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Community Council / GTAStunting should be a stunters hub.
« on: September 04, 2015, 08:06:59 AM »
As the title suggest. I think GTAS should make a radical change to become a stunters hub. WHen anyone talks about stunting in GTA, GTAS should come up in that conversation. This place is much quieter than it was before which is surprising given that GTA:V has created a huge influx of interest in stunting.

Forums aren't as popular as they were before
  - Forums just don't attract the same kind of people as they used to, I've noticed across all fan-sites I visit and Administer that forums just don't have the same kind of pull as they used to. This doesn't mean that the community itself is dead in the water and has no hopes of growth though. It just means that there has to be a pull, something to draw people in.

The website looks...bad -
 - The GTAS front page looks bad. It's a clutter of boxes, has nothing that really pulls people in, and is essentially a front page pasted over a forum. I try to rep this place as much as possible when on reddit, I put the logo in my video. Honestly, any extra hits that come here probably don't stick around. I've been a member here since 2004, that's 11 years. The place doesn't feel like it has evolved or changed very much since then.

What I believe should happen is a complete revamp of the structure. Create a visually appealing website that is equally useful. The top bar is currently all forum centric, it even has "shop" which is completely useless. I believe the top bar should be as follows.

It brings people back to the front page. The home page would have a short blurb about who we are, what we do .etc

Established in 2004(?), has been a hub for people who like to stunt within the Grand Theft Auto game series. Here you can find information about how to get started, various techniques used, share videos, and join in on conversation about tips and new tricks on our forums (link).

Something like above, under the blurb you can have news with new crew videos, popular members videos that are worthy. Maybe even a "stunt of the week", "challenge of the week" or something like that to create a little more pull and return hits.



Have each of these be a menu option with a dropdown. Inside the dropdown include:

  • Introduction to Stunting
  • Techniques and Tricks
  • Popular Vehicles

Introduction to stunting would be a small article about stunting in that particular game with very basic techniques to get a newbie started and able to hit small bumps, do small grinds and understand basic physics.

Techniques and tricks would link to a page with a list of tricks, (displayed either in list form or with pictures), each trick would be a link to a page that explains what the trick is, how to do it, why it happens and either a gif and/or video of the trick in action.

Popular vehicles would like to a page with all popular vehicles. Clicking on an individual vehicle links to a page explaining what makes the vehicle so popular and how to use it.



Have a page with all the active crews (maybe even a page for old crews in the future).Have a list of all the crews. Each individual crew page can have a little intro, who the members are, a graphic of their logo and all of their videos neatly organized with links to youtube. These could probably be pulled from the crews forum page directly. As long as you instill a format for them to follow. Maybe they could be sorted by game. Personally I don't stunt SA or IV, having just an alphabetical list of crews doesn't tell me what they stunt and makes it hard to discover new crews that I might be interested in.



A link to the forum


The reason for many of these changes is that most of this information is lost in the forums. People seem intimidated when browsing forums and get discouraged quickly. The above requires a lot of work, but I believe a lot of the required information can be pulled from the forum and presented in an easy and aesthetically pleasing way. The forum should be used for the community aspects, not as a replacement for a website. Information needs to be stored properly and made easily accessible.

The forums also need to be a place where you can just sit back and talk about whatever. For example, yesterday I landed a huge stunt with the Faggio in GTA:V. I was super excited but also wanted to complain about the fact that I needed a 1 minute runup. I didn't find a place to really express that. It's probably a sentiment that a lot of stunters have, wanted to do small humble brags, complain (jokingly) about some other aspect and have peers sympathise. A lot of small talk is what brings people together, they are small relatable things. I didn't feel like my situation mandated a whole thread, especially since I wanted to keep the specifics of my stunt to myself. We're all in a very similar situation where we are grinding at particular stunts for hours. There are frustrations, annoyances, things that make you excited .etc. These don't warrant a whole thread individually, they're small sentiments. There should be a place to do that. (The trollbox is very inactive and doesn't belong on the frontpage)

The forums are currently extremely messy and disorganized. There are stickied threads that seem to just remain that way for no real reason. There should be some cohesion between similar threads in different subforums.

Using a forum as a method of storing information never works, it's not what they're built for. There are no formal formats that people use, it's all posts and it's too casual. Information should always be categorised, accessible, professional, and easy to understand.

Additionally, somewhere on the website, there should be a link to the GTA:O Crew. Sure it's filled with a lot of unknowns but having a large crew spreads awareness. Stunting shouldn't be for just a core group of people, we should invite everyone to join and try.

V Videos / SuperStar - Faggio Solo - Edited by OutlawPenguin
« on: September 02, 2015, 08:23:55 AM »
First and foremost I'd like to thank OutlawPenguin for editing this for me. He did an excellent job  :a-cheer:

This video represents my first month of stunting GTA:V. I haven't stunted in...4 years now I think. The last game I stunted was Vice City for the last ATS video. I saw some of the videos that the crews were putting together for V and decided to give it a try. I've always wanted to make a pizzaboy solo so I figured this would be the perfect chance since I'm fresh to the game and map.

My stunting has improved greatly over the past month so you get stunts from when I was just discovering how to play up to recent stunts. Watch the video now, I will ramble more after :P


Going into GTA:V from Vice City was a little more challenging than I thought it would be. The world is so complex that a simple idea turns into a nightmare of technicalities. The faggio loves to catch little ledges and loses speed at an incredible rate. Not seen in the videos are my ridiculous runups with tight turns, me stopping wheelies for split seconds to avoid bumps, sidewalks .etc

I decided to come into this game with as fresh a mind as possible, I watched a few of the bigger crew videos, learned the dos and don'ts, and freshened up on the physics that were already known so I wouldn't spend too much time figuring them out. Some spots might be old with other bikes, I wouldn't know. I do plan on continuing stunting, the Faggio is really fun. At speed it reminds me of the PCJ600 in Vice City a little.

