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VC Time Limit Videos / [24h]Celsior
« on: October 13, 2018, 06:44:14 AM »

USS Video Releases / mehmet - Quintessence
« on: December 16, 2017, 10:50:10 AM »

At the start of 2017 mehmet asked me to edit this project for him and whilst it initially started off quite well due to life and other circumstances it was forgotten about and ended up sitting on my hard drive up until a few days ago when I chucked the drives into my new build and realised it was sitting there 95% done. Some quick touch ups/rendering issues later please enjoy mehmet's second best of, aptly titled Quintessence.
Probably not the greatest editing job in the world but I hope it's an enjoyable watch regardless



fun video. stunts by herb and edited in a night. enjoi  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D!Xl9njChb!TJbEJ1k2f6UB4ZDHmWkd7-eYzDpqtUJmAw-OZNQibKk

USS Video Releases / USS - Perpetuity
« on: August 29, 2016, 02:15:24 PM »

Hello stunters!

The USS collective are hyped to present our latest crew video, Perpetuity! Just like Revenant this video could've been released months prior but as we all know only too well life gets in the way of stunting; people lose their time/spots/motivation and all that jazz but we're still alive and kickin' hence the name Perpetuity - "the state of continuing forever or for a very long time". I'd like to thank all the guys at USS for giving me the opportunity to edit the video and thank those who helped me out during this; there's a few editing bugs here and there but hopefully the rest of the video makes up for that  :cc_detective:

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the video!

YouTube Streaming:

MEGA - 957MB H264 .MKV:!upt2AIRL!GAfHGHMDUkQbO_hajz3Bilzsi_Ff-WTzQf07-W6mvek

Review Template:

If anybody feels like being nice and giving some comments and criticism on the stunts/editing here's a review template.

Code: [Select]
[center][size=14pt][b]USS - Perpetuity Review by:[/b][/size][/center]


[b]Part 1:[/b]

[b]Blaze - Packer Grab to Grind:[/b]
[b]DriZzly - Bump Spin to Precision:[/b]
[b]Xtramus - Fallgrab Bail Into Garage:[/b]
[b]Blaze and mehmet - Wallride Bump to Grind:[/b]
[b]mehmet - Wallride to Grind:[/b]
[b]Blaze - Pole Bonk to ring:[/b]
[b]Raskal - Bump to Precision:[/b]
[b]mehmet - Pole Bump to Precision:[/b]
[b]Blaze - Taxi Flip Drop Boost to Roof:[/b]
[B]Xtramus - Ramp to Stoppie Roof to Grind:[/b]
[b]Blaze - Taxi Gap to Flip to Boost to Roof:[/b]
[b]Raskal - Maverick Bump to Roof:[/b]
[b]Blaze - CSM to Hill Top:[/b]
[b]Raskal - Bus Bump to Grind:[/b]
[b]Xtramus - Stair Bash to Grind to Prec:[/b]
[b]DriZzly - Flatbed Bump to Roof:[/b]
[b]Xtramus - P2B Triple Spin to Grind:[/b]

[b]Part 2:[/b]

[b]Xtramus - Stoppie to Bus Stoppie to Grind:[/b]
[b]DriZzly - Squallo Ledgegrind:[/b]
[B]Xtramus - Flipped Skimmer Grind to Flyaway to Bail into Garage:[/b]
[b]Raskal - Stoppie to Curved Ledge Grind:[/b]
[b]Xtramus - Faggio Cork to Grind:[/b]
[B]Blaze - P2B Gap to Roof to Bump to Roof:[/b]
[b]Xtramus - Ramp to Slider to Grind:[/b]
[b]Raskal - Back Bonk to Prec:[/b]
[b]Xtramus - Bump to Stoppie to Ledgegrind:[/b]
[b]IceD - Bump to Roof:[/b]
[b]mehmet - Packer to Wallride to Grind:[/b]
[b]Blaze - Rhino Back Bump to Roof:[/b]


GTA Modding / [VC] Particle.cfg Documentation
« on: August 20, 2016, 02:40:41 PM »
This is a documentation for the III/VC particle.cfg made by myself by using the particle.cfg information,'s documentation and my own modding experience. You can use this to create custom sparks, exhaust fumes, bullet sparks, etc. I am in no way an expert and as such I haven't got a proper explanation for some of the values, and some may be wrong so maybe somebody like Reynolds can contribute a little more.

