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w00t Rallee = Jesus
Wow! Thank you!
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To start, sorry for the little bump but i wanted to do a full review.

Wasteland Heroes - Avalanche review.[/size][/color]

Intro: Music put us in the ambience of the intro. The intro is original and cool to see.

Editing: HD makes great video, the editing is clean and cool. There is not stupid effect which would have been able to spoil the video.

Music: The intro music is nice because like i say "Music put us in the intro's ambience. Main music isn't bad and to finish outro music: Relax.


Taz - 1:03 to 1:13 :: Amazing packer to bump. The height and distance is amazing. Great Taz.
KaynT - 1:13 to 1:21 :: Nice idea for landing the roof. I like this wallclimb. KaynTouneTTe
Ralleee - 1:21 to 1:29 :: Nothing to say just great natural tree bump. However, I don't like the camera view but not important.
KaynT - 1:29 to 1:41 :: God, great double grind KaynT.
Daffy - 1:41 to 1:45 :: Nice precision.
Boo - 1:45 to 1:52 :: Same, great precision and nice idea to bump.
Taz - 1:52 to 02:01 :: Again an awesome tankbump by Taz. I love tankbump !
Daksad - 02:01 to 02:17 :: Never thought that possible to grind this x) Great stunt and awesome grind DaksadouneTTe.
NuclearDeath - 02:17 to 02:22 :: Awesome landing.
Daksad - 02:22 to 02:38 :: Amazing rotation. Nice stunt again.
KaynT - 02:38 to 02:48 :: Bump2Little Backward Stoppie to 180° to Grind. Just great.
Boo - 02:48 to 02:59 :: Nice distance.
Taz - 02:59 to 03:09 :: Wow! Great BB Grind !
Ralleee - 03:20 to 03:35 :: Nice height, nice grind. Great stunt what !
Taz - 03:35 to 03:48 :: INSANE stunt !
Ralleee - 03:48 :: 03:57 :: This wallclimb is just amazing, the precision is fuckin great and difficult, I guess. Awesome Ralleee.
Taz - 04:00 to Outro :: WTF, Great finisher ! The height/distance is just crazy, I love this ! SICK SICK!

Outro: Nothing to say. Simple and cool outro.

Overall: I waited this video since long time and once released,  I was not disappointed. A video with very good level and sick stunts.

That was Ev0x's full review.

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Thank you very much Ev0x, nice to see a review.

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Thanks Ev0x, even though I'm not in it <3

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Thanks for the review, Ev0x

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I can't open a .mkv file with any program!
somebody help please

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Quote from: Daffy
thanks Daff

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omg...I wanted to bump it but I decided to not do it, but now since it has been bumped...
Just as many times I've told you guys I'm not the one would knows that much about SA, so don't really take me serious about the stunting wise of my comment.
So lets start with the intro. I really like the music you used for it, just as you edited it. The scripting looked like working really well.
The main part: The stunting part of it looked really professional. Those grinds from Kaynt were my favs. The editing wasn't really something I expected from Herr-Dav'. Don't take me wrong, it was awesome, I enjoyed it very much, but for me your editing style is how you edited "Cold Sweat" since that was the first work I saw from you.
Outro, nothing special about it.
Over-all: I enjoyed watching the stunts, editing and hearing the music. For sure I like your VC stuffs more, but it's just me.
Good job guys, keep it up.
EDIT: Every1 should render his stuffs into .mkv.
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Reupload?  :cheersad: