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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #45 on: September 03, 2017, 03:27:03 PM »
first of all, kudos to rainbow for the amazing job and ambient/feeling he created, the songs feet very well and so does the colours. nice camera angles and movements, tho some stunts might be a little bit chopped/not shown enough.
everybody landed killer material, i cant belive the amount of grabs/grabs 2 grinds there are, and the amount knapman and rainbow landed. its great to see you landing great stunts at this time haha. as everybody says, i cant mention standouts.
the outro is the best outro ever, mixing the 2 missions is a brilliant idea, i laughed at some points :lol: (lucky i got out alive). great job on that one mateus.
overall this is one of the best videos i ever seen and participate on, great job everyone ;) :a-cheer:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #46 on: September 04, 2017, 09:10:30 AM »
holly molly guacamole  :wub: that was foooking awzum :-o Rainbow boosts are nasty as ever Knapman was also great
sick video ladies ;D full review later

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #47 on: September 06, 2017, 03:28:48 PM »
Not much to say apart from what was said here... you killed it guys! Best stunting I've seen in a long while, I have seen many of those clips, but still, I was surprised with such quality stunting.

Thanks for letting me be a part of it and, in a way, giving me incentive to re-install GTA and land one for this. Probably that single stunt is the last one I landed, and it's great to see it in a video like this!


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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #48 on: September 07, 2017, 08:50:57 AM »
 ;D ;D ;D

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #49 on: September 07, 2017, 05:36:21 PM »
Review by Frank

[1st part]
0:13 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof: I didn't expect that at all, this opener is nuts Fighter  :jajaja:
0:24 - Knapman - bump2prec: Looks annoying to stay in that ledge! When you were trying this, Did you bump in the ledge?  Good job
0:30 - Sorcery - grab2grind: Goddamnit I love you man, you never stop surprising me
0:36 - Max - packer2doubleledgegrind: Tasty

0:45 - Rainbow - bump2grab2grind: You full of shit... My favourite combo ever, can you make a "Rainbow Fan" banner? Plox, I will use it, I promise
0:54 - Knapman - bump2roof: Nice!
0:59 - TurBo - boost2prec: Not big fan of taxi stunts, nice prec dude!
1:09 - Bark - csm2prec: First time I saw that my jaw went full down (No sound)
1:17 - Bark - csm2ledgegrind: Screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHHH  You killed it, fucking killed it
1:24 - Rainbow - ledgegrind2spin2grind: So satifying and smooth, thank you  :wub:
1:33 - Knapman - bump2bounce2grind: I like the way you bounce booooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiii, that bounce looks like a fluke but amazing !  :)
1:44 - Sheikah - tank2carpark: You make my wanted level from zero to six brah! (Kinky shit right there) Good job
1:56 - ZeRo - bump2mag2roof: Sick bastard ♥
2:05 - Caio - bump2grind: Love seeing that skin back in action man! Good stunt
2:17 - Gryzlek - p2b2vrock: Never saw you in a VC video before, I'm happy to get this first impression  ;)
2:28 - Rainbow - bump2crane: Rainbow: The Lucky MF that lands a stunt with rear section, loved it (Yo dude, I'm serious I want my Rainbow Fan bar...)
2:37 - Knapman - ramp2grind:  ;D
2:52 - Cooper - dropbumpwatergap: Exqusito papu!
2:58 - Bark - stoppie2grind: Smooth criminal right here, damn that was good
3:10 - MtS - doublebump2roof: How... just how... Great one
3:16 - Rainbow - boost2crane: Classic Rainbow nice one!
3:25 - Cooper - dropbump2overpass: Dropbumpeame todo
3:32 - Max - bump2ledgegrind: So clean and stylish, very Max
3:40 - Bark - bump2stoppie2grind: One of my fav spots, amazing
3:49 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind: It's amazing, I said,"Sorcery bsm to grind? gotta double that but how and then... Out nowhere, never expected that
3:58 - ViceNinja - bump2roof:  Vice City Ninja Stunt by ViceNinja, makes sense for me
4:04 - TurBo - boost2grind2prec: Nice combo
4:14 - Rainbow - boost2boost2prec: How much time you tried this spot? Got curious, good find!
4:22 - Knapman - wallhit2slowgrind: Unpredictable, I loved this one
4:34 - wviMis - lovefistlimobump2prec: Looks hard as fuck, good jod wvi!
4:40 - Aries - bsm2roof: Old man back in action, this stunt draw a smile on my face  :D
4:46 - Gryzlek - dropbump2grind: Stop the press! Love this spot, bailed it once, good job
4:54 - Rainbow - bsm2roof: "3 cars? modder" Fuck those guys, nice stunt
5:03 - Knapman - staircasewallhit2prec: Just the tip babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy owwwwwwww nicerino no copy pasterino

