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Hi, guys. Where I can find LCiVC with stunting .scm?? Please give me link of your gta. Thank you.

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Hi, guys. Where I can find LCiVC with stunting .scm?? Please give me link of your gta. Thank you.

Thank you very much. But.. There is one problem. My provider blocked this site. Can you load this archive into another site? Thank you again.

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Re: Unearthed
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Re: Unearthed
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nice to see some old faces in here! cool video you have pulled out guys :a-cheer:

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Re: Unearthed
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 Killer Collab!  :euro:

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Re: Unearthed
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I think it was kinda gay since 0:28 but it's okay to be gay! right?  :unsure: Main song - not rly my music taste tbh. Liked some good ideas like Max's grindostoppie?2bump2grind also Nem's previous stunt makes me smiling... Arie's SAiVC decent bump was cool shiet too.  :ajaja: I rly liked mehmet's boat landing on the water tank, so the rest of the stunts was decent, good job i cannot say more, because im not VC stunter, but i know dat it's hard piece of bully... Once again good job guys!

and remember! be nice! :happy:

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Re: Unearthed
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awesome video brother

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Re: Unearthed
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nice, lots of old faces in here :mellow: ars's bansshe stunt was original, dev's csm was clean as fuck, and i enjoyed some other stunts, 2 lazy 2 mention. nice job everybody, and thanks nem for letting me be in this first worlder video

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Re: Unearthed
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Amazing stuff guys!!
Loved that line-up, took me by surprise to see some of those names
Mehmets boat stunt was off the hook, gj!
And the edit was awesome as usuall
Thanks for the invite!

Loved it :P

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Re: Unearthed
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Made me want to be part of gtas collaboration again!

Can't wait for the next one!

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this vid is cooler than a cooler

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Re: Unearthed
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Re: Unearthed
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Have a hard time imagining most of these people will stick around, but regardless it was a nice video. Nostalgia or not, it's comforting to see old people still paying visits. I'm still of the belief that nobody truly just 'quits' this place.

Honestly don't know what to say. It's a video as I'd expect it; legacy beyond quality, fitting semi-metal something music, clean editing. None of these stunts were mindblowing but the participating names enough to surprise me.

Music and editing as I remember it. Very refreshing in the eyes of what GTA V vids are these days. Really makes me miss the community, regardless of how minor my participation was. Quality shit lads.

I'm drunk as shit and more likely to be positive, so why not:
Code: [Select]
Big V: I've had far too many similar run-ups; shitty light post and obstacles. A simple tap to realign the bike into a grind is beautiful; it makes the twist seem seamless. An underestimated alternative to bumps.

Blaze: I've always seen eye-to-eye with you, despite you actually getting shit done in videos. Maybe not the most creative of stunts but didn't stand out negatively, which (on my level) would be considered a win.

FFace: Amount of times I've wanted to do shit with that rail. It's still one of the areas I associate with you; where I imported my first taxi .dff modification. Irrelevant but whatever, sweet. :^)

Tryr: Never truly understood p2b'ing off light poles but the (reverse?) twist to land looked sweet, as if entirely under control as opposed to just hoping you'd land properly.

Clown: Again, simple, but it didn't stand out in a negative way. A solid one.

Haywire: Another hill bump realignment. Vastly underrated and makes the stunt seem far more fluent.

Nem: Didn't even notice the plane til later. Was just a bump off the curb, yeah? Regardless it's quite a length from what I've experienced; not shabby.

Frank: Yet to have success with grinding on anything of that thickness so can't really tell if it's difficult. Average visually, I guess.

Esteban: Seemed a bit.. Aimless? Bump itself is indeed in a promising place, but doesn't leave much space to land on anything.

Mehmet: Not sure if it's old but certainly a solid land.

Zero: Decent amount of air. I remember how shit that flowerbed is to bump off, and seemed like a b2b, which with the smooth screw looked very nice.

Fighter: Typical Fighter CSM? <: Indeed basic but I still love anything landing atop that building. Seemed impossible back in the XSA days.

Cooper: grinds'a grind. Looked smooth, maybe not the most interesting but again, didn't stand out poorly.

Max: A tiny bit aimless? I assume you intended on landing on the longer side of the nets. A bit stuffy of a setup for that short a grind, honestly.

Justcaus3: Again, simple smooth grind. Nice conscious twist between.

Dev: Another one I've had eyes on for years. It seems like a large gap (as a nobody shitter) but isn't that bad. Regardless it's a decent amount of air and doesn't look out of place.

Danger: Assume the goal was to land on the building straight in front of the p2b? A tiny bit eh in general, but I fucking hate setting up side p2bs so I kinda 'tolerate' it.

Nem: another mid-air realignment. Lovely.

All(beast): Would've been nice to see a tiny bump on the rail, but honestly wouldn't really have led anywhere. Decent enough.

Aries: As classic as your name in GTAS. Tricky line-up resulting in a simple bump with some height. Another building I love seeing landed albeit pretty low.

Memories: I'm still fucked up regarding RADs, no idea how far 'far' is, but it certainly looked somewhat difficult, even if an old spot. Considering I don't recall you it was pretty decent.

In general, with the names included here I enjoyed it. Maybe it's rose-tinted bias but I still love seeing old stunters return (albeit temporarily?). Can't imagine it took too much time to throw together, so it'd be nice to see more of these simple classic ones.
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Re: Unearthed
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Wow, so many old names, was a pleasure to see them. There were some noobish stuff, but overall it was a really enjoyable video, good job! Finisher's first clip was weird as f.