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Introduce Yourself / Wilderness
« on: March 09, 2022, 10:51:05 AM »
Hi guys. I know some of you have been wondering why I disappeared a few years ago. I wanted to wait until I was ready to come back to say something about this, but honestly, I'm still really struggling, and I don't want to risk saying nothing.

I sent a message to Nomad Union about some of this a couple of years ago, which I think they have seen, but I don't know if the details have spread outside of the team, so here I am.

I was working super hard on Nomad Union's crew video between 2015-2018, with the goal of making the best stunt video of all time. I was pushing myself to the absolute limit, and the whole team landed great stunts, but despite us making an awesome work in progress version of the video in 2016, I wanted more, and I felt compelled to make it flawless. I should have settled for what we had and polished it to something I felt comfortable releasing, but I went far beyond what was necessary, which I think was very disheartening for the rest of the team, and I can't apologise to them enough for dealing with my perfectionistic pursuits.

I have also been suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts since I was about 16 years old (I'm 28 years old now). It's been tough, and I was coping well for the longest time, but I was very stressed, especially whilst working on the Nomad Union crew video. To give you some idea of the harm I was doing to myself, it usually takes me about 20 hours maximum to land my best stunts, but for this video, I spent half a year landing my most difficult stunt (about 800 hours of attempts), and I have done similarly unhealthy things in the past, like staying up 48 hours straight to finish SUPERNUVA in a mad rush. The team told me to think about my health in both cases, but I couldn't help myself.

When 2018 began I started having complications with my skin. It was mildly frustrating at first, nothing serious, but it was getting worse and worse, and I wasn't happy, because I had much less time to spend doing what I wanted to do. Fast forward to December 2018, and GTA V gets a major update with brand new stunting vehicles, but whilst testing the files for differences versus the previous version, I noticed that something was wrong with my PC. Long story short, I needed to buy new SSD's, back up all my files, and reinstall everything, with no capability to work on the Nomad Union crew video or test the update during this time. I started doing that, but I was stressed out of my mind. My skin went into meltdown, it took the light out of my life, and I couldn't mentally face dealing with this every single day, whilst also working on the video and researching the update for the stunting community, given the sheer amount of time these things take. That is why I decided to stop visiting GTAStunting for a while, and completely disengage from the gaming community until I was okay.

I thought I would vanish for a couple of weeks or months at most, I have done that in the past when the stress was too much. But my skin and my mental health never got better, things only got worse, and although I was managing my skin issues to some degree, I was constantly thinking about killing myself. Thankfully I never attempted to do so, and I think that's because deep down, I knew that I still had something to share with humanity, and so as painful as it was, I persevered. I started to realise that I needed to sort the rest of my life out before coming back, and that's exactly what I have been doing since I disappeared. I'm happy to say that I'm making good progress, and I have also made a complete plan for my future stunt videos, after which I will finally stop stunting, and move on with my life. I have actually come up with a bunch of VC/SA/IV/V spots in my head and written them down, despite not having my own working PC at the moment :ninja: (I'm writing this on my iPad). I don't think I'll be back until summertime, but I'm not out of the woods yet, and I still have dark days, so I'm writing this message now, while I know I still can. I'm sorry for worrying everyone that was wondering what happened, I hope that you understand.

While I'm owning my mistakes, it's time to say something I wanted to say for a long time. I have done a lot of thinking while I have been away, and I don't want to live a life where I maintain lies for the sake of fear and vanity. I started stunting around 2006 when I was 12 years old, but I mentioned in 2010 that I modded many VC/SA stunts during my early years of stunting. I have been asked about specific stunts from this time, and I have mostly been honest in saying which were legitimate and which were not. However, there are two stunts that I never had the balls to apologise for, because I was called out so publicly, and I was scared that I'd never have the chance to build a legitimate future in this community if I told the truth.

MeetMyMeat was right, my StopWatch finisher from 2008 was modded. I want to say sorry for gaslighting everyone, it was stupid, it was disrespectful, and it always weighed heavily on my heart. Nobody was falling for my bullshit, and I was often asked about it over the years, which hurt me, because I went to such lengths to grow as a person and stay legitimate since I was called out, and I wrongly felt that I deserved to move on. So I'm ashamed to say that in 2017, I surreptitiously made a topic defending myself, where I live recorded legitimate landings maintaining my RAD over the grass, knowing that because it is possible that way (both to land on the roof with FL on and land in the water with FL off), and I knew some stunters who landed it this way too, that it would confuse people into thinking it was possible without doing it like that. I have no excuses, just sorrow that I didn't man up from the start.

The same thing is true of what I'm about to say, something you may not have known. Biel and Promagic asked me a while ago if my Oracion finisher was modded, and they were absolutely correct. I landed this stunt sometime in 2009-2010, because I lost my NRG landing to someone else, but despite not modding anything since those years, I mindlessly sent it to Scavenger (who organised the video) sometime around 2012 or so. I actually asked D4rksh4doW not to use it in 2013 when I realised what I had done, saying I wanted to use it elsewhere as an excuse, but I think the video was almost done, so if my memory serves me correctly he didn't respond (he can absolutely confirm this if he still has his Skype logs). When Biel and Promagic asked me about it, I tried to sidestep the subject and I hoped they wouldn't notice. Sadly I think it worked, or at the very least, they had bigger things to worry about, so it was never mentioned again. I know I could have said nothing about this, but I have always felt extremely guilty about it, because I know it was a horrible thing to do, especially since Oracion was dedicated to PK, who was supposedly living with cancer (I know there was some controversy about whether he was or wasn't, but I believe him). I humbly ask for your forgiveness, and I don't blame anyone who feels like I don't deserve it.

I am so sorry that I let everyone down with these two stunts. I don't know how the community will respond, but I do know that I would never forgive myself if I didn't take public responsibility.

Now for something positive? I haven't seen many stunt videos since I disappeared, because I didn't want to distract myself from sorting my life out, but there are a handful that I have stumbled upon, and I don't want to spam up old topics, so I would like to shoutout some that spring to mind! I can't watch everything again right now, and I'm purely commenting from memory, so yeah, sorry for not giving more detailed feedback :ninja:.

  • A Grand Occasion: SA Community Video 2020 - Good job to everyone involved. Wolf Alice are one of my favourite bands, thanks for using their music :).
  • Aero Reapers: When Everything Dies - My first favourite stunt video was SA Smackdown, I think it's the first stunt video I watched and it's certainly the reason I started doing it myself. Then it was As One Again, which blew everything away when it was released. Eventually MeetMyMeat's Ocean of Notion became my favourite stunt video of all time, the stunts were so creatively satisfying and the soul of its construction was palpable. I was always waiting for something to top it, and some videos came close (Braindead, Burnt Ass, DYSTORTION, Elusive, JINX, Magnetron, Memento, Solid Ground 2021, etc), but nothing quite matched it. It's a tough decision, but I think When Everything Dies is now the best stunt video of all time. These are some of the best GTA SA stunts I have seen collected together in a single original video, and the best editing I have seen in a stunt video bar none. I felt myself shaking a little when I originally watched it, because I knew how momentous it was. Kacknase I'm slightly jealous of what you accomplished, because I was trying some of the same techniques for the Nomad Union video :euro: (the styles of cinematography, the Japanese sensibilities of 'ma', the weather variations corresponding with the mood of the music, the styles of colour grading, etc). The way you flashed from a long shot of UndeadX's chimney precision to a mounted close up of Afterlife's spinning double bump to precision shouldn't have worked as a shock to the system, but it was masterful, and I was incredibly inspired by that, more than anything else you did. Brilliant work, I still think Ocean of Notion's creative spirit reigns supreme, but this is absolutely the best stunt video I have seen overall, I have watched it 10-20 times already.
  • Biel: Fourth Dimension - Great solo, one of the best! Fantastic finisher, though it's a shame that you didn't land it from the furthest palm.
  • Burn: Meditation II & Valar Morghulis - You have such dedication to stunting, I have always found it inspiring and I congratulate you on these videos.
  • dab88: The Story of Videogame Stunting & The Philosophy of Stunting - Impressive analysis, I have always wanted to see videos like these! Thanks for the mentions too, it was comforting to see during some of the worst days of my life.
  • Evolve Stunting: ELEVEN & City of Dreams - ELEVEN is possibly the best GTA V stunt video of all time, and City of Dreams was great too! Thanks for doing the community justice.
  • Lex: Mankind & Mankind 2 - I kind of lost three of my first GTA IV stunts in these videos, oh well :P. Nice job man, cool to see a new great stunter in this game.
  • Maiikool: Why GTA V stunting sucks in '19 & No Lesson - I'm always happy to see GTA V stunters who truly understand the art of stunting, rather than simply copying and pasting the same big-air stunts into different locations. The second stunt in your GTA V video was very inspiring to me, great thinking, and I loved your use of stationary cameras, you understand the value of composition and rhythm. Your GTA IV video was great, but I kind of lost one of my first GTA IV stunts in this video too :P. Sadly I also lost the Police Stinger wallride which was a shame :(, I tip my non-existent hat to you.
  • Max: Vigilante - Best Rhino stunts I have seen, with captivating presentation. Smooth moves, one of GTA VC's best videos!
  • Rainbow: Remembrance of Things Past - I'm so happy you released your GTA V stunts, you deserve recognition man. The finisher was dope, nice thinking. Shadow did a good job for one of his first edits, well done to him too. Your message to me at the end and the messages from the community in the YouTube comments were both really touching, thanks for everyone's support.
  • Solid Ground: 2021 - Possibly the best GTA SA collaboration video I have seen. Great stunts, fantastic editing. Artifex consistently did well with the Solid Ground series, but Solid Ground 1 was always my favourite for its distinct style. This finally topped it, that was killer shit.
  • TurBo: Excelsus - You never got the plaudits you deserved in the past, but I feel like you finally got them! Definitely the best taxi video I have seen, and Max made it shine :).