[2nd part]
5:19 - ZeRo - ramp2bump2vrock: Nice find! Incredible stunt, full natural
5:31 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind: stylish AF
5:37 - wviMis - ramp2doublegrind: stylish AF x2
5:43 - ZeRo - triplegrind: stylish AF x3 OMaiGaaaaa
5:54 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind:I would have gotten a seizure If in this one you achieved the 3 grinds
6:02 - Cooper - dropbump2roof: Seco
6:07 - TurBo - wallride2doublegrind: Nice Car stunt
6:17 - Rainbow - dropbump2wallhit2doublegrind: It's amazing how you get to change the direction on those stunts man
6:25 - Knapman - firetruckdropbump2grind: As I said in wvimis stunt, looks very hard, every time you loaded the position again the truck went to his original position or it was a pain the ass?
6:30 - Cooper - dropbump2roof: La concha de la lora, como te quiero
6:41 - Gryzlek - bump2bb: I was like: It's he gonna grind that, please tell me he's gonna grind that, got a bit dissapointed, but fuck, sick stunt man
6:52 - Knapman - spin2tripleledgegrind:  :cheernutz:
6:59 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof: Your game here is landing every p2b spot that exist, you are my hero for that  :mellow:
7:07 - Edga - trashmasterbump2roof: Dayum those spins dawg!
7:16 - Rainbow - bump2doublegrind: How the heckyou bump there? Insane
7:28 - Sorcery - grind2grab2grind: Regular grind? Nope, don't ever dare you to stop surprising me
7:36 - wviMis - grind2prec: THAAAAAT PREEEEEECCC  :wub:
7:45 - Sheikah - slide2grind: Nice!
7:50 - Zero - csm2grind: Tried this once! Love to see it landed GJ!
8:01 - Knapman - spingap2ramp2grind: NO WAY, too damn good
8:13 - Gryzlek - bump2grind: Sweet one
8:25 - Max - bus2bump2roof: JAW FUCKING DROPPED
8:30 - Rainbow - boost2hit2antenna: Juuuust the tip ♪
8:42 - Sorcery - bump2mag2roof: Good one
8:49 - Cooper - dropbump2palm: La palmerita en lo cumpleañito, te fuiste a la mierda
8:57 - Rainbow - packer2palmbump2roof: Fuck you, sorry...
Spoiler: show
What? Why sorry? My jaw dropped so hard it hurts, fuck you

9:04 - Knapman - spin2collisiongrind: Coolest boy in the neighbourghood
9:17 - Gryzlek - highbump2prec: That runup looks like hell, good job
9:29 - FIGHTER - ledgegrind2grind: I think I never saw a grind from you... Final angle from this stunt is so damn good
9:40 - Sorcery - bump2mag2prec: ♥ I can't get enough of this ♥ I can't get enough of this ♥ I can't get enough of this ♥
9:52 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind: A E S T H E T H I C  S T U N T
9:59 – Rainbow - boost2lighthouse: This finisher reminds me think of SSU Oasis, one my favourite stunt vids ever

Outro (Scripting by MtS. Music, effects and voice acting by Sorcery): Special Delivery TNT! You guys are dynamite, pretty exprimental, MO Style

Soundtrack: New Order For the win babyyyyyyy

Editing: You came up with some amazing shots and cam angles, fun and dinamic, will never forget this one

MO you grinded my head once again ♥
Overall: You guys know me 10/10

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #50 on: September 07, 2017, 07:33:24 PM »
Much love Frank. Excellent use of your 999th post!

