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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2024, 09:12:04 AM »
The GTAS-man himself. Glad to be able to witness a solo by you in 2024. I remember your Skimmer-Caddy ejects in the past was probably one of the things that sparkled the idea of our "G" videos in multiplayer.
Unusual, unorthodox way of stunting, showing that stunting isn't just bikes and rads. Great usage of terrain and vehicles' specific properties/mass etc.
My favorite was the taxi push from the VC beach hotel, the Donut stunts, the Hunter grinds, the caddy grenade "race". Sweet stuff.

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #16 on: March 10, 2024, 12:57:09 AM »
Thanks for all the feedback and reactions guys, much appreciated!

I thought I'd write up some misc behind-the-scenes comments/notes on the video:

The Packer Spins:
These were something I'd be wanting to incorporate for quite a while, building on the very basic spin to knock the caddie off the bridge in The Fantabulous 4. The baseball super-spin was done by shooting the front two tires. For the airport one, since I needed to actually drive it, I went with just having it rain (overridden in capture), hence the spin not being as fast. I found with the baseball one that if I had the two vehicles as close as possible without contact then there was a good chance that after a while of spinning they would collide, and that's what happened here (my earlier plan was to stop the spin in just the right way that the packer would move a bit and I'd get the hit that way, but it didn't work as well). I wasn't sure if I'd even use the silly dugout/homerun stuff with the baseball one, but included it in every attempt just in case - once I settled on the songs it became clear that the whole thing would indeed fit well as an opening.

The Hunter-Boat Flings:
The idea seemed simple enough, but I never really had much luck with it to begin with, at best simply flipping a boat over or flinging it a tiny bit. Changing to this specific location really helped - it was still rare that I got a big fling but all of a sudden it seemed possible - so I've wondered whether it's something like a shallow water depth here that assists my leaning forward to quickly bring the tail up, like putting more force into that movement, I'm not sure. The credits one was the furthest distance attempt I had, and I tried to have the camera really show whats going on there with the fling for anyone curious.

Bailing on Camera:
In addition to the many other reasons why Replay Manager is awesome, being able to do a freecam/cinematic-style camera that isn't forced to include a sudden cut/snap as the target changes on get-in/out animations was especially important for this video. The first stunt I worked on here where this was relevant was the boat billboard bike one, where my Freeplay'd mockup camerawork was similar to the final but it had to suffer those awkward camera movements (and my unstable hand for attempting the rotation around the BB). Getting to create a perfectly smooth version of it in Replay Manager was super satisfying.

SAiVC and VA:
For the SA map in the VC engine, I've always done my stunting in VA, mostly just as a force of habit as I had VA first. I do choose to capture footage in SAiVC however, which can bring with it some unexpected surprises (not always good ones). The SF hamburger rotates fine in VA, which I assumed that was normal and I got used to it, so once I got to the final capture in SAiVC where it didn't rotate I just decided to capture the stunt in both maps and composite the hamburger section of VA's footage over the top of the rest (note that I didn't bother to do this in the credits stunt here as it was only briefly in frame). There were a couple other stunts where I did some minor compositing between the two again to try and get the best of both worlds with similar cosmetic stuff. Eg: The donut holes, where I was disappointed to discover denser tree coverage behind the donut in SAiVC, as it distracted from the stunt so I tried to merge it with the VA version I was used to. I didn't go overboard with this concept though as it thankfully wasn't often necessary, and also it was kinda problematic as I hadn't gotten their colouring to match perfectly (a single timecyc file will look different in SAiVC vs VA in regards to the ambient colours setting, not sure why, so I tried to fiddle with the numbers in SAiVC to get them looking the same, but it wasn't perfect).

The Bus Balance:
I wanted to stall a bus on its nose, and this spot seemed worthy in being a good high starting point that the bus could legit get to, and having a nice target with that ledge. I hoped that with the small speed involved, and drop-off, that the collision would be enough to halt the bus so it wouldn't slide off. It was a fools hope I suspect, as I'm pretty sure it was instead just some quirk of the map objects that made the bus stop there the way it did (especially given the weird nudge that happens as it settles there, plus the wacky attempt that I included in the credits), but it got me the result I wanted so I was happy! (NB: I did confirm that this also works in SAiVC, so it wasn't a VA-specific quirk). After I had done it I was curious if I could add any extra flair to it or something, and thus the silly pizzaboy landing was born.