I'm sorry for the long post, I had a lot to get off my chest. I don't know if anyone cares, but I don't know a better way of saying what I had to say. Like I said, I don't know when I will be back, but I do know that I'm still living in dark times, and I don't want to risk saying nothing.

I still won't be signing into Discord/Steam or anything like that for now, I know there's way too much for me to catch up on whilst I'm busy getting my shit together. However, I may sign into GTAStunting from time to time, so if you want to talk you're best off sending me a private message, though I may not see it for a while. I'm sorry. Sayonara.

Evolve Public Section / VaNilla's Goodbye
« on: August 13, 2015, 03:47:47 AM »
Hey guys, today I'm leaving Evolve Stunting. Wish them the best, but Evolve wasn't right for me :).

Evolve Public Section / [EV] Dark Horizon
« on: August 03, 2015, 09:24:40 AM »
Evolve Stunting presents Dark Horizon, our latest crew video.

! No longer available

Making this topic in preparation for tomorrow's update. Will be testing it on all platforms, so please be patient as this takes time. Hopefully, nothing will get screwed up. In the meantime, watch out for the Benefactor Stirling GT and the Pegassi Osiris, looks like they're going to be the most important stunting changes with the latest update.

GTA V ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One (GTA V 1.27) - Stunting Changes (All Platforms)

Finished my testing. Vehicle handling is exactly the same on each individual platform, and vehicle physics haven't been changed (this includes slow motion ability, and everything else). That is to say that X360/PS3 still has different handling from PS4/XO/PC, but none of these platforms have changed since the previous versions of the game. This remains true for all vehicles disregarding the Insurgent, which has had its AWD adjusted on all platforms (DriveBiasFront changed from "0.040000" to "0.40000"). This doesn't matter whatsoever for stunting, but it's worth noting. You can find out the differences between X360/PS3 and PS4/XO/PC handling by checking the Heists stunting changes topic, and the PC stunting changes topic. With that said, let's get to the meat of this update :D.

All of the vehicle websites have been changed. The website designs now have parity across all platforms, besides the DLC vehicles on 360/PS3, which have always been deposited straight into the special vehicles list. The only platform disparity is that on PS4/XO/PC, the sales page for each vehicle has been updated. What this actually means is that the "updated sales pages" have two extra pictures on PS4/XO/PC. Unfortunately, this didn't solve anything to do with website vehicle statistics. All of the vehicle statistics I noted in the heists topic still don't show the correct values, such as the Schwartzer on X360/PS3, and of course, Legendary Motorsport.

Camera behaviour has changed when sliding/grinding with motorbikes and bicycles. The camera zooms out a little depending on how fast you're travelling, and rotates to follow the direction you're facing. This is not majorly noticeable while grinding with motorbikes, but becomes especially obvious during BMX grind combos where you make very fast rotations. However, you won't miss it while sliding, because you generally travel at much higher speeds, and this makes the change very distracting. I don't necessarily feel like this is a bad thing, it's just different. For non-stunters (which this was clearly designed for), the camera looks good and feels more involving. For stunters, camera movement is slightly more complex, but it's not a big deal. I think Rockstar should add a way to toggle this camera behaviour off, but given how minor it is, I wouldn't hold your breath, since it doesn't get in the way too much.

Mouse steering sensitivity is now much higher. This allows you to make some really strange movements, some of which would normally be impossible. Looks like a consequence of fixing issues with mouse input at lower frame rates. Mouse steering is completely borked with boats, which allows you to do shit like this.

! No longer available

Parked cars used to spawn during races when traffic was turned off, but now, this has finally been fixed! There's still pedestrians walking around though :(. Suspension height on low profile cars used to glitch out when respawning during races, and this has been fixed too. Both of these fixes are awesome for stunting :).

Finally, the video editor has new favouriting/sorting options, and many bugs have been fixed with cameras, playback, recording and rendering. Lots of awesome fixes, too many to list though, so you'll have to check the update notes yourself. However, the important thing is that the new sorting and favouriting options don't always work, and some of the annoying clip saving issues still exist. Things like not being able to save clips while falling and dying, having alt tabbing and loading checkpoints reset clip data, full speed special ability, and more. So that's a shame, but I'm still seeing good progress.

Vehicle Research

Albany Virgo

! No longer available

The Albany Virgo simply isn't very good. Nowhere near the top of the muscle class in races, and nowhere near the top of the muscle class in stunting either. None of its handling stats are anywhere near the competition. Seems a little pointless, definitely not good for stunting.

Benefactor Stirling GT

! No longer available

The Benefactor Stirling GT is the new king of the Sport Classics class for racing, but it's not competitive as a stunting vehicle. Despite the Stirling GT's relatively low max flat velocity of 138mph (most sports classics have about 150mph), the Stirling GT destroys other vehicles in racing with its acceleration/braking/traction (spoiler really helps it too, much like the Pigalle). However, if you need to win out in a top speed race, the Z Type still crushes everything.

In terms of stunting, the Stirling GT's not even close to the Z Type or other vehicles like the Monroe and the Pigalle. Its top speed is simply too low to compete. The Z Type is much more useful too, because of its small bump ability, and multiplayer bumping. The Benefactor Stirling GT is a must own vehicle for racing, but you don't need it for stunting.

Enus Windsor

! No longer available

The Enus Windsor isn't bad, but it's not great. It's generally nowhere near the top of its racing class, but it's very good for coupe drag racing, given its max flat velocity of 150mph. Now, it's very competitive with the best of the coupe class for stunting (mainly due to max flat velocity and acceleration), but it's not competitive with any of the worthwhile stunting vehicles. On a positive note, drifting with the Windsor is fun, because it's very slippy, and the myriad of livery options make it highly distinctive (although that's not not necessarily a good thing). I wouldn't use the Enus Windsor for anything competitive, and the asking price of $845,000 is way too expensive, but it's still fun to mess around with.

Pegassi Osiris

! No longer available

The Pegassi Osiris is clearly the best super car for racing. The Osiris is statistically better than the Zentorno, with higher acceleration, very slightly higher max flat velocity, slightly less mass, and very slightly higher drag. This makes the Osiris better than the Zentorno at car stunting too, but there are still reasons to keep the Zentorno. The Zentorno's WAY better than the Osiris at BMX and Z Type bumps, because the hood is higher up and more linear, which leads to more consistent results. The Zentorno costs $750,000, whereas the Osiris costs $1,950,000, making the Zentorno much more valuable. You certainly shouldn't remove your Zentorno from your online garages, given how steady it is for multiplayer stunts.

Despite being the best super car for racing, and besting the Zentorno at ramp stunting, the Osiris is not even close to the Adder or the Z Type in raw stunting ability. The Adder's maximum flat velocity and drag is way ahead, and although the Z Type's maximum flat velocity isn't quite as high as the Osiris (154mph vs 159.1mph), the Z Type's drag is far superior (6 vs 10.24). Provided you have the cash, the Osiris is my best pick for super racing, but you should use something else for car stunting.

Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

! No longer available

The Buckingham Luxor Deluxe is basically same as the original Luxor. Miles more expensive, gold, and slightly better thrust on PS4/XO/PC. It's got the same benefits and drawbacks on X360/PS3, but has slightly more mass and some suspension handling differences (which actually applies to most planes on X360/PS3 versus PS4/XO/PC). The Luxor Deluxe feels very slightly faster and more agile as a result. Not worth the cost by any means, so stick to using this in races unless you're rich in GTA Online.

Buckingham Swift Deluxe

! No longer available

The Buckingham Swift Deluxe is basically same as the original Swift. Miles more expensive, gold, slightly better thrust, and takes slightly less damage on all platforms. The Swift Deluxe feels very slightly faster and more agile as a result, but you'll never notice the lowered damage in real-world gameplay. Not worth the cost by any means, so stick to using this in races unless you're rich in GTA Online.


I'm liking this update. Fixes to parked cars in races, fixes to the video editor, two great vehicles in the form of the Benefactor Stirling GT and the Pegassi Osiris, and no big problems to speak of, although the new camera movement while sliding/grinding is a little strange. I'm still holding out for car gliding on PS4/XO/PC, and changes to the way vehicle statistics are represented, but both of those things are looking less and less likely, so I'm not getting my hopes up. Overall, I'm happy with the progress Rockstar is making, and I'm looking forward to future updates :).

Nomad Union Public Section / Farewell
« on: June 06, 2015, 01:26:15 PM »
Today's my last day as a member of Nomad Union. We've accomplished a lot of things together, and in my time with the crew, I've established some of my best relationships in GTAStunting, but ultimately it's time for me to move on. I hope Nomad Union sticks together, because without them, GTA V stunting would have never reached these heights, but everything must come to an end. My next step will be announced shortly, but until then, goodbye guys, it's been a blast!

:Disgusted: :Disgusted: :Disgusted: :Disgusted: :Disgusted: :Disgusted: :Disgusted: :Disgusted:

V Chat & Support / GTAV PC: Stunting Changes
« on: April 13, 2015, 08:28:37 AM »
Working on a video right now, so I won't be able to exhaustively test the PC version until I'm done. Small updates will be added to the first post until I'm ready to share my full findings.

Had a little look into the handling files since OpenIV 2.5 was released, confirmed all my findings regarding the PS4/XO versions from the heists topic (handling is exactly the same as PS4/XO). Found some more changes as well. I'll post these up when I've got the time.

UPDATE: The only difference I haven't been able to account for is the Sanchez. It's got exactly the same handling file as it does on X360/PS3, but it's clearly much faster on PS4/XO/PC. Perhaps one of the Sanchez vehicle modifications on X360/PS3 isn't applying correctly? I need to test whether or not the stock version of the Sanchez displays any differences between X360/PS3 and PS4/XO/PC.

UPDATE 2: Yup, my findings on PS4/XO were correct (professional testing skills ftw :jajaja:). However, I've discovered that the Burger Shot Stallion, Pißwasser Dominator, Redwood Gauntlet and Sprunk Buffalo are all faster than the original versions. I've also confirmed that the Cheval Marshall and the Vapid Liberator share exactly the same handling line, so there's really no reason to own the Liberator. More information coming when I'm ready to post it (and believe me, there's more :euro:). Not for a while though, I'm busy with something.

UPDATE 3: New update (17th April) didn't change handling files or physics.

UPDATE 4: New update (21st April) didn't change handling files or physics.

UPDATE 5: See first post for information on future updates.

Sorry for the double post, but I compiled a list of the handling changes between X360/PS3 and PS4/XO/PC (this does not include general physics changes, like car gliding being removed).

Left side is X360/PS3, right side is PS4/XO/PC.

I'm going to stop apologising for multiple posts upon minor updates :euro:. A new update for GTA V on PC has been released. I've checked the handling files, and I've also checked game physics - nothing has changed. Move along :jajaja:.

Now, I'll update the first post when I actually have the time to thoroughly test the PC version, but having invested significant time with it, I'm 99% sure that it's exactly the same as PS4/XO for stunting. The only differences come in the way of keyboard controls and unlimited frames per second.

  • You can steer left/right while wheelying with a keyboard. This is barely possible while using a gamepad, unless you combine analogue stick wheelies with motion control steering (PS4 only).
  • High frame rates slightly changes bicycle handling on PC. The wallclimb glitch is much stronger with high frame rates than it is with 30fps on all platforms (including PC), given the higher amount of bunnyhops per second (much like cabbie boosting in SA). Additionally, successive forwards bunnyhops are slightly more difficult (you have to lean forwards less upon landing for multiple bunnyhops), while backwards bunnyhops are slightly easier (higher speed per backwards bunnyhop).

The Rockstar Editor is very good, but it probably needs its own topic, so I won't be covering it here. Hopefully this helps people out until I've got time to exhaustively test everything on PC :).

V Videos / Kwebellkop's Stunt Montage (Faked)
« on: April 04, 2015, 04:43:00 PM »

Kwebellkop just released a faked video on his YouTube channel. He used the Bati RR to fool people with creator mode on the first stunt (bike doesn't change colour), obviously faked the second stunt before he bailed, and the final stunt is a ditch to a submarine? Didn't see this posted here, so I figured we should save this obvious cheating for history's sake :P.

The heists update has dropped! We're up to GTA V 1.21 on last gen, and GTA V 1.07 on current gen. Early warning - I've heard from numerous people that the BMX is completely destroyed up on PS4/XO, once again :wacko:. Hearing that gliding is gone too, and motorbikes appear to be fucked in the same ways as BMX, at least on next gen (haven't heard from anyone on last gen). More on that when I get the chance to take a look at it.

Rockstar Support BMX Physics Information (GTA V 1.07 PS4/XO):

GTA V 1.22 (X360/PS3) & GTA V 1.08 (PS4/XO): A new update came out for both X360/PS3 (GTA V 1.22) and PS4/XO (GTA V 1.08). To quote Rockstar Games, the new update merely includes "fixes for GTA Online to improve stability, and other minor fixes for both GTA Online and Story Mode". Will be testing the X360/PS3 update to ensure that everything's still working as soon as possible.

As for PS4/XO, it's said that BMX and motorbike physics have been fixed (following GTA V 1.07's changes), but once again, I won't confirm this until I've tested it for myself :).

GTA V 1.23 (X360/PS3) & GTA V 1.09 (PS4/XO): Shortly after I finished my research, a new update was released. It's mainly focused on changes to heists and matchmaking, with fixes for vehicle deformation. Shouldn't take too long to research the updates, but I'll have to check them out.

GTA V 1.10 (PS4/XO): Rockstar just released GTA V 1.10 exclusively for PS4/XO, mainly fixing parallax occlusion mapping. Testing it for stunting changes as soon as possible.

GTA V Heists Update (GTA V 1.21/1.22/1.23): Stunting Changes (X360, PS3)

Vehicle handling in GTA V 1.21/1.22/1.23 is exactly the same as the previous version of the game. I've thoroughly tested everything, and found no differences whatsoever. Keep in mind that the heists update on X360/PS3 still has the motorbike traction and input ghosting issues previously introduced by GTA V 1.19/1.20. These don't significantly harm stunting, so it's safe to say that last gen is working just fine :D.

GTA V Heists Update (GTA V 1.07/1.08): Stunting Changes (PS4, XO)

To understand GTA V on PS4/XO, we must look back to the retail version of the game. By the end of this, you should recognise the core differences between X360/PS3 and PS4/XO, all of the new vehicles on PS4/XO, and everything that GTA V 1.08 has fixed.

Vehicle handling is generally the same as last gen consoles, but there were major issues in the original version of the game. Thankfully, most of these have been fixed, but here's a couple of things that we've had to deal with.

  • Bicycles had atrocious handling in the original version of the game. FishyDizzle demonstrated everything that was wrong with the BMX in this video. We originally assumed that these issues were a by-product of trying to fix the wallclimb glitch, and a member of Rockstar Games eventually confirmed this in private discussions. As a result of these discussions, they decided to fix some of the issues we were having, and one month later, horizontal rotation fixes came with GTA V 1.05/1.06. When the heists update was released (GTA V 1.07), not only did they manage to completely destroy bicycles again, but they also fucked up motorbikes too (see here for details). Horizontal rotation speeds and frontflip speeds were practically gone (although they did bring back bicycle backflip speeds), you couldn't do stoppies anymore, and you couldn't horizontally control bicycles or motorbikes while gliding. Four days later, this was fixed by GTA V 1.08, finally changing bicycles back to X360/PS3 handling, and reverting motorbikes back to GTA V 1.05/1.06 handling.
  • The turbo vehicle upgrade was broken in the original version of the game. Rather than making your vehicle accelerate more quickly, it did the opposite, making your vehicle accelerate more slowly. Broughy1322 made a fantastic video demonstrating the bug, which thankfully found its way to Rockstar Games. This was fixed a month after release with GTA V 1.05/1.06.

