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Music / Meadows End - The Grand Antiquation
« on: March 08, 2019, 11:54:16 AM »

A band from my small town released their fourth album today and I just want to promote the fuck out of them.
They've been one of my all time favorite bands since their first release in 2010 and this time, by god they've fucking set themselves up for greatness within the genre.

Here are the three singles from the new album, one of them in swedish but the english translation is included in the description on Youtube.
I hope you guys'll like it and check the album out on Spotify or buy the album on CD or vinyl. They're all over on social media so it won't be hard to find them.


Meadows End - Non-Dreaming Eye
Meadows End - Svept i Sorgepläd
Meadows End - Devilution (feat. Tommy ReinXeed from Sabaton)

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Bros Before Ho-Ho-Ho's
« on: December 19, 2017, 11:16:28 AM »
Hello there! Here's a little Christmas collab with me and Theonly one, edited by him :)
Pure fun as usual, happy holidays  :happy:


VC Tutorials / Vice City with Windows 10
« on: February 02, 2016, 01:22:20 PM »
I had some trouble with this but I found the way to do it.

Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on or off > Legacy Components > Directplay.

You'll need DirectX for this but that comes with the OS.
Enable Directplay and if you get an error message, deactivate your virus program before enabling.
I don't know if it will work with Steam but this is how to make it work with the PC CD-ROM.

WH Video Releases / MaCi - GTA San Andreas Stunts
« on: April 01, 2015, 02:35:56 PM »
MaCi - GTA San Andreas Stunts

New solo 2015.

MaCi - GTA San Andreas Stunts

Music / Bergman - For Those Not Braindead
« on: October 19, 2014, 09:55:06 AM »
So yeah...this is the shit I've been working with for the last couple of years and yeah, I'm releasing it right now  :ajaja:
If you'd like a CD, just gimme a call because I have 500 at home I'd like to get rid of  :cc_detective:

Hope you enjoy it, cheers  ;D

Expression Section / Bergmanmusic
« on: May 17, 2014, 08:39:24 AM »

Follow my Youtube and Facebook channels if you'd like ;)

Well um, I'm sure most of you have heard these songs but I thought I'd refresh your dirty minds by posting them in one topic.

These songs are basically "drunk" songs, which means I've written them or recording them by myself or with some friends after a couple of beers. That being said, they are not dead serious and I'm not much of an audio engineer but you'll hear improvements mixing- and masteringwise from song to song, from the first song back in early 2013.
Anyway, less serious shit and just listen to some good fun music :D

Plus, I'm posting this because I'm close to releasing my first record named "For Those Not Braindead" (far from these different genres, let's say it's pure metal the way I see it) and I'd like you guys to know that this is my biggest passion and I'd like to do some commercial for myself before it comes out :p I'll try to describe the songs, and some of them are in Swedish so I'll translate them as much as possible.

Music up your ass, baybee  ;D

I've sorted them by date.

Själevads Ölkamrater - Kåbojs From Själevad

This is just some kind of "country" inspired song, and the lyrics doesn't really mean anything but us going to a tavern named "Merry Can".

"Howdy, partner
Don't do what I don't do
Yeah, man! We're getting out of here
To Merry Can
And loses our brains
Ta-da-da, yeah
I don't know what to sing"

Byggmaestro - Blacktooth Fairy

This is an 80's metal inspired song with dirty lyrics by my friend Johan.
It's sung in english but I'll try to write down the lyrics anyway.
If it gets too boring there's a guitar solo at 2:50  :lol:

"I'm gonna rock you hard
Like hard rock
I'm gonna feel the switch
I'm gonna lick your snitch

You're gonna feel my dick
'Cause it is so thick
Let me in by your  thighs
And ignite my dynamite

You're the woman for the night
And you make me feel alright
Let me get you off them clothes
And let my ballsack explode

When you walk through the door
My dick is gonna be sore
'Cause I've got the time to fuck with you
And that's all I need to do

