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First off say hello to our new members KaynT and Makrame, last mentioned didn't unfortunately have time to get any stunts for this crew video but i'm sure you'll loads of stunts from him in the time to come.
Also thanks to Herr-Dav' for editing and especially thanks for re-editing it... hope you'll like it as much as we did.
I know some of you has some grudges against Taz but please, keep them to yourself or make a new topic about it somewhere else, this is not the place for it.
This was supposed to be posted tomorrow but since Skullfucked tried to Skullfuck us by publishing Taz's stunts we had to post it today... sorry for that Herr-Dav'... a .mkv will hopefully be up tomorrow.
Having that said... check out our new San Andreas Crew Video

The .avi is highly recommended as the .wmv tends to lag a bit

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Daffy HATES  cookies1

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Ah yeah nice video i liked it but i somehow think that some of Taz stunts were not legit but i am free to be proved wrong  so overall ah 8,1/10 since i also lost the last stunt ... Ralleee owned this video along with dak and kaynt
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Already seen it, a very solid video here mates. Quite sad I got only one stunt in but I'm proud to have been with you, you rocks.

Editing this post with a review.

First WH San Andreas video after a long time, good to see you back.

Good points: The intro was very entertaining, there was a kind of history presented which made it unique.  The stunt performed here were all good/great, no old or easy one. My favourite one was probably kayn'ts backward stoppie to grind, the rotation made all the difference here. I like also others stunt as Ral wallclimb to precision, and Boo's mtb stunt. I'm glad you finally landed it since the first attempt you showed me a year ago lol. Daksad ledge grind ftw, I hope to see more stunts like that in a near future because they can open new limit and offer new spot. About the editing, you did a good job in a short time Dav, you did two differents version both good imo. That one is probably more popular though. I enjoyed as well your capacity to out of the game for making transition as you did in the first beta as well, that a good addition.

Bad points: There isn't a lot of bad point. Maybe that suspicion around Taz made this video "ridiculous" from what I heard but personally I don't really care, you're not a dumbass as Shadowsniper so it's all good for me. By the way, the over-using of fl off isn't my cup of tea. The music was a bit classic but ok, typical WH style  . I was also expecting more from Daffy after Aero, but everybody has he own interest. I also hope FB will survive after those two leaving and good addition to WH.

Overall: A solid video from WH, there was more variety than expected at the beginning. I hope for you Taz thatpolemic will find a good end, it was expected mate. Keep them coming
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