Author Topic: Hey, in 2019, will everyone be back here again?  (Read 1307 times)

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Re: Hey, in 2019, will everyone be back here again?
« Reply #30 on: March 14, 2019, 04:31:24 AM »
Once GTAS kicks the bucket that'll pretty much be it, maybe some nostalgia on YouTube comments or with old friends on whatever conversation platform becomes relevant in the future but once GTAS itself dies I'd say that's pretty much it for stunting, atleast in 3D era games. HD era will somewhat keep going as it's never really been fully affiliated with GTAS and I don't doubt someone somewhere will still be making VC/SA vids after this site goes but if I had to hazard a guess the majority of the people still active/making videos/etc do it out of nostalgia, habit and the fact GTAS still exists to get feedback - once you lose that the incentive (other than personal fun/accomplishment) to put those videos out is lost.

The fact GTAS has made it this far despite it's relative inactiveness these days is a miracle and I'll be here until the bitter end. Coming up on 13 years of membership, joined when I was 10 I'm 23 now and watching old videos hits with some bittersweet sentimentality. Kind of funny thinking of all those dudes who were super prominent in the scene and had godlike status (and inflated egos because of that) when really all those accolades don't mean shit outside of our niche community. People sank hours, days, weeks or even months into playing these games and just disappear out of the blue. That's not to say it was all for nothing as I'm sure a good majority of us learned transferrable skills (ie video editing, game modification, photoshop, web shit etc) from making vids/fucking around, plus just all the shit that goes along with stunting; skinning, editing, skype calls, racing for spots, shitposting, making friendships that transcend just fucking around in our little corner of the internet.

gtas 4eva
These are all I wanna express about, and sure to everybody who used to involved around here this lil community. When the time have gone through, people'll be talkative to the pasts like you and goddamn it I really miss those collabs we had done and skype chats. Btw long time no see, ma B ;D

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Re: Hey, in 2019, will everyone be back here again?
« Reply #31 on: March 14, 2019, 06:37:40 AM »
I still think that there should be a decent facebook group, or site to collect everyone who's still active, since nearly everybody uses that shit.
facebook    good idea :lol: