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« Reply #60 on: January 30, 2020, 05:00:22 PM »
It's out!

First of all huge thanks to Nem for digging up my corpse and Krypton for putting it all together so smoothly.
Loved the angles, scripting, variety... well.. dunno where to start with the stunts but just wanna say huge props to everyone involved.
I can't believe how far this game and scene has come  :wub: ;D

okay back to the coffin, cheerio!  :euro:

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« Reply #61 on: January 31, 2020, 06:18:10 PM »
Finally got to see this on a big screen and have the time to review it

Intro: Loved all the small easter eggs in the bar, classic script, great way to start the video off.

Streem p2b 2 billboard - Big opener, good job nailing that.
mehmet csm 2 wallkick 2 prec - Sweet idea and execution
SkilZ p2b 2 roof - Pretty nice, starting to get difficult finding new bumps to land that roof
Fugitive polebump 2 roof - sweet rotation, like me some pole stunts
The Big V - Dropbump 2 grind - fillerish but still nice
Skuller psm 2 roof - big psm, not a fan of the method but still good looking
SyperDimon policebump 2 roof - pretty neat
Vice Ninja doublebump 2 roof - that was sweet, looks tricky
Krypton bsm 2 prec - awesome! good job staying up there
ODR csm 2 prec - really nice, good to see that headless guy again
Cooper ramp 2 stoppie 2 grind - smooth combo
Max grassbump 2 prec - this has been a spot of mine for ages, glad to see it in here
ObscureDeath fbibump 2 roof - seems old but still awesome
Ktulu double grind - fillerish, like the quick 180 on the car
Flat Face pizza 2 stoppie combo - loved this! nice execution
Gavran csm 2 roof - tight angle, good idea using the sanchez there
Feron bsm 2 roof - nice bsm
Daffy ramp 2 wallride combo - like the run up to the wallride, good one
Haywire ramp 2 csm 2 roof - that was sweet, almost looks like you dropbumped on the csm
Nem bump 2 rooftap 2 grind - sweet nat bump 2 grind, good that you slowed down before hitting the pole
Demon p2b 2 roof - that's a tight runup for that height, sick
Puzzle p2b 2 roof - amazing, not even sad that you didn't make it to the top, worthy 1st part finisher

Tryp natbump 2 watergap 2 ship - damn! good job landing that natural. The Absurd outro always pops into my head when I see that spot
Bixel tankbump 2 bb - looks simple but dig the rotation
ARS bump 2 wallride 2 bb grind - that was neat! loved the execution too
Aries bsm 2 roof - sweet! good to see your name in here
JustCaus3 bump 2 grind - that was awesome, grinding back down made this so much better
ZeRo tank doublebump 2 roof - tank ♥ always love to see these. tricky bump
Savatage psm 2 roof - big one! looked sexy af
Blaze roof 2 grind - sweet spin rotation grind, like it
Sorcery grab 2 grind - old school vid without an airgrab? sorcery provides
Nagual cork 2 grind - easily one of my favorites, absolute butter execution, the 360 after the grind is the icing on the cake
Must_Die csm 2 roof - good big air
AroX p2b 2 roof - nice p2b
bLADE taxi double boost 2 prec - another favorite, that was the shit! Perfect execution too
MaCi wallride 2 grind - aww yeah, like the bonk at the end
AllBeast ramp 2 grind - seems old, I remember getting stuck there half way, good job going all the way
Danger taxi 2 ramp 2 helibump 2 roof - Glad to see others crashing into helis too. sweet!!
Sheeptea bsm 2 roof - damn that was sick! great rotation
RAD bsm 2 roof - nice one
Ruiner p2b 2 prec - Insane
Ralleee p2b 2 ledge - Totally Insane. Huge bump to wallride landing on the platform, everything about this is perfect.

Outro - went really well with the tone of the video. it's a wrap!

Editing - huge shoutouts to Krypton for maintaining the vibe throughout the video, the cam angles were all very well executed, no annoying effects or color corrections. Enjoyed every second of it.

And most importantly thanks to Nem for organizing and getting this lineup into one video!