Now, let's examine the current state of vehicle handling on PS4/XO.

  • Motorbikes handle exactly the same as X360/PS3, aside from changes to traction, and changes to specific vehicles.
  • Bicycles handle exactly the same as X360/PS3.
  • Cars handle exactly the same as X360/PS3, aside from changes to traction, the removal of car gliding, and changes to specific vehicles.
  • Boats handle exactly the same as X360/PS3.
  • Helicopters, Jets and Planes handle differently to X360/PS3. Hovering requires different altitude control to avoid stalling, some maneuvers are no longer possible, and reverse flight is slightly more difficult than it was on X360/PS3. Turbulence also seems to be less persistent than it was on X360/PS3. These changes are likely due to gliding physics being removed from cars/helis/jets/planes on PS4/XO, but nobody can say for sure. Let it be known that I'm not an expert pilot in GTA V, but nobody else has stepped up to check the differences between last gen and current gen. Without access to the handling files on PS4/XO, I can't speak to any other differences.

Did you notice that I mentioned changes to vehicle traction? I've observed global traction changes to all motorbikes and cars, but there are also some vehicles that have been changed, and some that remain unaffected. Now, if speed methods were different between X360/PS3 and PS4/XO, it would be impossible to say if traction had changed, so we must examine speed and velocity first.

To test speed and velocity, I completed a series of tests on ten motorbikes, and ten cars. I wish I could have tested everything, but I simply didn't have the time, so I only tested the vehicles that I find important for both racing and stunting. Speed and velocity is exactly the same on PS4/XO, specific vehicle changes withstanding. The BF Injection is very slightly slower on PS4/XO (hard to say whether it's top speed or acceleration), the Duneloader has a much lower top speed on PS4/XO, and the Sanchez has a much higher top speed on PS4/XO. There could be more vehicles with different handling, but I've tested everything that's actually worth using, and these are the only changes I could find. Without access to the PS4/XO handling files, it would take too long to find anything else (we'll have to wait for the PC version to check out the PS4/XO/PC handling files).

GTA V 1.22 (X360/PS3) vs 1.08 (PS4/XO) - Speed Tests

Now, I also checked the vehicle statistics of every race class in the lobby screen for updates, even though the lobby screen is occasionally wrong. Why would I do that? Well, if Rockstar Games changed any of the vehicles, you'd think they would update the vehicle statistics too, right? Wrong. The BF Injection and the Duneloader have updated vehicle statistics, but the Sanchez still shows exactly the same vehicle statistics as X360/PS3, despite having a higher top speed on PS4/XO. Even more weirdly, the Sanchez has lower top speed vehicle statistics in single player (both X360/PS3 and PS4/XO), despite having the same handling in single player as GTA Online.

Racing lobby screen vehicle statistics have another major issue on both X360/PS3 and PS4/XO, and it's existed since the game was released on X360/PS3. Los Santos Customs always shows the correct custom vehicle statistics for customised vehicles, but in the racing lobby screen, every single compacts car shows lower custom vehicle top speed statistics, despite having exactly the same top speed as stock vehicles. This bug also affects most of the vehicles in the SUVs class, and some of the vehicles in the sedans class (there may be more, but there are some vehicles that must be purchased to use in GTA Online, so I couldn't check everything). Additionally, there are also some vehicles which show higher custom vehicle statistics than their stock counterparts, and these vehicle statistics are also totally false (I could list all of these vehicles, but Rockstar is wasting enough of my time, so just be aware that this bug affects other vehicle classes too). This is not a global issue, and it's also not related to specific types of customisations. Most vehicles don't exhibit this bug, and you can clearly see the correct statistics when you view them in Los Santos Customs. I've also done real time speed tests of all these vehicles, and they all have the same top speed regardless of customisation.

Conclusively, the GTA Online lobby screen and Los Santos Customs usually show relatively accurate statistics, but you should keep in mind that they can be completely wrong under specific circumstances. At least they're not completely untrustworthy like the Content Creator and Social Club, both of which aren't even close to reality.

With all that out of the way, let's move on to traction. Global changes to traction have been introduced to motorbikes and cars on PS4/XO. All motorbikes show roughly the same increase in traction on both normal and off-road surfaces, and all cars show roughly the same reduction in traction on both normal and off-road surfaces, with a couple of exceptions.

GTA V 1.22 (X360/PS3) vs 1.08 (PS4/XO) - Traction Tests

Does this actually matter? Wallrides are a little harder (especially horizontal wallrides), and stunts like Turtle Dick's lighthouse landing can be annoying (because the changes are much more obvious off-road), but otherwise, not really. It's barely noticeable, I'm probably one of the only people who could notice the difference without seeing test results :D. It's curious that the Hakuchou has the same traction as X360/PS3 (probably because it steers so heavily already), and it's strange that the Zentorno has increased traction on PS4/XO (I'm honestly not sure about this), but these are exceptions to the rule. Generally speaking, there's a barely noticeable increase to traction on motorbikes, and a barely noticeable decrease to traction on cars, and some vehicles may have the same/different traction, but you really don't need to worry about it.

Note: One more thing. The motorbike/bicycle input ghosting introduced by GTA V 1.19 on X360/PS3 does not exist on PS4/XO.

So, that's all of the main details regarding GTA V's vehicle handling on PS4/XO. Nothing particularly shoddy, I'd actually say the majority of these things are good changes. Still, I'm very disappointed that car gliding has been removed; it really sucks the life out of car stunting. Rockstar, please change this back! I genuinely believe that it's the only thing that's holding back stunting on PS4/XO. Moving on, let's get down to some of the greater subtleties.

  • New vegetation models have been added on PS4/XO. They look amazing, especially the grass, but I've always wondered how it would affect stunting. Having rummaged around the map for drawbacks, I'm happy to say that the new models don't harm any known stunting locations. On the off chance that you were concerned about the new vegetation models, don't worry about it.
  • Southern San Andreas Super Autos has been updated with vehicle statistics on PS4/XO. As of GTA V 1.22 on X360/PS3, this was also brought to last generation platforms (more details in the following section).
  • Rockstar fixed several "map holes/escapes" with GTA V 1.05. This prompted me to research stunting landmarks with previously broken collisions on X360/PS3, and see if they were fixed on PS4/XO. Everything important is exactly the same, discounting three fixed collisions (keep in mind that they are still broken on X360/PS3). The IAA Window Breach has been fixed, the Flame Tower has been fixed (previously had a dome shaped collision, now matches the flame shape), and the Grand Senora Radio Tower has been fixed (the top was missing a collision). Otherwise, every important stunting landmark is exactly the same.
  • GTA V 1.08 introduced changes to vehicle deformation on PS4/XO, as well as other optimisations. You can check out what's changed by watching this video. Looks like they went a step too far, here's hoping it was a mistake. Note: Vehicle deformation was fixed with GTA V 1.09, and parallax occlusion mapping was fixed with GTA V 1.10.
  • GTA V 1.08 introduced changes to bailing on PS4/XO. Bailing launches you much higher/further than you can on X360/PS3. Not really important to stunting, but worth knowing.

Slow motion ability has been adjusted on PS4/XO. Slow motion ability length increased by approximately 50% on PS4/XO, and slow motion ability recharge rate increased by approximately 250% on PS4/XO. I measured the length by timing how long it takes to diminish a full bar of slow motion ability while stationary. I measured the recharge rate by fully depleting my slow motion ability, driving on the airport runway from beginning to end, and measuring how many pixels of slow motion ability had replenished. I compared these values with the pixel dimensions of the slow motion ability bar to derive my results (14% replenished on X360/PS3, 50% replenished on PS4/XO).

GTA V 1.22 (X360/PS3) vs 1.08 (PS4/XO) - Slow Motion Ability Tests

This is awesome for car stunting, slow motion ability supplies are unmistakably boundless. Now we just need Rockstar to bring back car gliding, and we'll be ready moving forward :euro:.

