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Well, Cooper[PantellicA] and me were talking about a community video, but never serious, always
as a joke :P, until one day, we decided to organise it, but only with Hispanic Stunters. Trying to show all Hispanics Stunters, just for fun.
We try to find all the Stunters who are Hispanic. Until now, Sasha will edit the collab. The deadline is 01/15/2011, the video begin to edit when all the files are ready. Maybe the video will be divided into two parts, but will be together in one video.

Editor: Sasha
Intro scriptor: Zayu

Mails, use it only for queries:
Editor (Sasha): [email protected]
Replay checker (Ltab249): [email protected]
Replay checker (Cooper[PantellicA]): [email protected]

Stunts in VC/SAiVC/LC Are accepted
Send the reps to me or Cooper[PantellicA], and we will review it

When you will send reps, send them in a ZIP or RAR file, containing:
  • Player Skin (Image)(if it's a Player model, put dff/txd files)
  • PCJ600 File (pcj600.txd)
  • Replay Files (.rep files, in folders with the map name, VC/LC/SAiVC)
  • Font File
  • TXT file, containing your Stunter name and your country.

Stunters in the collab, and number of stunts what have to send (When i receibe all the reps/skins/sparks.. I will put "OK" in green):
Sasha(4) OK
Leito(5) OK
Ltab249(4) OK
Cooper[PantellicA](4) OK
Ale(3) OK
Metalsoad(4) OK
oNdeR(2) OK
OutLaaw(2) OK
arKy(3) Sorry arKy, too late D:
Hurricane(3) OK
ObscureDeath(4) Sorry obscure, too late D:
Argy(1) OK

If you can, send us some bails :P

DEADLINE: 01/15/11

We are editing the video, Thanks to all the ppl who helped us in this video. Wait a few days for the release of the video. Have a nice day..

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