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Post by: NEM on March 24, 2022, 12:53:58 PM

This is something that I felt like I owed to WH. I've never released a proper solo (not counting my best of but if you haven't seen that go watch it now (

I've been working on this for quite some time now, might've been years actually and I finally was able to collect enough stunts to get this released. Big thanks goes to my very good friends Promagic & Spidex for despite being super inactive, landing nice jumps to participate as guests. The biggest thanks no doubt goes to Legend for editing the whole thing and for having to put up with all my views and ideas, it certainly wasn't easy for him haha.

I got the name ''Out of Mana'' from the title of a song from Brand New, unfortunately that song wouldn't really fit my video. But it represents my current situation, I don't think I'll ever be able to land so many stunts again and therefore I have no mana left. So consider this my last solo and hopefully it's satisfactory even though I re-used some stunts from collabs etc. that were originally meant for this video but at some point I just lost hope that I could make a solo.

I really hope you will enjoy this as this has taken me so much time to pull out and I'll be very happy for any live reactions or reviews if you feel like it  :wub: Enjoy!


Promagic (g)
Spidex (g)
Legend (g)

Streaming: (

Download link: (

Full Review:
0:13 - Slalom stopie :
0:33 - Gap stoppie to grind:
0:45 - Tree prec :
1:00 - Bump to grind:
1:09 - Packer backbump to grind:
1:18 - Bump to grind 2:
1:28 - Fcr ledge grind:
1:36 - Fcr grab to grind:
1:51 - Legend freeway double grind:
2:03 - natural doublebump to wallride:
2:15 - natural train bump:
2:23 - grind to stoppie to double grind:
2:32 - tree bump to grind:
2:42 - psm to prec:
2:51 - natural double grind:
3:01 - grab to prec:
3:10 - natural bump to VRock:
3:21 - Spidex bump to grind:
3:30 - freeway doublegrind:
3:40 - Promagic p2b:
3:48 - fcr grab to grind 2:
3:59 - natural tripple grind:
4:13 - p2b to prec:
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: legendz on March 24, 2022, 12:55:30 PM
First :wub:
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: SyperDimon on March 24, 2022, 03:15:32 PM
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Jason on March 24, 2022, 03:27:27 PM
A great selection of combos, nice work Nem. Everything was clean and creative, and the big airs were solid too. Fav stunt was the double bump wallie to roof in west Vinewood. Good editing by Legend. No idea what the music choice is because I'm watching at work with my phone on silent!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Insan on March 24, 2022, 03:49:36 PM
The video is very good, those green flashes in the editing give it a unique and beautiful touch.
I lost that x2grind freeway, but I'm happy to see it done in such a clean way.
Good job legend, very good your edition, and the acrobatics too
Once again, good job everyone!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Viper on March 24, 2022, 04:09:46 PM
Great work NEM!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: FTO on March 24, 2022, 08:36:43 PM
Cool and creative stunts, especially the double bump to roof with a train involved and the pre-finisher ledge grind combo. Nice guest stunts as well.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: SnowMan on March 25, 2022, 01:07:58 AM
Cool Video, really liked the creativity and exspecially the hammergrab 2 precesion was on fleek.

The song reminded me of the good old times 👍
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: NEM on March 25, 2022, 02:15:35 AM
Thank you everyone for the nice comments  :wub:

I've added a download link and a review template if anyone wants to do that.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: PM on March 25, 2022, 02:23:53 AM
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Omma! on March 25, 2022, 11:04:17 AM
A great solo my friend! Really liked most of the stunts, particularly the grabs combo, NRG train double bump (even tho the roof is not too high it kinda surprised me as I dont think I ever saw a stunt of this kind), Legend guest double grind (smooth!), natbump to V-rock precision (finally this has been landed) and I also liked the fact you used alot FCR instead of NRG where it wasnt needed. I wished we could have another angle on the finisher.
About the editing Legend delivers it another time, one of my favorites editors recently for sure! Really liked this kind of "vignette" effect you used, it kinda gave the video a 90s feeling togheter with the music.
Overall great job everyone involved :cc_detective: !
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: MaCi on March 25, 2022, 11:45:44 AM
Great solo buddy! Very unexpected actually so it was a nice surprise. Legendz did a sick job with the editing. Lotta cool details and overall very good looking! Love that vent transition at the first stunt for example, which by the way is a really impressive and clever stunt!
I also agree with Ktulu about not only using NRG  ;D
Cleanly executed grinds and grind combos of course, INSANE bumps (!) and I can't really pick a favorite stunt as I like them all, including the guest stunts of course, but dang that grab at around three minutes was cool. Also PM's p2b was fucking sick.
Cool song too, Fidlar seems to be a thing these last few years. Great job everyone!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Sheep on March 26, 2022, 07:32:27 AM
VRock sign landing was the best for me and should be finisher.

