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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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SSU - Ultima review by grescha

Intro: I've always liked these storylines with intros and outros you guys add, this one is good as well.

Part 1:

(1:33-1:46) Artifex: Nice terrain stunt but would have preferred an opener with a bit more "power".
(1:47-1:57) Corevil: The use of that monster method never appealed to me.
(1:58-2:04) Rusch69: Not a fan of p2b in general but I appreciate the really big air and prec.
(2:05-2:13) PrzemOO: Really sexy runup and nice prec.
(2:14-2:23) Rusch69: Been trying this myself alot so I know how hard it is. Nice job!
(2:34-2:31) Bart: Have tried this my self but never got any good bumps on the 2nd one. Glad to see you got it.
(2:32-2:36) Gryzlek: A good old curb2bump. Never saw this roof landed I think.
(2:37-2:46) Ktulu: It's a good stunt.
(2:47-2:54) Rusch69: No shocker since it's been landed from a another p2b before right?
(2:55-3:00) PrzemOO: Nice bigair.
(3:01-3:10) Bart: I tried this a little a couple of years ago but didn't think it would look good. I was wrong. Really good looking stunt Bart!

Part 2:

(3:20-3:35) Gryzlek: Nothing special.
(3:36-3:45) JustCaus3: Not a filler but a bit plain.
(3:46-3:54) Cookie: Nice one.
(3:55-4:01) Gryzlek: Congrats, this one is big!
(4:02-4:09) Rusch69: Fillerish.
(4:10-4:19) Sheikah16: Nothing special.
(4:20-4:30) Ktulu: Good execution but the prec is old.
(4:31-4:40) PrzemOO: Amazing! One of the best stunts in the vid.
(4:41-4:48) Jeff: Haha, it's no need for a name tag on this stunt.
(4:49-4:55) Anoobis: Ok one. Editor cut it too early though.
(4:56-5:03) Rainbow: Not that interesting.
(5:04-5:17) Bart: Sexy find! It's almost like these shops were placed for this stunt to take place.
(5:18-5:30) Gryzlek: TOP stunt! Really nice spinnage, good execution on the grind. Well done!
(5:31-5:39) Corevil: Not bad but you have done much better mtb combos. Keep them up!
(5:40-5:49) Bart: First time I've seen the use of a bullets bounce attribute without a rooftop drop. It looked good.
(5:50-5:57) Ktulu: Sweet work ktulu, awesome stunt!
(5:58-6:07) Rusch69: The prec was plain but nice distance before it.
(5:08-6:15) Artifex: It looks like an unteresting building to land.
(5:16-6:23) Rusch69:  :o I'm impressed.
(6:24-6:33) Ktulu: My man! Nice work landing this, it's hard.
(6:34-6:38) Gryzlek: Awesome work dude!
(6:39-6:47) Rusch69: No shocker but the best stunt of the video.
(6:48-7:05) Ktulu: Love you, you crazy bastard! It's very aestaethic when the runup is a stunt it self. Fat air, a huge building and nat (I guess?) makes it a fantastic stunt.


Editing wise I tried to make it entertaining while not over-doing it.
You succeded, it was enjoyable.

Overall: Bad choice of first song, it didn't bring any energy. Second one was good. All the latest SSU videos have had an awesome soundtrack so this was a bit dissapointing.

Nice balance and mixture of vehicles and type of stunts as always in your videos.

Rusch, Ktulu and Przemoo topped and most of the participants did a good job. Be proud fellas.

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Simply amazing, just that.

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Whoa, that finisher! And it's always nice to see Jeff keeping it real.

First SA video I've watched in quite some time. I see this thread has nine pages of comments and knowing the SA stunting scene in the past, it's not difficult to realise what's going on here. Even though I too have used it I sometimes wish that FL-OFF never became the norm... But then SA probably wouldn't have held on for so many years.

On a related note: How many FPS do you guys get in SA nowadays? I remember getting about 130 a couple of years back with my old computer configuration. You must be getting above 200 now?

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Well, actual hardware isn't as great as was the great one back in the days (talking about compability and performance with that game) Old cpus were amazing. Even with the best computer ever, it might be hard to reach the 200.

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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SA doesn't make use of all CPU cores and therefore the performance of a single core matters. In terms of visuals it ain't a big task for GPUs these days. Even a shitty iGPU like Intel's HD4000 can run it maxed out. FPS wise I'm reaching up to mid 170's with my overclocked i5 3570K, but FPS really don't matter at all. I don't feel much of a difference compared to my old system where I had around 60-70 FPS.

High FPS ≠ longer flights
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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I see this thread has nine pages of comments and knowing the SA stunting scene in the past, it's not difficult to realise what's going on here.
I wouldn't say so, there are maybe 3 posts about modding, youtube comments are ridiculous though.

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Wish I could see 'em.

God damn proxy

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Great vid, thanks to Corevil, Sheikah, JustCaus3 and Anoobis for keeping it old-school. Bart's infernus precision pass, PrzemOO's precision and Jeff's quadbike stunt were the best (Jeff is new Kr3mlin). I didn't like music. 8.5/10

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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dat. was. fucking. awesome. I see Rusch still owns it, after some of his stunts my jaw visited the neighbours downstairs. I still fucking hate him for forfeiting at the ET back in 2011 though. Great job on the editing part artiflex.  :cc_detective: