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click the picture to get to the YouTube streaming. Premieres now @ 2:00 PM PH time (or 11:00 PM GTAS time)
click here to get to the GTASDB page. (

Originally fckR was going to edit this, but he decided to step down so my man ZeRo here asked me to work on the editing and I accepted because of course it's going to be nice. I am proud to have this project. Major shoutouts to ZeRo as he is the one who started this. Apologies to Nem for using only 1 replay for the video.

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Title: Re: MOPEDBOI$
Post by: Inwa on December 02, 2021, 06:00:30 AM
Loved it. Props to you who are still motivated to find new & creative stuff to do in VC. Keep the mopeds running!
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