And I drink too much my blood is made of whiskey
But I don't think you want to risk me
I don't give a fuck about women's rights
As long you fuck me
My smile lights

And fucking is my living yeah
And your panties are going down yeah"

ABAO - Booze Blues

This is a song by me and my best friend Thenonly One. We had this awful idea last summer to hang out sober but afrer a couple of minutes we couldn't stand it so we drove to his place and brought back a bottle of vodka and after that...we wrote a blues-inpired song and made a music video  :lol:

"And a one, and a two, and a your know what to do
Oh yeah
Bring it on, bitch
This one's for all the drink-bitches out there
Hey you, Bergman, would you like a snus?
Which one it it?
It's Kronan Portion
Yeah you, then I'll pass

This is Booze Blues
Yeah I said Booze Blues
Sharpen your ears
Watch out so I don't threaten you your son of a bitch!

The night was young
So grab a tone and sing
'Cause tonight we're the kings
Of Själevad
Yeah man. That's how it's like
So we turn up the heat
As we're drinking our liqour
Doesn't rap to a beat
We do it on purpose
'Cause this is Booze Blues
Yeah, fucking Booze Blues

That's how it's like
Hey man, cheers mate!
Cheers mate!
But hey, who finished first ey?
Aw shit!
Good night!"

ABAO - Beck's

And this is a short song me and Theonly One did.
Fun story; Many years ago him and I had a bet about me being a virgin until I was 30 and I lost it so I had to buy him everything for a whole evening, which turned out to be a dinner at a fancy restaurant and alcohol for the entire night. The lyrics are actually quite good, like a poem.

"We're drinking again
And making a stand
Because we are men
We're drinking again
Because we can

Bergman - Black Ribbon

This is a song I made by myself, at home drinking a bottle of whiskey named "Black Ribbon". It's pretty sad when you think about it actually..

"Smell my breath
Taste my breath
Feel my breath
Black Ribbon
Fuck yeah
Thanks for the good times
My only friend
Thanks for the bad times
Until the end
Da da da
And we're off to the tavern."

ABAO - Deep Shit

This is a rap song in Swedish and it's mainly written by Theonly One for his first girlfriend, who he broke up with.
And as much as I hate rap, I had to come up with something to equalise everything at 1:48

"The wows that we had
About friendship for life
Was written in blood
So serious written
But the dream ended
How could that happen
Yeah, that's what you wonder
Now I'm on the top
Honored for all future
There's no one like you
Believe you're the one I hate now
Take a look in the mirror
Watch it break in pieces
I hate to say it
But you're so fucking weird

But I'll fight against the tip
Win against you
In my life there was not place for a prolonged thing
My friends who support
I love them all
I do everything I can
To make them not see me fall
To the bottom I swear
I live the way I learn
I'm following my heart
And you're not presence there
Before I was in love
But you're so fucking cold
I used to anneal
But I can't fucking stand it
Life moreover
Yeah thank's it's alright
What's that
You think you've got it better than me
I'm living my life
My life's theme
And when you stand on the scales
It begs for mercy
The shit-talk ended
But the truth remains
You fucking pussy
You're preaching double-standard
Don't you have any firiends
Damn, that's patethic
But how about yourself
You're acting like you'd be attending to pre-school
He weighs 100 kilosIt's your future man
I understand that
Since he's one of few who can
Carry you across your threshold on your wedding night
Thank you!

(My turn)

Now it's my turn at the mix
I wish that I had an
Let's see
Yo yo come with me
Motherfucking cocksucking
Asslicking bastard
I rap like a king
I'm a beer drinking beaver
Why does it have to rhyme
This is not fucking music
I just want to run awaty
To San Fransisco Bay Area
What happened back then
Metal up your ass
Kill all the posers

Själevads Ölkamrater - Snooze on consciousness

I'm the grounder of a beer society in our home village, and I just wrote a song in honour of it.
The lyrics just means nothing, just about writing a song for no reason.