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #51 on: September 08, 2017, 08:13:18 AM »
Nive review frankie <3

Btw ODR cried OUT OF SHIT after seeing the opener p2b just cuz he lost it  loooool

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #52 on: September 08, 2017, 02:49:42 PM »
Review by: Turok

[1st part]
0:13 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof: just a day or two before the release some DSS members were trying it  :D perfect choice
                          for opener, amazing execution there, man!
0:24 - Knapman - bump2prec: to me this is your best stunt for the video, amazing spot.
0:30 - Sorcery - grab2grind: okayish stunt
0:36 - Max - packer2doubleledgegrind: fucking loved it, bro - BIG FAN OF DOUBLE GRINDS
0:45 - Rainbow - bump2grab2grind: nice stunt, shame you didnt land the whole grind but we both know it's not your
                         fault  :P :lol:
0:54 - Knapman - bump2roof: nice stunt, I love natural bumps!
0:59 - TurBo - boost2prec: cool one!
1:09 - Bark - csm2prec: you are one of my new favourite VC stunters, I love you. this stunt just adds up to the love
1:17 - Bark - csm2ledgegrind: this also adds up to the love, extra.. man, GREAT JOB ON GRINDING THIS, its flawless
1:24 - Rainbow - ledgegrind2spin2grind: amazing spot, Rain.. your best grind of the video imo
1:33 - Knapman - bump2bounce2grind: nice one!
1:44 - Sheikah - tank2carpark: nothing special.
1:56 - ZeRo - bump2mag2roof: grab doesnt make it better in my eyes, quite disappointed with you on this one
2:05 - Caio - bump2grind: wow I absofuckinglutely adore this idea, nat 2 ledge  :cheernutz:
2:17 - Gryzlek - p2b2vrock: BOWS! what a spot.. your best stunt in the video
2:28 - Rainbow - bump2crane: one thing to say: MY FAVORITE STUNT OF THE WHOLE VIDEO (and probably your
                                              personal best all time in my eyes)
2:37 - Knapman - ramp2grind: nice idea! wondering how it has never been done before  :hmm:
2:52 - Cooper - dropbumpwatergap: nice twist on that classical gap there, fella!
2:58 - Bark - stoppie2grind: I personally like the stoppie to ledge to prec there in your trio with max and argy
3:10 - MtS - doublebump2roof: even with one single stunt in the video, you RULED!! you are also one of my all time
                                              fav VC stunters! kinda sad you didnt have more stunts man  :(
3:16 - Rainbow - boost2crane: I dig every landing of this crane, this is crazy! I know the angle made it extremely
                                             hard to land, man.. GfuckingJ!
3:25 - Cooper - dropbump2overpass: okayish stunt
3:32 - Max - bump2ledgegrind: your best stunt in the video, AMAZING IDEA AND EXECUTION! LOVE YOU!
3:40 - Bark - bump2stoppie2grind: ... aaand this also adds up to the love! the best way this grind has been landed
                                                    there, sweet execution.
3:49 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind: you really brought up the level with this one, Sorcery. I cant believe how
                                                              good you've become throughout the years! with this video it's one leap
                                                              further ahead!
3:58 - ViceNinja - bump2roof: mehish one, still - nice to see you in the video!
4:04 - TurBo - boost2grind2prec: I suppose this wasnt your idea, you were heading for the prec of the roof, right?
                                                 didnt like the stunt you landed a lot, honestly
4:14 - Rainbow - boost2boost2prec: one of your best ideas ever, LOVE you, you creative motherfucker!
4:22 - Knapman - wallhit2slowgrind: nice one
4:34 - wviMis - lovefistlimobump2prec: I remember when BG Hitman landed just the roof, it was a good stunt but
                                                         hey! YOU BLOODY OWNED HIM. Your best stunt in the video
4:40 - Aries - bsm2roof: nice bsm
4:46 - Gryzlek - dropbump2grind: I've personally felt the pain of this spot.. well done, mate, well done
4:54 - Rainbow - bsm2roof: second best stunt of the video, I dont need to use capslock. why didnt you use it for fini?
5:03 - Knapman - staircasewallhit2prec: amazing idea, knapman!

