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SA Stunting Challenges / Re: CheDDaR's Live Challenge Game
« on: July 07, 2021, 01:00:36 AM »

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 06, 2021, 08:09:20 AM »
Wow Fugi thank you for a half an hour reivew, that was really a great listen! That's exactly how reviews should be done in my eyes and I really enjoyed all the little comments between stunts, talking about your memories and views of things. Thanks a lot to you and also Diaz for a detailed comment, love you guys :wub:

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 06, 2021, 03:33:48 AM »
Thank you guys for the kind comments love you :wub: and huge sorry again to Shifftee for his poorly cut stunt :wacko:

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 04, 2021, 12:29:37 AM »
2:01 kaneda lc drop bump: I'm not even allowed to review my favourite stunter's stuff, lovely bump, is it new? I've tried it in the past
Sadly it's old by Max.

And now it's old by kaneda too! :wub:

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 03, 2021, 01:44:13 AM »
Thank you everyone a bunch for all the comments :wub: especially the reviews even if not live I really appreciate the time you put into it. Shout out to Jason for making a live review despite having a hangover that's something I wouldn't do :lol: and I enjoyed yours and Blaze's in particular (Still havent seen AllBeast's, because I have to hold on for a bit before watching the same video again XD)

Also thanks Blaze for showing a little bit of behind the scenes, that was cool to watch!

I expected a stunts by neo & baron  :(

It's not like I haven't tried that but both are just out of reach and I don't think they even want to be approached :(

8:19 nem lc infy bump 2 spin 2 wallride 2 bump 2 grind: cars..stunts..carstunts.. meh, that spin was fun, PARKOUR,

Well the whole thing wasnt intentional but once I got onto the wallride, what else would I be aiming for :lol:

As there were some concerns about the finisher, well the finisher was kinda picked a while ago and honestly that's an old spot that until now hasn't been landed (correct me if I'm wrong) but I remember this spot since day one and the angle is a real bitch.

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 02, 2021, 10:51:50 AM »
Added the review template for the people who won't be recording live reactions :(

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 02, 2021, 09:57:54 AM »
I'd like to add that the guy dubbing the UFO saucer is Nitzkit

« on: July 02, 2021, 09:00:35 AM »

My long expected collab has just been released, make sure to check it out here

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / NEM'S LAST STAND
« on: July 02, 2021, 09:00:19 AM »

Hello everyone! Introduction of this video is not needed I suppose as many of you have been impatiently waiting for this and I don't blame you! It's been quite some time since the editing process started, but I feel like it was worth the wait when you get to see it. It originally started out as a fun collab as I didn't really think I could collect many stunts so some stunts might not be at the level of today's standards (if there's any), but I don't really care, my dream was to get many of the ATS members involved in my video - which brings me to mentioning that this truly IS my last Vice City collab. The reason for that is, I've organized numerous projects not just in VC and it's just too time consuming to organize a video this good line-up wise and I don't really think I can get a better video done in the future and if I ever released something worse than this that'd defeat the purpose of what I've been trying to acomplish with my videos. For those who haven't seen my previous Vice City projects, I'm just gonna insert them here chronologically so you can check them out before watching this >> EXSEQUOR, UNEARTHED, SELFLESS, FINAL CALL, DYSTOPIA, SATAN EXTRA, ALMOST FREE, MIAMIFICATION

This doesn't mean I'm quitting stunting, I just don't feel like making videos of my own anymore. There was this feeling ever since naming my VC best of ''Almost Free'' to make a final chapter of my collab adventure and so here it is. With that being said, at first I intended to edit the video myself as I did with Dystopia and its sequel Satan Extra, but honestly I got a bit lazy and Ezraph seemed like the obvious choice as he's made a huge progress and became a really great editor in my eyes, so I thought he could give my final project a little bright spark. For me this was always about making good videos, getting lots of people from all around the world together and I really enjoyed it as stunting's always been a huge part of my life, even if I wasn't the greatest stunter.

Thank you everyone involved and whoever helped me with any of my projects, especially Blaze, AllBeast and Dev. Hope you'll enjoy the video!

Ezraph's words
First off, I just want to thank Nem for the opportunity to fill up my hard drive, eventually losing space and having to use my C:/ drive instead to record more because it took like about 2 months to finish the video and having about 35-50 stunts in the video means more cines and some shit. Special shoutouts to Blaze and AllBITCH for the mapping, I also had to take part and do the mapping as well. And again, this video wouldn't be finished without any motivation, that being listening to the new TWICE EP and other k-pop shit. Nothing else. I spent like about 2 months and I really wanna edit the fucking birthday collab so here's the video in all its glory. :wink:

Anyway, it's a pleasure to see this drop and I'm just happy of the outcome. Expect another collab coming in I guess this month :smile:

Ezraph editor of the year 2021 when, I guess?

Edited by

Stunts by
AllBeast, Aries, Biel, Blaze, Dannye, Demon, Ezraph, Faiz, FIGHTER, Flat Face, Fugitive, Haywire, Hedgehog, jooker, kaneda, khaimyk, Kingjad, Krypton, Ktulu, MaCi, Max, Maxpower, mordbidxxx, Nem, Nitzkit, NS, Promagic, Ruiner, Sheeptea, Shifftee, Silw, SkilZ, Skuller, Smut, Sorcery, Sport, The Big V, Theonly_One, Toty, VenomX, wviMis, Xtramus, ZeRo, ZeroX


Download link

Review template

VC Stunting Challenges / Re: Hoff's easy challenge game
« on: June 28, 2021, 12:21:40 PM »
VenomX is the man  :wub:

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: Sorcery - Rebate
« on: June 25, 2021, 05:11:22 AM »
haha thanks for the sum-up Kingjad, I really wonder whose VC you downloaded though?

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Re: Sorcery - Rebate
« on: June 25, 2021, 04:44:02 AM »
I dunno if I understood the description, but from what you've said, you've been modding stunts unpurposefully and this is a solo with the stunts you've landed in the past as many of them seem familiar and they're unmodded? Are your MO stunts modded or what does this mean

USS Chat & News / Re: Ask USS
« on: June 25, 2021, 01:50:45 AM »
What was Xtramus doing during the making of Metropolitan? Becuase I've noticed he's not in it :hmm:

VC Chat & Support / Re: LAST NEM COLLAB
« on: June 17, 2021, 09:58:00 AM »
Can't wait for your next collab after this.  :P

no more after this.

Modus Operandi Public Section / Re: Max - Vigilante
« on: June 15, 2021, 03:05:53 AM »
Unexpected madness! I shall do a full review later either video or just the template :wub:

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