"BB Fest 2023":
This took some serious time, but once I got the first two I knew I had to keep at it to complete the set (I also landed the chicken heads but figured it'd be a bit much to include them in the vid too). I also knew this would be the real test for me with Replay Manager, whether or not I could actually pull off some decent camerawork to capture them all in one motion, and I was quite happy with the result. The biggest aspect of the SAiVC vs VA differences with respect to this video comes into play here, and it was a frustrating discovery: those last two billboards don't seem to be present in the SAiVC map (at least in the versions I have). Only realising this after who knows much time I spent landing them all (and specifically those two took the longest), and after I'd finally nailed the camerawork and timings for the edit, I just couldn't bring myself to give them up. (Also I gather that their absence in SAiVC is just an oversight, since they exist in SA-proper, in VA, and even their poster/textures exist in SAiVC, just not the boards themselves) So yes to capture these stunts in SAiVC I chose to add a single ipl line for each of them so they'd be present for the footage.

Freeplay and the Camera Roll:
Once again working on an edit for a video led to me coming up with a bunch of new things I wanted/needed Freeplay to do and as such many new additions and changes were made to the mod during this project. I'm working still on polishing all that rushed work and adding more stuff I flagged as ideas, so its not quite ready yet, but perhaps soon I'll make a post in the Freeplay topic listing out the changes thus far and offering to send out potentially-incomplete versions to anyone wanting the features prior to official release. A specific one worth mentioning here is the feature that allowed me to do the camera roll in that credits stunt without revealing the void - yeah its a new feature that essentially does just that... BUT despite my best efforts it only does so with some significant limitations - essentially you need to give up your ability for a gradient in the sky as instead it'll only use the single sky-top colour. I have tried to get a more proper solution that wouldn't have these issues but no luck yet; I've had to settle for at least being able to make it work reasonably okay with clouds (it didn't initially, and still I'd recommend only using the fluffy clouds and having the line clouds disabled - also possible now).

I might post some more of my thoughts like this later but that'll do for now.
Thanks again for watching guys.
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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #17 on: March 13, 2024, 08:47:40 PM »
love the hunter and skimmer stunts :D i don't even need to think of watching and i still think these stunts are mindblowing holy shit. creativity level 100.

Freeplay and the Camera Roll:
A specific one worth mentioning here is the feature that allowed me to do the camera roll in that credits stunt without revealing the void - yeah its a new feature that essentially does just that... BUT despite my best efforts it only does so with some significant limitations - essentially you need to give up your ability for a gradient in the sky as instead it'll only use the single sky-top colour. I have tried to get a more proper solution that wouldn't have these issues but no luck yet; I've had to settle for at least being able to make it work reasonably okay with clouds (it didn't initially, and still I'd recommend only using the fluffy clouds and having the line clouds disabled - also possible now).

I might post some more of my thoughts like this later but that'll do for now.
Thanks again for watching guys.

damn, dannye be cooking. also idk if this connects, but goodbye 2DFX draw distance? i've always wanted the void to disappear on my edits, so i settled with that plugin, however when i use fog weather, the draw distance doesn't change (i don't usually do fog weather for a video)

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #18 on: March 18, 2024, 12:28:58 PM »
I'm very glad we're still alive to see a Dannye solo get released. Making baseball possible like in the intro is brilliant, so is the american soccer stunt haha. I dont recall watching direct packer stunts lmao pushing VC to the limits Dannye style. The skimmer human bump (SAiVC donut for example) stunt is something never seen before? The caddy explosion stunt in the LC dam, the hotring csm caddy flip 2 grind where pretty sweet. I liked how both packers mimetized at 7:20 :cc_detective:

Awesome editing. Long live Dannye ;D

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #19 on: March 20, 2024, 02:49:05 PM »

Truly a prodigy of the unexpected. Great camera work with the rotation of the vehicles and fantastic usage of explosions :)

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #20 on: March 21, 2024, 04:23:40 PM »
Unrelenting level of creativity, both in camera work and stunting. Videos like these really highlight just how much these games are a playground of mechanic manipulation.