[2nd part]
5:19 - ZeRo - ramp2bump2vrock: now THIS IS MY ZERO I KNOW! 10/10 I dig your nats, buddy!
5:31 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind: boring one
5:37 - wviMis - ramp2doublegrind: wow, wow, wow! such a shame we let you leave DSS!  :P
                                     MY FAV VC STUNTERS! rock on, mister!
5:54 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind: same opinion as for the other double grind of yours, YOU KILLIN' IT
6:02 - Cooper - dropbump2roof: okayish one, I guess
6:07 - TurBo - wallride2doublegrind: okay, I wouldnt call that a double grind. not impressed
6:17 - Rainbow - dropbump2wallhit2doublegrind: creative motherfucker strikes back again!
6:25 - Knapman - firetruckdropbump2grind: I love stunts where the lads use automatically spawned vehicles, GJ BRA
6:30 - Cooper - dropbump2roof: another okayish one
6:41 - Gryzlek - bump2bb: AMAZING NATURAL BUMP, wow man, continue with that consistency at VC! love your style
6:52 - Knapman - spin2tripleledgegrind: fancy one, m8!
6:59 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof: WOOOW, DUDE GJ ON THIS SPOT! I've been trying it and edging it for so many years
                                         now.. we even tried it together with big V at his place back in 2013 xd
7:07 - Edga - trashmasterbump2roof: nice to see you but.. boring stunt!
7:16 - Rainbow - bump2doublegrind: nat to double grind? yeah the usual Rainbow stuff.. decent one, m8
7:28 - Sorcery - grind2grab2grind: I'm not a big fan of those ideas that include grabs but this was a smart one!
7:36 - wviMis - grind2prec: fancy way to finish it there on the prec, segnore!
7:45 - Sheikah - slide2grind: another boring one
7:50 - Zero - csm2grind: nice execution but again disappointed, it's been landed twice or more from the other side
8:01 - Knapman - spingap2ramp2grind: this is literally one of the most creative grinds I've ever seen. 10/10
8:13 - Gryzlek - bump2grind: you OWN. please do land more VC stuff, Grizzly bear!
8:25 - Max - bus2bump2roof: okayish one, I've seen better by you
8:30 - Rainbow - boost2hit2antenna: I've landed this antenna twice but you own both of my stunts with this. 10/10
8:42 - Sorcery - bump2mag2roof: this is the kind of stunts I dont like
8:49 - Cooper - dropbump2palm: stylish one, brah! liked it.
8:57 - Rainbow - packer2palmbump2roof: THE RHINO SQUAAAAAAAD! HIGH FIVE FOR OWNING THE MOISTY TOP!
9:04 - Knapman - spin2collisiongrind: wow, how did you find this.. just wow. and flawless execution!
9:17 - Gryzlek - highbump2prec: another stunt that I know is painful. GJ! I thought it was still new but Gavan told
                                                me it's old
9:29 - FIGHTER - ledgegrind2grind: I rarely see you grindin' man.. sick double grind idea, very smart!!
9:40 - Sorcery - bump2mag2prec: okay this was actually pretty cool.. finishing it to that prec from an air grab..
9:52 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind: nope
9:59 – Rainbow - boost2lighthouse: YOU MOTHERFUCKING LUCKER, AMAZING STUNT AND LANDING! it's a good
                                                    finisher idea but I still consider your LC bsm to roof the best choice for that.

Outro (Scripting by MtS. Music, effects and voice acting by Sorcery): nice! didnt get anything because I have never played the missions! Just popped into VC stunting back in 2009!  :lol:

Soundtrack: very adapted to the stunts, pleasantful tracks!

Editing: not overdoing it was just what I needed, Maxiem! 10/10

Overall: 8.5/10

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #53 on: September 08, 2017, 09:09:08 PM »
The infernus stunt, although it may not look so, was grinded till the very end of the 2nd rail and I made sure of it having been on the spot for years on and off. I may need to post a clip. The taxi combo was fully intentional and it was my attempt to do something different and fresh with a boost and that spot offered the perfect opportunity with the grind located directly ahead of the tiny boost(its hard to reach btw, give it a shot) and the ledge prec after it. I get its not conventional but I am super happy to have been able to nail it and to do it enough justice with the execution.
« Last Edit: September 08, 2017, 09:34:39 PM by TurBo »


Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #54 on: September 09, 2017, 12:48:14 AM »
Nive review frankie <3

Btw ODR cried OUT OF SHIT after seeing the opener p2b just cuz he lost it  loooool

Im curious about his landing :D is there a clip? i got so many better attempts then the one i landed

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #55 on: September 09, 2017, 05:36:22 AM »
Much love to everybody for the nice words!