The particle.cfg is a plain text file, and each line is an entry in the particle. Each value entered on the line corresponds to a letter which is how the game reads the file. The particle.cfg is a mess so this should help people understand it easier. If you want custom sparks, it's easier  to use Reynolds Spark Generator (Here!) but if you want custom fumes or black sparks this guide should help.

It's not too long but I've stuck it in code tags anyway so just click the [Select] option, copy it and paste it into Notepad (I recommend Notepad++ over standard Notepad).

Code: [Select]
A - Particle name - The name of the particle.


B/C/D - Rendering colour - The first colour of the particle; this is in RGB format. You can get RGB colours in Paint, Photoshop or from the internet.

CV - Initial colour variation - Judging from the name it's to do with colour variation, but I've never used it so it's probably best to leave it default. I've kept the default documentation for it below:

Value between 0 and 100, defining the initial colour variation of the particle. Using this value a random value gets calculated to manipulate each colour level of the particle. This makes every particle look different.

Rendering colour = (100, 100, 100), Initial colour variation = 20
Real variation = random(-20, 20)
Real colour = (100 + Real variation, 100 + Real variation, 100 + Real variation)

B2/C2/D2 - Fade destination colour - If you're making a particle where it fades from one colour to another, this is where you put the second colours RGB values.
FT - Fading time - The time fading from the first colour to the second. Between 0-100.

E - Initial radius - The beginning size of the particle.
F - Expansion rate - How much the particle grows.

// FADING //

Fade to black is used when it's one colour. Fade Alpha is used when using fading colours.

Colour "Fade-to-Black" options:
G- Fade to black initial intensity - How quick the particle fades out. The value can be between 0 and 255 where 255 means 100%.
H -Fade to black time - How long it takes to fade out.
I - Fade to black amount - The amount the initial intensity gets decreased with each step.

Fade Alpha" options (same as above):
GA: Initial Intensity (0-255)
HA: Fade Time (time between fade steps in frames)
IA: Fade Amount


GZA - Initial rotation - The angle at which the particle rotates. Between 0 and 1023.
HZA - Rotation change time - How quick it rotates
IZA - Rotation change amount - The amount it rotates

// SIZES //

I'm not 100% sure on these either, I think they affect size but so does the E/F flags above so you're better off using those.

GZR - Initial radius - The initial radius of the particle around the z-axis.
HZR - Radius change time - The number of frames between each radius change step.
IZR - Radius change amount - The amount the radius changes with each step.


Pretty sure the only one you should mess with is J to affect the speed. K/L could fuck it up.

J - Animation speed - How quick the animation of the particle is.
K - Animation start frame - Where the animation starts.
L - Animation final frame - Where the animation stops.


M - Rotation Speed - How quickly the particle rotates.
N - Gravitational acceleration - How quickly the particle falls to the floor.
O - Frictional deceleration - How quickly the sparks slow down. This value can be between 0 and 1 where 1 represents 100%.


P- Default lifetime - How long the particle lasts in milliseconds.


Being honest I've never really fucked with this, I'm pretty sure it's used to correct particles if you put the wrong numbers in but again I've never used this.

Q - Position error - The final position gets corrected using a random value between 0 and this one.
R - Velocity error - The final velocity gets corrected using a random value between 0 and this one.
S - Expansion error - The expansion rate gets corrected using a random value between 0 and this one.
T - Rotation error - The rotation rate gets corrected using a random value between 0 and this one.
U - Lifetime error - Value between 0 and 255 defining the shape for the distribution of the particles lifetime.
V - Trail length error - If the particle trail flag is set the length of it's trail gets multiplied by this value.


WX - Strech X - The amount the particles texture gets streched horizontally.
WY - Strech Y - The amount the particles texture gets streched vertically.
WI - Wind Influence - How much the wind affects the particle.
CR - Creation range - The maximum distance in which you can see the particle. For example if you want sparks to be see far away make this a higher value.

