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« on: August 26, 2019, 04:27:05 AM »

Check out the MEGA link if you can't watch it on Youtube:!7dMXQKQT!yOeUhwPqlaXDUsGqoO74ZOZH95SxB731BgpsuXQWlUU

Check out Streamable if MEGA doesn't work for you:

Here's the third instalment of #SimpleSessions; PC edition. This features clips I've landed between May - July, 2019. Although I still have many more unreleased clips/lefties.

Edit turned out great, really digging this style. #Oldschool
Shouts out to Artifex, Warow, Legend for edit ideas/inspiration.

Hope you enjoy this shit!
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Re: #SimpleSessions3
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very very refreshing, gj

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Re: #SimpleSessions3
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very very refreshing, gj
very good

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Re: #SimpleSessions3
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Even though GTA V doesn't interest me as much, this was a fantastic video. Good stunts, good music, good editing. Would like to see more and maybe longer videos. Keep it up!

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Re: #SimpleSessions3
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Solid video dude keep it up.