The last thing I want to talk about is the new vehicles on PS4/XO. Most of them aren't particularly good at stunting, but some of them are worthwhile. Additionally, everything that was locked behind the Collector's Edition on X360/PS3 is now available to everyone, but the only vehicle worth using from the Collector's Edition is the Carbon RS. More on that below.

Cheval Marshall

The Cheval Marshall is exclusive to players who own the game on X360/PS3, but this vehicle handles exactly the same as the Vapid Liberator (the top speed might be very slightly higher, but I can't notice a difference without testing). So why use it? The Marshall has a pickup space in the back, which allows you to carry vehicles. The Liberator does not. In GTA Online, the Marshall costs $500,000. The Liberator costs $750,000. Clearly, the Marshall is more valuable than the Liberator, but the Liberator does have one thing going for it... that livery :happy:.

GTA 5 PS4 - Cheval Marshall Vs The Liberator | #102 (GTA V)

It's worth nothing that you can't go over the top speed of monster trucks using the slow motion ability. However, you can still use it to reach top speed more quickly.

Imponte Duke O' Death

The Imponte Duke O' Death is a brand new muscle car. It's powerfully armoured, and it's good at stunting, but not as good as the Dominator (the best muscle car). Fun to mess around with, but it's not going to set the world on fire.

GTA 5 Secret Cars - “Duke O’ Death” (Duke of Death) (GTA V)

Mammoth Dodo

The Mammoth Dodo is awesome for one simple reason. It's a seaplane. This opens up really interesting stunting opportunities on its own, but if you're looking for something new, this is worth a shot :).

GTA 5 - How to unlock the Dodo Seaplane [PS4 & Xbox One]

Nagasaki Carbon RS

The Nagasaki Carbon RS is a good stunting bike, but it's ultimately pointless. The Bati 801 has much higher top speed, slightly better brakes, and much better traction than the Carbon RS. The Bati 801 is also lighter than the Carbon RS (230 mass vs 250 mass), and has lower drag values to boot (8 vs 9), which helps it glide more effectively. The Bati is better at bumping in all situations, discounting curb bumps. The Carbon RS is okay at grinding, but it can be a little tricky because the bike isn't very long. Besides, the Bati 801 is much better at grinding than the Carbon RS, and can grind autonomously in more situations. Slides and wallrides work with the Carbon RS, but just like everything on this bike, it's merely "okay", nothing special.

GTA V: Carbon RS | Motorbike Showcase #8

The Carbon RS does having one saving grace - this motorbike is arguably the best curb bumping machine in GTA V at low-medium speeds. Unfortunately, the Carbon RS is undermined by its wheelie, which completely drops at high speeds (same goes for stoppies), so the Thrust still blows it away. When travelling at low speeds, this bike is untouchable, but in this case, why wouldn't you use the Faggio instead? I would avoid using the Carbon RS completely, unless you're trying a curb bump with a very short runup, given that the Carbon RS accelerates much more quickly than the Faggio.

Xero Blimp

The Xero Blimp is basically just a better version of the Atomic Blimp, it's a little bit less cumbersome. No reason to use the Atomic Blimp, unless you like the way it looks.

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - How To Get The XERO BLIMP on GTA 5! (GTA 5 PS4 / XBOX ONE)

GTA V Heists Update (GTA V 1.09): Stunting Changes (PS4, XO)

Having thoroughly tested everything, I've found that stunting is exactly the same. The only relevant difference is that the Lampadati Casco has been removed from single player garages. Additionally, vehicle deformation has been fixed.

GTA V Heists Update (GTA V 1.10): Stunting Changes (PS4, XO)

Nothing changed. Mainly fixes for parallax occlusion mapping.

GTA V Heists Update: Stunting Changes (All Platforms)

New vehicles have been added to the game with the heists update. However, they currently can't be used in single player. You could test the new vehicles in content creator, but keep in mind that you wouldn't be able to fully upgrade the vehicles. The only way of properly testing the new vehicles is to unlock everything by playing through GTA Online heists.

Legendary Motorsport has always been completely wrong with regards to vehicle statistics, and that hasn't changed as of the latest updates to the game. Luckily for us, the heists update has brought the new presentation style of Southern San Andreas Super Autos from PS4/XO to X360/PS3, and most of Southern's vehicle statistics are completely accurate. The values are based off the handling files from the X360/PS3 versions of the game (new vehicles withstanding on PS4/XO), but there are a couple of screw-ups. The Schwartzer says it has a top speed of 120mph on X360/PS3, but it's actually 147mph (this is fixed on PS4/XO). The Feltzer says it has a top speed of 100mph on X360/PS3, and a top speed of 145mph on PS4/XO, but it's actually 153mph on all platforms (confirmed this by checking the handling files and doing real time speed tests). The BF Injection and the Sanchez are still using the last gen vehicle statistics on PS4/XO, despite having been changed. In GTA Online, the Enduro says it has a top speed of 113mph, despite having a top speed of 119mph on all platforms. There's probably more, but fuck listing everything - Rockstar's wasted enough of my time. Overall, you still shouldn't trust GTA V's vehicle statistics, because Legendary Motorsport is completely fucked up, and Southern San Andreas Super Autos has its own set of problems.

Finally, it's worth noting that changes have been made to the maximum time limits of deathmatches. Deathmatches are now limited to 20 minutes in open lobbies, on all platforms. Having 60 minutes in a deathmatch is really important for multiplayer stunting, so to avoid these limitations, host a private session before hosting a stunting deathmatch (invite only sessions, crew sessions, friend sessions). This will allow you to host 60 minute deathmatches as normal.

Heists Vehicle Research

Managed to get through heists :jajaja:. I'll be listing the new bikes and the Hydra, but I've tested the new cars and none of them are good for stunting in GTA Online, so I won't be listing them. The new helicopters don't have any stunting qualities to speak of, so I won't be listing them either. However, the list may be updated with some of the cars if they're made available in single player, since I would be able to test them with Franklin's special ability.

UPDATE: As of GTA V 1.08 on PS4/XO you can use the Lampadati Casco in single player, but it's still unavailable on X360/PS3. Updated the list with my thoughts.
UPDATE 2: The Lampadati Casco is gone again. GTA V 1.09 on PS4/XO removed it from single player garages. Keeping my notes up.

Dinka Enduro

The Dinka Enduro is quite similar to the Sanchez on X360/PS3. So similar in fact, that the handling lines for this bike are literally copy and pasted from the Sanchez, save for a couple of differences. The max flat velocity of the Sanchez is 118mph, whereas the max flat velocity of the Enduro is 119mph. The Enduro has significantly better drive force (acceleration) than the Sancez. The Sanchez has very slightly better brakes than the Enduro, and the Enduro has a slightly better traction curve than the Sanchez. Aside from these differences, the handling of these two bikes is exactly the same, at least in the handling.meta. When you test the Enduro against the Sanchez in the real world, differences begin to emerge.

GTA 5 PS4 - Dinka Enduro $48,000 Motorbike Showcase

The Sanchez is approximately 1.5x longer than the Enduro. Both bikes share the exact same wheelie angle, but because the Enduro is shorter than the Sanchez, the Enduro can wheelie slightly higher.

What's the result of this? Well, the Enduro can hit slightly higher bumps than the Sanchez. However, the Enduro performs significantly worse at low-medium size bumps. The Enduro bails all the time on these types of bumps (unless you pull up really close), but the Sanchez takes them with ease. If you've ever had a Sanchez spot in mind, but you couldn't quite wheelie high enough, it's worth giving the Enduro a shot, but if you're bailing on a low-medium sized ledge with the Enduro, try the Sanchez instead (even though it's slightly slower).

There are situations in which the Enduro is always the champion. Racing, ramp-based stunts, tiny precisions, and especially normal grinds. Grinding thin rails is much easier with the Enduro, because the gap between the front wheel and the middle of the bike is much smaller. On the other hand, grinding thick ledges is much easier with the Sanchez, given the length of the bike. Sliding is easier with the Sanchez for the same reason; the length is very helpful.

So, what do I think of the Enduro? It blows the Sanchez away during races, but stunting is different. I don't see the Enduro as a replacement for the Sanchez, it's more like a cousin. The Enduro's great for raw speed, high bumps, wallrides, grinds, you name it. The Sanchez can't match the speed or size of the Enduro, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Enduro is a must-own stunting bike, but you should also hold onto your Sanchez for the time being ;).