// FLAGS //

Z - FLAGS: There's a bunch of flags which affect the behaviour of the particle:


I've messed around with a majority of them to little or no effect. If you want black sparks don't use the 4=DRAW_OPAQUE flag. The default Z value is set to 40 which corresponds to the 4=DRAW_OPAQUE flag. Changing it from 4 to 15 creates yellow sparks that fade to black and setting the first RGB value to 0,0,0 makes solid black ones. I noticed 15 tend to make the sparks more jumpy/hectic and setting that value to 14 makes them like the normal sparks but black. 13 seems even jumpier, 12 is smooth, 11 and lower disables it (or re-enables "DRAW_OPAQUE" I guess) as does higher than 15. Essentially 12/14 = smooth and 13/15 = jumpy.

Thanks to Reynolds for his Particle Generator, for their documentation and my friend Alexander over at GTAForums for helping me figure out black sparks/Z flags.

GTA Modding / Skinning Giveaway
« on: August 08, 2016, 10:34:42 AM »

I thought I may aswell just give my skinning folder away since it's 2016 and the chances of my work being stole are pretty low compared to 2006  :lol: It consists of 2014 stuff which I already gave away, some new 2015/2016 skins, all the requests I've fulfilled, a collection of other peoples bikes, some player skins and other miscellaneous skinning resources. I've removed the PSD files as it's over 10GB with them and I ain't got time for that (uploading 500MB took long enough). There'll probably be a few beta skins (7 versions of my own PCJ), some leftovers/unfinished stuff and random bullshit since I didn't really organise it.

Here's a pastebin link that lists everything in the folder (Total Files Listed: 315 File(s)  1,200,775,179 bytes)
I'm pretty sure everyone knows my skinning abilities by now but here's a link to my dA account where I've posted a fair amount of them.

I know I'm just giving them away but it'd be cool if people don't take stuff out of the requested bikes folder and use them in videos; it's just PNG's/TXD's at the end of the day but it still ties into a stunters identity. I don't mind if you play around with them in game or use them for reference but dont use them in videos or steal parts off them; use the 2014/2016 skins for that  :jajaja:

Anyway if you've read this far, cheers; the pass for the RAR file is "cosmicgypsies" - have fun.

- Blaze.

(Note: some of these use Paytons remapped DFF and some don't. If the TXD crashes the game open it in TXD workshop; if it has 5 images it's the original PCJ DFF and if it has more then it's the remapped. There's a couple of skins that have custom DFF's by me so they'll be in the folder too. As I've said it's slightly disorganised so apologies for that.)

GTA Modding / fuck
« on: August 08, 2016, 10:25:03 AM »
wrong post

Video Editing/Compression / Something for SA editors
« on: August 06, 2016, 04:59:31 AM »
I don't edit SA but I just found out about this tool called Modloader a few days back; essentially you just stick the dff/txd of vehicles/skins/clothes/etc into a folder and it loads them automatically, no need to replace shit in the IMG constanly when you're dealing with lots of stunters. I think you may be able to just stick multiple copies of the same vehicle in the folder and enable/disable them in the Modloader ingame menu but I haven't tested that yet. Either way it should help SA editors out. Maybe it's already known idk but PM's been editing SA for years and he had no clue about it  :lol:

GTA Modding / Best SAiVC?
« on: July 02, 2016, 06:17:11 AM »
So what's the best SAiVC install to use? Went to record some stuff for the USS vid and my copy had fucked up but there's a few out there so what's the best to use? Preferably with no LOD bugs or any shite lke that  :happy:

Video Editing/Compression / Vegas - Clips go black?
« on: June 05, 2016, 07:34:07 AM »
Anyone know whats going on here? Using Vegas Pro 13 and it seems clips randomly just stop appearing in the project for no apparent reason. As you can see in the first screen one clip is on the timeline and previews fine:

But then the next is on the timeline and just goes black on the preview:

It usually fixes itself if I just close the project and reopen it but there's been times where I've done a full render and a clip has decided to disappear aka the end of this where there should've been two angles:

I also have another glitch (but no examples) where I'll try to fade two clips together (just dragging one into another on the timeline) and it'll glitch the fuck out for the duration of the fade, anyone know what thats about? Fucking Vegas.