What I have learned about the Faggio:
- It will hit any small ledge or imperfection
- Getting consistent bumps is fairly difficult because of the above point
- True speed is achieved downhill
- Having tight turns in the runup can still conserve enough speed if done correctly
- Tight turns at fast speeds can cause you to drift/slide
- Every decent bump has potential for several stunts
- Dirt, grass,and sand are your enemy, you can barely gather speed on unpaved surfaces
- Going from a paved surface to a dirt one (and having your front wheel touch) slows you down so drastically that your rear end starts to slide, making it easy to lose control (2:48)
- The brakes are absolutely useless and make precs/smaller roofs very hard to stay on
- Double bumps are king, usually a sidewalk to a second bump
- Momentum from gliding is not conserved, once wheels are below you, you lose tons of forward momentum immediately

I think the Faggio can go even bigger than what I've landed but the spots will need to really be perfect and the runups immense.

We need to petition Rockstar to get a Pizzaboy version of the Faggio with pizza side missions.

V Chat & Support / Editor Needed
« on: August 01, 2015, 05:38:23 AM »
I need a video editor for my upcoming solo.

I have most of my stunts done, I have an idea of what I want. I need someone whose edits are simple and clean. I don't like tons of filters and flashiness. I like subtle hints of editing that follows the music. Ideally, if you could link me to a video you've edited, I could let you know what strengths in your editing I would like in my video.

I have an idea for the intro but I don't have all the clips for it yet. My stunts are all .clip files, ready for recording and editing. I've chosen music already. I will also ask for absolute discretion from your part, I don't want my stunts to be shown around.

Feel free to PM me, post in this thread or add me on skype (madmax12ca).
Questions are also welcome :)

V Chat & Support / Rockstar Editor Camera
« on: July 26, 2015, 03:09:12 AM »
Is there a way to make the camera follow mouse movements in the Rockstar editor? Similar to how replays worked in Vice City?

V Tutorials / Sliding on PC with keyboard
« on: July 13, 2015, 08:41:35 AM »
So I've been trying my hand at these slides people are doing. So far I've been able to start the slide but maintain it.

1. Bump
2. Lean back until bike is vertical
3. Turn sideways
4. Land on rear-side and slide
5. ????

Do I have to tap the wheelie button and tap the turn button? I've tried a few combinations and I just seem to always fall off.

V Chat & Support / GTA:V PC Release Soon
« on: January 11, 2015, 10:52:20 AM »
So GTA:V PC is set be be released in about 2 weeks (if it's not delayed). Who here is going to be getting it? With the scale of GTA:O, I believe we will be able to get a lot of stunters online at once.

I haven't owned GTA:V yet so I am excited to dig in. I've played very little. It looks like a great new world to stunt, VC has dried up for me and I believe this may rekindle my interest. I've seen quite a few stunt videos, lots of big airs, a few grinds, BMX stunts, and plane stunts. I've noticed a lack of technical stunts, how difficult is it to do something like: bump-double backflip to grind or something like that? Is it even possible?

V Chat & Support / Airgrabs
« on: November 07, 2013, 04:07:22 PM »
So I haven't had the opportunity to play GTA:V yet, (YLOD PS3, No PS4 or PC versions) and I was curious to know if it's possible to do airgrabs. Has anyone sank some time into trying it out properly?

Also, is there a Pizzaboy and/or faggio type vehicle? :P

V Chat & Support / Bike Skills and Stunting
« on: October 22, 2013, 05:45:57 PM »
Now I haven't played GTA:V yet myself as my PS3 is YLOD and there is no PC version but I've been watching videos online and really enjoying them.

The one thing I've noticed is that certain characters have "bike skills". To me, they feel like cheat codes and really take away from videos when I watch them. I've seen a few videos where people drive up vertical walls using one of these skills. It seems a little ridiculous to me.

My point is that I feel like it takes away from videos and if I see it used more than once in a video, unless the rest is mind blowing, I normally get bored and stop watching. GTA:V has also brought a lot of attention to this place, although I like the publicity and the growing community (I've been stunting for a looooong time now (Since Decan)) I am afraid that the quality of videos will be diluted by these abilities and such.

I'm not lashing out against them, I just want to hear pro and con arguments about the abilities that might make me see them under a different light. As I've said. I have yet to play GTA:V (I know, its really sad)

Video Editing/Compression / Sony Vegas Problem
« on: October 31, 2010, 04:56:30 PM »
Alright so i just got Sony Vegas movie studio HD platinum 10 to edits video for youtube. The problem is that once rendered it seems to amplify the shaking and camera motion. To the point where it's kinda blurry if the camera moves at all. i got the software to upgrade from Movie maker but thus far movie maker is giving me smaller file sizes, smaller rendering times for better overall quality.

I render in 720p, .mp4. The software says it's "best for internet video" and i havent found anything else which renders in 720p in the software. There's an option to just put clips together and not really render them but the clip becomes 80gb in size.


VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / My 1st video!
« on: March 22, 2005, 03:57:14 PM »
Well As requested I got my 1st video hosted.

This is old so its just for show.
it was released on August 11th 2003 which is about a month after Decans video. Its in the first 15 videos made after decans video so this isn't the greatest. Its a really good trip back down memory lane. Enjoy :D;3831067;;/fileinfo.html

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