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0st post. :ajaja:


zemoo was here

Okay, there is. Scroll down!
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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SSU's 15th crew video

It has been 13 months since our last video and here it finally is. Inactivity or other stuff like GTA V and CS:GO kept us off from stunting, so the progress was really slow. Issues with the editing led to different visuals, re-recordings and two song changes which delayed it all.

I ended up working on this really radically instead of making democratic decisions. Sorry for that, but I think it did good for the video in the end. Gotta thank Bart for doing the scripting & mapping this time. Also thanks to Ktulu for doing that simple title design.

XtremeOmega was supposed to do some voice acting, but some crew mates agreed on an earlier release by leaving that out. So don't wonder why he is listed in the outro for doing that. It might be a missing SSU thing now, but there was a lot of negative feedback in the past regarding that.

Editing wise I tried to make it entertaining while not over-doing it. Please don't expect anything fancy on this aspect. I'll be doing two h265 renders only plus one h264 one for YouTube and the damn sake of a high video bitrate. The lossless file will be kept for a while, so I can get a sweet h265 render as well as soon as a decent implementation is out since I really can't be bothered to mess around with manual compiling. h265 is THE next generation video codec, it only needs half the bitrate of h264 renders to achieve the same quality. Sounds awesome? Yes it is, but decoding is ~6x more CPU intensive and not fully supported by everything yet. The implementation I've used has a bitrate limitation of approximately ~10Mbps, so the quality equals a ~20 Mbps h264 one in terms of quality. The h264 render still has the best quality I'm offering, while it's not much ahead at more than twice the filesize!

You might wanna read the SSU SA story while buffering/downloading this video in order to understand the coherences.

In regards of stunting we did pretty well in my eyes and maintain a very high level. Well that's all up to your judgment now, so go ahead, watch this and leave a comment! Cheers

Anoobis, Artifex, Bart, Cookie, corevil, Gryzlek, jeff, JustCaus3,
Ktulu, PrzemOO, Rainbow, Rusch69 & sheikah16


Scripting & Mapping:

GFX stuff:
Ktulu & Rusch69

Voice acting:

1,60 GB; MKV; 1920x1080; 25 FPS, h264 (27 Mbps); FLAC:!ydoDlLqa!ZRzsgHUyA_TzuyFE64WBBm96-HJXz_-S_OC5j9fidJ0

* 650 MB; MKV; 1920x1080; 25 FPS; h265 (11 Mbps); FLAC:

* 355 MB; MKV; 1280x720; 25 FPS; h265 (6 Mbps); FLAC:[SSU]Ultima%20720p%20h265%20FLAC.mkv

* The h265 renders require a supportive media player. I suggest you to either get the latest ( ! ) DIVX or VLC player. You'll also need at least an i3 or eqivalent CPU to properly decode.

SSU -Ultima 1080p

Review template:
SSU - Ultima review by...


Part 1:

(1:33-1:46) Artifex:
(1:47-1:57) Corevil:
(1:58-2:04) Rusch69:
(2:05-2:13) PrzemOO:
(2:14-2:23) Rusch69:
(2:34-2:31) Bart:
(2:32-2:36) Gryzlek:
(2:37-2:46) Ktulu:
(2:47-2:54) Rusch69:
(2:55-3:00) PrzemOO:
(3:01-3:10) Bart:

Part 2:

(3:20-3:35) Gryzlek:
(3:36-3:45) JustCaus3:
(3:46-3:54) Cookie:
(3:55-4:01) Gryzlek:
(4:02-4:09) Rusch69:
(4:10-4:19) Sheikah16:
(4:20-4:30) Ktulu:
(4:31-4:40) PrzemOO:
(4:41-4:48) Jeff:
(4:49-4:55) Anoobis:
(4:56-5:03) Rainbow:
(5:04-5:17) Bart:
(5:18-5:30) Gryzlek:
(5:31-5:39) Corevil:
(5:40-5:49) Bart:
(5:50-5:57) Ktulu:
(5:58-6:07) Rusch69:
(5:08-6:15) Artifex:
(5:16-6:23) Rusch69:
(6:24-6:33) Ktulu:
(6:34-6:38) Gryzlek:
(6:39-6:47) Rusch69:
(6:48-7:05) Ktulu:



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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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2dn :)

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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dling this noob vid

All I have to say is thank you Andre for such a fantastic editing in such a short time. Prze, Ktulu, Gryz, Rusch, Bert, Cookie had amazing stuff. Well done fellas  :wub:
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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first page :rolleyes: :lol: dling

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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great video, wh lost some stunts
przemoos prec was my fav

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Unexpected release for me here. Although I really do wonder if you really put my stunt in since it's kind of mehish. Well I'll find out in 15 mins when the download is complete.

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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waiting for streaming, to lazy to download 1.6 GB :P
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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stream: SSU -Ultima 1080p but download 1080p  :ajaja: :ajaja: :ajaja: :ajaja:

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Wow wasn't expecting this
First time I haven't seen any beta's or pictures so will be good to see.

Good video. Edit was nice, I liked the CC and 5fdp song. Everyone had great stunts, obviously apart from me since all my stunts were dumped once again besides 1.
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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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I was just opening gtas while I was thinking "damn when can I expect a quality video already..." and bam SSU at homepage
watching :ninja:

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Re: [SSU]Ultima
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Lost the finisher and overall 3 more spots. Amazing video, will make full review.