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Modus Operandi - Noire
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:42:23 AM »
Modus Operandi - Noire

It's been a while since there was a release from this crew but today is the day. Editing problems (lost 2 HDDs, edited and fully recorded the video nearly 3 times) caused this to be delayed by quite a bit. It was supposed to come out right after Zenith but my PC did not agree. Stunting wise I think it is a good representation of the stunting styles within MO and the video is not very short so there is quite a bit of it to be enjoyed, hopefully. A special mention to Sorcery/Joe for creating the outro music just for this!

Dropbox (x265)

Joe's reaction:

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[1st part]
0:13 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof:
0:24 - Knapman - bump2prec:
0:30 - Sorcery - grab2grind:
0:36 - Max - packer2doubleledgegrind:
0:45 - Rainbow - bump2grab2grind:
0:54 - Knapman - bump2roof:
0:59 - TurBo - boost2prec:
1:09 - Bark - csm2prec:
1:17 - Bark - csm2ledgegrind:
1:24 - Rainbow - ledgegrind2spin2grind:
1:33 - Knapman - bump2bounce2grind:
1:44 - Sheikah - tank2carpark:
1:56 - ZeRo - bump2mag2roof:
2:05 - Caio - bump2grind:
2:17 - Gryzlek - p2b2vrock:
2:28 - Rainbow - bump2crane:
2:37 - Knapman - ramp2grind:
2:52 - Cooper - dropbumpwatergap:
2:58 - Bark - stoppie2grind:
3:10 - MtS - doublebump2roof:
3:16 - Rainbow - boost2crane:
3:25 - Cooper - dropbump2overpass:
3:32 - Max - bump2ledgegrind:
3:40 - Bark - bump2stoppie2grind:
3:49 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind:
3:58 - ViceNinja - bump2roof:
4:04 - TurBo - boost2grind2prec:
4:14 - Rainbow - boost2boost2prec:
4:22 - Knapman - wallhit2slowgrind:
4:34 - wviMis - lovefistlimobump2prec:
4:40 - Aries - bsm2roof:
4:46 - Gryzlek - dropbump2grind:
4:54 - Rainbow - bsm2roof:
5:03 - Knapman - staircasewallhit2prec:

[2nd part]
5:19 - ZeRo - ramp2bump2vrock:
5:31 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind:
5:37 - wviMis - ramp2doublegrind:
5:43 - ZeRo - triplegrind:
5:54 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind:
6:02 - Cooper - dropbump2roof:
6:07 - TurBo - wallride2doublegrind:
6:17 - Rainbow - dropbump2wallhit2doublegrind:
6:25 - Knapman - firetruckdropbump2grind:
6:30 - Cooper - dropbump2roof:
6:41 - Gryzlek - bump2bb:
6:52 - Knapman - spin2tripleledgegrind:
6:59 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof:
7:07 - Edga - trashmasterbump2roof:
7:16 - Rainbow - bump2doublegrind:
7:28 - Sorcery - grind2grab2grind:
7:36 - wviMis - grind2prec:
7:45 - Sheikah - slide2grind:
7:50 - Zero - csm2grind:
8:01 - Knapman - spingap2ramp2grind:
8:13 - Gryzlek - bump2grind:
8:25 - Max - bus2bump2roof:
8:30 - Rainbow - boost2hit2antenna:
8:42 - Sorcery - bump2mag2roof:
8:49 - Cooper - dropbump2palm:
8:57 - Rainbow - packer2palmbump2roof:
9:04 - Knapman - spin2collisiongrind:
9:17 - Gryzlek - highbump2prec:
9:29 - FIGHTER - ledgegrind2grind:
9:40 - Sorcery - bump2mag2prec:
9:52 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind:
9:59 Rainbow - boost2lighthouse:

Outro (Scripting by MtS. Music, effects and voice acting by Sorcery):



Overall: X/10
Bonus fun fact: Out of 66 total stunts 32 were grinds  :ninja:
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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2017, 09:11:22 AM »
Best VC video this year for sure. I can really appreciate the effort that went behind it stuntingwise, editingwise and scripting wise. The variety was off the charts and there was only one or two stunts where I was a bit iffy on the executions.

Very nice to see some old dogs learn some new tricks. This wil definitely be on the blogpost!

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2017, 09:20:16 AM »
I'm suprised that you came here with another one.What huge amount of stunts, I got twisted. Exelent video, you've landed so many sick stunts all around, Rainbow's finsher and both of Bark's construction stunts in VC were really ill. Need to rewatch it again to pull out more favourite stunts. Editing was typical Rainbow editing, with good atmosphere and well choosen soundtrack. It was cool to see another cool scripting as an outro. Overall thank you for another crew video which is pleasent to watch, highest note indeed from me!

[spoiler]Seems like we(AR) only left to show up this year[/spoiler]

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2017, 09:34:14 AM »

This video definitely contains the best combos I've ever seen. Hard to point out an outstander tbh. Everyone's stuff was flawless. Love the cam angles and editing man, well done! Nice scripting MtS.

Now deciding between Zenith and Noire will be difficult since Zenith was based especially on bigairs and you guys did many mindblowing combos. I'll have to rewatch both to make a proper decision.

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2017, 09:44:57 AM »
I too second the notion of video of the year, I don't think in the 11 years I've been here my jaw has hit the floor as much as it did whilst watching this video. Everyone had some killer stunts and it was nice to see the contrast between old spots getting smashed (I don't think the VC fire station has had that many stunts in one video) and new spots still being found; I already said everyone had killer stuff but the standouts I made a mental note of in no particular order were Rainbow's roof combo, Zero's natbump to mid air grab, Gryzlek's V-Rock sign land, Rainbow's crane land, TurBo's taxi grind to prec, Rainbow's taxi prec, TurBo's infy grind, Sorcery's mid grind grab, Wvi Mis's roof drop krail to grind to prec (how the fuck), Rainbow's Radio Station Tower prec and ofcourse the ender, not forgetting pretty much all of knapman's combos throughout the whole video.

It was nice to see Aries in a video too although I could've swore he had a few more spots landed, it's also nice to see consistent lengthy videos still coming out that proceed to raise the bar and the scripted outro was a nice touch too. I really enjoyed the editing too, it was fluent and made for an enjoyable atmosphere combined with the two New Order songs - my only criticism is at some points in the video the sun in the timecyc seemed very overpowering but aside from that it was an absolute facemelter of a video. Rainbow is definitely in the heading for stunter of the year after that attainment of stunts.

Solid 10 all around, I hope to see more of this calibre at some point in the future  :happy:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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some great combos and some messy ones... did i see a 6x grind?

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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I rarely have such a good feeling after watching a stunting video, but now I certainly do.
Right when I heard the sound and saw the colours, I knew I was about to have some fun. Two catchy and so enjoyable - especially the first one! - songs being used, you can never fail with New Order, and this video is easily on pair with the TMS vid. The colours, angles and basically everything was perfect regarding the editing, fantastic job Rainbow.
About the stunting, it was also top notch. Everyone had great stunts. For me Knapman was the biggest shock, man, you tear apart this old game with the freshness of your stuff! I can't even tell which one I liked the most, all of them were sweet. Rainbow was amazing as well, those bigairs and taxi precisions were out of this world. Zero, Bark, Sorcery and Gryzlek had some strong stunts as well throughout the video, great effort there guys. I could start listing the stunts I really liked but it would be too long so I will just leave it as it is.
Overall a brilliant video from all aspect, one of the best VC videos of all time, easily. I'm glad to have watched Zenith and this masterpiece in 2017, so different videos but both are incredible in their own way.

E: Scripting was cool as well in the end, I liked the whole scene as a reference to the GTA III mission  :P But I wonder what happened to the guy who escaped with a heli  :hmm:
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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Still kicking ass.

Amazing to see some legendary spots landed as well.

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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I expected a bunch of decent stuff here but this blew my mind. With the exception of 2-3 stunts you guys owned the shit of these maps. I loved our Zenith but this had better stunts to my taste; naturals, grinds, boosts, everything! This takes place of my top favourites of VC all time. And it's 20fucking17. You guys are crazy, all of you. Rainbow had hard time pulling this out but perseverance and dedication payed off, amazing edit, song choices and angles (I personally would've chosen your bsm to roof in LC as an all video finisher). Please guys, continue to land epic stunts and do more videos.  :a-cheer: :a-cheer: :wub:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Good job guyz. It was a long journey, but we made it.

BTW here's the very rare outro song:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Here's a full review in glorious 144p if you want to hear my thoughts:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
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Okay that was amazing. One of my all time favorites. Superb editing, cc, soundtrack and thus fabulous atmosphere. Stunts were fantastic all throughout to the point that I can't even name the standouts. And the stunts were right down my alley - no big airs, lots of grinds. All those grab/grind/prec combos. Absolut joy. Also Knapman like holy fuck. Out of no where like 10 top notch stunts. Fucking looooved it.