"Själevad's Beer Friends presents

"This song is pointless
It has no soul
As usual under stress
No point at all

We despise all happiness
Just getting drunk
Just snooze on consciousness
We'll fuck us all

Själevad's beer friends have intruduced themselves"

Bergman - General Loose

This is simple a song about snus, specifically the brand "General"
I was heaily inspired by the song "Flat Tyre On A Muddy Road" by Dregen, at the time. Check it out, it's great!

"You grab it
You hold it
You feel it
You open
You smell it
You hate it so bad
You put your thumb and index finger in the round can
You bake a proper pinch and open up your cakehole

Oh yeah
it feels so fucking right
You should think over your needs

General Loose
Yeah that's his name
I'm leaving you babe
It's not on snooze
You lost the game
He pleases me way
Nicotine, a magazine
We make a great team
So pack your pretty ass and tits
We'll meet at my funeral"

Burra & Bergman - Maria

This is a song that's heavier than the rest, and the lyrics are quote funny.
My friend Jens is singing the verse and I'm doing the chorus (which didn't turn out that well since I only had one shot and I'm not much if a growler)
But I'm really proud of the solo at 1:35 :)

"Yeah it was an ordinary evening
And I had been yelled at by my wife
So I headed for Merry Can
To see if I could get laid
And then I saw a magical chick
That without a doubt fired up my thing
Our lips met at once
And in the bed we fucked all night long

It stings and it scratches
From fatal side-effect
To lost property partition
But I fucking regret nothing
We'll meet in Gehenna
It was worth the shot
I noticed when we danced
That you were a fucking good looking tranvestite

ABAO - En Löv

Another song by me and Theonly One. This one's about our differnences in income, I make a shitload of money and he doesn't make much.

"There are people like me who barely can afford his rent
There are people like me who earns 24.000
Salmon is luxure for me if I have food on my table
Decision anxiety whether the entrecote should be well done or bloody
Like my tooth when I'm on the street and begging
Sometimes with a fucking expensive whore I'm fucking
If I'm lucky I get someone from the street home one night
I'm offering Raspberry sour milk in Kittelfejäll

Woh oh oh oh
But we stick together
In wet and dry
In erased and slack


Bergman - Holy Friday

This one's about the liqour store closing earlier than I thought during easter time, and it was closed the morning thereafter.

"I sold my soul
And worked 'til four
On maundy Thursday
Arrived back home
Got some rest on my own
Got dressed and walked downtown

Only to realize
The liquour store was closed
Freaking out
Dying inside
The rest of the evening in throes

The morning thereafter
Woke up at 7.15
Neverending laughter in my head
All day in front of the fucking computer screen

Ain't got shit done
Dirty Dished remained untouched
Down-drawn blinds
Didn't see the sun

It was a fucking long Holy Friday
I didn't know what to do
Listening to Vulgar Display of Power
Didn't even take a shower
Not even awake 'til the small hours

But today I drink beer :)


Music / GTAStunting Videos Soundtrack
« on: April 14, 2014, 12:11:43 PM »
I've been working on a Spotify playlist featuring as many as possible soundtracks from all GTAStunting videos, but it's really a pain in the ass since like half of them doesn't have the songs listed anywhere.
What I'd like you guys to help me with, is to simply write down the songs you know from the videos I'll list so I don't have to do it all by myself. I'm only at the letter "C" so far in my video folder, and there are already over 100 songs added.
Of course, you may name as many other videos as possible and their music since I obviously don't have them all ;)

If some of you use Spotify, I can share the list with you and you can add soundtracks by yourselves :)

I've added everything avaliable until CT-SIXTY3 :P

Sports / Fredrik Uhrbom just won't give up
« on: October 14, 2013, 02:09:03 PM »
Fredrik Uhrbom collapses just before finish on 10 000 m race, Finnkampen 2013 in Stockholm

Didn't feel the Humor Zone was the right place for this though it looks so fucking funny  :lol: Can definately say I've been incredibly exhausted and puked almost every time I used to run but THIS takes the price.