Good job to everyone involved
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« Reply #62 on: February 04, 2020, 01:18:08 PM »
Thanks for the full review Max!! ;D

found mistakes:
in first post didn't mentioned this stunters Bixel, Maci, Dev
in intro bLADE doesn't have nametag if i watched correct
Didnt see this sorry Beast. bLADE was added last minute after the intro was already scripted and recorded, so sadly he wasn't in the intro. And Nem was drunk while making the outro texts. kidding he wasnt just a fuck up lol thanks though Beast!!

« Reply #63 on: February 06, 2020, 06:51:56 AM »
Wow, alot of nostalgia watching this! Makes me feel like stunting a little bit, if anyone has an easy Macbook setup for VC let me know :lol: really good job guys, enjoyed this a lot, had a few huge bumps that were awesome, finisher was crazy

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« Reply #64 on: February 06, 2020, 08:51:37 AM »
Jonathan   :o nice to see you here again dude.!5ANgEDRI!3jmb_TsSaqxVtF1QIo09LNPi5NH1BgQfYsZsnt4-GVE
^ VC for stunting with dannyes and no bushes. Unzip and play
Spoiler: show
just like my pants huehue
Not a Macintosh user so I cant tell if its compatible with it, but I mean its VC, it runs on all Windowses, why it wouldnt on Mac  :euro:

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« Reply #65 on: February 07, 2020, 03:54:39 AM »
Not a Macintosh user so I cant tell if its compatible with it, but I mean its VC, it runs on all Windowses, why it wouldnt on Mac  :euro:
Since you can read Bulgarian, why can't you read Chinese? It doesn't work like that. MacOS doesn't understand what windows applications are doing and vice versa. He will need someone to translate the Chinese to Bulgarian for him, i.e. a VM or something similar.
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« Reply #66 on: February 09, 2020, 10:26:56 AM »
Why didn't you invite me.
Oh, fuck, you did. Damn, great video guys, so happy to see this.
Thanks Rallee for landing that thing, I've been looking for a spot for that for a very long time.
GTAS lives on  :P

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« Reply #67 on: February 12, 2020, 08:11:28 AM »
There are no words that can express the gratitude for the kind comments you guys have written. Great thanks goes to Max, Sorcery and especially Sheeptea for creating the full review template. I'm again very sorry for those whom I haven't invited, but I've sent countless messages not only here but also on discord/skype to dozens of people. Here goes your chance though, there might be a project in the making that won't happen any time soon but if you wanna invest, send me your stunt via PM and you may appear in a sequel to this as we have plenty of stunts left unused.

Again thank you my man Krypton for editing this, it's been quite a ride, I couldn't picture this being better when I started organizing this. And cheers everyone who took a minute to look in their folders for a stunt or spent the time trying something, I can't be more thankful.

Thanks for the good times and perhaps someday we shall rise again for another video :happy:

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« Reply #68 on: February 13, 2020, 01:36:46 PM »
All Star lineup...woah now. Can't wait to watch!!! Sorry I could not join this one.

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« Reply #69 on: February 18, 2020, 07:07:59 PM »
better late than never (lol the gtas forums emoticons gave me nostalgia)

huge props to nem for being able to pull out this big video in at this point in life, its fucking 2020 haha. its easy to realize that the intro was made with effort, the first time i saw the video i didnt notice the texture changes in the bar, its a nice detail. neo missing  :wacko:
its crazy to see lots of veteran, and even some old school stunters, people that stunted like 15 years ago still landing stuff, i never imaginated that this kind of video would come out after so many years. sorry i couldn't pull off a decent stunt, i tried, but i have my head in other projects right now and i consider gaming a waste of time haha

killer stunts, too lazy to mention my favorties, as always haha

great job everybody :a-cheer:

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« Reply #70 on: February 19, 2020, 05:59:49 PM »
better late than never (lol the gtas forums emoticons gave me nostalgia)

I consider gaming a waste of time haha

great job everybody :a-cheer:

but good times, I even wonder how I got seriously to get into stunt world, even though we consider it a waste of time its still one of the most memorable time of our life even we get old, some of us didn't know who actually we are and additionally, Internet anonymous friendships are one of the truest, honest friendships you get.