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The Forum Awards 2012 Winners

A couple of final words from me after the first time I completed this task.
The past 2 weeks kept me quite busy, especially the nominations stage, which was really getting on my nerves sometimes. The voting process went much smoother, as one vote in each category per person is less work. And here we are now, announcing the winners. I want you all to keep in mind I had no real influence on the results except for regular nominating/voting as every other member who nominated/voted.
I'd like to thank every single person who helped fill up the video list, sent his nominations and voted for his favourites. Without all of you this wouldn't be possible to accomplish. Even though the votes amount didn't break the last year's record (115, this year 98), I'm proud of the frequency we've achieved.
Thanks to Squeak for creating the signatures, his submission seemed the most suitable and that's why it's the one we award this year.
For fitting last words, as it has become a sort of tradition and I can't put it any better myself, I'll quote Daffy:

"Do remember stunting is about having fun, not winning anything.
This is merely meant as an appreciation to those who inspire us."

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