WH Video Releases / Stevex - Stevie's Wonder
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:22:39 PM »

I've been given the great, great honor to introduce to you a Vice City solo by Stevex.
Don't really have much to say for myself but he had some things that he'd like to share.

Quote from: Stevex
About a year ago I decided that I was going to save stunts for a solo of mine. I've been keeping this secret very well, some of you know it, and it's finally done. I can't edit very well myself, so I asked my favorite editor MaCi if he'd be up for the job and after months of persuasion he finally accepted! I've personally chosen the music, and it's quite a sharp turn into another direction compared to my earlier soundtrack choices. Stuntingwise, I've of course tried to stay true to my personal style with the amazing big-airs but given it a slight touch of my new found side of really interesting creativity that I hope you'll enjoy.

WH Video Releases / MaCi - Vernissage
« on: November 08, 2011, 10:28:49 AM »
The big day has finally come for me. Half a year ago I realized that I couldn't be doing this for much longer, for several reasons which I would like to keep as personal but don't worry - it's nothing special really. To make it short, I want to follow my dreams to 100% and in order to do that I came to the conclusion that a certain thing had to be sacrificed. That's why I got myself Vegas in June this year, to edit my own best-of video. The tricky thing was that I had never edited nor used Vegas before, disregarded a couple of Movie Maker stunt films back in 07-08, so that made it extra fun to work with a new project! After finishing the best-of I found myself in a situation where I was waiting for several projects to be completed (Cold Sweat II, for example) so I decided to stunt for a solo since the moment I came back from the stunting break during editing, I landed two pretty neat stunts.

In order to make this solo happening this year as I aimed for, I had to close my critical eye and learn to be satisfied with less, and what you will most likely find in the solo part is a handful of slightly lamed, poor executed stunts but I must mention that I did my very, very best to get as close as possible to the perfect stunts. So if you start to mention that many stunts looked bad - I already know that, thank you very much, and you're most welcome to go and re-land them better yourselves but don't expect a walk in the park; if so I would have landed them better myself. In fact, I actually have a couple of great stunts which I think are some of the best I've ever landed.

Back to the editing, in which I found a new hobby but sadly it was the first and last "professional" edited stunting movie I ever made. I spent..I don't know, but at least 100 hours on it, since it both took me a lot of time to learn the program and because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I wanted to use everything I liked about editing, I watched many videos to get inspiration and I had some favorite moments from older videos which inspired me to try them. My biggest inspiration sources has been
Theonly One, Tackleberry, Daffy, Herr-Dav', Rusch69..yeah, and many more great editors. I didn't want to do a basic editing really, the best of part was indeed quite basic with a few polished moments, but in the solo part I wanted to make something beyond the usual, something extreme but still laid back with a sense of humor and a lightened up mood. Something between repetitive and random, if I'd describe it but it's absolutely nothing random about anything, I've thought so much about every single effect and angle, and "extra" stuff that I wouldn't call anything random. More..experimental. After all, I made this video for myself and this will be the video I'll watch in a few years and be able to say to me and my company; "This is what I used to do, this is something I gave 100% for".

The moment you're reading this, all of my GTAStunting related msn contacts have been deleted. I'm terribly sorry for those of you who enjoyed talking to me, but I need to get this off my mind, and do it one hundred procent. I won't be active around here anymore, and don't try to contact me either because I will probably be very, very hard to reach. All my GTA's are uninstalled, I've collected everything stunting related on my computer and put it all into one huge fucking folder, and made a .rar of it which I'm not planning to open. I'm closing the book, locking the chest and leaving it to my memories.
I would like to thank everyone of you who stunt for a good cause, and those of you who will make sure this will keep on living in the future. More thanks are included in the outro :)
Another thing, these kind of moments are perfect for confessions and I'm sure a couple of you still believe that I'm a modder so here it comes;
I have never modded anything and I have never known how to do it and I have never wanted to try it.

