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Re: Amaluna - Mahogany
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2021, 02:58:39 AM »
This video remained under the radar somehow, just seen it on youtube and checked if there is a topic to it in GTAS where I can comment.
I loved this video filled with small, but very creative, well-thought and well executed stunts. Few of my favs are:
1:10 - very unexpected but I do believe it was intentional
1:30 - that was tight and I'm amazed how this was still new
1:40 - liked it because you flew over a house to do the curbbump + managed to somehow grind the whole fence
2:37 - so great sequence stunt, can't believe it was still new
3:58 - didn't expect you to land the higher part, good one
4:10 - again a rather small but so well-thought sequence
4:50 - great use of terrain
5:25 - this one surprised me as well, is it really new?
5:33 - probably my favourite stunt of yours, this runup + jump2doublebump2bbprec looked so great and again well-thought
5:57 - I know everything has been done around here but this execution with that turn in the air was one of a kind
Guest stunts were great, too.
I see this was edited by Blacktear and I gotta say this editing is amazing. This proves he can edit, too bad he releases his videos with plain editing  :unsure: The two parts with those two songs were completely different but I enjoyed both.
All in all this was my kind of video and I surprisingly digged it, good job everyone involved!


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