Nitzkit, Samurai, Daffy, WEREWOLF, BloodyHook
Favorite Stunting Methods: barrel rolls in Sabres
Why You Like MO?: Edga is there
Past Crews: GVT

Name: Zhou Qihang
Birth Date:01/12/1996
Occupation: A college student
Something About Yourself:Basketball, badminton and volleyball is my favorite. Apart from learning. Also listening to music playing GTA.
Stunting Since: 2012
Favorite Videos: Lagoon,Magnum
Favorite Stunters: MtS, Kaneda, Barney
Favorite Stunting Methods: Natural bumps,grinds and  Car stunting in general
Why You Like MO?:great guys and great stunters. Stunt like with them
Past Crews: MF,LSL,DSS

Name: Peter
Birth Date: 1994.12.22
Location: Hungary
Occupation: Psychology student, YouTube guitarist
Something About Yourself: I love playing the guitar, listening to music and having a good time with friends
Stunting Since: SA - 2009, VC - 2010
Favorite Videos: Lagoon, TMS, Kaneda - Natch!
Favorite Stunters: Kaneda, RedX, MtS
Favorite Stunting Methods: Natural stunts
Why You Like MO: Great atmoshpere combined with basically the best VC stunters who are currently active
Past Crews: BS, DP



Stunters: Caio, Cooper, Edga, Fighter, Madmax, MtS, Raining, Samurai, TurBo, ViCe NiNjA
Editor: PrzemOO

Stunters: Arnax, Cooper, Fighter, MtS, Raining, Samurai, Sheikah, Sorcery, TurBo, ViCe NiNjA
Editor: Sorcery
Extras: 1 2

Stunters: Caio, Cooper, Edga, Fighter, Knapman, MtS, Samurai, Sheikah, Sorcery, TurBo, ViCe NiNjA
Editor: Sorcery

Stunters: Aries, Bark, Caio, Cooper, Edga, Fighter, Gryzlek, Knapman, Max, MtS, Rainbow, Sheikah, Sorcery, TurBo, ViCe NiNjA, wviMis, ZeRo
Editor: Rainbow


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