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GTA V Basics
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Grand Theft Auto: V - Stunt Basics
GTA V has in comparison to previous iterations of the GTA series a large amount of 'flavor' motorbikes, leaving only a select few on the top . As per the older games you can challenge yourself, or hinder your speed for precision spots by using the weaker bikes. Stunting is about exploration and creativity, so we'll only be looking at the 'default' bikes:

Pics and info to come
Both Vice City and San Andreas had a very similar system in terms of leaning on a bike. By leaning forward you increased your speed, but for the biggest gain you had to lean only halfway. This was possible on controllers by simply tilting the stick halfway forward, but for the majority who stunted with a keyboard, this was impossible. To simulate this halfway-lean you had to tap lean forward repeatedly, leading to this iconic 'humping'.

Thankfully in GTA V we're rid of this system. Tapping leads to no gain in speed, but leaning forward still does. With both wheels on the ground, be it straight or zigzagging, you should always lean forward.

An even more obscure method was found in both SA and VC by the GTAS user "RAD". Nicknamed a RAD/RADS, this system proved to be much like tapping, but include a wheelie. By leaning back on your bike, almost enough to make you crash, followed by balancing on your 'tail' while tapping, this method proved to increase your speed by several times what tapping would.

And once more, this system does not apply to GTA V, although a similar method exists. By simply leaning back into a wheelie, you'll gain an immense amount of speed; much more than leaning forward would. The mechanics behind this method is simply put: The higher your front wheel is, the more speed you'll gain. This is where the Shitzu truly shines.

Unlike the Bati, the Shitzu can pull back into a wheelie no matter how fast you're going, although the height of the front wheel varies. To hold your front wheel as high as possible, sometimes you can use the uneven road in your favor. By letting your bike fall down onto two wheels just before a downward bump, you can use the tiny upwards bump on the other side of the bump to boost yourself up onto your back wheel, resulting in a higher wheelie than you would otherwise get, from just leaning back through the bump.

All you need to worry about during your run-up as opposed to both doing a proper RAD and tapping in Vice City, is to keep your wheel high. An obvious downside to only having one wheel on the ground is the lack of traction, resulting in low handling. You can only just barely influence your horizontal direction while on your back-wheel, which means you might end up having to land back down on two wheels for some parts of your run-up.

Depicted above is what a potential run-up could look like. Although it's hard to make out, the red part of the line has a small decrease in height compared to the blue line. On top of that, it's a curve which is too hard for your one-wheel handling to manage, and as such requires you to drop onto two wheels. One of the previously mentioned bumps in the road is actually present here too. The road dips down during the red part, but at the end of it towards the right of the image, it actually leans upwards again, which is almost like a tiny bump, letting us balance back onto our tail for a great wheelie.

It's worth noting that sometimes the lack of control during a wheelie lets you adjust your bike ever so slightly, potentially making it easier to get that perfect fit between two obstructions.

A most crucial part of getting the most speed out of your bike is explained in the GTA: Online section beneath.

Need someone with experience to write about franklin and cars pls
Bumps are the bread and butter of stunting. You're but a mere driver till something flings you across the universe in a wonderful display of imminent death.

The basics as displayed through numerous Vice City tutorials are as follows: Your upper wheel must be pulled back to the point where it hits a ledge, corner or curve, and as such flings the bike forward and upwards. This works much like a ramp would, but due to the lack of ramps everywhere, and the fact they drain a majority of your speed, this is the best way to get any kind of height.

You needed pinpoint execution in Vice City to pull off a bump, where as both SA and IV were a bit more forgiving, which leads us to V. You still need to match your front wheel against a ledge but this next-gen engine is a lot more forgiving. If you were to ride along a straight road and directly into a bump, more often than not you can simply hold back all the way and hope for the best. The fact you can't pull back all the way until you crash, at medium-high speed, means your wheel is usually at the right angle. Of course this can vary, and can lead you to having to fall back onto two wheels, and them pull back just in the right time to angle your wheel with the bump.
Gliding is a new concept introduced in GTA V.

Under review (feel free to add)

GTA: Online
GTA: Online is where you'll be spending the most of your time. Not only can you customize your own character and bike, but you'll also most likely be using the 'Race' creator to set up your stunts, as expanded on below.