This vid right here is definitely a milestone of some sort in this thing we call gtas. Beautifully executed stunts and complex ideas, plus the music totally compliments the atmosphere of the game & editing, so kudos to Rainbow for making that happen!



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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #56 on: September 09, 2017, 08:15:36 AM »
Nive review frankie <3

Btw ODR cried OUT OF SHIT after seeing the opener p2b just cuz he lost it  loooool

Im curious about his landing :D is there a clip? i got so many better attempts then the one i landed
Oh I mean, he just thought that the spot wouldn't be found easily so he could take it easy and not likely to land it in push. But now  :lol:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #57 on: September 09, 2017, 10:43:18 AM »
Nive review frankie <3

Btw ODR cried OUT OF SHIT after seeing the opener p2b just cuz he lost it  loooool

Im curious about his landing :D is there a clip? i got so many better attempts then the one i landed
Oh I mean, he just thought that the spot wouldn't be found easily so he could take it easy and not likely to land it in push. But now  :lol:
Its a very popular spot in the forum actually  :lol:

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Re: Modus Operandi - Noire
« Reply #58 on: September 10, 2017, 01:20:39 AM »
Review by: sheikah16

[1st part]
0:13 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof: Pretty sick. That's a huge distance.
0:24 - Knapman - bump2prec: I gave this a shot when you originally shared the spot and got nowhere near it. Good job dude.
0:30 - Sorcery - grab2grind: Silky smooth as always.
0:36 - Max - packer2doubleledgegrind: You guys make all your grinds always look so easy. I'm jealous.
0:45 - Rainbow - bump2grab2grind: Awesome spot and execution. Only negative is you didn't get the full rail.
0:54 - Knapman - bump2roof: Kinda meh compared to all your other bangers in the vid imo. Still not bad.
0:59 - TurBo - boost2prec: The taxi master is back. Idk how you guys can get such good boosts of such tiny walls.
1:09 - Bark - csm2prec: I'm not big on csm's but this was fucking sick.
1:17 - Bark - csm2ledgegrind: Even sicker then the prec  :o
1:24 - Rainbow - ledgegrind2spin2grind: The cam angle made this kind of hard to see but seeing it fully in the betas I know it was excellently executed.
1:33 - Knapman - bump2bounce2grind: Awesome stuff again.
1:44 - Sheikah - tank2carpark: 12/10 pyramid scheme meme
1:56 - ZeRo - bump2mag2roof: This was fucking nuts.
2:05 - Caio - bump2grind: Good to see you in the vid. Nice stunt, shame it wasn't in the LC airport though.
2:17 - Gryzlek - p2b2vrock: So happy to see this landed and without rads too.
2:28 - Rainbow - bump2crane: Nicely done.
2:37 - Knapman - ramp2grind: Can't believe this wasn't done before. You're the master of that rail.
2:52 - Cooper - dropbumpwatergap: Kinda meh but that spin through the boxes made it look dope.
2:58 - Bark - stoppie2grind: Smooth as butter.
3:10 - MtS - doublebump2roof: Good job landing this. I tried it myself and gave up as I didn't think it was possible with the short run up. I like how you just barely got onto the roof.
3:16 - Rainbow - boost2crane: You and your taxi precision. You make em look effortless.
3:25 - Cooper - dropbump2overpass: Idk how you do drop bumps so easily. Awesome.
3:32 - Max - bump2ledgegrind: Good eye finding this spot and smooth execution. If you somehow did a double grind I would've lost my shit.
3:40 - Bark - bump2stoppie2grind: Amazing extension on a classic spot. Also amazed how you didn't bail at the end.
3:49 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind: Good stuff as usual.
3:58 - ViceNinja - bump2roof: I'm still confused as to what you even bumped. Nice old school style.
4:04 - TurBo - boost2grind2prec: You have an eye for these weird taxi combos that most don't have. Gj.
4:14 - Rainbow - boost2boost2prec: Those roofs are a pain to land on. Good stuff.
4:22 - Knapman - wallhit2slowgrind: You and your amazing slow grind ability. Simply epic.
4:34 - wviMis - lovefistlimobump2prec: I love stunts involving cars that are in set spawn locations and this was epic.
4:40 - Aries - bsm2roof: Pretty decent but I preferred the one from the beta.
4:46 - Gryzlek - dropbump2grind: Feat job unlaming this.
4:54 - Rainbow - bsm2roof: Probably my favorite landing of this roof.
5:03 - Knapman - staircasewallhit2prec: Can't believe this isn't old. Good stuff man.