Legends edits are stylish and enjoyable to watch. Loving those transitions.

Pretty much what everyone already said.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Artifex on March 26, 2022, 08:38:02 AM
I am proud of you Legendz  :P
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Rainbow on March 27, 2022, 02:28:06 AM
Very enjoyable video! My favourites were 0:35 (used before?), the double/triple bump to wallride to roof at 2:04, the train bump right after, the bump to double grind at 2:51, the VROCK sign landing and PM's p2b. The editing was very nice, just like the music, but I didn't like the camera angle on the finisher. I feel like it wasn't clearly or properly shown but it's a very minor thing. Great work both of you :ajaja:
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Mewka on March 27, 2022, 03:09:28 AM
Great vid Nem!
My fav was that double bump with train in LS :p
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: [Bart] on March 27, 2022, 04:15:25 AM
Cool solo, I really enjoyed the athmosphere! :mellow:

Overall nice collection of stunts there! :ajaja:
My favourite stunts were Legend's freeway doublegrind, curbbump2treebump2grind at 2:33 (too bad the sign's collision is fucked and you can't do a grind2prec there), doublegrind at 2:51 (it is a bitch, i have tried it back in the days, good job landing this one), V-Rock sign landing (should have been finisher maybe) and the NRG tripplebump.

The editing was superb, good job Legend! ;)
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Spidex on March 27, 2022, 05:02:49 AM
Well done mate!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: NEM on March 27, 2022, 09:12:01 AM
Thank you guys for all the nice comments, the Vrock thing couldve been the finisher but I just felt like it wasnt as high and it didnt take me as much time as the finisher so I went with whatever felt bigger and higher
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: RAD on March 28, 2022, 04:45:02 AM
0:13 - Slalom stopie: Loooong stoppie, kind of predicted it
0:33 - Gap stoppie to grind: this one surprised me, it was fun how it went thru the gap
0:45 - Tree prec: good to see a new bump stunt in this area
1:00 - Bump to grind: was satisfying to watch the natural bump, and smooth backside grind
1:09 - Packer backbump to grind: liked the flying wall bump
1:18 - Bump to grind 2: great long bomb grind, we need more of these in vids
1:28 - Fcr ledge grind: not bad, shame about the rear wheel grabbing and slowing it down
1:36 - Fcr grab to grind: had to laugh, it's like the bike did the stunt without CJ, he just went along for the ride
1:51 - Legend freeway double grind: made great use of the bench into the wallride, really kicked it up a notch.
2:03 - natural doublebump to wallride:  ;D
2:15 - natural train bump: defo wasn't expecting a bump off a train, well done
2:23 - grind to stoppie to double grind: thought this rail was out of new stunts since 2007, it's still going!  :lol:
2:32 - tree bump to grind: decent bump to grind, however kinda felt the roof was supposed to be the target?
2:42 - psm to prec: always a fan of an SA psm
2:51 - natural double grind: really well excecuted, stunt deserved a bit more screentime
3:01 - grab to prec: appreciate that the prec part of this was very difficult, good job holding onto the prec
3:10 - natural bump to VRock: thought this would be the finisher! Great height, and a new natural stunt on a well worn spot is good to see
3:21 - Spidex bump to grind: the spin was just about perfect, lined up really well
3:30 - freeway doublegrind: double grind at first was a bit meh, but the prec turned it around
3:40 - Promagic p2b: No secret I love P2Bs, tried this one BITD but couldn't do it, well done
3:48 - fcr grab to grind 2: didn't see that grind thru the door coming, great combo!
3:59 - natural tripple grind: best stunt of the vid, amazing speed coming into the first grind, the curb bump flows perfectly into the second grind  ;D
4:13 - p2b to prec: good long p2b to end on, can't remember the sign tho :hmm:

