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Re: Parangon
« Reply #30 on: September 20, 2020, 01:47:20 AM »
Intro: Had to see the video twice to understand the intro.

1:30 - I remember trying this, maybe from the second tree from the landing. I found that starting in the grass earlier next to the sidewalk gets you more speed.
1:44 - That seems like a bitchy wallride to a nice and simple grind.
2:03 - I like the power of the second bump.
2:15 - My first thoughts were that this might be possible to the top, but on second thought the angle seems impossible.
2:29 - Really like this! A very controlled grind with a precise execution of the spin to be able to absorb the impact for the second grind.
2:49 - I don't really know about Barracks bump, but the higher roof might be possible? Nonetheless, the perfectly executed backflip really makes this stunt
2:55 - Perfectly executed grind! And I like the way you get stuck there at the end of the second grind. One thing to note is that the second ledge is higher than the first ledge, which makes it a lot better but is not really captured by the camera angle.
3:06 - Nice way to land on of these towers. What are the max stats you can get from one of these bumps?
3:15 - Pretty simple and old p2b
3:24 - Almost cannot believe nobody ever landed this before. The rail is perfectly offset from the building to be able to get a cab on there.
3:41 - The prec at the end really makes this stunt. Good use of the secondary vehicle.
3:54 - This is probably the best stunt of the whole video. I probably know who landed this as this is a very particular type of grind.
4:07 - Alright.
4:15 - I like this one a lot. The camera angle works perfect on this.
4:24 - Is everyone going to be infernus p2bing now? I don't know, but this is a great application of the powersave technique and a right way to do infernus p2bs.
4:29 - I think this way already done with a side p2b and even on form this tree. Big stunt though.
4:39 - Probably one of those spots. I never tried it though, nice execution!
4:49 - That is one huge p2b. I never even tried it, but it slipped through my head every time I visited the LS highway. I didn't think it possible though. I like the weird landing!.
4:55 - Finally, someone managed to do this. I've seen many people come close to it overtime. Imagine what kind of spots would have been landed if we had the Powersave technique 5 years ago. The top of this building is just one of those thing you have to land.
5:05 - Actually using this car as a small ramp is now possible how great! I really have to try that out sometime soon. Another great application of the new techniques.
5:11 - I landed the lower part of this roof a while back. I don't even think that part is old. Is anyone up for grinding that? Nice one.
5:20 - 2020 and we are bumping NRGs now? Love to see some other spots where we can bump bikes or otherwise. Of course you landed the top. Truly the best stunt in the video.

Editing: The editing was alright and went well with this song. There were some jarring black screens throughout that broke up the flow of the video.

Very nice video and a great showcase of the applications of Powersave. Thanks Burn, Prog, Raekwon and Daksad for the brilliant video.

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Re: Parangon
« Reply #31 on: September 20, 2020, 05:48:49 PM »
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment this ! You even went for full reviews in 2020 crazy dudes ! It was a pleasure to read, constructive and instructive.

We had a lot of fun by making this project. Shoutouts to Prog for the amazing intro and the Powersave Script he created, it just opens a new door on the stunting scene with dozen of possibilities.

Another special mention for Raekwon who took the job for editing this video ! Thanks you bro for re-editing it, I should have listened the first track more seriously instead of waiting for a beta to realize it was not my taste.

On a personal note, going for this video made me feel like the good old times when we were stunting together on skype convos, nostalgic.

Hope to see you on Act II guys, keep stunting alive.


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