[2nd part]
5:19 - ZeRo - ramp2bump2vrock: Good job unlaming this without a csm.
5:31 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind: Looks like you're unseating Joe as the new grab grind master. Sexy execution.
5:37 - wviMis - ramp2doublegrind: Love these unconventional grind spots. Nicely done.
5:43 - ZeRo - triplegrind: Technically this is a 5x grind, Maxiem. Awesomely done Peter.
5:54 - Sorcery - bsm2bbgrind2ledgegrind: Sick. Only thing that would've made it better is if you somehow got the 3rd ledge.
6:02 - Cooper - dropbump2roof: Good job you drop bump master.
6:07 - TurBo - wallride2doublegrind: I know you worked on this a ton. Gj finally nailing it.
6:17 - Rainbow - dropbump2wallhit2doublegrind: Nicely done but the bail midair kinda lessens it imo.
6:25 - Knapman - firetruckdropbump2grind: As previously stated I loved fixed spawn vehicle stunts. Awesome shit dude.
6:30 - Cooper - dropbump2roof: Good job unlaming this. Guess MO is the crew of unlaming now  :euro:
6:41 - Gryzlek - bump2bb: Nice to see BK's challenge finally done.
6:52 - Knapman - spin2tripleledgegrind: Super smooth as expected from you.
6:59 - FIGHTER - p2b2roof: Looks like it was a bitch to bump. Good stuff. 
7:07 - Edga - trashmasterbump2roof: I love experimental stuff like this. The spins  made it look dope.
7:16 - Rainbow - bump2doublegrind: Gj getting the whole rail unlike that coward Muhammad Farrukh.
7:28 - Sorcery - grind2grab2grind: You're one of the few people who can make ground grabs actually neat.
7:36 - wviMis - grind2prec: Sick.
7:45 - Sheikah - slide2grind: Should've been finisher tbh
7:50 - Zero - csm2grind: Not bad but I feel it's basically the same thing BK did in TMS-TMS
8:01 - Knapman - spingap2ramp2grind: Not bad but I still want to see the actual ledge grind done.
8:13 - Gryzlek - bump2grind: Idk how this isn't old. You have a good eye.
8:25 - Max - bus2bump2roof: Awesome idea. Would've been sicker if you got one of those tiny square landings.
8:30 - Rainbow - boost2hit2antenna: Probably my favorite taxi landing of this antenna.
8:42 - Sorcery - bump2mag2roof: Nice addition to a classic spot. Only wish you hadn't landed on the wall as it makes it look kinda sloppy.
8:49 - Cooper - dropbump2palm: Nicely done.
8:57 - Rainbow - packer2palmbump2roof: Favorite stunt of the vid. Imo it should've been the finisher.
9:04 - Knapman - spin2collisiongrind: Again with your amazyslow grind ability. You destroyed this spot.
9:17 - Gryzlek - highbump2prec: GJ getting this. I know a lot of us, me included, were super close to it but you were the only one able to nail it. Again gj.
9:29 - FIGHTER - ledgegrind2grind: I don't think this is much different than Haywire's stunt in Spiengraph, although you didn't bail like he did, so good job on that.
9:40 - Sorcery - bump2mag2prec: Again, nice addition to a classic spot. Good stuff.
9:52 - Knapman - bumpgrab2grind: Favorite grab to grind of the whole vid. So fucking smooth.
9:59 – Rainbow - boost2lighthouse: Simply amazing given how tiny the landing area is.

Outro (Scripting by MtS. Music, effects and voice acting by Sorcery): Loved the music but I feel the scene itself is pretty random. Gj being able to combine 2 missions though, Mateus

Soundtrack: Didn't originally dig it but your editing and the style of stunts with the song choice brought it all together.

Editing: A couple of the cam angles detracted from the stunts but all in all a very well produced video.

Overall: 10/10, easily my favorite vid I ever participated in, even dethroning Ferine from the top spot. Gj yo everyone involved. Also RIP maxiem's hdd's.

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