Enjoyed the editing, overall was a good vid to end your solo career on  :a-cheer:
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Airbrush on March 28, 2022, 04:58:32 AM
Super stylish and clean. Loved the train bump and 2:52 the most. Legendz editing is gorgeous.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Veno on March 28, 2022, 12:11:18 PM
That was a proper solo buddy, props on still finding new spots to land, editing was nice too.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: krs on March 28, 2022, 12:24:48 PM
Great video, loved the vibe and I was lowkey suprised by the quality of the stunts man, most of them were fucking dope. That double grind on LV highway was probably my favorite one. Legend's guest stunt was also sick. Oh and it was soo cool to see my old SAMP buddy spidex back at it:D props to you all guys.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: bumpinghegehog on March 28, 2022, 01:21:11 PM
Yo grabby grinder, you must have some kind of grind fetish i guess :D awsome video man with creative finds. As you know i
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: ARS on March 28, 2022, 01:22:04 PM
0:13 - Slalom stopie: simple but good
0:33 - Gap stoppie to grind: i remember this one, cool little spot i really liked before and now
0:45 - Tree prec : i guess packer ramp is the only way to land it, so it's ok, good one
1:00 - Bump to grind: another simple but good looking for me stunt, gj
1:09 - Packer backbump to grind: i liked that this is full completed stunt, i would never try it myself, but nice to see from someone else
1:18 - Bump to grind 2: also remember this one, simply good
1:28 - Fcr ledge grind: i did it with nrg before landing from another bump 2 ledge in my vid, i wish someone would find a way to land prec like it was done in SAiVC, still a good small stunt
1:36 - Fcr grab to grind: remember remember, great combo! loved this nice execution
1:51 - Legend freeway double grind: relanded it after seeing Sorcery's execution on this spot in SAiVC, but was not satisfied with the execution, u did it nice, so gj!
2:03 - natural doublebump to wallride: finally, nice to see it done, respect for this one
2:15 - natural train bump: nice to see one more idea with this train spot, nice find
2:23 - grind to stoppie to double grind: i liked the idea to make the grind to avoid the bump, nice stunt
2:32 - tree bump to grind: nice find yo, really liked this one
2:42 - psm to prec: nice performance after SAiVC, gj
2:51 - natural double grind: still have no idea how to pass this distance, tried both FL ON and OFF, never get close, nice to see it done, well made
3:01 - grab to prec: also remember this, epic execution and stunt itself
3:10 - natural bump to VRock: yeee, finally, respect especially for this, you know why
3:21 - Spidex bump to grind: im still aim to land precision on this one, i thought u going to land it yourself (Nem), gj anyway
3:30 - freeway doublegrind: cool (+1 for prec in the end)
3:40 - Promagic p2b: respect!
3:48 - fcr grab to grind 2: good one
3:59 - natural tripple grind: nice one, idk why i never gived a shot to this, since i tried same spot backwards (kjempeflott opener)
4:13 - p2b to prec: great stunt, sadly the view was poor

Video editing was really amazing, i loved colors, FX, everything, disliked only camera on the finisher and on PM's packer bump, which was too close imo, it makes the stunt smaller than itself.

P.S. thanks for the thanks in the outro! :happy:
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: FELIX on March 28, 2022, 01:23:24 PM
Dope video. :euro: Great variety of stunts and a smooth editing makes this very enjoyable.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Lex on March 29, 2022, 01:02:04 AM
Aye Nem wanted me to review but I can't for now because im suing phone! Sick editing and we all know that those are memorable stunt!

I will drop a review sooner and my possible first Cam Reaction
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Turtle Boy on March 29, 2022, 03:35:54 AM
Quality video. very nostalgic feel. I most enjoyed the double grinds and that tree precision. Editing was good, felt good with the song which I also enjoyed.

Great Job Yall.  ;D

Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: ~ Đάмﮖтзя ~ on March 29, 2022, 03:49:10 AM
Great video! I enjoyed it even after all these years that have passed since I played the game.

Lovely to see people still play it and find new stunts (and I thought SA was out of new spots!)
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: legendz on March 30, 2022, 05:28:02 AM
Much love for everybody, who commented on my editing :happy:
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: UndeadX on March 30, 2022, 11:28:31 AM
Good video dudes, I especially liked the V-rock sign landing (props for that), some of the grind combos in lv and guest stunts from legend and promagic.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Sport on April 02, 2022, 03:15:55 AM
Great solo Nem! Legend's edit is good as always. Stunt's are amazing, my fav's here: SF tree prec, LS curb2bush bump on building, bump of the train, SF curb2tree bump2grind, 3:02 grab (I like this type of grab when cj grabs the bike from the front of it), LV Rock hotel sigh prec (amazing), LV freeway double grind, LV triple grind. Guest stunts are great too especially Legend's freeway double grind :o. Good job!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Ruiner on April 03, 2022, 01:30:02 PM
Very creative stunt,the editing is also amazing!
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Diaz on April 10, 2022, 09:02:39 AM
Sorry for the belated comment but here it is.
Some of my thoughts in no particular order:
It was heartwarming to see the WH logo in the beginning of a video once again, always a pleasure  :wub:
Great song, makes me feel that you have been enjoying what you have been doing but it's a farewell. Also great editing Legend, you managed to create a good atmopshere which is an integral part of a decent video.
Fav stunts:
- 0:50 treeprec, I tried it a bit as well years ago, annoying one, good to see it landed
- all grindcombos basically, but namely: 2:25 (really digged the transition and it was spectacular with that big airdrop); 2:55 another one to finally being landed, this was amazing; 3:35 freeway grindcombo (I always admire freeway ledgegrinds as they look so cool and not-so-usual for me)
- grab2prec at 3:05, that was precise
- Vrock landing, this was a shocker, can't believe there are still new ways to land that + bonus point for the natural way, should have easily been the finisher
- guest stunts were cool as well, so clean grindcombo Legend and nice to see that p2b finally landed PM
- bump2trainbump2roof - I always love seeing fix mission objects being used, great thinking