UPDATE (PS4/XO): The Enduro handles exactly the same on X360/PS3 as it does on PS4/XO, but the Sanchez handling has changed on PS4/XO. Everything I've said above still applies to the X360/PS3 versions of the game, but you need to think about this bike differently on PS4/XO. The Sanchez is much faster than the Enduro on PS4/XO, so there's no reason to use the Enduro for big air stunts, unless you really need the Enduro's wheelie height. Aside from wheelie height, the only reason I would use the Enduro on PS4/XO is for grinding, and for really small precisions. Otherwise, it's completely outclassed by the Sanchez.

Principe Lectro & KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)

The Principe Lectro is an interesting stunting bike, but it's not particularly useful. Although the Lectro shares the same max flat velocity as the Ruffian (140mph), it can barely do a wheelie/stoppie after the first two gears (much like the Akuma and the Double T). As a result, the Lectro's actual top speed and acceleration is much lower than the Ruffian's. That would be bad enough on its own, but the Bati also has a much higher max flat velocity than the Lectro (150mph), it accelerates way faster, brakes much better and clearly has much better traction.

The Lectro sucks for bumping on long runups. It's not too bad on a short runups, but don't expect to do any big air stunts with this bike. The Lectro's gliding potential is merely okay; not bad, not good. It's good at wallrides, but given how hard it is to bump with this bike, you aren't going to be getting into wallride's very easily. You can grind with the Lectro, but it's not a particularly good performer; you have to manually control it all the way, or you will fall off straight away. It's not bad at sliding, but the Bati and the Hakuchou are much easier to handle and control. Honestly, the Lectro pales in comparison to the competition.

Now, why do I still say the Lectro is interesting, even though it's clearly not as good as the Bati or the Ruffian? Well, because the Lectro has KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). The Lectro recovers kinetic energy while it's slowing down, which charges up a special KERS meter underneath the radar. When charged up, KERS can be used to boost up to top speed much more quickly, and even slightly surpass the top speed of the vehicle (works the same on normal roads and offroad surfaces). The Lectro is the only bike in the game which has KERS enabled, making it very unique.

GTA 5 Heists DLC RARE "PRINCIPE LECTRO" KERS Nitrous Bike! How To Unlock Principe Lectro! (GTA V)

Should you be worried about KERS? In a word, no. Unlike boost pickups, KERS doesn't give you some insane boost in acceleration. It merely gives you a slight boost in acceleration, and VERY slightly surpasses the top speed of the bike. As a matter of fact, the Lectro's only saving grace is KERS. You can't even use KERS during GTA Online races, it only works during content creator races (this could be a bug, who knows). However, KERS does work in GTA Online freeroam sessions, and jobs/heists/deathmatches/captures/LTS (basically anything except online races). Let me run down the specifics of how KERS can be used.

  • Charges when you're not applying the gas (RT/R2). Charges faster when braking.
  • Charges slightly faster when turning (because turning helps slow you down).
  • Normal braking (LT/L2) charges KERS slightly faster than applying the handbrake, but you should hold both together for best results. A good rule of thumb when braking is to know that whatever slows you down the fastest will also charge up KERS more quickly.
  • If you try to charge up KERS while travelling too slowly, you will come to a halt before the KERS bar can charge all the way back up. For this reason, you want to slow down from high speeds for best results.
  • Knowing this information, it follows that you can charge KERS much more quickly by not braking at all. By letting go of the gas (RT/R2), and slowly applying it in bursts, you can keep the bike moving at high speeds while still charging KERS all the way back up. Definitely the best way of charging KERS on a straight.
  • KERS can't be activated unless you're applying the gas (RT/R2). This prevents you from using KERS while doing a stoppie, among other things. However, you can apply KERS while braking, as long as you're still applying the gas.
  • KERS works during wheelies, unlike boost pickups.
  • KERS can't be activated during airtime, and will disable itself accordingly. This means that you can't use KERS to help yourself glide more quickly.
  • KERS can't be activated while using boost pickups, but if you activate KERS before picking up a boost, you can use them both at the same time.
  • KERS can't be activated while driving in reverse, and will disable itself accordingly. This means that you can't use KERS to help yourself drive backwards more quickly.
  • KERS can't be activated during grinds or slides, and will disable itself accordingly. This means that you can't use KERS to help yourself grind or slide more quickly.
  • KERS gives you an extremely small acceleration boost during wallrides. It's barely enough to be noticed, so you can't exactly use it to lame anything :D.
  • KERS doesn't work very well while driving uphill. It gives you a slight boost in acceleration, but nothing more. However, KERS does help you drive much more quickly downhill.

Essentially, KERS isn't very useful for stunting. It helps the Lectro get a little faster, but it's still nothing close to being competitive with the Bati and the Hakuchou. It might be a little more useful on stunts with very short runups (maybe if you find some really creative use for it), but short runups aside, stunting with the Lectro is pointless. Maybe it would be useful if it could be used in GTA Online racing... I doubt it though. Still, it's really fun to play around with the Lectro, and it's worth using this bike just to get to grips with KERS! It's certainly not lame, so please don't witch hunt people who use KERS for stunting :).

Lampadati Casco

The Lampadati Casco is the latest Sports Classics car, introduced with the heists update. It looks nice, but while it's great for both racing and stunting, it's significantly outclassed by the Z Type. From a racing perspective, both the Pigalle and the Z Type are better than the Casco. The Casco outperforms the Monroe and the Pigalle when stunting, but none of these vehicles are even close to the Adder or the Z Type.

GTA 5 PS4 - Lampadati Casco $680,000 Car Showcase

The Casco's really fun to mess around with, and you can land great stunts with it, but it's not something I would choose above any alternatives. If you want to use a slower vehicle for car stunting, I'd personally choose the Monroe. It's better than the Pigalle for stunting, and in my opinion, it looks more impressive than the Casco.

Mammoth Hydra

The Mammoth Hydra is a game changer. The vertical flight mode opens up so many new opportunities for jet stunting, and the Hydra handles like a dream in both flight modes. This video demonstrates some of the possibilities.

GTA V Hydra Jet Stunt Montage | A New Era Of Stunting

The Hydra is much faster than the Lazer in a straight line, allowing for some really impressive gap combinations. However, it's a little bit larger than the Lazer, significantly slower while turning around, and much less maneuverable, so certain types of stunts will continue to favour the Lazer (hovering in tight spaces, combining tight gaps). I don't think this is a big deal, because having the ability to combine normal flight with vertical flight allows you to do a multitude of different things. Drifting the jet across a straight line, flying up otherwise impossible vertical gaps... the possibilities are endless.

One of the most interesting things about the Hydra is its ability to carry vehicles in vertical flight mode. Vehicles practically stick to the Hydra as long as you carry them carefully, even when flying at high speeds. Players can walk around on a Hydra in vertical flight mode too, so there's lots of things to be done with this new jet. I've only managed to find two videos about this, but the ability to carry players/vehicles goes much deeper than these videos demonstrate.


GTA Hydra surfing

Overall, I really love the Hydra. There are things that it can't do as well as the Lazer jet, but I think that's a good thing. Different jets for different jobs.


It's a shame that Rockstar released heists in such a broken state with GTA V 1.07 on PS4/XO, with the breakage of motorbike and bicycle physics. Thankfully, GTA V 1.08 fixed this very quickly, and Rockstar deserves thanks for that. They did a great job with heists, the new vehicles are awesome (especially the Hydra), and seeing the progression of GTA V on PS4/XO makes me hopeful that the PC version will release in a working state. Perhaps it's foolhardy to think this way, given Rockstar's track record, but a man can dream :ninja:.

Where do we go from here? If Rockstar could grant me just one of my wishes, I would ask them to bring back car gliding on PS4/XO. The absence of it really sucks the life out of car stunting, and in my opinion, car gliding was never destructive. I don't know why Rockstar removed it, since they allowed the stunting community to keep gliding with motorbikes and bicycles, but it strikes me as a bad decision. Now, if they could grant me a second wish, I would ask them to completely overhaul GTA V's representation of vehicle statistics. Right now, they're riddled with issues, and cause more problems than they solve. I shouldn't have to search for handling.meta files or summate real-time speed tests to find out the truth.

Hopefully this will come in handy, it took a long time to finish my research. Goodbye :mellow:.

V Chat & Support / Why Vehicle Statistics Can't Be Trusted (Broughy1322)
« on: January 05, 2015, 12:11:43 PM »
I think most of the top stunters already know about this, but this is an awesome video, and it's relevant to every stunter out there trying to directly compare vehicles against each other. This will all become much easier to test on PC, but it's also worth knowing about right now, with relation to last gen and current gen consoles.

