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« on: August 15, 2011, 06:00:22 AM »

We'd like to welcome Grescha, PtRvY, Plani and Sear with their first appearance in our crew.

As for the editing starting with the intro.. you don't want to hear a speech do you? Me niether. But I'd like to thank everyone who helped in this video especially PtRvY for the very hard work applying my idea for the intro, and Daffy for the massive render help.



Burn, Daffy, Daksad, grescha, MaCi, Plani,
PtRvY, Sear & Stevex.

Intro Scripting:

Intro Directing:


Download Links:

High Definition 1920x1080p Matroska (.mkv) x264 MP3 320kbps

Deposit Files

High Definition 1280x720p Matroska (.mkv) x264 MP3 320kbps
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Review Template:
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Full review of Arcane, by Wasteland Heroes
made by <your name>

Intro: ?/10

Editing: ?/10

Stunts: ?/10

Music: ?/10

Grescha (0:29-0:39)
Sear (0:40-0:51)
Sear (0:51-1:02)
Burn (1:03-1:13)
Daksad (1:14-1:24)
PtRvY (1:25-1:36)
Stevex (1:36-1:47)
Burn (1:48-1:59)
MaCi (1:59-2:04)
Burn (2:04-2:10)
Sear (2:11-2:15)
Grescha (2:16-2:27)
Daffy (2:28-2:44)
Daksad (2:45-3:11)
Burn (3:12-3:22)
Sear (3:23-3:33)
Plani (3:34-3:45)
Grescha (3:45-3:55)
Burn (3:56-4:10)

Overall: ?/10
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Re: [WH]Arcane
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 06:00:29 AM »
Good work guys, I haven't felt so happy about a video in a long time. Everyone's stunts were great, the stand outs for me were Burn, Sear, Plani and Grescha. Pretty impressive work from Beat on the editing aswell. ;D

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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Daksad! That mtb stunt was increadible. Love Sear's stunts too. :a-cheer:
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Pretty much hell of a video, I kinda expected more though but well whatever

Full review of Arcane, by Wasteland Heroes
made by Mr Alejo

Intro: 9/10

Editing: 9/10

Stunts: 9.5/10

Music: 7/10

Grescha (0:29-0:39) Great stunt there Grescha, would love to mix some of my cabbie boosts with yours in some video.
Sear (0:40-0:51) Funky stunt there, although doesn't change a lot compared to the other executions there bumping the bush.
Sear (0:51-1:02) Looks nice, not something pretty much surprising but still like it.
Burn (1:03-1:13) Great bump there, liked it a lot.
Daksad (1:14-1:24) Great bump, lot of height you got there.
PtRvY (1:25-1:36) Classic grind combo by mr Petar, looks nice.
Stevex (1:36-1:47) It looks okay, just saying this since the fence bit you grinded there is pretty much short, however that dropbump and the cork made it look nice.
Burn (1:48-1:59) Argh PSM's into SA? Anyway nice execution Burn.
MaCi (1:59-2:04) Nice doublegrind, like the way you turned there before getting the second grind.
Burn (2:04-2:10) Haha what a great stunt, like it a lot.
Sear (2:11-2:15) Pretty awesome stunt.
Grescha (2:16-2:27) Great idea, sadly the grind afterwards is kinda short.
Daffy (2:28-2:44) Not very impressive honestly but still cool.
Daksad (2:45-3:11) Holy fucking awesome stunt there.
Burn (3:12-3:22) Looks awesome, however since you're Burn you should've tried it again to the prec, I believe you would land it.
Sear (3:23-3:33) Looks good, kinda obvious idea but cookies for landing it.
Plani (3:34-3:45) Holy fucking nice stunt Plani, expected the typical grind there in the stairs and you went for the ledge grind. Miss you in SSU.
Grescha (3:45-3:55) Haha nice. I planned to land that some time ago to the crane too (exactly the same spot) but somehow stopped trying it. Nice cabbie booster, seems like I have a pal now.
Burn (3:56-4:10) Pretty nice, fits well as finisher.

Outro: ?/10 (meeeeeh not saying anything since it didn't have stunts)

Overall: 9.5/10

Well done, clean and stylish stunts. I like a lot Grescha, he has stunted perfectly lately. Anyway I expected much more, this video was kinda short. What's up with Lilj? He was going to be in the video or it seemed so.
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Daksad mtb stunt impressive me! Sear :3  PtRvY Grind 360 to grind are awesome fucking great job at all! dling 1080p for sure!
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Wekkid stuff SA duders. :)

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Re: [WH]Arcane
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freaking full of win video you guys pulled of, good job once again :)

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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Downloading the 1080p with 3mb/s fuckyeah!

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Re: [WH]Arcane
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1st page?

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Re: [WH]Arcane
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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that mtb stunt was just wowowowoow omg srsly wow O,O

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Re: [WH]Arcane
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1st page  :a-cheer:

HOLY SHIT WTF?! DAAAAAAAMN that was really amazing in all sides. I won't describe every single stunt because ALL STUNTS WERE BOTH GOD DAMN IMPRESSIVE AND OUTSTANDING! The opener and Daksad's wallclimb were the best stunts in this!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
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Re: [WH]Arcane
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MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY ! God damn it that was epic everybody had great stuff but Daksad and Burn blew my shit away
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