Doing heists, missions and races you'll gain experience ("RP") and unlock both vehicle upgrades, new functions and clothing. All of these functions are mostly quality of life additions or cosmetics, but the vehicle upgrading is something you'll need to make use of, to get the most out of your stunting bike.

Using the mod shop ("Los Santos Customs") you'll be able to increase the armor, speed and general appeal of your bike. Sadly these functions are tied together with the GTA:O racing and as such you need to farm quite a few races for these functions to unlock.

What you want:
Turbo: Turbo tuning - 18 wins
Transmission: Race transmission - 34 wins
Brakes: Race brakes - 38 wins
Engine: EMS Upgrade, level 4 - 42 wins

It says "win x races in this class" on all of these upgrades, but the 'class' is merely "Land". Sea, land and air are the three classes, and therefor you'll unlock both car and bike upgrades at the same time (This means you can do the grind either in a car or on a bike).

How to grind wins:
The race "Criminal Records" set to 1 lap takes about 35 seconds to complete, and about 15-20 seconds to restart afterwards. Grab a buddy and compete, or let each of you win 42 times in a row each. Sadly, both of you need to complete the race for it to only take 35 seconds to win, so you can't go AFK.
Setting Up a Stunt
The only "mandatory" tool used for stunting in both VC and SA was a custom script made by the now-inactive GTAS user Dannye. Thankfully through the GTA V race creator we have access to the most important tools of Dannye's old script; saving/loading locations, spawning vehicles and removing traffic. On top of that, we'll have a choice between the majority of the cars accessible in the game, but more importantly our custom vehicles. This means that our turbo-charged, race grade bike will be available for us to use, towering above the non-upgraded default variant.

The creator can be accessed from both GTA:O and single-player, and can be done so by opening the ESC menu and clicking the "Creator" button under the "Online" tab. This will exit your current session and place you in a top-down view over Los Santos, as we ll as opening up a menu on the top left. We'll be using the "Create a Race" -> "Land Race" section of the creator. From here things can get a little overwhelming, but we'll only be using a few of the menu functions.

1. Race Details
In here you'll need to give your stunt a name, description and a photo for the thumbnail. All of these are up to you, but I suggest making the picture a relevant one, as it'll be easier to recognize the stunt by a picture of the target.
That's all you need to do in this section of the menu, but if you scroll down further you can find options for you to change that'll make your life easier. When you're going to launch the race later on you'll be able to remove the traffic and such, but by editing the race details here you'll decide the default settings. You can edit these as you wish but my recommendations are as follows:

Maximum players: 2 (2-4 if you plan on stunting together with someone else. The less players, the easier the stunt is to set up)
Route type: Point to Point (Will make the testing easier)
Number of Laps: 1
Starting grid: Small (Makes it easier to set up your start position for your stunt run-up)
Time of Day/Weather: "Current" means it'll change dynamically. I usually let the Time of Day be current as it'll change from day to night, but let my "Weather" be set to clear as it'll freeze the weather in a clear state, preventing rain.
Traffic/Wanted Levels: Off (For obvious reasons)

2. Placement
This is where we'll be setting up your stunt. There's two days to go about it; top-down view and third-person (This will spawn you in the world inside a car, unless you set the grid option to "small", in which case you'll be on a bike).
For ultimate precision I recommend doing this section on a bike.

Place Trigger: This is where you'll need to stand to activate the race, as per usual. It's possible to launch jobs and races, including your own, from your ESC menu, rendering this irrelevant. The trigger does need to be near the race starting line, and as such should just be placed near where you intend on starting the stunt run-up.
Checkpoints: This is where you need to decide where to start your stunt. The first checkpoint you'll be placing down is where you will respawn (And start) every time you crash during the stunt "race". If you press TAB with the checkpoint marker out, you'll be placed onto the ground. In this mode, you'll have the starting positions illustrated behind you. A thing to note is that you will not be starting where your bike is while editing the stunt, but rather the first position behind you, as illustrated below:

After the first checkpoint is placed, the next one you'll be placing is going to be the race finish. The only thing to have in mind here is that you'll want to avoid this checkpoint at all cost, as it ends your race and throws you out of your newly planned stunt. It needs to be placed 0.62 miles away from your race start and entirely out of the way so you won't accidentally land in it. I suggest putting it on the other side of your stunt, far away, so you'll avoid both landing in it, and having half your screen covered in the "Wrong way" text. 
Lobby Camera: This is going to be the blurry background of your stunt lobby, so basically entirely irrelevant. Just take a picture of something.