The Truth About Vehicle Stats - GTA Fact-Finding #4

To add a little to his commentary, not even Southern San Andreas Super Autos has fully accurate vehicles statistics. Last gen is completely wrong, because it doesn't read the statistics directly from the handling.meta file, and some of the vehicles from next gen still use the bogus statistics from last gen, instead of directly reading from the handling files. Social club's vehicles section cannot be trusted whatsoever (most of the statistics are completely incorrect), but Los Santos Customs and GTA Online racing is usually very closely accurate to the real data from the handling files (not always).

The most important thing to do is test all of the vehicles for yourself, rather than trusting Rockstar's data comparisons.

Now that the second major update for PS4 and Xbox One has been released, with major fixes to stunting related issues (like turbo and BMX physics), it's finally worth making a topic about stunting related changes. Title Update 1.19/1.05 includes changes for X360/PS3, and specific changes for PS4/XO. I will be testing X360/PS3 first, to get the simplest and most relevant set of information out as soon as possible. PS4/XO information will follow shortly afterwards, including analysis of all the new vehicles exclusive to returning players, and limited edition vehicles from X360/PS3.

Note: Title Update 1.18 changed nothing on last gen consoles, hence the skip. Additionally, turbo had previously been broken on PS4/XO since release, so testing the new vehicles for returning players would have been counter-productive. The PS4/XO versions are now stable enough for me to invest the time into analysing them against the X360/PS3 versions of the game.

UPDATE (23rd December 2014): GTA V 1.20 has just been released for X360/PS3, and GTA V 1.06 for PS4/XO. This comes just five days after the release GTA V 1.19/1.05. Will be testing 1.20 on last gen consoles to find any changes soon, and with regards to current gen consoles, the topic will now refer to GTA V 1.06 instead.

UPDATE 2: Fully tested GTA V 1.06. Definitely just online related bug fixes, nothing stunting related. All my findings from 1.05 still apply (coming very soon).

UPDATE 3: Fully tested GTA V 1.20. Much like 1.06 on PS4/XO, stunting is exactly the same as the previous patch. Seemingly just online fixes.

GTA V 1.19/1.20 Stunting Changes (X360, PS3)

Having tested just about every type of stunting (including every single note from the 1.15 Stunting Changes thread), and every type of vehicle in the game, I can confirm that for the most part, stunting remains exactly the same in GTA V 1.19 on Xbox 360 and PS3 :D. However, there's a few nagging issues that have been introduced with the latest update, ranging from menial to extremely frustrating.

  • When making a boat race in the content creator, boost pickups can no longer be placed on land. The game forces you to place them on water. Boat wallrides like those from SUPERNUVA are no longer possible. Honestly, this doesn't bother me too much. You had to exploit the ability to place boosts on flat surfaces to place them up solid walls in the first place, so it doesn't strike me as an issue that Rockstar decided to remove it. I don't think it improves the game in any way, but it doesn't significantly worsen stunting either. This is pretty minor on the list of updates.
  • When turning left/right on Motorbikes and Bicycles, ghosting begins to register after releasing the analogue stick to a neutral position. To disambiguate that statement; if you let go of the stick after holding it towards the left or right, you will keep moving in that direction for about half a second, before the game recognises you've stopped moving to the left or right. However, this only happens while travelling at medium/high speeds (relative to the max speed of the respective vehicle). So, you need to be tapping the pedal button on a BMX/Scorcher/Cruiser (or holding the right trigger all the way down on a motorbike) for this bug to happen. The bug doesn't happen while pedaling slowly on bicycles, or driving very slowly on motorbikes. Additionally, this can actually be avoided by gradually returning the analogue stick to a neutral position, so it's not really a big issue while stunting, unless you have to let go of the stick (as with gliding). Finally, this doesn't happen in other types of vehicles, doesn't happen while leaning forwards/backwards, and is unique to GTA V 1.19.

Now onto the big stuff. Steering weight/traction remains the same across all types of vehicles... except for motorbikes. The first thing I noticed upon loading GTA V 1.19 is how heavily motorbikes steer in the latest update :sleep:. I set out to prove this by grandfathering my testing methodology from GTA V 1.15, and applying it to all types of ground vehicles in GTA V 1.19.

GTA V 1.00/1.18 vs GTA V 1.19 - Steering Weight and Traction (X360/PS3)

To complete this test, I bought stock vehicles from Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and maxed out all performance modifications on each vehicle (brakes, engine, transmission and turbo). I used the same type of weather with approximately the same time of day in each recording, in order to prevent the weather from influencing my results. Made sure to avoid damaging the vehicles, and made sure my driving and stamina statistics were maxed out.

Using textures on the ground, I took exactly the same runup with each vehicle, and started the turning circles at the exact same position. I completed two full turning circles in each vehicle, and timed how long it took each vehicle to complete these turning circles, across both GTA V 1.00/1.18 and GTA V 1.19. All results are 100% frame accurate, analysed frame by frame in Adobe Premiere Pro.

As you can see, motorbikes steer much more heavily than they did in GTA V 1.00/1.18, while cars and bicycles remain unchanged. This is really frustrating, because not only does it make driving motorbikes feel very clunky, but it's also significantly more difficult to change direction while gliding motorbikes :(. At least gliding remains the same as 1.00/1.18 across all types of vehicles!

Moving onto the new vehicles, both of the new sports cars are great improvements upon the original models! The Dewbauchee Massacro (Racecar Livery) is said to have the same statistics as the previous model, but the "handling.meta" files tell a different story. According to data released by funmw2 on GTAForums, the new Massacro has slightly better traction than the previous model. The Dinka Jester (Racecar Livery) has slightly better acceleration/traction than the original model, but as shown by funmw2, also has a slightly more powerful handbrake. The new sports cars outclass the original models in every way, and give the previously dominant Elegy a good run for its money ;). I'd advise waiting on in depth track testing from Broughy1322 before making your mind up on the racing performance of these vehicles, but when it comes to stunting with the slow motion ability, they're not particularly useful. Right now, my personal favourite is the Massacro Racer, because the improved traction really helps it to close out the tiny gap between the Elegy and itself.

Rockstar also released two new muscle cars with the latest update. Both the Bravado Rat-Truck and the Vapid Slamvan handle very similarly, and in this case, that's not a good thing. They're not nearly quick enough to compete with other muscle cars in races, and they're far too slow/heavy to be used for stunting. Generally speaking, these two vehicles handle like boats, and the brakes are severely under-powered on both vehicles. The Slamvan may have slightly higher acceleration than the Rat-Truck, but the Rat-Truck makes up the difference with much better braking/traction during races. With that said, I wouldn't recommend using either of these vehicles for races or stunting. Despite this, they're both fun to drive around, and each vehicle has a large compartment in the back that could be used to carry around multiplayer friends, for stunting or otherwise.

All in all, it's really frustrating that Rockstar screwed up the handling of motorbikes again. However, it's not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things; you can simply get around it by controlling your bike with greater care. Knowing Rockstar's vigilance, I'm sure this will be fixed as soon as possible. I'll be making them aware of the issues I've found shortly.

UPDATE (23rd December 2014): GTA V 1.20 has just been released for X360/PS3. Fully tested, and it's exactly the same as GTA V 1.19 for stunting. Much like GTA V 1.06 on PS4/XO, it's just fixes for GTA Online.

GTA V 1.05/1.06 Stunting Changes (PS4, XO)

Coming soon...

UPDATE (10th March 2014): Will include this section in the heists update thread instead. Fully researched the patch when it came out, but Rockstar let me know that fixes were in the works, so I've decided to hold off on publishing my findings for now.

V Videos / SUPERNUVA [Nomad Union | Versa Alliance]
« on: October 15, 2014, 12:00:25 PM »

A Grand Theft Auto V crew collaboration between Nomad Union and Versa Alliance.


Nomad Union

Turtle Dick

Versa Alliance

BA ghost



GTA 5 Stunt Montage: SUPERNUVA (Nomad Union & Versa Alliance)

High Quality MP4 [1920x1080 | 15Mbps | 991MB]
Super Quality MP4 [1920x1080 | 30Mbps | 1.91GB]

V Chat & Support / 1.17 Stunting Changes
« on: October 02, 2014, 05:37:21 AM »
Stunting Changes list coming soon, update details can be found here :).

UPDATE 1: Tested physics and handling across all types of vehicles and stunting... everything is the same :D. Detailed notes on the new vehicles coming soon.