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #21 on: March 24, 2024, 05:19:43 AM »
Thanks heaps for the additional comments and videos everyone!

Time for some more commentary stuff, this time with a bonus video containing some extra footage/clips too!
Click here to go straight to the bonus video
(NB: All clips linked below go to this one video, each one to their specific timestamp within - they exist in the video in the same order they are mentioned here. Be aware that this isn't a proper video, just a collection of the below-mentioned clips in low quality, with dodgy camerawork and frame drops etc, put to music only for the benefit of anyone watching it as a whole)

Bike Explode Into Ute(/Skimmer):
This one started out simpler, with exploding the pcj out the window into a stationary ute parked below, but after getting it I wanted to make it more interesting, which led to getting the ute moving. Having action happening at two significantly different heights forced my hand a little with camerawork, thinking I'd have to go split-screen on it (or have the camera really far away, which didn't seem as nice), in the end going with a temporary-split approach which I liked better and felt made the landing more satisfying. That height difference was also problematic as it meant that the explosion never actually rendered at the time of performing it, thus wasn't recorded in the replay file, which made the captured footage a bit lacklustre - so in the edit I actually composited the explosion effect into it using the version from that original stationary-ute version (pretty sure I'd used the same pcj location in both so it lined up well enough, especially considering how brief its shown anyway).

I actually tried to extend the idea even further too, this time making so I was actually inside the moving capture vehicle. The only option I could see for that was to change it from ute to skimmer, so I'd actually be able to trigger the explosion mid-flight to get the timing right - I'd be flying upside-down along a surface, quickly get out (to be then standing on top), trigger the explosion, get back in, then continue flying/sliding to the capture spot. I had two approaches, one where I'd come in from the side (same direction the ute was being pushed), and one where I flew through the hole in the nearby building. The midair collision version in the credits was a failed attempt at the latter, but I liked how it looked, and I never was able to get a successful attempt at that first approach, though one attempt was actually included in the video: in part 2 where I am standing atop the skimmer as it slides across that surface and I get the weird spinny thing at the end - that was an attempt at doing this where I wasn't able to trigger the explosion but got that cool result instead (in the capture I used "Hide Weapons" to prevent seeing the thus unused detonator in my hands). Also of note that for these I couldn't reliably use a remote detonator as it'd likely despawn, so instead I used an extra 'remembered' bike rigged with an 8ball explosive (as a result the 'reset' after each attempt was a pain).

  • Clip 1: The original stationary-ute version of this stunt (whose explosion effect I used in the final)
  • Clip 2: The skimmer version from the credits, this time with a view of the bike-assisted explosion
  • Clip 3: My closest attempt at catching the bike with the 'Skimmer Gambit' approach

Runaway Icecream Drive:
The ice cream van actually landing upright was an unexpected surprise to me too - I hadn't realised when I did the stunt, nor even when I made my first basic captures on it for the mockup, only while late in the process of making the proper camerawork did I finally notice it, and thus I changed my camera approach at the end to be sure it was featured. To get the best timing on the cut to this stunt, and then nice syncing during the stunt, meant I ended up needing an extra second or so at the start of the rep that I didn't actually have, hence the strange frozen camera at the start - while it was out of necessity I did end up quite liking it in the end, especially with cut to it occurring just after the word 'scream' and having that frozen camera placing the ice-cream front and center.

The Hunter Bounces/Grinds:
These were definitely inspired by Brulla's stunt from Lagoon, with my first attempts at it coming during my stunting for the 48hour video Aeronauts. The bridge grind seen towards the end of part 2 was indeed the exact spot I was originally working on during Aeronauts, and I did actually submit an attempt at it to that video (two variants actually), which thankfully went unused (the grind then was much shorter) and that gave me time to get a better execution and a bunch of other spots for this video instead. The final version of the bridge one in this video wasn't perfect (with that damn pole preventing the grind from going further - but try as I did I was never able to get it that good again in my subsequent attempts where I had the pole destroyed), but I was happy with it (and even moreso once I was realised I could use its positioning for a nice match-cut into the following Hunter stunt). The addition of the kinda reverse-wheelie thing to the start of some of these stunts just came from me realising I was starting to go a little overboard with the concept and wanting to have some extra variation in them - and I just thought it looked cool.

  • Clip 4: One of my two original attempts for Aeronauts, intended as an outtake, where the hunter also just kept on going and going, which I found quite funny/interesting

The Backwards Tank Grind:
The early cut on the end was for timing purposes only - I didn't mind how it looked with this early cut, but I know some might've preferred being able to see the stunt to the end - for those curious yes after hitting the tree the tank does quickly right itself for an upright landing. The driver-side door being missing was an idea I had when planning the edit, noting that the cut into this stunt was on the word 'face' and that thus it might be possible to have him somewhat looking towards the camera thanks to the driving-in-reverse animation. I figured out a hack I could do during playback to make the game think the door was missing and figured that'd be that, but it turns out that tanks (and police cars and enforcers) don't render missing doors during replay playback, which was unexpected, and so I had to fix that too (and thus the upcoming Freeplay release does include a fix for this game bug).

  • Clip 5: The full version of the backwards tank grind, showing the ending after hitting the tree

The Heli Bail Fling to jetty:
A complete fluke, not what I was attempting at all. The idea of leaning the heli prior to bailing and getting the player to bump off the tail during the fall was there, but the outcome was a happy accident. I wasn't really trying a proper stunt at all, mostly just experimenting to see whether having the player hitting the beachball with enough force would give any sort of meaningful 'bounce' off of it. In the end here the heli itself hit the beachball, destroying it, and thus creating the broken beachball particles. Those particles were indeed captured in the replay, but the beachball's status/position never is, instead only ever rendering in a replay however it is in-game at the time of playback, which made for a capture that could look a little silly showing the particles but the ball looking unaffected. To avoid this I captured the stunt twice, once with the ball present and once with it having been juggled out of frame, and then at the moment of impact in the edit I switch between the two.

The Dual Precs:
The sanchez to menu/truck bail and the pcj to antenna/hole stunts were both cases where I had originally landed simpler versions focused on the player-fling prec and decided to try and improve them with the extra prec of the bike. Ofcourse in both cases getting one of the precs wasn't too bad, but getting both in one attempt was rough - especially for the hole one where getting the bike landing was extremely rare (only possible when it randomly 'stuck' itself), and every time it happened I never got lucky with a good hole landing until finally with the one seen in the video here (though even then the hole landing wasn't actually perfect - right in the center - it was just close enough, and I may have chosen a camera angle that makes it harder to spot this imperfection).

On the other hand were the caddie dock barrels blowup and airport truck cliff gap, where instead I was originally focused on just trying to get the vehicle to its landing spot but after achieving that then realising that I might be able to do a little extra with the player too, with the caddie one simply getting the player blowback to pop me back onto the prior block, and with the airport gap adding an extra barracks into the mix to catch me as I fell (thus also making the truck gap itself tougher with me not being in control of it for the full descent).

These guys certainly made planning out the camerawork more challenging - trying to come up with angles/movement that could still show both of the landings in nice ways. Apologies for the fact that you often needed to look at both sides of the frame at once to try and see each aspect.

The Donut Hole:
Just trying to land in the back of a truck with such momentum turned out to be surprisingly difficult - I had an insane number of attempts where I actually got a good line and distance and landing in there, only to immediately have the force bounce me right back out (even with trying the truck both forwards and sideways incase one was better). That is what initially led me to experiment with other vehicles like what you saw in the credits here with the packer/bfj (I was as surprised & bummed as you guys when I fell out of that tree - it all happened so fast, and was not at all what I was expected, so I wasn't quick enough to prevent it), and was what eventually inspired the 'pinball' idea of bouncing from one into the other. Thankfully I did end up getting the single truck version, and then the pinball not long after, and thought it'd be fun in the edit to show them both in a way where it might initially seem like I was just re-showing the first one from a different angle, hopefully making the late reveal of the bounce-back as a nice surprise (I had to be careful with the camerawork to not give it away ahead of time, and made sure I recoloured the second skimmer to match the first).

