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SA Chat & Support / Problems with MTA DM?
« on: March 10, 2008, 02:30:43 PM »
Okay after a few people couldn't install MTA DM and play it I'm gonna make a tutorial and hope that everyone gets it the right way then.

1. If you have an old version from MTA deinstall it!

1.1 Now you should install GTA SA 1.0 one time completly new. really 100% new without any changes! Not an old SAMP version where it isnt installt anymore or something like that. SAMP + MTA in one GTA SA just sucks rly and makes it ... :|!


2. Download the 'MTA Race 1.1.1 setup' from here:;9...;/fileinfo.html

2.1 You better let the first folder direction (C://Programs/MTA Race) so MTA DM will automaticly find those! Then at the second you choose your GTA SA folder. Install MTA Race 1.1.1 and try the functionality. If it works go on.


3. Now download the 'MTA DM DP2 setup' from here:

3.1 The setup should automaticly find the direction from MTA Race 1.1.1 (C://Programs/MTA Race). At the second you choose your GTA SA folder which you already have chosen at MTA Race 1.1.1!

3.2 Register at the setup of MTA DM DP2 and get an account. Now after the registration you should close the setup and the browser window wth which you are maybe loggeg in on

3.3 Do it like at the points 3 & 3.1! At the registration the setup should normaly show and mark a point at which stands that you've got already an account. If not mark to create a new account and log in on Maybe you have to restart the setup again with the opened browserwindow where you are logged in on .... -_-


Post your problems and hopeful gonna find a way. Watch on too in the problem forums for help with answers form the producers / community. I had the invalid serial error too when I installed MTA DM.

SA Un-Modded Video Releases / THE END
« on: February 24, 2008, 10:37:00 PM »

- by Rusch69 -

'THE END' will be my second and last SA stunting solo. With 'THE END' i wanted to say thanks to all I known of GTA. I won't stop all the GTA stuff. For sure I'll still join some collabs, edit videos and makes skins. I'm not going to be inactive in the forums I visited before. I just won't be so active in all that.

The video isn't a best of from me but I'm sure someday I'll make one. Sorry if I forgot someone in the 'Special thanks to'.  Pictures are in the .rar too. I know the video is big but I just wanted to have a good lookin XQ on the internet. Stream coming soon.

If anyone wants a fan user bar I have to say sorry I had one but not anymore. Dunno whre I putted it. I made on of 'THE END'

Thanks to all! kkthxbye

>>XQ Download (436MB, Mozilla only)<<
>>LQ Download (51,1MB) + FF Streaming<<
>>YT Streaming<<



1:34 - 1:44 :
1:44 - 1:51 :
1:51 - 2:01 :
2:01 - 2:21 :
2:21 - 2:32 :
2:32 - 2:56 :
2:56 - 3:11 :
3:11 - 3:27 :
3:27 - 3:45 :
3:45 - 4:29 :
4:29 - 4:50 :
4:50 - 4:59 :
4:59 - 5:06 :
5:06 - 5:25 :


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