GTA Modding / VC particle.txd
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:42:33 PM »

Anyone still got this? BoxXx gave it out years ago when he did the make VC beautiful tutorial thing but I lost it a while ago, cheers!

Expression Section / binary disorder
« on: April 29, 2016, 12:22:47 PM »

view full size, scans of cds/dvds moved around to glitch out, one looked like a face so I merged it with some others and out came this. creepy but quite cool.

GTA Modding / random free skinning stuff
« on: April 16, 2016, 04:59:58 AM »
was giving my skinning folder a clear out, in here theres:

pcj made for ARS he didnt use
a zebra i made a few years ago
the blue pcj from the 1h skinning thing i did with promagic
matrix pcj
nrg for "vasque" aka illex
some other random red pcj from 2012
a folder of light textures i copied from an MTA server
some other misc textures
a few basic player skins
some player skin resources

cant be bothered to get screens of the others not the best stuff i've made most of its old as fuck but i may aswell give it away hopefully someone will get some use out of it. i'd have put in more but i think i've already gave away all my 2014 skins.

GTAStunting Radio / Blaze's Selection Volume 1
« on: April 07, 2016, 11:42:53 AM »

Random radio show put together in 40 minutes while waiting for something to render, mix of jazz ambient new/minimal wave hipster esque bullshit alongside me talking shit, enjoy I guess. Should be downloadable from SoundCloud (112MB-ish).


Pekka Pohjola - Sekoilu Seestyy (Madness Subsides) - B the Magpie (1974)
Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train - Risky Business (1984) (1992 Detroit performance)
Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers (Richard Dorfmeister Remix) - Kruder & Dorfmeister Sessions (1998)
Don Rendell Ian Carr Quintet - Blue Mosque - Shades of Blue (1965)
Leon Ware - Small Cafe - Inside Is Love (1979)
Andres - New For U (2012)
Skrein - Reach - AdULTHOOD (Music From The Motion Picture) (2008)
Grave Babies - Bloodstains - GOTHDAMMIT (2012 )
Strawberry Switchblade - Go Away - Strawberry Switchblade (1985)
SS-Say - Care - The Hidden Tapes (A Compilation of Minimal Wave from Around the World 79-85) (1975/2011)

VC Un-Modded Stunting Video Releases / Detritus
« on: April 06, 2016, 07:30:01 PM »

; waste or debris of any kind.

I wanted to edit a short video just to get some editing practice before editing the upcoming USS vid and I expected to get maybe 20 reps at a push but no lie I ended up with nearly 90 reps which was way more than I anticipated. Sorry to those who sent a high amount of reps (FIGHTER, Nem, Frank etc) that didn't get used since it's a short song and I didn't want a select few people to dominate the video however don't be dismayed as I'll be sending all the unused stuff to Max so he can use it in a project he's working on.

Stunt wise I'd say the stunts are pretty high caliber especially for a leftover video but I'm more looking for editing critique; I definitely overdid it with the motion blur and some of the angles are shoddy but any constructive criticism on the editing, angles, quality or just advice in general etc is welcomed. Speaking of quality I don't have a bigass monitor so I just recorded at 1680x1050, rendered at 1920x1080 and used Daffy's x264 tutorial to encode which I hope is adequate.

There were a couple of bugs with the editing, the effect on Fighters bump spin grind at LS skatepark should have been synced with the bump but I think either copying keyframes to reuse the effect or using my PC while rendering broke it (it should have also been there for a few others), the ender had two angles not just a straight fade along with some other export bugs so thanks Sony; I'd rerender it but I spent one hour rendering then another hour and a half encoding so fuck that. Also, the audio levels arent fucked/clipping, it's simply a lofi song named Bloodstains from the band Grave Babies so maybe drop your volume down. Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome and a big thanks to everyone who sent stunts (whether they got used or not) and a thanks to anyone who watches and gives some feedback, cheers!

Detritus Streaming (watch on YouTube's website in 1080 if possible)  :jajaja:

! No longer available

Detritus x264 337MB .mkv for those of us who still like to download videos (seriously whats up with people not posting download links anymore :unsure: )!C8sHxLSC!aOt5MkYnqpBfmpgkPledzJDarBEckvYm5vpZa9BImyI

Odd Della Robbia

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