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New Breed history
« on: July 31, 2011, 03:20:53 PM »
This section looked so empty so I figured I'd repost this once again. Hopefully I can get Si to finish this sometime. :cc_detective:

New Breed History

Well, it all started in about May 2007. After convincing his friend to try stunting again, VenomX assisted Ofthemountain in making a first solo, Hello Oceanview, which was pretty funky and was well-enjoyed by the few who saw it. After this, the pair had great ambition to start their own crew, with the hope of one day being great like ATS or something. Yes, while New Breed is now all shits and giggles, we used to actually take things pretty seriously in the noob days. Mr.Magic and Bliss also took things seriously, and after VenomX and Ofthemountain saw Imperial Force (a video by Mr.Magic and a friend) they thought they should contact him and discuss forming a crew. He quickly suggested his 'partner in crime' Bliss, who had recently impressed everyone with his solo Beyond Wings And Horns, which was dripping with grinds. After being reluctant initially, Mr.Magic and Bliss realised that their vision for a crew was very similar to the other two – a crew made of up and coming stunters who wanted to shake things up a bit. So a crew was formed including Bliss, Mr.Magic, Ofthemountain and VenomX in about June 07 ish.

Before they could start work on a crew video though, both pairs had unfinished business. V+O were halfway through making Ember, a collab with Aries and Spoof. While Ofthemountain’s stunts were mostly shitty, the rest had some great ones and he made up for it with the introduction of his multi-coloured skin, which had mixed receptions. M+B on the other hand were making Underrated, which had the other two in as guests and I guess it could be called unofficially the first New Breed video. The twosome shocked and amazed many and this became a pretty big video, with masses of complements engulfing the thread. However, the video had so many setbacks that neither of the pair felt like stunting ever again…

Soon after, work began on a first crew video. VenomX landed all his stuff really fast, as usual, because he’s a fucking machine, while Ofthemountain stunted a lot and painfully gradually landed some. They were by far the hardest stunts they had done (before or since) but after ages, they had done enough each. Mr.Magic landed a couple, as did Bliss, but then Bliss was hit with computer problems and we lost contact with him for a long while. Then disaster – potentially the best stunt in the upcoming video, a huge ledge-grind landed by Bliss - was released by Iskanderrrr in Fracture. This was the final straw for the both of them, and they declared themselves retired. V+O contemplated on what to do next, but decided they would stunt more and release the first crew video with only 2 people. During this time, Ofthemountain came up with the name New Breed, as it was short and he hoped no one would ever abbreviate it – this lasted nearly 5 minutes (you lazy bastards). Then, unexpectedly, Bliss got back into contact with the pair and asked to re-join, saying he wanted to stunt again. They gladly accepted and together the threesome forced Mr.Magic to try again. M+B stunted over the next couple of months but the stunts they tried were so insane they couldn’t land them. After a while V+O collated everyone’s stunts and made a beta for the first crew video – Dynamo. Shortly after this Bliss decided again that he had had enough of stunting – this time for good. Saddened by this, they decided to keep him as an honourary member and make the video with a stunt from him included. The video was quite well-received although no-one like the song (including Mr.Magic), much to our amusement. Oh yeah, Aries guested with a stunt he re-used in Alternative, the cheeky little hustler.

By 2008 there was new life in the crew. Mr.Magic began stunting much more often and since Bliss wasn’t going to stunt anymore, they decided a new member was in order. About this time Ofthemountain began speaking to Rocka, who said he was about to quit stunting. Ofthemountain managed to convince Rocka to do a collab with him though, the later released Can’t Complain. With arguably the best song ever used in a video, the pair were chuffed with this, and in the process of making it the three remaining Breeders asked Rocka to join, which he thankfully accepted. In the mean time, VenomX was delivering stunts faster than an Irish nurse delivers babies, which culminated in his solo Off The Wall. Another Spitroast Production, it was so good that it scored an impressive 2 votes in the 2008 forum awards (I blame Kert).

After these distractions, Slamfunk appeared, with all members firing on all cylinders and Tackleberry tagging along. This was the first crew video that saw the members abandoning difficult stunts for the most part, and it actually turned out far better than Dynamo, partly down to Mr.Magic’s editing to the Skindred song Pressure. However the really magical aspect of this video was not the stunts, but the outro, where you will find a message that transcends all stunting barriers and that may (but probably won’t) shock you to the core. This was a definite high point for the crew, and they all felt empty afterwards like they could never make a video as good as this.

During the time of Slamfunk, Ofthemountain started doing pointless stunts where he jumped off the bike and it went somewhere specific, or hit another bike. While they weren’t difficult or taxing, they did look cool, so with the help of Mr.Magic they honed the craft of 'ditching' and made a video out of them, Crackshot. While lots of the community didn’t really like it, some people did and made their own ditches. The pair sincerely hope that more people will embrace the method and find better ways of doing it than they currently have.

For the rest of 2008, Mr.Magic whored himself out as much as possible in a ridiculous amount of videos that I can’t remember. A notable one though was his My Definition, a video consisting of half stunts from the man himself, half from his inspirations. This was simple, effective and chilled out, winning over some and repulsing most as it used rap music with 'stupid lyrics'. During the summer the Breeders noticed a strapping young lad roaming the forums. Whether he stunted VC or was good at it they didn’t know, but they did know that he needed to be in New Breed. So, Hoff was invited into the crew, which again revitalised everyone. Shortly after this we found out that he is actually good at stunting, which was also nice. Spitroast’s summer was spent editing the GTASL4 Video. While it pissed a lot of people off as their stunts weren’t in (sorry), the intro was very funny.

In August/September 08, Kingjad came up with an idea. When we had translated it from his ridiculous Scottish dialect, we realised he was suggesting a TMS-New Breed collaboration. Both crews thought this was a great idea, and the name Kindergarden was thought of by Kert (originally to name the forum we used, I still don’t know why). It was weird suddenly being surrounded by people who were great stunters, but the crews got on extremely well and everyone made lots of new friends, which was fun. Eventually a video was actually made, after an editor change due to unforeseen circumstances forcing the first editor to pass on the job. Ofthemountain edited the video in the end, and when everyone was satisfied it was finally released in December 2008, capping off the year in style for both crews. Also, Hoff won member of the year and is now king of GTAS.

That pretty much brings us to the present! Expect a new video in the next fortnight.

Written by ofthemountain, February 3 2009

After this thread was originally created, New Breed released Stupefactus /Hoff

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Re: New Breed history
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 06:12:50 AM »
enjoyed, good story

makes me wanna watch your videos :P
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Re: New Breed history
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2011, 10:27:42 PM »
I want the good old stunters back. :(
Nice story. :happy:

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Re: New Breed history
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2011, 04:45:49 PM »
pelase come back to life

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Re: New Breed history
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2013, 02:07:43 AM »
Pretty awesome bio I must say. I can't believe it's been seven years. I used to play this game everyday and kept good communication with Mr.Magic via MSN. It took so long before we released Underrated. Still watching that video once a year though.

How's the community doing? Is it still strong or is it losing members? I must think there are no more stunt to complete as everything has been done already am I right?

Some mod activated my account somehow as I received mail by, providing me the new Login details. Thanks.




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