Thank for you coming out with this video and still giving something new even in 2022, your effort related to this community is not one to discount.
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Lex on April 29, 2022, 02:52:42 AM
Full Review:
0:13 - Slalom stopie : Great choice for opening with the music, It's pretty hard to do a stoppieon roof like this as I prefer flat one for stable, the grind was smooth too. 8/10
0:33 - Gap stoppie to grind: As much as I hate drop bumps, you stood out here, the first time I saw this I thought you going to land on top, but that was unexpected gap following the stoppie to grind was awesome 10/10
0:45 - Tree prec : lmao, I was really on the point of stealing this spot but no, one of the hardest stunt in the video, tried like 5 hours on this spot 10/10
1:00 - Bump to grind: no words, smooth 8/10
1:09 - Packer backbump to grind: Nice find but I really wish the fence was longer 8/10
1:18 - Bump to grind 2: Big air, but it would be great doing a backflip on it to grind and landing that kind of fences was pain, there's one similar around sf as I remember
1:28 - Fcr ledge grind: ahh, Daksad but nem on the ledge, pretty cool tried the same thing with nrg but it seems lame 7/10
1:36 - Fcr grab to grind: Another best stunt in the vid, I was really amaze of instead driving a little to the grind, the fcr did it thing with smooth grab 10/10
1:51 - Legend freeway double grind: I know this spot already , but not a fan of it 7/10
2:03 - natural doublebump to wallride: Oh a big finisher worthy, I remember you showed me this spot years ago and you really put so much time in it which is wonderful, really a worthy stunt to show in this place, but the score I will give is not 10 sorry, but I would prefer 100/100
2:15 - natural train bump: Jaw dropping and really suprising, I have spot in my mind to do that train bump using infy 10/10
2:23 - grind to stoppie to double grind: Stylish and cool 9/10
2:32 - tree bump to grind: great curb tree bump but I wish you pushed more a smoother and balance grind 8/10
2:42 - psm to prec: I really hate this spot you showed me, As I remember you told me its easier in SaiVC? but cool land there in SA 10/10
2:51 - natural double grind: I know this spot or wasn't blacktear landed it already? but cool double grind 10/10
3:01 - grab to prec: another cool use of grab instead of driving to prec, pretty cool and feels like a hammer thing
3:10 - natural bump to VRock: damn, you son of a bitch man, top 2 for me in this compilation, really awesome vrock land and run up was pretty well done, I tried this one ramdomly years agio and I though it was impossible 100/100
3:21 - Spidex bump to grind: cool rotation to grind, but I hate the color of the shirt
3:30 - freeway doublegrind: Ahhh, smooth and the second grind wall width is kinda pretty hard to land, good nail there! 10/10
3:40 - Promagic p2b: aw Burn leak this one years ago and its really cool to see it landed and the live video was also sick 10/10
3:48 - fcr grab to grind 2: I don't like this one sorry   ;D
3:59 - natural tripple grind: I don't knoiw but it seems familiar to me, again blacktear ?? but forget it, Love the emotion of music there along with the 3x grind, really well put clip 10/10 <3 (I wish there was a live recording of it)
4:13 - p2b to prec: Nice and good finisher very excellent, I am not familiar with the place anymore but cool prec and big air and to be honest I Prefer the natural double bump wallride 10/10

live video soon.....



Legend was a good choice for this kind of high stunter, music choice was great and color was lovely and wonderful and it follows the emotion of ending of career. Love Nem and Legend hmmmm muah!

to Nem,

           You have been a a very great and annoying friend of mine for nearly a decade now, I hate you once and I love you more. I am gonna be honest to this one, but the wind I feel now is depressing because there's no way anymore to see you again kicking in Grand Theft Auto stunting scene, those successful collab you organized through this years was enormous and you really put some effort in it. I really wish we could stay ammm something more than just a friend. I hope you get into a wonderful future and goodluck for the next adventure you'll take. Czech Republic and Nem Devkuji vam!!! I'll be happy to meet you someday!

Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: Demo00n on May 01, 2022, 12:10:33 AM
Title: Re: NEM - OUT OF MANA
Post by: VaNilla on June 10, 2022, 02:39:29 PM
Nice solo! My favourite stunt was easily the Vrock bump, but I liked the combos too, and the guests stood out as well, especially Legend's sick spin execution on his stunt. Great editing too Legend, I really liked the way you multicammed the krail to ledge grind for additional impact, some unique effects too! :)
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