3. Save
You'll now want to save your stunt, and exit afterwards. You do not need to publish your race to use it, or share it with others. All this allows is for others to search for it online. You'll be able to launch it through your job section and invite friends while in the lobby just fine.

Your new stunt will now appear under ESC -> Online - Play Job - My Jobs - Races.
Saving Your Replays
Whereas Vice City and San Andreas always had the replay system ready to save, you need to enable the one in GTA V. The shortcuts are as follows:
F1: Save the last 30 seconds in a .clip replay (Requires the Replay system to be on). If the Replay system is off, it records a .clip real-time.
F2: Enable the Replay system
F3: Disable the Replay system

Word of warning: Alt-tabbing out of GTA V sometimes end up disabling the Replay system, so make sure it's on by pressing F2 after clicking back into GTA V.

By clicking F1, a file and a picture is created in the default folder (C:\Users\--\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\videos\clips). The .clip file is a custom extension only readable by GTA 5, and the picture is a thumbnail associated with it in-game.

To view your replays, you must be in the single-player part of the game and open up the ESC menu. In here on the far right you'll find the "Rockstar Editor". Open this and click the "Clip Management" tab, where you'll find a list of all your saved replays. It's not possible to rename the replays in here, but after finding the name of the desired .clip, you can edit the name in the previously mentioned folder, and it'll reflect the new name on the in-game list (after closing and re-opening Rockstar Editor).

If you wish to share or submit a clip, you'll have to send the specific .clip in a .rar or .zip file. You do not need to send the the thumbnail picture along with the .clip file, but it might be helpful to the editor. Alternatively you can give it a very specific name, as quite a lot of the name is visible on the Rockstar Editor list. (Ex: Pendji_doublebump_hotel)

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Relevant Videos

Tools & Links


29/04/2015: Feel free to suggest changes, pictures/videos etc.
02/06/2015: Edited a bit. Yet to receive any submissions and not sure what I could change personally.
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Re: GTA V Basics
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This is excellent, I made it sticky and I'll put something up on the front page soon.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Really well done! this was definitely needed.  :a-cheer:

This is excellent, I made it sticky and I'll put something up on the front page soon.
good man.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Thank you so much for this.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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This is really fucking well made, gz bro. I'll be sure to refer to this when talking to newcomers about stunting  :happy:.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Re: GTA V Basics
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this is a great guide for beginners, but the bike bike descriptions are far from perfect. there is no "overall best stunting bike" and you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage if you thought so. almost every bike in GTA can do something different. i understand this guide was for basics, but there are much more types of stunts than this and much more uses for bikes not covered.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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If you're already only just learning it, it's probably easier to get used to one bike for long enough to know how it works, than to instantly start thinking "Maybe this bike is better for this type of stunt". And as I said, feel free to expand on it. It's the one section I don't know how to do.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Great tutorial! Would you like to add the stunting practice playlist made by HonkMeat and I?

Oh, one question, why did you not add the Ruffian? I feel like it's a great mid-term between the hakuchou and the bati  :unsure:


Re: GTA V Basics
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Awesome work. Keep it going!

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Awesome guide, but there's some levels of inaccuracy throughout. Mind if I correct some of the details? For instance, the handling numbers you're using don't match the actual handling files, and there is no single bike that you should stick to using in GTA V.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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Sure. I found the numbers somewhere, as I'm pretty money starved in GTA:O, else I'd just buy them and take pictures of the stats. I really don't know what to do with that section so go wild.

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Re: GTA V Basics
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thanks and you really did a marvelous jobs of tutorial!! :D

Re: GTA V Basics
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GTA V Stunt - SUPERNUVA - Bridge Top Precision

I feel like my this stunt shows a good example of speeding in GTA V, you have to see your run up basically. For me, I usually lean forward before a slope and pop the wheelie the moment the slope is very near completion [That is for upwards slope, for downwards, just wheelie it and try not to bail :P]
(you can look at the first few seconds of the clip of how I deal with the slopes and take advantage of it to get higher wheelie)

Higher wheelie = Higher speed in this game, one of the reasons why Hakuchou is faster than Bati sometimes. Ruffian has a higher wheelie than Bati but the bike is just slower because of stats basically. Hope this helps :3
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