New Vehicles

Let's get this out of the away quickly. The new "Lampadati Furore GT" is a nice looking car, but it's not very useful for racing or stunting. The Elegy outperforms it in every category as a sports car, and compared with the Adder, it's nothing special when it comes to stunting with the slow motion ability either. The "LCC Innovation" is a cool new chopper bike, besting the Sovereign in terms of both top speed and acceleration (with slightly worse braking and traction). However, much like most of the chopper bikes, it can barely do a wheelie, and the Thrust blows it away in every category. Although the Innovation is now the second best chopper bike in the game, you're better off sticking to the Thrust for racing and stunting.

Now, the new "Shitzu Hakuchou" is a game changing motorbike. It has the highest top speed of all the bikes in the game, better acceleration than the Bati (worse than the Ruffian/Akuma), and a HUGE wheelie. The wheelie on this thing is massive, at least two times as high as the Ruffian! The Bati is half a second slower than the Hakuchou on the airport runup without a wheelie, and a quarter of a second slower with a wheelie. Not a huge difference, but the Hakuchou is definitely faster in a straight line (it's even faster than the Thrust by a quarter of a second while doing a wheelie).

That all sounds great, but what are the issues with the bike? Well, the game reports that the braking and traction values of the Hakuchou are the same as the Bati, but in my experience, the Hakuchou feels significantly harder to turn with (however, it seems to handle braking much better than the Bati). The heaviness of the bike makes it feel very difficult to steer, so although it may be faster than the Bati in a straight line, don't expect to be winning any races with it. It also feels very clunky when trying stunts with sharp turns, or complex combos.

The Hakuchou is better at grinding than the Ruffian, but it sucks compared to the Bati. The Hakuchou requires you to control grinds manually, whereas the Bati can automatically grind thin rails, in certain situations. Wallrides with this bike are absolutely terrible, attempting to wallride sideways with the Hakuchou is a no-no. It's nigh on impossible to wallride with this bike unless you're doing a vertical wallride, in which case it actually performs worse than the Bati, because it loses grip much more easily. Don't even bother trying to do a wallride with this bike, unless you can't hit a bump with the Bati or the Ruffian. Additionally, stoppie performance is about the same as the Bati and the Ruffian.

When it comes to gliding, the Hakuchou is probably the best super bike in the game (aside from the Double T, which has 200 mass). Despite weighing more than than the Bati (Bati = 230 mass, Hakuchou = 250 mass), the acceleration of this bike helps to carry it over massive distances when gliding. This makes the Hakuchou absolutely incredible for bumping and gliding... provided that you can actually hit a bump with it.

Bumping with the Hakuchou is a chore. Despite the huge wheelie, most of the bumps in this game are completely unsuitable for this bike. Why? In order to get the best possible bump in GTA V (at ground level), you need to hit an object with the tip of your front wheel, or the middle of your back wheel. Precisely because the Hakuchou has such a high wheelie, you hit most objects with the tail end of your bike, but not far back enough to bump with the back wheel. As a result, you will bail if you wheelie into most of the bumps in this game, or get a completely vertical bump with no distance. This happens because the front wheel gets way too high above the ledge you're trying to hit. This makes the Hakuchou practically unusable for 75% of bumping situations.

Despite these issues, the Hakuchou is actually capable bumping better than ANY other bike in the game... under highly situational circumstances :euro:. When it comes to ramping, this bike blows everything out of the water. The Hakuchou is untouchable on stair bumps, it's great at curb bumps (although not quite as good as the Thrust), and it bumps high ledges/objects extremely well.

Most importantly (in my opinion), is that the Hakuchou annihilates any bump which requires you to pull up in close proximity to the ledge/object. Why? It has the fastest speed in a straight line, and amazing wheelie potential. This means that if you need to wheelie into a bump really late (after a downhill/uphill section, after lots of turns, etc), the Hakuchou doesn't have any time to wheelie higher than the object you're trying to bump. As a result, it hits the object with the tip of the front wheel and sends you flying further than any other bike in the game. Under these circumstances, the Hakuchou is untouchable :a-cheer:.


  • Don't bother using the Furore GT or the LCC Innovation for racing or stunting.
  • For racing, the Hakuchou is the "fastest" bike in the game in a straight line, but because it turns so heavily, the Bati is still the best choice for most types of racing tracks in GTA V. For stunting, it's a highly situational bike. It's the best bike in the game when you're trying VERY specific types of bumps, but generally speaking, the Bati blows it away. Unless you're trying a big air bump/ramp, don't even bother trying the Hakuchou. Even then, the Bati is still better in most scenarios. Just remember that it's always worth giving the Hakuchou a shot, even if it is a highly situational bike.


Mass Values - Se7ensins GTAV Backup Topic - Handling Files.

V Chat & Support / 1.16 Stunting Changes
« on: August 19, 2014, 02:41:43 AM »
Downloading now. Will post any information I find in here + go down the list in the 1.15 Stunting Changes thread and see if everything has been reverted to 1.00/1.14 status. Let's hope! :euro:

UPDATE 1: Gliding is back :D. Will need to do more in depth testing, but it feels exactly the same as 1.00 on first impressions.
UPDATE 2: Everything is back to normal, 100%. Detailed notes coming later tonight :).

Having tested everything from the 1.15 Stunting Changes topic, I can confirm that gliding has been fixed! Everything relating to stunting has been set back to normal (GTA V 1.00/1.14). Motorbikes, Cycles, Cars, Boats, Helicopters and Planes... everything. That's great news, but with the addition of new vehicles, there's a couple of things you should know.

  • The Sovereign from GTA V 1.15 now handles differently. You can no longer pull wheelies with the Sovereign at high velocity levels. This effectively makes the Sovereign useless for stunting, despite being statistically better than the Daemon (the 2nd best chopper bike). It's impossible to say if this is how Rockstar intended the bike to handle, given that bikes were broken into GTA V 1.15, but it's possible that this is how they wanted it to perform from the beginning. Not problematic, in my opinion.
  • The new Coquette is a good car, but the Z Type is still the best Sports Classics car. The Z Type has higher top speed, but lower acceleration values than the Coquette. The Z Type also has much better braking values, and the same amount of traction. The Coquette gains much less speed from the slow motion ability than the Z Type, and it seems to be heavier as well. The Coquette can gain about 50% as much height/distance as the Z Type at top slow motion speed. Great vehicle, but not very useful for stunting or racing.
  • The new Besra is now technically the best jet for stunting in the game. The Besra makes up approximately 50% of the P99-6 Lazer's surface area, and is approximately two times as large as the Mallard. The Besra has slightly lower top speed and agility values than the Lazer, but higher acceleration/braking, making it great for races with heavy cornering. Due to the significantly better braking values, the Besra can also hover much more effectively than the Lazer. Overall, the Besra can fly through much smaller gaps than the Lazer at similarly high speeds, and while it's better for certain types of races, the Lazer will destroy it in most. However, the best jet really comes to down to personal preference/opinion.
  • The new Mil-Jet is a fantastic new passenger plane. Slightly better top speed, acceleration and braking than the Shamal and Luxor, and the same agility values as both. However, you still wont be able to compete with the Vestra, which blows everything away while racing (aside from the jets). It's also quite large (even larger than the Shamal/Luxor). Great plane for racing, but not worth using for stunting.
  • The new Swift is now one of the fastest helicopters in the game. Slightly higher top speed than the Buzzard, and higher acceleration values. However, the Swift's agility values are much lower than the Buzzard's, given that the Swift is very large by comparison. For long drag races, the Swift is by far the best helicopter in the game, but for very tight, complex courses, stick with the Buzzard. For stunting, the Swift's size makes it worthless compared to the Buzzard.
  • Player's can now equip reserve-parachutes, allowing you to have two parachutes in your inventory at once (purchasable at Ammunation). Ruined your parachute on a building? No problem, just open another one! This also allows you to try some nice combinations with free-falling, like boosting through one gap with a parachute, breaking off your first parachute, sailing down to another gap and parachuting again. This opens up many possibilities for free-fall stunting!

Overall, GTA V 1.16 is a fantastic update for stunting. Fixes all the issues that GTA V 1.15 introduced, and adds some really nice new vehicles to the game :cheernutz:.

UPDATE 3: Made a few minor corrections to new vehicle statistics.

Expression Section / The Last of Us - Red Dawn.
« on: August 02, 2014, 06:39:02 AM »

My first photo in The Last of Us Remastered. :euro:

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