MaCi - Vernissage

Part 1; "The Essential MaCi"

*Best of, stunts taken from following videos and/or stunting leagues:

Cold Sweat
[DSS] Infernal Blood
Show me how to drive on the East Coast
[WH] Omicron

*Including two unreleased stunts which where supposed to be a part of the next WH crew video.

Cat Stevens - Father and Son

Part 2; "Ten Inches Unbuffed"

Stunts landed between 2011-07-09 to 2011-11-05, except for the Sanchez-stunt which was landed on 2010-07-22. Guest stunt by Theonly One, and I dedicate the specific editing at his stunt to him, which was 100% inspired by some of his editings.

Pantera - Hellbound

Part 3; Outro

Thanks to "Church Media Videos" and to "RedSunCZE" for the backgrounds.
A couple of mixed replays were used such as fun stunts, unused or sick attempts. Including my first video appearance ever, from a video named "Evil Twins" under the nickname "Mom Cipriani" released around Christmas 2006.

Dire Straits - Brothers in arms

MaCi - Vernissage


After nine months of hard work with the project and all that went with it, it's finally out. The sequel of the Nordic collab from 2008 organized by me and Herr-Dav'.
The reasons why I wanted to make this happen was because the first video became such a huge success, not only because of the stunts but the feeling and joy coming from the spirit of the vikings in us all and thus I knew that a follow-up with a greater lineup, no actual deadline or any kind of stunting requirements but that the participants sent anything they had fun performing and was even the slightest proud of -simply anything they wanted- would make a terrific stunting video following this fantastic Viking theme we both had great fun coming up with ideas for.

I would like to take this opportunity in act to thank every person who participated, supported and helped in any way to make this dream come true and of course give my love to Herr-Dav' for his incredible work and dedication to this project, and to PtRvY for the fantastic intro script.

Without anything more to add really, I now have the great honor to present you; Cold Sweat II!



Bluedagger, Daffy, Darkstar, Davve, Gavran, Hoff, JustCaus3, Lyserg, MaCi, Mehmet, Mr. Magic,
Mythic, Noah, Raining, Red, Sear, Sheeptea, Stevex, Swooth, Taz, TheGT4sm, Theonly One, Tidis, UndeadX

Download Links:

High Definition 1280x720p Windows Media Video (.wmv) XviD MP3

Streaming :
Cold Sweat II, The return of the vikings

Sports / Peter Forsberg's Jersey Retirement
« on: October 15, 2011, 07:59:47 AM »

Movies/TV / Seinfeld vs According to Jim
« on: October 04, 2011, 02:20:31 PM »
An endless fight between me and Theonly One. I say According to Jim does not make me laugh at all but he disagrees, and that he doesn't get Seinfeld while I on the other hand find that brilliant  :euro:

VC Time Limit Videos / Bloodbrothers III [1h]
« on: August 28, 2011, 05:18:07 PM »
FINALLY! This is the third time-limited duo between Theonly One and I and this time the stunts were landed within an hour, but that doesn't mean you'll only see shit..on the contrary; y'all should expect something amazing, legendary and most important - unique both stunting and editing wise.

Bloodbrothers III


*Moved here because of bugged Time-limited section

Expression Section / Fade to One
« on: January 31, 2011, 05:20:09 AM »
So yeah, I got this idea of smashing two Metallica songs together; Fade to Black and One. I haven't "written" too much yet, just an intro -which may need some changes- and I'm in progress learning to sing the lyrics to One with Fade to Black-melody.
But I don't know, you think it's a good idea? I think it sounds pretty cool so far  :P If you like it I'll finish the whole thing.

Fade to One

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