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Re: The SA Pwnage Game
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replacements for 4th stunts are in the interlude thingy

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Re: The SA Pwnage Game
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herrarge took the game a little too serious and landed all of the spots :ninja:
only the 3 car stunts are mine so I hope that's fine :unsure:

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Re: The SA Pwnage Game
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Re: The SA Pwnage Game
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Roof Pwnage #32 by Art and Streem

list of stunts:
Spoiler: show
1. cheese pcj natbump
2. r*god's cabbie boost
3. nrg bump - stucked turismo between lamps
4. mtb vbm - maverick bump to wallride
5. fcr packer to bump
6. hotring watergap dropbump
7. nrg natbump
8. stevex's (?) infernus dropbump
9. farming stunt
10. cheese pcj airport grass ramp to a ship bump
11. monster dynamics stunt
12. hydra drop-off with a precision landing
13. bart's infernus dropbump - vertical bird mission
14. burn's nrg curbbump to a fence bump from megaton

15. ktulu's squalo stunt from braindead
16. mtb dozer wallride
17. cabbie huge boost
18. mtb tecbump off a burrito
19. nrg bump on the roof
20. nrg side packer to bump
21. infernus dropbump - vertical bird - lower part <- do not reland, land the higher part only
22. streem's vertical nrg packer to bump from lutys
23. nrg ibsm bump
24. infernus dropbump from esh exotherm

tips: you can get cheese pcj by failing the stowaway mission and keeping the bike
for those infernus ship bumps you need to start vertical bird mission, when you get on the ship you get like ~8 tries before the mission fails after closing the gate. just get your infernus on the ship before the mission and then you can try it

side p2b and burn's double bump were landed by streem, rest is all mine, kinda sorry for under-editing it and only getting the low part on the airport pcj stunt - i always bailed when i got on top, also you'll get bonus points if you land kafel's tank bump from best of poland and nrg p2b from "from paris with glory", we couldn't manage to land these two. good luck and have fun with that one
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