The Skimmer Vehicle-Hits:
I liked that I was able to get some variation with these in the video: one straight-forward but with a satisfyingly large gap (this dam gap being the last stunt I landed for the video), one mixing things up by doing the hit while flying backwards (I spent quite a while on this one, unsure if I'd ever be able to get it as the distance was quite significant for a backwards hit - most attempts were usually complete duds), and the one where I follow it along for an extra push at the end. I ended up with two decent landings of the latter, one being landing in the garage (though not inside it as far as I'd have liked) and one further to the side which cleared the gap and landed beside the building - I went with the prior as that was the idea I'd being going for (while working on landing it I had pondered it being used in an edit where I'd show the door closing it in afterwards, but I didn't bother with that in the end). I really loved how the camerawork turned out on this one too, being stuck to the nose of the skimmer while partially tracking the caddie up till the secondary impact - so cool that with Replay Manager such a concept actually becomes possible!

  • Clip 6: My other successful attempt at this, the 'clear the gap' version

The Turducken & Sandwich:
A fun/silly idea that I wasn't sure I'd end up doing anything with, thinking perhaps at best it'd be able to go into a credits sequence or something. Originally I just landed each phase (bobcat landing, pizzaboy landing) in separate replays and that was that. When it came to pondering their use in this video I realised quickly that the random movement of the barracks while the bobcat was in it meant that the two replays would never look good shown consecutively, so I went back and tried to do it in one replay (as by this point the concept had grown on me even more and I did wanna feature it), and was able to get it. There was ofcourse a bit of a lull while I run offscreen and setup the pizzaboy attempt, but again I couldn't cut this dead-air because of the random movement of the trucks so instead just used fast forward to speed it up and getting it to fit well with the music.

A similar stunt to me, of just being small-scale and weird but really liking it, was the Packer sandwich. The idea was one thing but finding a good spot for it took some time (the height I could get a half-flip off, and a barrier to help keep the secondary packer from running way - though even with the small wall this spot had it was still possible). I'm really happy with how it turned out, but I almost screwed it up after the fact... despite it likely being pointless (considering I was landing upside-down) I found myself on each attempt holding handbrake during the landings, and because of being upside-down the camera was awkward and I wasn't sure how good this attempt's landing was so I pressed the look-sideways button to see it better, which on my SCM triggers a teleport. I was very thankful that I hadn't pressed it sooner, so there was still enough landing to show, and even moreso that the scm's "Always Cut Replay on Teleport" feature didn't exist at that point (I pretty much always have it enabled these days) else I would've lost the stunt completely!

  • Clip 7: A failed attempt where the wall wasn't enough to stop the bottom slice from running away

The Caddie Grinds:
Yep, more ideas built upon Brulla's exceptional work, specifically using the same junkyard grind spot and trying to add to it. Getting the flip/roll off the stuck hotring wasn't too difficult, but actually getting just one clean flip and being able to maintain momentum to keep grinding was the real challenge. For a while it was looking like the best I was gonna get was one where the grind kept going but much much slower, so it wasn't satisfying at all, but thankfully I eventually got a good one. The credits bail version was not what I was planning exactly, infact I never expected it to go that far along the rail before falling off so my plan was to have a bobcat parked that it might fall off into (thinking I'd make it more interesting by using an explosion to push the bobcat into position for the catch - an insane thing I'd probably never get the luck required to achieve). By the way the caddie wasn't originally red for this stunt - when pondering the camerawork for this stunt and the following ice-cream barrels boost I came up with the idea of trying to match the caddie with the barrels on the cut, so I made sure to change its colour to a similar shade of red.

The Caddie Downhill Jumps:
For a while it seemed like the best I was gonna get was just one jump between them here, as getting two in a row was proving very difficult, as not only did I need to get the jumps just-right, they had to be quite quick to get them both done before the caddies came to a stop. Even when I was finally successful with the double it was only just, with me almost immediately stepping off the second one and just barely being able to step backwards a bit to stay on top. This stunt was also the catalyst for another random new Freeplay feature - I thought it'd be cool to sync the traffic lights turning green to the explosion, figuring that perhaps I could composite it in via a second capture using delayed camera movement and player/vehicles hidden, but realised it'd probably be easier just to find out how to control the lights in Freeplay instead, so that's what I did.

  • Clip 8: Prior to finally nailing the 2-jump version this outtake was the closest I had, and was thinking I'd use in the credits if I had to resort to only having a 1-jump version in the main

The Hunter Navy gaps:
This was born from me wanting to try and utilise the hunter bounceback/bail concept into something that wasn't a grind. In this specific spot it wasn't a fully-formed idea, in that I knew I wanted to bounce across the gaps and bail out on an earlier one, but wasn't really sure how it would/could end. I actually ended up with 3 different endings: one where it stops immediately after the last gap, one where it keeps going into the water, and the one I used which is kind of a mix - keeping on going till the end but being saved from the water by getting stuck on that pole (it might not have been clear in the video but yep it got stuck there). (And despite the idea being something that wasn't a grind I also had an outtake that sort of grinded the ledge at the end too). Looking back now I wonder if I should've chosen the hard-stop version instead, but I dunno, the timing was nicer on the one I went with at least, and I was able to match that odd angle on the pole at the end with the skimmer on the cut to the next stunt.

  • Clip 9: The 'keeps going into water' version
  • Clip 10: The 'quick stop' version
  • Clip 11: The one I used in the video, showing the pole-stuck ending for longer
  • Clip 12: The grind-ish outtake

Other misc clips of unused stuff:
  • Clip 13: A different version of the parking lot hunter grind I was originally thinking of ending the video with
  • Clip 14: Another version of the football packer fling, this time with the player going through the posts instead of the bike. I was tempted to use this instead of the other one, but in the end settled with the bike one for its continuation through the gap above the doors, and it fitting the music a bit better
  • Clip 15: The exact same hunter bail rollover featured in the credits, but this time the whole thing - when I did this I kept the stunt going and tried to see if I could combine it into the airport circuit runaround and actually got it, though ofcourse the execution of it wasn't very good and didn't compare to my better dedicated attempts at it
  • Clip 16: Another interesting fail of the 'Skimmer gambit' (version of the exploding bike catch)
  • Clip 17: As much as I loved the staggered taxi fall/flings into truck stunt, it still wasn't the perfect execution I was hoping for. Here's an example of how it almost could've been - it had the full 3 flings I'd wanted, and in this case a different approach to flings themselves with rotating-rolls - but sadly without nailing that landing
  • Clip 18: A prec-ish outtake of the docks bfj barrel explosion player-fling stunt
  • Clip 19: An absurd outtake of the football fling where both the packer and pcj go to the moon
  • Clips 20-22: Some more misc outtakes of the donut hole stunt
  • Clip 23: Packer sideways lendge grind, kinda
  • Clip 24: At one point I thought that since I was possibly going to be starting both part 1 and 2 with a sports themed stunt then I should do the same in the credits, so this was a half-assed idea for doing soccer-based 'diving header'
  • Clip 25: Trying to land a boat on a boat on a boat
  • Clip 26: BBFest skimming the BBs, kinda
  • Clip 27: In the hole off the bounce

Thanks again everyone, apologies for this wall of text, haha.

damn, dannye be cooking. also idk if this connects, but goodbye 2DFX draw distance? i've always wanted the void to disappear on my edits, so i settled with that plugin, however when i use fog weather, the draw distance doesn't change (i don't usually do fog weather for a video)
Oh I'm not too familiar with that mod, I hadn't realised that it provided a solution to the void already. There's a good chance that whatever it does wont be compatible with the sky/cloud-related features of the new Freeplay - I'm not sure whether it'll be bad enough that it'll cause problems even if you don't turn on the assoc Freeplay settings, hopefully not, or hopefully Freeplay's new stuff means you wont need 2dfx anymore. If it becomes an issue I can look into how to avoid them clashing if possible.

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #22 on: March 24, 2024, 06:34:01 AM »
Amazing video. Different from everything i've seen here. It's so great to see legends like you still working hard to deliver videos like this one! My hats off to you.

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Re: Momentum [A Dannye Solo]
« Reply #23 on: July 07, 2024, 12:13:25 PM »
Dannye I really didn't know what I was expecting, but the level of out side of the box thinking in this video is just straight up MIND BLOWING! I can't even say how many times while watching this I said "wtf!" or "no fucking way" This was such a refreshing watch I can't thank you enough for sharing this golden nugget. I'm gonna have to watch it again lol

sorry for the late reply, I sometimes forget to check this world still exists.


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